9/11: The Reverberations Were Felt Around the World

Georg and his great ORGONISE AFRICA team have given us a special message for the 20th year anniversary of 9/11.


I was sitting in our living room which I remember as being quite cozy (we have since moved a few times) and watching something on TV.

Suddenly the program stopped and the announcement was made that some planes had hit the World Trade Center in New York. A short video clip of a jet flying into one of the towers was shown. Then a second plane apparently hit and went right through the building. After a while they started showing this short clip alternatively with the face of Osama Bin Laden, while saying all the time that they did not know it was him behind the attack, but some well informed circles in London suggested it anyways. (Does that remind you of recent events folks? Its the same guys doing it)

These 2 clips were being played for hours while the narrative was being solidified by constant repetition.

It was certainly hypnotic and subliminally pornographic. The fast repetition of the "penetration" of the jet through the building had a clear sexual undertone.

9-11 changed our world

9-11 was definitely a milestone in the great social engineering project by the elite who want to achieve what was then known as the "New World Order" and now under the new wave of assaults on our remaining freedom "The Great Reset". 

Just like in the COVID fake pandemic it was immediately clear to a large number of awake people the world over. (In Germany surveys after the event showed that more than half of the young generation and 30% of total population believed it was a false flag. 

And of course the ignominious "Patriot Act" giving the Federal government unheard of new powers of search, seizure and surveillance and seriously abrogating the constitutional liberties of the American People was already done and dusted and was waved through Congress without much debate. (Just like all the COVID response madness was ready to roll from day one. Have you ever wondered who all the coordinated corporate messaging and the "new normal" rituals of obeisance were synchronized in such a short time?) 

Many experts (weapons experts, architects and engineers) pointed out the impossibility of this type of demolition being effected by "soft" aluminum planes hitting a strong steel building, apart from the curious fact that WTC7 kind of ignited itself.

I don't need to repeat that. you know it already. But understand how they continued to just steamroll over all this obvious evidence and kept hammering the official narrative out in all the co-opted media and sidelined if not censor any dissenting voices. 

We can see the same patterns in the COVID fake pandemic now being merged into the climate change tyranny.

It is important that we understand their 'modus operandi'. It's actually quite simple. David Icke spelled it out more than 20 years ago and we have seen it in action so many times since then.

Problem - Reaction - Solution 

Problem:They create a crisis, make you believe it's real.

Reaction: Then YOU react and clamor for "something to be done".

Solution: Then of course they offer 'their' solution, which is more surveillance, mandatory this and mandatory that and so on.

And that is the very 'solution' they wanted in the first place. 

There are more aspects and subversive techniques to this like the famous "Totalitarian Two Step", where they launch a new totalitarian measure, test the waters and when the people protest and push back, they partially retract it but something always remains and so they continue over the years, decades and centuries, always ratcheting up the system for more control, less freedom and self determination.

It is actually very easy to recognize once you have woken up to it. And when we do, the lies have no more spell over you and you are set free!

According to the 100th monkey principle, once a sufficient number of people has learned this new trick of discernment, suddenly all people know it. 

Like in Hans Christian Anderson's famous fairy tale The Emperor's New Clothes, once the innocent child has pointed out that the emperor is naked, the puffed up narrative of the emperor's brilliant new garments collapses.

If you haven't read this brilliant parable yet, get hold of it. It's a must read.

Of course Orgonite is a major tool in helping this wake-up process along.

Raising the vibration is helping in dropping the veil of deception, apart from disabling a lot of the cabal's death technologies, especially when used in a proactive manner.

We call that gifting.

Get your orgonite today!

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Greetings from Georg and the Orgonise Africa team!

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We have all heard it before. In the almost 20 years since 9/11/2001, it's passed thru all of our minds at one time or another: "Were We the People lied to about 9/11?"


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    Carol Allen · 4 months ago
    Great boost for Georg!!!
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    Donna Ayers-Vorbach · 4 months ago
    Brilliant writing that cuts through dark lies like a boring machine. The TRUTH can be so simple and elegant!
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