RUBY RAY NEWS FLASH: Always Victory in Current Events, June 28 - July 4, 2021


As every news day brings us more triumphant push-back victories against the socialist-communist agenda of the CCP-inspired political movements in our country and around the world, the Good News gets better and better!


This week we review how the re-establishment of law and order at our southern border is being addressed directly by President Trump and Texas Governor Greg Abbott. And there is great news that a major politician is revealing the full truth about covid vax injury. And of course, we cannot let this week pass without a full video replay of the INDEPENDENCE WEEKEND TRUMP RALLY from Sarasota, FL on July 3, 2021. 

To herald far and wide these weekly highlights of worldwide political conquests, we are presenting the best, most positive news in this weekly format published on Mondays.

In this article you can find WINNING news from the week of June 28 - July 4, 2021.

 This week's current Victory highlights:
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1. President Trump visits the Texas border wall, holding a rally for those hungry for the truth. As I have heard it put, President Trump does not give rallies, he gives reveal-ations! Sean Hannity tops the wall visit off with a town hall featuring President Trump and Texas Governor Greg Abbott.

2. We have some new very eager, well-spoken All American Patriots in Congress currently who want to right the wrongs being done by this current lawless Biden/Harris administration. Marjorie Taylor Greene (MTG) is a perfect example of the political patriots rising up today who are in it to win it for We the People. 

Learn more about MTG here: Courage to State the Obvious with Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene

Below is a video of Marjorie Taylor Greene perfectly explaining what she and others like her face as they gladly don their warrior spirit and fight for us:

3. Did you know that nearly half of all states in the U.S. are taking measures to ban CRT from their public schools? That is a grand victory!! We all need to continue pushing back against Critical Race Theory and learn why well-informed politicians and millions of American Citizens are rebelling against its forced inclusion into school curriculum.

4. Vernon Jones is willing to give Georgia a fighting chance against encroaching corruption as he makes his bid to be the next Governor of Georgia. He says he is "running to right the wrongs of Georgia's failed leadership" and agrees with the need for 2020 Elections Audits to go forward in Georgia.

Learn more about him here: Georgia Gubernatorial Candidate Vernon Jones

And watch below as he took time to make a video to help raise money for the Women for America First Election Integrity Townhall Tour this weekend. 

5. There is much evidence of covid vax damage, but little discussion about the importance of revealing the full truth about it. Senator Johnson has changed that. He holds a public meeting with families who have had covid vax adverse reactions. Thank you Senator! 

6. Julian Assange is still behind bars.

There is great hope his situation will soon change.

Read more about that here: DOJ Case against Assange falls apart

In the meantime, Australian Parliamentarians rally their support for Assange's freedom as seen in the video below:

7. Just coming off the most significant National Holiday of our country, enjoy enriching patriotic music and accompanying videos to keep that celebration on-going in your spirit. Enjoy our 'MUSIC OF FREEDOM.'
8. One Great Victory after another keeps happening! Mike Lindell can smile from ear and to ear and so can We the People as we all rejoice over his latest winning court decision against Dominion! 
9. "In a big win for election integrity, the Supreme Court upheld two Arizona laws; one forbids ballot harvesting, the other requires election officials to throw out ballots cast in the wrong precinct. Justice Alito authored the 6-3 majority opinion. (The decision could negatively impact the DOJ's lawsuit against the state of Georgia.)" ~ from Praying Medic aka David Hayes

10. The GOOD NEWS is Our Children are our future and WE can help our country and the world by helping them steer clear of evil influences trying to grab hold of them today. Teach your children well! 

General Mike Flynn's grandson shows us how it's done: 

11. Lamestream media is being forced to admit they reported fakenews about President Trump. They are making retractions and editing their hate speech. They are being seen for the pathological liars they are. They are eating a lot of crow of late...

From the Desk Of President Donald J. Trump: 06/28/21

Ratings Alert: CNN's 'The Lead with Jake Tapper' has shed a staggering 75% of its audience since January (when Trump left D.C.)

IN RESPONSE TO ABOVE NEWS, and in typical Trumpian fashion, DJT STATES:

"CNN and MSNBC are both down big, but so are they all!"

More Trump News:

🔺 RSBN TV viewers at Trump Rally gain 375,000 viewers before Trump takes the stage. All this calls into question the censorship of Trump rallies on YouTube for the general public.

🔺 President Trump spoke to tens of thousands of supporters Saturday in Sarasota, Florida.
At least 45,000 people came out and waited for President Trump despite the pouring rain.
Another 400,000 supporters watched the rally live on the RSBN Rumble network.

During his speech, Trump listed a number of points about which he was 100% right, but was attacked by the fake news media.

It's the Mueller report, the halting of flights from China, the success of hydroxychloroquine in treating Covid-19, the rally in front of the White House of violent BLM thugs.

Then he said the following:
"I wonder what I'll be right about next time? Maybe about stolen elections?"

🔺 Trump asks at a rally who killed Ashli Babbitt and demands to know why the January 6 "protesters" are still in jail?

🔺 Trump: "Biden has done nothing to hold China responsible for spreading the virus to us and the rest of the world."

🔺 Trump: "One of my greatest accomplishments is explaining that the media in this country is corrupt. And they are corrupt. That would be one of my greatest accomplishments." ~ via Trump Source



WINNING news June 21- June 27, 2021.



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