SAVE AMERICA is not just a slogan


The President's statements under the banner of "Save America" make that banner more urgently relevant with every statement made. To highlight this, we are herein featuring the President's statements in chronological order made yesterday and today (October 14 and 15.) This will be PART ONE of articles written periodically with the President's statements until the Big Red Button gets pushed at the end of this extremely RED October! (See our articles on the Big Red Button featured in the Related section.)

October 15 "Either a new Election should immediately take place or the past Election should be decertified and the Republican candidate declared the winner."

We include also a prayer given by one of Saint Michael's own, perhaps Trump's staunchest ally in the war to Save America, Lt Gen Michael Thomas Flynn.


New Inflation Numbers Are Here and They're Still Getting Worse

As the Biden administration continues to tell Americans the current increase in prices on every day necessities is "transitory," new inflation numbers show the situation is continuing to get worse for American families.

Winter heating bills set to jump as inflation hits home

Get ready to pay sharply higher bills for heating this winter, along with seemingly everything else.

With prices surging worldwide for heating oil, natural gas and other fuels, the U.S. government said Wednesday it expects households to see their heating bills jump as much as 54% compared to last winter.

Nearly half the homes in the U.S. use natural gas for heat, and they could pay an average $746 this winter, 30% more than a year ago. Those in the Midwest could get particularly pinched, with bills up an estimated 49%, and this could be the most expensive winter for natural-gas heated homes since 2008-2009.


Leaked Border Patrol docs show mass release of illegal immigrants into US by Biden administration | Fox News

At least 160,000 illegal immigrants have been released into the U.S., often with little to no supervision, by the Biden administration since March – including a broad use of limited parole authorities to make more than 30,000 eligible for work permits since August, Border Patrol documents obtained by Fox News show.

The documents give a partial snapshot into how the Biden administration has been releasing enormous numbers of migrants into the U.S., often with little to no oversight, supervision or immediate risk of deportation.


GOP flips Iowa state House seat | TheHill

A pastor and tax adviser will become the first Republican to represent Newton in the Iowa state House in decades after winning a special election Tuesday to fill a vacancy in a once ancestrally Democratic manufacturing hub that has moved to the right in recent years.

Jon Dunwell (R), making his second run for the legislative seat, beat out Democratic opponent Steve Mullen by a 60 percent to 40 percent margin. About 1 in 5 voters in the Jasper County-based seat turned out to vote, according to the county auditor's office.


'How's Biden doing? Do you miss me yet?' Trump revels in Joe's mounting crises | Daily Mail Online

Trump reveled in the crises facing Biden on Wednesday, asking whether clogged supply chains and rising gas prices made them miss him.
  • Trump highlighted crises facing Biden administration in Wednesday statement
  • Former president referenced COVID, supply chains, gas prices and inflation
  • 'Do you miss me yet?' he asked as he continued 2024 guessing game
  • His cause was bolstered with new Morning Consult poll
  • It found 70 percent of Republicans want him to run again and that he holds commanding leads over GOP rivals Mike Pence and Ron DeSantis 

A Closer Look At The Media’s Narrative On The Arizona Audit Results | One America News Network

After five months of fighting the Republican Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, the Democrat Establishment, and several liberal special interest groups, the Arizona Senate finally won in court and got the "go ahead" to conduct the largest forensic election audit ever conducted in the country. They fought to re-establish their authority, and they won. Their reward was six more months of fighting the same parties, this time in the press, who ridiculed and lied about the audit process, questioned the auditors' credibility, and smeared them across the nation calling the audit a joke.

McConnell gets GOP wake-up call | TheHill

The backlash Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (Ky.) received from fellow Republican senators last week is a wake-up call to the GOP leader that he doesn't have any more political capital to spend on helping Democrats raise the debt limit again, say GOP aides and strategists.

McConnell is still secure in his position as Senate Republican leader, despite regular attacks from former President Trump, who has called for him to be replaced.

Yet at the same time, Senate Republican aides and strategists say McConnell's reputation took a hit last week when he agreed to a two-month increase of the debt ceiling after saying for weeks that Republicans wouldn't help Democrats on the issue. 


Mark Zuckerberg spent $419M on nonprofits ahead of 2020 election — and got out the Dem vote

During the 2020 election, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg spent hundreds of millions of dollars to turn out likely Democratic voters. But this wasn't traditional political spending. He funded a targeted, private takeover of government election operations by nominally nonpartisan — but demonstrably ideological — nonprofit organizations.

Analysis conducted by our team demonstrates this money significantly increased Joe Biden's vote margin in key swing states. In places like Georgia, where Biden won by 12,000 votes, and Arizona, where he won by 10,000, the spending likely put him over the top.


Biden down to 36%, 'sinking like the Titanic' | Washington Examiner

President Joe Biden's crashing polling numbers appear to have no end as he fumbles with the border crisis, a 13-year high in inflation, and the threat of empty toy shelves on Christmas Eve.

In a new Zogby Poll just provided to Secrets, the first-year president has hit another job performance low, 36.4%.


Under Biden, Democrats Are in Disarray

In 2020, Joe Biden campaigned on a singular premise: that Donald Trump was too reckless to be president, and that he was the one who could restore responsible governance. As others put it, with Biden and Democrats at the helm, the "adults would be back in charge." Nine months in, we now know what a spectacular ruse that all was.

Biden's failed leadership has created chaos across the board. And with his domestic agenda now in jeopardy, Biden has resorted to the same dishonest, self-serving tactics you would expect from a half-century career politician. For evidence, look no further than the reckless $3.5 trillion tax-and-spending spree Biden wants to go on.

Biden insists his unpopular plan costs nothing because we are the ones paying for it. His advisers repeat those same outrageous claims. That's not telling the truth like Biden promised. It's a flat-out lie, and one that insults voters' intelligence.


Inflation up 5.4% from year ago, matching 13-year high, Labor Department | Just The News

Consumer prices in September increased U.S. inflation to 5.4% compared to a year ago, according to the Labor Department monthly consumer price index report, released Wednesday.

The number matches the highest such rate since 2008, amid global supply chain issues.

The Consumer Price Index rose 0.4% in September from August, with the costs of new cars, food, gas, and restaurant meals all increasing.

Lt Gen Michael Thomas Flynn's Timely Decree to the Archangels (including Michael the Archangel)

RubyRayMedia on Rumble
Published Oct 15, 2021
1:06 viewing length

Transcript of General Flynn's Decree

We are your instrument of those sevenfold rays and all your archangels. All of them. We will not retreat. We will not retreat. We will stand our ground. We will not fear to speak. We will be the instrument of your will, whatever it is, in your name and the name of your legions. We are freeborn and we shall remain freeborn. And we shall not be enslaved by any foe within or without, so help me God. God bless you. God bless America. Thank you very much.

A little insight into "sevenfold rays" ...

The sevenfold rays refers to the "seven spirits of God" mentioned in Revelation 1:4, 3:1, 4:5 and 5:6. The seven spirits of God are not specifically identified, so it's impossible to be dogmatic. Revelation 1:4 mentions that the seven spirits are before God's throne. Revelation 3:1 indicates that Jesus Christ "holds" the seven spirits of God. Revelation 4:5 links the seven spirits of God with seven burning lamps that are before God's throne. Revelation 5:6 identifies the seven spirits with the "seven eyes" of the Lamb and states that they are "sent out into all the earth."


Juan O Savin is making sure there is a sufficient understanding of what we're going through in October of 2021, a crucible moment in history when God flips the script on the CORNtrollers.

"What's this Red October really all about? It's becoming clearer and clearer who these people really are, where they're taking us, what their alliances are."

October is Glowing Red again this year, hotter than ever, as in Rigged for Red, Hunters Become the Hunted, Hunt for Red October; though we can't immediately SEE the hunt, it's not that obvious to the uninitiated if they look in the press or in television programming. Seems there is more of a red-hot self immolation of the enemy going on in the public than anything else, including those loud ubiquitous voices that mouth the enemy's lies and blasphemies incessantly, revealing who they are. Everyone is turning them off!

Juan O Savin talks with Spaceshot 76 about the divinely inspired reset of the world, something the enemy - Klaus Schwab and the Party of Davos - have vainly attempted to oppose with their own monstrously counterintuitive plan for their arrogantly named "Great Reset," a tragic joke that is failing so hard, you have to actually laugh THAT HARD at those clowns (but we do not laugh at those who sheep-like march into the arms of the monsters to their own deaths and self destruction, something that is purely tragic, for which we must ceaselessly pray to God for intercession.)

We have the video for the entire interview from Spaceshot 76's Rumble channel. First though, you will see that we have generated the transcript for the last 45 minutes of this 2 hour episode, in which 107 gets very focused on what we should expect in the next month or two of this Crucible Moment in World History.


Citizen Journalists, multimedia content creators are the reason we are here. Raising up your voice is central to our mission. We are a team, lifting each other by the variety of our talents and skills. The most important element in this is capturing and sharing the unique thoughts, wisdom and artforms that come to us as we ponder the world in our hearts. Seeing now clearly how badly the people who arrogate themselves into positions of power and influence over us, are bungling the job. They have never attempted to serve the people who are the source of their wealth and power, they only seek to exploit us.

Our years of experience on social media have clearly proven to us, that the so-called "average" men and women living on this planet, have in our daily musings the extraordinary wisdom of how this planet needs to be run--it's a big planet, each one of us contains valuable insights into the many aspects of the whole. We support each one of us upping our games expressing the unique gifts each of us contains.

Your qualifications, are your courage to be born on this planet, and make your way living a worthy life. We are here to support you putting your thoughts and ideas into words and other artforms. The technicalities are simply hurdles to overcome, the challenge is summoning the courage to say what is in our hearts and minds. We recognize that every soul born, simply by delving into our hearts, can contact Infinite Wisdom, the Holy Spirit. Maybe not so clearly at first for those with less experience exploring within, and certainly a lifetime of growing and developing our ability to put words to the wisdom we inherently contain.

We have spent the years developing this platform, to support you with the technical foundations for sharing your message with the world, including our Creators Guild, welcoming you into the precious and sacred community of like-minded spirits, bridging any gaps we each may have in our areas of competence. For example, no matter how good of a writer you are, trying to edit your own work is something like herding kittens, and it has been well said that working with HTML web page language, is like trying to paint on water. Far better to work in collaboration with fellow warriors for mutual benefit, rather than spending hours doing poorly at something it takes a person with the talent, minutes to pop it over the top!

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