The Anti-Christ Strikes: Pelosi's January 6th 'Hit List' Poses Threats, Patriot Pastor Fights Back From the Pulpit

Pastor Greg Locke is the second name on a 'hit list' created by Nancy Pelosi and her biased bullies in the 'Select Committee to Investigate the Jan 6th Attack on our State Capital'.

Why you may ask?

Keep reading and you may be as shocked as I was when I first learned of this whole fake 'insurrection' mess and the contrived witch hunt that has ensued since it happened!

Below is a copy of the 'domestic terrorist hit list' of names who
Nancy Pelosi and her January 6th 'witch hunt' committee targets.

Jack Posobiec (via Twitter), whose name is half way down the list, had a few words to say about it:

"This is completely illegal and my lawyers will make short work of it. These ugly communists want to go full Stalin and Gestapo as they flail about to distract from the failures of the dementia patient they got as president who even Obama called a 'f*** up.' Be cautious!"

Jack Posobiec and Pastor Greg are not the only ones who have spoken out publicly against this sham of an investigation into the event at Capital Hill that occurred on January 6, 2021. But Pastor Locke is the only person to have spoken up, and spoken up very boldly, about it all from a pulpit streamed live!

Pastor Greg Locke is no stranger to public controversy.
He has made headlines before, the most recent being about vandalism that occurred to his church in the early morning of August 16th, 2021. The vandalism is being done as a cowardly response to the church remaining open thru the covidiocy scamdemic and for non-enforcement of mask mandates. More from a story at endtimeheadlines:

"Controversial Pastor Greg Locke's church has been left vandalized but vows to not be "intimidated"

"Locke said an unknown assailant vandalized his church's property before being chased away by security around 2:30 a.m. "He did quite a bit of damage before he was spotted," wrote Locke in his Facebook post, adding that "it was all caught on our surveillance cameras." He went on to say the vandalism of his pulpit "not only grieves me the most, it fires me up to want to fight more," adding: "WE WILL NOT BACK DOWN. WE WILL NOT BE INTIMIDATED."

"Emotional pain will derail us from our purpose, but God has us here for a purpose. Remember this: God will always right the wrongs wrongly imposed on you. I LOVE my Church, thank you for everything. Till my last breath, I'll preach The Bible."~Pastor Locke

On Sunday August 29, 2021, Pastor Greg Locke revealed to his congregation what he had been told.
Pastor Locke's lawyer told him to get out in front of whatever ill-gotten plans Pelosi and her committee of thugs might have in store for him.

The short video above, from his telegram account, gives you a small taste of his warrior approach to the twisted view and seditious purpose of Nancy Pelosi's blatant disregard for the truth of Jan 6th: that the event was a trap, a set-up staged to look like an insurrection.

The transcript below is Pastor Locke's own fighting words about his current 'hit list' circumstance from a video of his service of August 29, 2021.

If you would like to follow the video, it is below the transcript and it starts 53:09 minutes.


Video Transcript: from 53:39 to 1:07:04
Pastor Greg Locke (bold titles for reference only)

  • Get Your Cheer On

Some of you have to get your cheer on. You know why? Because some of you are about to face the biggest thing you've ever faced in your life.

How many of you in this room...we're just chit chatting many in this room have already lost their job because of the political nonsense that's going on? Would you just raise your hand if you've already lost your job, because this vaccine nonsense and mask stuff and the like.

Look at all these people! Ok put your hands down.

In the next six months they'll be hands raised all over this town.

But be of good cheer, because God's gonna pay your bills. God's gonna bless His people. God's gonna bless His Church. God's gonna bless you when you don't compromise.


Don't you give in to the left!
Don't you give in to the enemy!
Don't you give in to Hell!
Don't you give in to the devil!
Don't you give in to CNN!
Don't you give in to this wickedness!
Don't you give in to this radical evil agenda of this globalist society that's trying to destroy our church and destroy America!
Don't you give in to that nonsense!
Don't you give in to it!!
You stand your ground! You dig your heels in!
You lift up your voice like a trumpet and don't you back down one bit, don't back down one centimeter!
Don't you get into their mess!
Don't you let them bully you, because here's what God says, "When the storm comes, just be of good cheer, IT IS I, be not afraid."

  • Be Ye Not Afraid

You know what? It seems like there's a lot of things to be afraid of these days. And I get it. I'm just as human and redneck as the rest of you.

I put my socks and shoes on one foot at a time, just like the rest of you. I don't wear a cape around my house. Don't have a big "S" on my chest. Got a big stupid "S" on my forehead sometimes. But nonetheless.

You know, sometimes people get this idea that we have this willy-nilly lifestyle of internet stardom, and everything's rock solid and everything's good. Sometimes it's crap. And as of late, I'm transitioning here, so just walk with me. As of late, I've had to remind myself just be a good cheer, because of Him, I don't have to be afraid of everything going on around me.

I mean, if you just look at the news, there's a lot to be afraid of. If you just read a stupid newspaper, there's a lot to be freaked out about.

If you just look at the numbers of what's happening, wars and rumors of wars, and in the last days perilous, dangerous evil wicked times are going to come upon you and men should be lovers of themselves. If you just look at the daunting reports of what's happening and the persecution that is rising on a level beyond our wildest imagination very quickly, mind you, if you just look at that we have a lot in the natural to be afraid of. But we are not operating in the natural, we're operating in the supernatural.

  • I Stand My Ground

So, I want to share stuff with you, I might not even get much farther than the text and I'm not done preaching, but I just want to talk a minute because I believe our in-house crowd and online-crowd need to hear me, not as pastor, but hear me as a person. I'm just a regular cat. Okay, regular guy talking now.

Our lawyer came to the church the other day. We have a religious freedom lawyer. (I need a criminal defense attorney if anybody knows of one let me know.) But our lawyer came to church on Wednesday. We sat down and we talked with him about a few things that are happening right now in our ministry and in my ministry, my personal life. And he said 'You need to get out in front of this, this weekend. You need to get out in front of this and address it to the congregation.' I know we live in that vitriolic viral society.

"Hey guys, Pastor Greg Locke here again" and I do my Dunkin Donuts rants and all that and some of you are here because you saw it, thank God for it.

I stand my ground and that's it, but you know things got a little dicey lately. It's not just a little bit of vandalism. Some of you know, maybe you don't, but I'm gonna share it with you right now, because I got to get out in front of this thing publicly.

  • Nancy Pelosi's Hit List

There was a list that came out this past week. It's Nancy Pelosi's hit list. And on that list are the top 40 homegrown terrorists in America. I don't need you to clap, but just listen, I just need you to listen. This is a serious deal.

I've been on a lot of lists. I've had a lot of people hate me. This is different.

So they got this insurrection, which wasn't an insurrection. They got this deal that came out because of January 6, and because of my involvement with the Trump administration and the bus tour, and because I was there at Freedom Plaza on the 5th with the rally and Roger Stone and all that. And because I was standing with a bullhorn, praying for people, whoa, God forbid, at the Capitol on the 6th. Now, I am number two on the list of homegrown terrorists in America.

  • God's going to take care of us.

Okay, so our church has now become a massive target more than it's ever been in the 15-year history. Now we're a pretty big target. We're like a blimp-ola huge target at this point.  And that was the point by the way of releasing the list publicly. I found out on Twitter, because we had so many articles that were dropped first day and I got so many mentions and so many people like "Whoa yes, going down! Hallelujah! The church is going to be shut down in the name of the Lord! Yes!" And people excited. Both Christian people and non-Christian people.

So he (the lawyer) said, "Look, I don't know what you can expect. But we're gonna have to go ahead and get some things in place." Because I believe God's gonna protect us. I really do. I believe God's gonna take care of us and I'm not gonna worry about it. I haven't lost one ounce of sleep over it. HE's gonna protect us!

  • No Apologies

But I just need to let y'all know and I need to let our own line crowd know and I need to let the bunch of liberals know that are coming after us. And I will let them know something. Number one: I'm not gonna shut up.

I said, I am not gonna shut up!
I am not gonna back down!
I am not gonna stop!
I am not shutting this church down.
I don't care what Joe Biden and his sleepy friends say!
I am not shutting this church down. NOT!
I am not apologizing for praying for people on January 6, Nancy Pelosi! I am not apologizing!

So if you are here for that you're in the wrong house! Sit down and listen.

Because the list is to them important -but to us nonsense. But because it's prominent and because it's supercharged political, we're talking about an actual White House approved document. We're not talking about a Xerox copy or some nonsense off Twitter. There's a lot of players in the game on this list. Okay. So, if it happens, they're not gonna get me because I did stupid stuff. Don't let them try to paint us and me in the media like they found kiddie porn on my phone or I didn't, you know, pay my taxes or, you know, I'm a murderer. Don't let them tell you that. It's garbage! When it happens, you will exactly know! Rewind this and you will know why it happened.

  • Jan 6th 'insurrectionists' treated worse than real terrorists

So I don't know if, when or what. But because that list is out, many of you know that there have been people since January 6th, since that week, that had been in federal prison, no contact with their family, and they have 23 hours a day solitary confinement as homegrown terrorists. And they don't even get the proper etiquette of making a phone call to their spouse or their friends or their family.

They are treated worse than real terrorists. They will not allow them to shave or have haircuts. You know why? Because when they go before the judge, they want them to look like terrorists. They want them to look like unkempt individuals. They want them to look crazy. So I'm saying all that preemptively, just to say, if brother Greg was in a room and they want to show up because I'm on the list, if they want to show up, they have full legal authority at this point to arrest me without any hesitation no matter what and I'm just preparing you for that.

  • Over the Target

It's doubtful that they'll do it in a service because we have such a massive media presence. They don't want to make a martyr out of a guy like me and I get it because what's gonna happen is they are going to overplay this 'stupid' and God's gonna give us the biggest platform that we have ever had in the history of global vision Bible Church.

You think we're big now!? You think God's moving now!? You wait, if they start doing crazy stuff and stupid stuff and putting us in jail and I'm telling you, the blue flame revival is gonna burst upon the scene! It's gonna burst on the scene! So I don't know all that it entails, I just know that now the scrutiny level is DEFCON level at this point.

Okay, we know when they're coming after you, you're over the target, right?

Bap bap bap bap bap bap bap bap bap bap! We're dropping the right bombs!

They're not messing with the people that aren't saying something.
They're only trying to silence the people that are saying something.

  • If Arrested, THIS!

So listen, if you hear in the news today, tomorrow, or in six months from now that the pastor of Global Vision Bible Church, that evil insurrectionist anti-American homegrown terrorist was arrested. You can know that there will be church that Sunday. And you better fill this place to overflowing because God's gonna show up and his glory isn't going to leave this place just because the left tries to bully me into a corner of silence and get me to stop because I am not going to stop!! So look, I'm doing being diplomatic. As if I was before, right. I'm done with it. There might be a reason we left the spray paint on the pulpit. I'm fired up, I'm telling you, I'm fired up!

So if and when, whether it happens or not, things might get a little willy-nilly crazy over the next few weeks. I don't know what that means, but they can do about anything they want to at this point, like freeze assets in my own personal name. And if you know of any pilots I might need to get into a fly share program because most of the people on that list are going to be put on a no fly list. And they're going to try to keep me from traveling to engagements and being able to preach, so if there's a pilot watching, in the name of God, I need an airplane. I need one because I'm tired of Delta making me wear them stupid diapers on my face! Praise God! But none the less, so I just want to get out in front of it. I just want to let it be known, don't believe what they say if it happens.


Because they're going for it okay.
We just entered a whole new arena as a church.
It's a whole new deal.
This is tip of the spear stuff right here.
This is fight or flight.
This is stick with it or close the whole thing down.

This is our moment. This are Shadrach, Meshach and Zbednego here, this is our fiery furnace.
This is our 1776! This is our push back moment!
WE ARE GOING TO FIGHT! We are going to fight! We are going to fight!

This our moment. So they're gonna try to pull the little IRS games, a little FBI games, a little CIA, they got all of it they all take a hike far as I'm concerned. I am not scared of none of them. I am not scared none of you. I don't care what they say. At the end of the day they are going to need a lot of handcuffs, going to need a lot of handcuffs get rid of all of us!

Video: "You Need to Get Out!"
Pastor Greg Locke
Streamed live on Aug 29, 2021
Length: 1:43:48

Learn more about the Jan. 6th committee's witch hunt games being played.

Below is the official 12-page document (and link) to all requests made by the 'select committee' to investigate the Jan. 6th event. Included in the documents is a copy of the actual 'hit list'.

Reading through the documents is a good way to see all the insidious things Pelosi and her gang of bullies are willing to do to infringe upon people's rights without just cause.

They want to be allowed to comb through private communications of all those on their 'hit lest'. Such evil beings!

NationalArchivesRecordsAdmin 8/25/21pdf


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