The timing of this message by Donald J. Trump 45th President of the United States of America (as compared to Donald J. Trump 19th President of the United States) is so auspicious and so like the 17 comms. May 3 - to the day - marks SIX months since the election fraud sting operation, so masterfully executed that in plain sight, most people still don't get it! Wait until all is revealed.


George Washington's greatest concern, dominating his Farewell Address, warns us of the dangers of political parties.

This election needs to be messy, fully exposing the Fake News, Democrat Fraud Machine for all to see. This is how we end the evil of the people's power held captive by corrupt political monopolies, our "two party system" which has in fact usurped the power won for us by our Founding Fathers, formalized in our Bill of Rights and Constitution. 


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