The Jab Cure Offered Is The Damage Being Done: Real Science Uncovers Picture Perfect Proof


The Jab is the End Game....that's obvious.

Warning after warning is being brought forward about the immediate dangers and many ill-fated long-term effects of covid vaccines jabs.

A few vials of the vaccine fairy dust have been analyzed and autopsies of those who passed shortly after taking a covid jab are being done. Researchers are astounded at the findings. Unusual particles that look like tiny 'computer chips' and other odd 'contaminants' are being found in both the vials of vaccine fairy dust and the cadaver blood being studied.

There is no real science in the Jab.

As if deaf, dumb and blind, the current buffoon some naively call the American president along with his dishonorable administration are ignoring real scientific evidence and their own advisors. These money hungry ever corruptible politicians turned pseudo-scientists are intentionally steam rolling ahead, ignoring facts to continue with an agenda of forcing possible bio-weapon tainted vaccines jabs onto most American men, women and children. 

A most stunning aspect about the bizarre demand for forced inoculations to cure covidiocy, is how illogical and unsubstantiated in correct science their goal is. This plan to bulldoze ahead with jab mandates pays no attention to past proof that natural immunity works. Take into consideration with that, the continual censoring of proven effective treatments and cures such as HCQ and Ivermectin and one might think there is an agenda other than that of actually offering a cure. Add to that, a plethora of recent reports by hospital personal about purposeful "detrimental treatment' of covid patients and we have a clear reason to doubt the efficacy of a mandated experimental covidiocy jab which has already ruined and killed 1000's of lives.

Wait there's more!

Yes, only most men, women and children will be forced to get the jab. According to the elite clan who make the covidiocy rules, there can be exemptions but only for those the political covidiots have deemed acceptable, and for which there is no foundational scientific reason at all:

The governmental control over health issues has gone far beyond suspicious political behavior. It has morphed into political posturing to spear head a deadly agenda.

NO more Jab secrets.

I have been patiently waiting for someone, anyone, who is not compromised by the corrupt pHARMa machine, to examine a vial of the covid vaccine poison fairy dust and then bravely release their discovery. Some have tried but were consequently shut down.

Dr. Carrie Madej, a research warrior demanding truth in science, has examined the poison fairy dust and made alarming discoveries. Throughout her years as a truther-scientist and researcher, she has been subject to many types of threats to keep her knowledge under wraps. That does not stop her. (You can learn more about Dr. Madej's research at link at end of article)

Horrific Findings!

What Dr. Carrie Madej describes in the short video below is so surprising and horrendous it deserves more careful examination, therefore I have supplied a transcript under the video.

To solidify her findings with picture perfect proof, below the transcript are more conclusive photographs of how the same type of mysterious contaminants Dr. Madej found in the vial of jab vaccine poison fairy dust were also found in the blood of autopsied bodies who passed 2 weeks after being given the jab.

Dr. Carrie Madej:
First U.S. Lab Examines "Vaccine" Vials, HORRIFIC Findings Revealed

September 29, 2021
Video length-15:56 minutes

(beginning at 2:04 minutes)

  • Dr. Carrie Madej:

Thank you, Stew. It's my pleasure to be here.

  • Stew Peters:

So you sent these images to the show. I've looked at them. I have to say that I was creeped out, but then again, I realized I don't know what I'm looking at here. So help me out.

  • Dr. Carrie Madej:

Okay, so first of all, it was in July that a local lab in Georgia said they wanted me to examine contents of a vial that they had just received. This vial was fresh, it had already been used to be injected into at least one patient, because it was the end of the day they were going to discard it, so they were able to get the vial. And this particular vial was Moderna. And so I was there to witness them getting that and putting some of the contents on a glass slide with a compound microscope to look at it. And nothing was added to this solution. Nothing was diluted. No human tissue was added, only the white light for the microscope. And, of course over time, it was becoming more room temperature from the refrigeration. That was it. And so first it looked just translucent. And then as time went on over two hours, colors appeared which I've never seen anything like this. There wasn't a chemical reaction happening. It was a brilliant like blue and royal purple and yellow and sometimes green. And so these these colors appearing, I did not know what that was. After investigating more superconducting material can do that with white light being emitted to it. Okay. Superconducting material can be something like an injectable computing system. Anyhow these fibers were appearing more and more. Some of the fibers had a little cube structure on them. I'm not sure what that was. And also metallic fragments were in there. They were not metallic fragments I'm used to seeing; a more exotic, they're very opaque as well as the edge of the cover slide because so the cover slip we put a glass partition on that or piece on top of the glass slide. There are edges and so all the particulars, all these colors, started to move to the edge, and there was self-assembling going on, things were growing, they looked synthetic. And then there was one particular, I'd say object or organism, I'm not sure what to call it, that had tentacles coming from it and it was able to lift itself up off of the glass slide.

  • Stew Peters:

It was alive? Like the thing was alive?

  • Dr. Carrie Madej:

It appeared to... yeah, it appeared to be self aware or be able to grow or move in space. I mean, all I can tell you this is not something they taught us in medical school, nothing in my laboratories, nothing that I've seen before and I've showed this to other people in the field and they don't know what it is either. And I thought when I first saw this and I kept looking at it over and over again, and I had a colleague with me and we both thought, 'wow this almost appears like it's self aware, like it knows we're watching it.' It's just an intuition, a feeling of mine, but was very upsetting. 

And so after two, two and a half hours, everything was destroyed, of course. And then I thought, well, maybe that was a fluke in a way; maybe that was just that one vial. And so just recently the lab was able to get more vials from the same manufacturer but a different batch of course, and I began looking at it the same way under the compound microscope. And another one of those tentacle-like structures appeared. This was now completely under the cover slip, so there was no movement because it wasn't on the edge. But I just couldn't believe I saw another one. And same thing, same colors appeared over time. These fibers, they're in this time. I need to get, if they do it again, I have to get a video of them, there was actually motion that you could see in the video. 

So, this is very concerning. And also, I was able to look at the contents of a Johnson & Johnson vial. And there is definitely a substance that looked like graphene, they all had graphene-like structures in there. Whether or not they were, I don't have the capability of testing them nor does this lab. But that's what they appeared to be. They had fatty substances like a sticky glue like substance that would be considered a hydro gel in those, both of them, right? So that means they're lying. 

They're lying to us about the Johnson & Johnson, about not having nano lipid particles or anything of that substance. And it does. In the Johnson & Johnson they also had colors appeared. Their colors were different, they were like a fluorescent pastel kind of color. Again, synthetic structures in there as well. In the Johnson & Johnson more like a spherical ring structures where there are a lot of sphere structures. I'm describing what I'm seeing, but I've never seen anything like this before. And they're not supposed to be in these. 

These injections are falsely called vaccines. What are they going to do to somebody? What are they going to do to a child? I started crying when I saw these the second time under the microscope, because it was confirmation of everything I saw the first time. 

  • Stew Peters:

If I were looking into a microscope at something that I was told was a vaccine to promote health and safety and some self aware tentacle equipped creatures started moving, I would I would probably run out of the laboratory. I mean, that's just me. I'm not scared of a lot. But that is scary. That is going into the blood of global citizens. And you're right, they want to push this into our children.

  • Dr. Carrie Madej:

Oh yes, this was about 400 times magnification. So we don't have any more information than that. But, people need to really, really, really stop and think about what is happening right now. And it doesn't make sense. If it doesn't make sense, don't go and rush to a decision that you could regret. Something's not right in the world. I think we all know that right now. And to me, it's definitely on the level of a spiritual warfare looking at it under the microscope. Absolutely. And you know, this pushes me. This inspires me to make more of these videos, if I can, if we can get the lab to get more of these samples to do them in real time. So you can actually see what we're doing to have proof of, Yes, this is what is happening. This is what we are seeing. So you yourself can see what is happening under the microscope because I don't think you need to have any science background. When you look at it, you'll see that something isn't right. This isn't supposed to be injected into human beings.

  • Stew Peters:

So when you first, actually, before you started talking about this self aware, whatever it is that lifted itself up off of the glass, you mentioned something about an injectable computing system. What do you make of that?

  • Dr. Carrie Madej:

Yeah, so when colors just appeared in the solution, I mean, I'm talking about there's no color or very little. All of a sudden the most brilliant blue, the most brilliant yellow, the most brilliant purple appeared and more and more and more and more over time. I've never seen anything be able to do that besides something unless you added another substrate for a chemical reaction, you know, it has to react with something. I didn't know what could do that. And so I started to talk to some nanotech engineers and genetic engineers and they told me the only thing they knew of that could do that was a white light, which a white light did hit it. 

The microscope has a white light. A white light over time will make the reaction on a superconducting material superconducting is like an injectable computing system. So this is where the electronic components can now become visible under white light so you know where they are. So this is proof that they are putting an operating system inside people. This happened in both the Moderna and the Johnson and Johnson samples that we observed. So, these are all...we're getting little pieces of evidence put together one by one by one, but everything is pointing to the very ominous endpoint. 

This is the beginning or the advent of transhumanism. Or this is the beginning, your advent of being able to have surveillance and spying done on people, just like Bill Gates said he's doing right now in West Africa. People need to remember that the Gates Foundation or at least Bill Gates and GAVI his companies working with MasterCard, and Trust Stamp, an artificial intelligence program, testing it on the people of West Africa with their COVID vaccines, injections. I should say, giving them a digital ID. They can only get their Monetary Funds through the digital ID and MasterCard. No other way. No cash. Nothing. And all their medical records and information downloaded into this digital format in their body. And they said in this program, this research experiment they're doing on the people, they said Well, if this substance is inside of them, this hydro gel substance, of course, why don't we use it for surveillance and predictive policing? We're going to start using it for surveillance and predictive policing on the people of West Africa right now. They've been doing this since July of 2020. And they said once they have it perfected they would like to unveil it to all the developed nations. And what are they calling it? The Wellness Pass, which is also known as a vaccine passport. 

So how are they doing that, right? Do they have to put something inside your body to be able to monitor you and know everything that you're doing? So people need to wake up. What could they put inside your body for that to happen? How would they do it? I think Gates is already admitting to us how he's doing it or how he wants to do it. How much does it take? I don't know. I just know that I'm seeing these things with my own eyes. Things that don't make sense. Things that look like they can be used the day they look like they are the advent of starting something of artificial intelligence inside the human body and we know that the people in charge aren't to be very trustworthy at all. They've lied many times to us. The manufacturers have lied many times to us. So this is the time that we do not...we don't take this anymore We don't take this kind of oppression and suppression. We're better than that. We are children of God. We choose to be, right? And I for one will not stand for it.

  • Stew Peters:

So just to wrap up here and I know that you got to go but for responsibility purposes, you've examined things under microscopes before. You know what you're doing with a microscope. These multiple vials that you examine, you have kept track of the chain of custody. Nothing was inserted into these things before you were able to look at them. I mean this is all on the up and up and this is genuinely the contents of what is found in multiple lots now, you have said, of the Moderna and the J&J vials.

  • Dr. Carrie Madej:

Yeah, at least three batches; at least three batches. Yes. That is correct.

  • Stew Peters:

It's awful. It's horrific. I can understand why you cried. Dr. Carrie Madej, thank you so much. And when you do have those videos, we trust that you'll come back here to share those with the audience. I mean, people need to know what it is that's being pushed on them. People need to know that this isn't just your every day run of the mill, health and wellness prevention. There's none of that going on here. So we appreciate it.

"Those images that we just looked at together and then hearing the way that Dr. Carrie Madej describes the way that she felt viewing those images through a microscope; horrific, alarming, very concerning. And we have to be worried about being around people when we talk about things like transmission and shedding; the people who have already gotten this thing. You got to stay healthy." - Stew Peters

The pathological institute in Reutlingen, Germany announced results of autopsies of eight people who died after COVID 19 vaccination. "The fine tissue analyses were performed by pathologists Prof. Dr. Arne Burkhardt and Prof. Dr. Walter Lang."

"Microscopic details of the tissue changes will be shown during the live-streamed press conference. Prof. Dr. Werner Bergholz will report on the current parameters of the statistical recording of vaccination events."

To highlight a few stunning findings from the conference, there is a short video clip and some key photo's with quotes below.


September 20, 2021
6-minute (with voice over by English translator)

"We have found up to point five millimeter sized particles and they are visible in the light microscope... again (this is) the CHIP and this is the same vaccine in the normal light microscope. THE ABOVE OBJECT IS REFERRED TO BY THE DOCTORS IN THE VIDEO AS A POTENTIAL CHIP. 
2 CONTAMINANTS OF JOHNSON AND JOHNSON "...a massive object (on left) as well. Again we are showing these structures with sharp edges well defined edges so maybe a question to the experts what happens if this moves in the couple of vessels and the lymph nodes it's moved to the lymph node was very big. For the small capillary vessels, it is very big.""...this little aeroplane like structure (arrow pointing to it) is moving, we've seen this 'plane' in many samples and it always has this shape. So it's not coincidental that it has the shape we have seen it often. The small part at the top is moving as well."
SIGNS OF MORGELLONS AND GRAPHENE CONTAMINATION"It looked like graphene layers, it's very long and it's double light-shedding.  It means it's a foreign body, it's non-organic so it's nothing biologic that should be inside the body. Could this be Morgellons?  I've seen images that look like it and it looks like graphene layers."

"The results of the investigation have led to legal and political demands, for example, for the immediate collection of information by the authorities in order to be able to assess the health risk posed to the population by the COVID-19 vaccines. For example, early signals of impaired fertility in vaccinated individuals can be examined by consulting IVF registries. Through the cancer registry, insights can be gained into the development of cancer due to the genetic modifications of the viral RNA. Suspension of COVID-19 vaccination should be considered."   (source:


Ruby Ray Media - About the Jab: 'This Creates a New Species and Perhaps Destroys an Old One, US as Humans'

Who is Dr. Carrie Madej?
Dr. Carrie Madej directed two large medical clinics in the state of Georgia, USA.
Since her twenties she has been fascinated by vaccines jabs and studied them ever since.
Her in depth research led her to discover what the proposed technologies are for the new COVID-19 vaccines jabs.
What she is revealing is alarming


Story at-a-glance In October 2020, Purdue Pharma — owned and operated by members of the Sackler family — pleaded guilty to federal criminal charges and reached a settlement totaling $8.3 billion. August 11, 2021, a federal judge granted the Sackler family legal immunity against future litigation In July 2021, Johnson & Johnson and three drug distributors agreed to pay a combined settlement of $26 billion in a multi-state settlement over their roles in the opioid epidemic. They too got a sweetheart of a deal, as the settlement amounts to just 4% of the four companies' annual revenue.....


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