Here we are again my friends!

Another news week cycles through while lame-stream media once again tries to manipulate people's minds into believing their contrived twisted views through fake news. But We the People know better! 


I am bringing you the highlights to read, view and listen to with this, a report on our current victories in THE GOOD NEWS OF THE WEEK! 

THIS WEEK WE WILL VENTURE INTO: Florida's latest covidiocy court room victory, the overwhelmingly great turnout for the WorldWide Demonstration Freedom Rally 3.0 (signaling the end of the covidiot government lock-downs) and Trump's latest news and views which is always GOOD NEWS!

In this article you can find WINNING news for the week of July 19 - July 26, 2021.

  This week's current Victory highlights:
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Kids in China Receive Bibles for the first time! 

The pure Joy of this little video clip below made my heart swell, and it will yours also. 
As these children scramble to grab their Bible, the enthusiasm they exude cannot be overstated. 

The back drop story here is this: 
Any semblance of religious freedoms are being eroded away daily by the Chinese Communist Party. BUT that will not stop the Word of God getting out to the world, as many Christian organizations from around the world find a way to bring the Light of God into oppressed people's lives.  
More here:
Religious Freedom in China

NO IT WAS NEVER ABOUT COVID "Marco Rubio on Cuba: Whose Side Are We On?" Marco Rubio, who has labeled himself a Republican, has some differing views than conservative Republicans and is considered a RINO (Republican In Name Only) by some. But due to his rich Cuban heritage, he speaks well in favor of defending the peoples of Cuba against the 60 year totalitarian communist regime strangle hold, as do others in the article linked to the image above. 
IGNORANCE CAN NO LONGER BE AN EXCUSE! "What? You Mean America Wasn't the Laughing Stock during President Trump's Term?" We have watched as over and over again, the media does all in their power to glorify a mumbling bumbling ccp controlled Joe Biden, while vilifying the articulate patriotic stance of President Donald J. Trump. "The US media establishment "moved heaven and earth" to make President Joe Biden seem presidential at the CNN town hall, according to Sky News Digital Editor Jack Houghton." Click on the image above to read more and see an excellent video about the Biden "media protection racket". 
FLORIDA KEEPS WINNING! "U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals lifts CDC rules for Florida-based cruise ships" There is no stopping Florida Governor Ron DeSantis as he once again wins for the people of his state. He raises the bar of excellence on how to fight back against covidiocy, and every governor in every State of the Union can follow his example...if they want to! You will find a great article explaining the details linked to the image above. 


"BQQM: According to former IRS employees and other ''experts'' there is NO LAW REQUIRING INCOME TAX. You however have to figure that out for yourself. Clearly, they are NOT going to tell you.💥How do you feel about this? 😅 " 

The video below from the FreeSpeechParty on Telegram may get some feathers ruffled and will fly in the face of what you, and I, have been told all our lives, but if you listen with an OPEN MIND you may discover more about your freedoms, as guaranteed by the constitution, than you knew before:

DON"T MESS WITH TEXAS! "Texas Begins Arresting Illegal Immigrants for Trespassing as Part of Gov. Greg Abbott’s Border Security Plan" As our current Biden/Harris sham of an administration ignores the solid constitutional laws put into place to protect American citizens and our land from illegal alien encroachment, Governor Greg Abbott takes firm action to end their illegal entry into Texas. Details in article linked to above photo. 


Over 100 countries had multiple cities in each participating in the WorldWide Freedom Rally 3.0 on July 24, 2021.

Millions upon millions of people joined in to protest the covidiocy lockdowns and mandated fairy dust jabs. 

Larger countries such as France, Australia and England had huge turnouts for peaceful demonstrations against whatever tyranny of the day has been brought on by their government regarding covidiocy. But remember folks, it's not all about a plandemic.  It is about FREEDOM. The God given freedom We the People of this earth have by birthright. It is through massive events like this one that The Great Awakening is occurring and We the People of the World are reclaiming our rights as we discover just how much of a scam covidiocy, our lame stream media and our governments are. 

Below are just a very few images of the events worldwide and one short video that surmises the feeling of the day.

You will find a plethora of information, up close videos and colorful images of the Victorious WorldWide Demonstration Freedom Rally 3.0 protests, at this telegram link: WorldWideDemonstrationMedia

Article links related to rally info (not to be found on lamestream media): 
Manhattan WorldWide Freedom Rally 
Worldwide Freedom Protests July 24th
Europe Health Corona Pandemic

No MORE Dictatorship Rule!
Santa Monica CA joins in!
NO MORE LIES! "NUREMBERG 2.0: Patent Research Shows Pathogens Were Weaponized On Global Scale" The really GOOD NEWS is this: Covidiocy is being discovered and being proved to be a false narrative from the beginning.  WHY IS THAT GOOD you ask!? Because now we can bring justice to their (the evil ones who created this and continue to perpetrate it) criminal behavior and do what is needed to keep this type of horrid murderous scam from ever occurring again! When you read the article linked to the photo above, as well as listen intently to the video in the article, you will find out why the original plandemic-scare corona virus and all its variants being named by pHARMa controlled health organizations, are but a figment of someone's imagination. Go ahead. Click on the image above and discover for yourself why Crimes Against Humanity will be a term you will be hearing more and more often in coming months, and years. 

Donald J. Trump is not done! 

Our President, the one who had the election stolen from him, our rightful and duly elected President, Donald J. Trump, gave a speech in Phoenix, AZ on Saturday night, July 24, 2021, at a rally like Turning Point USA event. 

It was a packed venue, over 4000 attending with plenty of overflow of Trump supporters outside. Trump rose to the occasion by delivering one of the most power packed speeches he has given since the election was stolen from him.

Of course with his candid interaction with members of the audience, as well as his casual style of relating to the millions who love him for his wit, wisdom and truth, President Trump let us know, HE ISN'T FINISHED WINNING AND NEITHER ARE WE! 

Below you will find the full video of his speech. 

If you missed it live, here is your chance to be inspired.
If you watched it live, here is your chance to be inspired once again! 


We are asked to stand up for ourselves and learn to not let ourselves get told what to think and do by self important psychopaths. Learn to think for yourself and learn to "flavor" your conversations just right with those who still need to wake up. 90-minute video AND TRANSCRIPT included.


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