Nov 26 UPDATE: POTUS this morning on Fox Business: Durham's investigation "You know and I know, it has to go to the top."

Happy Thanksgiving to all our friends! Beyond that, we'd like to echo the Big Guy, that you appreciate how "interesting" this time is in our Country, as well.

Includes VERY INTERESTING comments by Juan O Savin from 2 days before Thanksgiving! Military Trials for Treason are coming! Cures for the Spike Proteins! 

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America's NDE: Light at the end of the tunnel

Save America - Trump Thanksgiving Message

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Published Nov 26, 2021 (published Nov. 25 by Donald J. Trump)
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Catherine Herridge of CBS with a report that tells us how the DC Dems keep saying they want to close Gitmo when all it's doing is expanding. LOL

Juan O Savin to "Joe Biden" and Nancy Pelosi: "Why don't you close GITMO? Prove to us you're in charge. Shut it down." 

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Published Nov 24, 2021
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Juan O Savin 46:30

"We're going to have some interesting times some time here in the not-too-distant future. It may not be fast enough for a lot of people but it's coming."

Transcript Highlights

Juan O Savin on His Own Experience With Therapies to Mitigate Spike Protein Infection

… so for example, I did the speaking thing here in Las Vegas and I sat for four or five hours, signed books for people, let them take pictures and I hugged them and everything else. A couple of days later I was examined for spike proteins using a particular methodology and my bronchial tube on the right side was completely black. It was the most extensive amount of spike proteins that the testing people had ever seen. And they'd looked at thousands and thousands of people. They were like, "Oh, my gosh, it's just as thick as …"

One of my colleagues that was there who didn't get looked at the same way, he comes down with pneumonia then he has a double pneumonia. He was no doubt exposed the same way I was, I was unaware that he had a problem. And as soon as we found out we had to go deal with it, it was very serious. They were debating whether to put him in the hospital and we didn't want to get him intubated. Tom was like, Oh, my gosh, he was within a hair's breadth of death. It was very disturbing. I probably would have been there too, with the exposure to the spike proteins had I not had it dealt with just a couple days later.

Light and sound therapies for eradicating spike protein infection

How do we deal with it? If you remember, President Trump said, we could probably deal with this stuff with light. What is it about light? Light emits energy at a particular wavelength that is visible using our eyes. It's just a particular frequency. It's like a note in music that's way up at the top of the keyboard, comparatively. Other energy wavelengths that are longer, which are down in the audible range that we might hear with our ears are still just energy wavelengths. There are particular wavelengths - repeated through various octaves - where the spike proteins which are a very complex mechanism compared to say a virus or bacteria, they're crystalline based.

Think of a filament in a light bulb. If you shake a light bulb just right you can break that filament especially if it's hot. And if that filament is broken, it doesn't matter what the energy supply is, doesn't matter what you do, that sucker is never going to work again, you might as well just toss it.

The spike proteins are actually a relatively complex mechanism and they continue to build out. All you have to do is rattle them or shake them at just the right frequency, they break and you're not going to fix them, they're destroyed.

You can do that in the light spectrum, you can go down many octaves into the sound spectrum, into an ultrasound spectrum, similar to what you use to image a baby in the uterus. There are ultrasound spectrums that hurt people, that damage tissue, you can't safely use just any spectrum.

Think of a musical note that you play, like C on an instrument and a snare drum on the other side of the room, or a piano chord in the C spectrum will start vibrating at the same time and you'll hear it on the snare drum or on the piano. But you can hit other notes and nothing happens because there's no resonance, there's no agreement between the frequencies.

The frequency that you have to hit to break up and destroy the spike proteins is a very precise range of frequency. The ideal frequency is in the ultrasound range, in my opinion (and others' opinions), not the light spectrum for a bunch of reasons, but light will work, there are octaves that occur there. There are different resonant frequencies through various things like extreme shortwave or frequencies in the nuclear zone. But why would you do it because you could destroy tissues, we don't want to do that. There's a particular frequency that appears to be ideal, we can see that the spike proteins are broken up and destroyed. The exposure time you need to break them up? 20 seconds, 30 seconds. It's not anything big, it's not invasive, don't need a blood sample, don't need anything to see it, image it with ultrasound, it's very simple.

Out into the future, that's what's probably going to have to be done for a very long time until we come up with other solutions. That's what's going to have to be done probably on a wider scale across the country and across the world. Something akin to that. There are other things we can do to deal with the spike proteins in the vascular system.

That's the fight that's going to be coming because you're going to run into all sorts of opposition that is already there. Everything I just told you, there are going to be all sorts of people to come out and scream bloody murder. No, no, no, no, no, no, no!

Look, we can see it, we can visualize it, we can show you on TV monitors, we do it. It's visual, it's obvious. Why would somebody be opposed to that non-invasive, non-damaging, easy to see what's going on? Because somebody doesn't want you to survive this. That's what's going on.


Well, that's very interesting. It's very similar to an opera singer that breaks a glass because the resonance is the same. I've heard they can use the same thing to key in on specific wavelengths of cancer, so it's a plausible therapy."

Juan O Savin

That goes back to the Rife technology for zapping stuff. Some people want to say that you can do it with med beds or plates or other things, but they're actually not precise enough. There are a bunch of reasons why that actually won't work. I'm not saying anything against those types of technologies or applications, but they don't really work well against this (spike proteins); and part of the reason is that outside of the chest cavity, where these things are in an oxygen environment laying on the surface of say, the bronchial tube, which is where the main cluster sits, if you get rid of that, your immune system can take care of the rest of it pretty well.

You can tell that someone has been exposed to a lot of it, you'll hear that light cough. That's quite often related to this buildup that is happening in the right bronchial tube.

There's going to be a lot of push back on this. In reality, moving out into the future, the beauty of it is there's going to be an ability to treat large numbers of people very simply and efficiently. If you want to image what's there and get a baseline, that's fine but you don't have to, you can simply treat it.

This spike protein issue isn't going to go away now that it's in the population, there's going to have to be some type of large maintenance application for people long term to keep it under control until some other solution comes up to stop human bodies from producing spike proteins. We may find out that the body naturally shuts down that manufacturing process at some point in time. There's just not enough data on this experimental process they've used on populations around the world, waiving all the existing protocols to implement it. They made us the experiment.

To at least try to keep these spike proteins under control in the respiratory system, we do have this method. The vascular system is a different thing. I'm not sure that I've seen what I'm satisfied is the best solution there yet, although I've seen a number of treatments that have great promise.

The reason that this is important is because most of the people that are dying unexpectedly right now: that is related to this double pneumonia issue in both vaxxed and unvaxxed people. If you can get that under control, then you can begin to address some of these other things. And the mechanism for treating it is extremely simple. It's not a complex thing, it's 20-30 seconds, you can zap it.

The other thing is that there is clothing. And I'll just say it, it'll drive a bunch of people crazy, but we're gonna need more manufacturing on it anyway, so people need to start thinking in these terms. If you wear certain types of clothing, shirts, t-shirts, scarves, that take that electromagnetic static surface off your clothing and off your body, the spike proteins aren't attracted to you as readily or easily. The clothing takes that charge off your skin and directly around you.

It's similar to what is done in the manufacturing of computer chips. The standard protocol is to wear something on your wrist that grounds you, bleeding off any static electricity from your clothing so that you don't damage a computer chip because they're very sensitive to being zapped with static electricity.

You can take that charge state off the surface of your skin and reduce the amount of spike proteins that are literally attracted to you in normal society. So, with that and being able to break up the spike protein material easily, that's a big deal if your bronchial tube is infected.

Other people have developed creams that are useful, that have certain molecular makeups that help to bind in the right way. I don't want to push any specific product but there are a handful of manufacturers that are making stuff from a cosmetology/skin care angle because you don't want to get shut down over the medical application of this. That's why they want to sneak it in under the wires as something good for your skin like a beauty cream. You can use ultrasound to drive some of that material down through the skin and deeper. It's a transdermal cream that carries the material through the upper layers of the skin. The molecular makeup of the material, which is zinc, magnesium and copper goes down and it binds to some of these things and helps to get them out - I have a particular way of saying it, it's probably not medically accepted as accurate I so I won't say it. There is a certain mechanism that helps to get those spike proteins out of your body. There's a lot of work to be done here. There is plenty of hope.

Plenty of great reasons to stick around. I know that one of the hosts that's a very good friend of mine had a relative that committed suicide in the last 12-24 hours. He had pancreatic cancer and it was in a very advanced state; and he just didn't want to go through all of the drama any longer. He couldn't take it any longer, having to urinate into a bag and things like that. He just didn't want to be in that mode. Very difficult.

We don't want to judge anyone, we say our prayers for him; but the reality is, there are lots of reasons to stick around, including seeing this whole thing flip. America is far from done. We've got huge dramas ahead. But we're not out, we're not done; and there's a beautiful time ahead. Unfortunately, the people that have attacked us have waged war upon us and it's war by another means. We have to decide to stand and fight; and we have ways to fight.

We need to expose the players that have done this for who they are and what they are; and lock them up forever or worse, and regain or recapture control of our country. I saw one of the groups being run through the Obama Foundation, I believe it is called My Brother's Keeper. Excuse me? No, I don't want to be my brother's keeper. I want to be my brother's brother. (That was one of the groups that got money from Bezos the other day.) We need to own this and take it back. The fight's on. Stick around. It's worth staying for.

Biden aims to close Guantanamo Bay prison during his term

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Published Feb 12, 2021
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Donald Trump on Fox Business About Durham Investigation - "All the way to the top"

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David Asman 0:01

Mr. President, we only have two minutes. Two more issues quickly. One is the Durham indictment recently, of that Russian, where it was discovered that in fact the information for the Russian dossier did not come from Russia specifically, it came from a Clinton operative to a Russian, the Russian who was indicted. What do you make of all this?

President Trump 0:24
Well, that was a hoax. And I got more hoaxes. We have these hoaxes going on with the DAs and the Attorney Generals who are running for office. You look at the Attorney General - she got elected on "I will get Trump". Westchester, she was this MSNBC contributor. She hated Trump. She wins in Westchester. I could fly over a State that's Democrat and I'll end up under investigation. It's a disgrace what's going on.

Look, the Durham report is a great thing because it really, it's a strong... and I don't think it's finished. I mean, look, I know and you know, it has to go to the top. I don't think they'll do it because they never seem to have the courage to do it. Just like they don't have the courage to call the election properly or show all the dishonesty of the election. I don't think they'll do it. But you know that went to the top. They knew everything. That's not stopping with Sussman and the other people that have been indicted. That should go all the way to the top.

A lot of people are very proud of John Durham, even though it took much longer, because that really set a foundation. It was a hoax. And, you know, think of what it did. Two and a half years it took to realize. Now the Washington Post is taking all their coverage out. And by the way, the New York Times, Washington Post, hopefully they'll give back their Pulitzer Prizes. They got Pulitzer Prizes for their coverage of Russia, Russia, Russia, and now it was a fake. So they should...Guys like you should get the prize.


 We listened to all 43 minutes of the published video and we can tell you with much emphasis: WATCH IT! Take it to heart! These are our leaders.


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