RUBY RAY NEWS FLASH: There are Always Victories! GOOD NEWS of the Week, August 16 - August 22, 2021


How about that?!! Just one week left in this politically hot hot hot month of August 2021 and the Patriot WINNING keeps getting stronger and stronger! 

While lamestream media continues to reap what they sow, showing their lowest ratings ever with viewership falling off to next to nothing, people worldwide are AWAKENING to the truth! The corrupt entities who think they are still in power continue to attempt to fear monger the public, but fail miserably on every front. The deep state is being exposed for the evil liars and traitors they are and WE the People Patriots continue to move forward with Victories daily!!

TRIUMPHANT NEWS IS HERE! I am bringing you the triumphant 'good news' highlights to read, view and listen to with this, a report on our current victories in THE GOOD NEWS OF THE WEEK!


  • The Red Wave has not stopped as once democrat political strongholds begin to crumble
  • A brave Turning Point USA student annihilates her school board with truth
  • Lobsterwoman! Hard to explain. Just go read it and get heart-warmed. 
  • And President Trump's latest round of news making events which, as we know, is always Good News...
    ... plus this week TRUMP NEWS includes a full video and transcript of his most recent SAVE AMERICA RALLY.

  This week's current Victory highlights:
(tap or click on images and links to launch source/video)

1. PATRIOTS IN FOR THE WIN as Hillsdale College releases '1776 Curriculum' to fight back against CRT, Critical Race Theory. This curriculum offers nearly 2,500 pages of material in segments geared to teaching grades K-12. This type of accurate historical curriculum is coming into the forefront of learning on many different levels and many institutions, this one being the latest. Home schooling is a great alternative to public school brainwashing. Please consider it if you have school age children in your family. Click on the photo above to be taken to the Hillsdale College website to learn more about this option.
2. WENDY ROGERS: 'BIDEN'S REAL APPROVAL RATING IS 20% "Stunning new poll numbers from Rasmussen Reports suggest nearly 1 in 10 Democrats regret their vote in the 2020 Presidential election, with 12 percent of 'Moderates' saying the same, and 14 percent of Black Americans expressing regret." Get full details about this GOOD NEWS reveal by tapping the photo above. THE TRUTH IS COMING OUT TO THE MASSES! 

3. Trump Storm Report
I bet this will put a smile on your face.

This gentleman nails it!

4. "REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE FLIPS SOLID BLUE BIDEN SEAT IN CONNECTICUT" The Red Wave did not stop with the stolen 2020 Election. TRUE PATIOTS ARE WINNING continually as, one by one, blue seats are flipped to red in elections nationwide, as exemplified by Republican Ryan Fazio, who recently won a state senate district that was traditionally a democrat win. Read the details when you click on the above photo. This is a trend that is not going to end any time soon!
5. "MAGNIFICENT MERCOLA: PRESENTING THE LUNCH LADY" Imagine school children being steered away from starchy, sugary foods in the cafeteria and steered toward healthy, wholesome, homemade meals! Well, tap on the photo above to be taken to a presentation where that is a reality! "In this short video, you'll see a food program that Hilary Boynton The Lunch Lady developed for The Manzanita School in Topanga, California. Her goal was to overhaul a system that feeds children a long list of processed foods high in toxins and sugars."


And she destroys them with FACTS from their own sources in the short video.

This bunch of school board bullies tried to lie to her and her peers about why the Turning Point USA group was not allowed to form in her school. But this bright assertive young lady gave them a what for as she turned the tables on them.
Learn more here: TPUSA LIVE

Turning Point USA
August 17, 2021
Length 3:41

7. "DEFINITIONS OF INSANITY: DOING THE SAME THING OVER AND OVER EXPECTING DIFFERENT RESULTS, AND COVIDIOCY" Yes that is the ole' comedy team of Abbot and Costello, but with a new twist on an old comedy routine they used to do. No matter how bad things look like they are getting, putting a smile on your face and in your heart will keep you healthier. Tap on the photo above and get both entertained and informed. 

The tweet below is real, but the full FORCE of the twitter story is not!

In Rockland, Maine, Virginia 'Ginny' Oliver, a 101-year-old-woman still doing what she loves, lobstering! Hence the quirky nickname, Lobsterwoman. 

It just so happens Star Wars actor Mark Hamill found out about her and decided to give her even more extraordinary powers besides the longevity ones she already has. Hence the tweet below which now has given Lobsterwoman a larger following then she could imagine.

Find out more about this incredible octogenarian at links below:

Freedom wins! Love wins! People win! Pharma-Fascism lost!
The video below shows clearly how many Aussies, and people worldwide, feel about the covidiocy mandates!

Australian citizens came together Saturday, August 21, 2021 and held a huge protest in their towns and cities against the 'house arrest' style lock down being perpetrated on many of them. They demonstrate over and over again how they will not be victimized by the communist infiltrated totalitarian regime which calls themself their government. 

I strongly recommend you go to the link provided below and read what is NOT BEING REPORTED by our fake lame stream media. As the editor of this source says:

This news is heavily censored in American media and even when one story appears, the dots are not connected to all the other countries that are rising up against mandated vaccination. However, Big Pharma likely doesn't care what people do as long as the billions keep rolling in. ⁃ TN Editor

Big Pharma's Worst Nightmare: Global Rebellion Against Vaccine Mandates Explodes


PRESIDENT TRUMP SAYS ABOUT BIDEN: "I DON'T BELIEVE HE'S CALLING THE SHOTS." Yes sir, President Trump we are all shaking our heads in disbelief at the bumbling idiotic moves Byedone has made in Afghanistan. Click on the photo above to be taken to the full Trump interview by Sean Hannity along with the full video transcript.  
"PRESIDENT TRUMP ROLLED INTO ALABAMA ON SATURDAY NIGHT (AUG 21, 2021) LIKE HE WAS COMMANDING the Third Army from a Sherman tank, smashing his way through the bewildered German line." And he sure did drop quite a few BOOMS in his presentation! When you tap on the image above, you will be taken to two videos. One video is of the speech highlights and the other is a video of the full speech with full transcript. View either one or both. And Enjoy! 

THIS from the Save America Trump Rally
via Dan Scavino:
8/21/2021 Cullman, Alabama 🦅 🇺🇸


Governor Ron DeSantis is a man who is fighting the over-rated, over-extended, power hungry bureaucracy of illegitimacy we call the Washington DC deep state establishment. And due to his persistence, honesty and patriot fortitude, Florida is experiencing more God-given constitutionally-grounded American Freedom than many states in the good ole' USA.

His latest courageous moves are making ground breaking progress in early Covid treatment.


We all need, to get the Word out. Mother Earth herself, is dying for us to speak in her behalf with a grain or two of common sense.

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