Romanian Member of European Parliament Sounds Like an American Founder


Romanian Member of the European Parliament Cristian Terhes speaks of his representation by the people and FOR the people with respect to their medical freedom which the European Parliament has violated with their jab mandate they call "Green Certificates," removing "fundamental rights" from citizens of the various EU members. 

We have his impassioned speech in video accompanied by the transcript. Truly, the world needs to see and hear this man speak, right now! 

Romanian Member of the European Parliament Destroys the EU Establishment

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Published Nov 1, 2021 (uploaded to Telegram Oct 29, 2021)
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Cristian Terhes
You know, we were elected by the people, that's what the treaty says. But we should not forget that we are elected here FOR THE PEOPLE. We should have the best interest of people in mind, because that is the reason why they elected us here in the European Parliament. All these leaders of the European Parliament, they like to praise themselves. Every time when they go into a press conference to say that this is the most democratic institution of the European Union, the question to them is, Is it really so? Have you told these people in the parliament why you decided to strip their fundamental rights? Why you have done it? You see, we have all these treaties, as my colleague said, that no medical treatment should be imposed on you, unless you decide about it FREELY and under INFORMED CONSENT. Now, clearly what they do right now to condition the access in the parliament, to have these Green Certificates, is violating this FREEDOM of people to choose whether they want to be vaccinated with or tested with.

But here is the other aspect. And the question that I address is not only to you in the parliament, but to every European citizen, to ask your own government: WERE YOU PROPERLY INFORMED about what is going on? Because we had a lot of debates at the beginning of this year in the parliament, where we demanded full access to the contract signed between these companies that produce the vaccines and the European Union. And I quote from an article, The Euroactiv, who says the following, you know it's an article from January 22nd 2021, that says the following: The contract signed between pharmaceutical company and the European Commission in November of 2020 was made available to MEPs on Tuesday, in a REDACTED FORMAT after the company agreed to open the contract up to scrutiny. Say what? Say what? So you're imposing a medical product on the European citizens without them knowing what's in this contract? Not only them knowing, but US. We don't know.

So after a lot of questioning the parliament, as the article says, These contracts were disclosed to us and to the public. And I want to show you some of those pages. And you tell me if this is okay for the European citizens to be exposed to this situation, where they cannot come to work, they cannot enter a store, they cannot go with their kids to schools, where they cannot freely move from one country to another, unless in one situation, he is vaccinated with one of these products. So these are the contracts that were disclosed by the Commission with the approval of the company. This is unheard of. And I will just show you the pages. These are the pages. You see? (pages are heavily redacted - blacked out)

Unkown Speaker 3:33
They call these "transparency" these days.

Cristian Terhes 3:34
So this is the fundamental principle of democracy. I'm asking you guys, is this transparency? Do you see anything? Because we don't. European citizens' money have been given to us by a liar to these companies. What happened with this money? What happened? Where is it? Why aren't they open with the people and fully transparent, so we all know what is going on?

The difference between tyranny and democracy is very simple. When the government knows everything about you, that's tyranny. I know how it is to live in tyranny. When you know everything about your government, that's democracy. So this is where we are right now, praising this institution as the most democratic institution in the European Union. And even us as MEPs, as directly elected by the people for the people, we haven't been able to see these contracts.

So as we said last week, we are here for you and we will fight for you. I know many of you are struggling all across Europe. And many of you working for the European institutions are struggling right now. But look, as a former US President said, Freedom, liberty is one generation away from extinction. We live in that type of time right now. And it's our duty and our call to fight for liberty. Thank you.


Riccardo Bosi, leader of AUSTRALIAONE Party, interviewed retired legend John Wilson regarding the corruption surrounding the no-jab, no-job tyranny in Australia and the union bosses' betrayal of the union workers and their families. John is a regular contributor to Ruby Ray Media, his articles have generated some of the highest ratings we've gotten.

This is a monumental conversation between two magnificent patriots of the Australian homeland. They really do represent what is best of mankind.


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