Rittenhouse vs Rosenbaum


We see God's Hand in this, there was a flipping of the table on the sinister force that is behind the grotesquely false accusations against the innocent young man.

Hung jury? On the eve of a rousing and unanimous NOT GUILTY ON ALL COUNTS decision? How did that get flipped so suddenly? It can only be an Act of God in man.

A biblical moment.

Meanwhile, the Marxist Left self destructs, losing brainwashed adherents moment by moment as that cult of Do-What-You-Will actually canonizes the demonically violent pedophile. 

Normal Americans should rejoice in the normal All American teen being fairly judged by a courageous jury of his normal peers in the face of monstrous arrogance. Truly biblical.

Judge Jeanine: Rittenhouse verdict had America breathing a sigh of relief

Fox News on YouTube
Published Nov 20, 2021
4:10 viewing length (transcript below)


Judge Jeanine 0:03
As schools closed, buildings boarded up and small businesses shuttered, tensions rose as the people of Kenosha, Wisconsin anxiously waited for the jury to return their verdict in the Kyle Rittenhouse case.

To some, this was a case of a young man who took a gun to a protest to defend himself and his community. To others, this was a case of vigilantism and all the negative connotations that brings. To me, it was my wheelhouse under a microscope, the criminal justice system openly displayed before a nation. This was more than the case of a 17-year-old under indictment for shooting three people. At stake was whether the rule of law and the rule of self defense was still viable and under what circumstances an individual could legally defend himself. In short, the case was a microcosm of the tensions that had been playing out in America.

The President of the United States referred to Kyle Rittenhouse as a white supremacist. The mainstream media demonized Kyle as a domestic terrorist, one who crossed State lines with an AR-15, a racist and an active shooter who was looking to kill; and at a time when chaos and anarchy seemed to rule our streets, when Black Lives Matter members could go about burning and tearing down businesses with impunity, many of us felt there was no justice to be had in America.

When ordinary hard-working taxpaying Americans watched Marxists, socialists and racists destroy our communities, we lost hope. Our anxiety was fueled by the mainstream media's intent on lying about the facts and a prosecutor whose own case was contradicted by his very own star witness; and by outside protesters within hearing range of jurors whose clear intent was to intimidate the jurors.

The question was whether mob justice could be followed by real justice. The question was whether twelve jurors in a country so divided could return a unanimous verdict on all counts.

Court Clerk  2:25
The first count of the information, Joseph Rosenbaum, we the jury find the defendant, Kyle H. Rittenhouse, not guilty. As to the second count of the information, Richard McGinnis, we the jury find the defendant, Kyle H. Rittenhouse, not guilty. As to the third count of the information, unknown male, we the jury find the defendant, Kyle H. Rittenhouse, not guilty. As to the fourth count of the information, Anthony Huber, we the jury find the defendant, Kyle H. Rittenhouse, not guilty. As to the fifth count of the information, Gaige Grosskreutz, we the jury find the defendant, Kyle H. Rittenhouse, not guilty.

Judge Jeanine 3:08

Kyle Rittenhouse's not guilty verdict changed all that. In the end, America watched the criminal justice system and twelve brave jurors who recognized their responsibility and the oath they took. They based their verdict on the law and the facts.

America breathed a sigh of relief because Lady Justice was blind to the claims of the liars and the social justice warriors and only heard the facts, the law, and the evidence. Thank God the jurors had the courage, the strength, and the integrity to return a verdict consistent with the truth; and thank God that they reinforced our fundamental faith in the American criminal justice system.

And that's my open. Let me know what you think on my Facebook and Twitter.


How did we go overnight from a hung jury to a very strong unanimous NOT GUILTY ON ALL COUNTS?

We have a theory. The day and evening before delivering their judgment, the jurors were fearing for their lives and that of their families. The threats had mounted over the course of this trial, threats from what's left of the criminal pedovore mafia that has been allowed over many years of the people's state of distraction, to run so many of our once trusted institutions into the ground.

The good news is that much of the danger of that death-cult crime syndicate has been quietly but masterfully neutered over the Years of Trump even as they appear quite large in their "hour of power" through these last couple of years of the Covid Con.

Perhaps one day we'll find out if jurors were given quiet but solid assurances that they and their families would be safe. How else can you explain the sudden turn? I suppose they may have been inspired by a boosting measure of courage from within to help them cross the finish line. Perhaps one or two stood tall among them to invoke their higher natures.

To us, this is a case of God above acting through His human agency below for the good of the innocent and of all mankind. We must never underestimate how critical this event is to a world starving for true justice.

"As the Kyle Rittenhouse case goes down to the wire, there are credible reports that the jurors' verdict count is a lot closer than many have been led to believe.

"The volatile situation outside of the Kenosha, Wisconsin courtroom was reported by Newsmax, which relates that sources have informed it the current verdict count is split.

"The Newsmax reporter pointed to several media reports that indicate they overheard Kyle Rittenhouse's attorney Mark Richards saying that he believes the jury is at a '6-6 split.'

"The startling report comes amidst reports of juror intimidation and even an attempted report that would expose jurors to doxxing."

Team Tucker Carlson - November 19, 2021

Read More Here

Kyle Rittenhouse trial: Clay Travis commends jury for not getting 'lost' in media lies

RubyRayMedia on Rumble
Published Nov 21, 2021
3:19 viewing length before they get into sports  (transcript below)


Will Cain 0:02
Kyle Rittenhouse found not guilty on all counts while liberals rush to judgment with their own evidence. Let's debunk some of those claims right now. First up, here's Congresswoman Ilhan Omar claiming with a lie that Rittenhouse executed two people. We now know that is not true. He was never even charged with two counts of first degree intentional homicide. It was only one. Keep going. PolitiFact reported that it was illegal for Kyle Rittenhouse to carry an AR-15 made by Smith and Wesson, here, as a 17-year-old. Also a lie. The truth is the judge threw out that charge; it was never illegal under state law for him to carry that gun. Let's keep moving. Joy Behar. She's not alone on this one, she has plenty of company. Claimed Kyle Rittenhouse illegally crossed state lines with a firearm. But, the truth is he didn't cross State lines with that gun. That lie continues this morning.

Here to react is the founder of OutKick, Clay Travis. Clay, the sad thing is the little bit of lies I've given you only scratches the surface and the lies did not stop with the verdict. There are lies this morning. It's almost impossible to keep up, Clay.

Clay Travis 1:18
Yeah, well, I know you're a lawyer. We're both recovering lawyers and we talked about this down at the Patriot Awards. We watched a lot of this trial.

I commend the jury for not getting lost in all of the media lies and focusing on what actually took place in this case. When I was in law school, Will, my criminal lawyer, as a teacher, said there are only three things that matter: the facts, the facts, and the facts. And when you look at all the facts in this case, Kyle Rittenhouse was not guilty and it would have actually been a miscarriage of justice if he had been found guilty.

And all those points that you are sharing that are wrong, that are lies, to me it reflects how little time most people in our industry actually are willing to give to paying attention to the details. Last night on ESPN, I'm trying to watch as the Celtics are playing the Lakers and Jalen Rose came out and said that the guys who were shot were allies of Black Lives Matter and also said that Jacob Blake was dead, that he had not survived, and that it was an unjustified police shooting.

These lies are spreading and propagating like crazy. And I just give credit to the Kenosha Wisconsin jury for focusing on the facts and making sure that we got the right result. All of this media disinformation, Will, if Big Tech actually cared about truly making information that is not accurate, not trend, then like 95% of what the blue check brigade are saying out there, Will, wouldn't be able to spread at all on social media because most of it is founded in lies.

Will Cain 3:01
None of those verifiable lies to your point are tagged as misinformation by social media. And you make a really good point, Clay. If you have the privilege of having a platform that wield some influence, you have a minimum responsibility and duty to familiarize yourself with what the hell you're talking about.

Rosenbaum's ability that night to operate freely in society tells us all we need to know about the evil worldview of the power elitists

Why did the Leftists release a dangerous violent pedophile from prison, allowing him to participate in a violent BLM riot; and why did those bringing the charges against Rittenhouse cover that up? Is that a fair trial?

That's a FAKE trial and the Communists are proving every day their ineligibility to have any authority in charging anyone of anything, let alone to prosecute anyone or to judge anyone. How have we gotten to the place where disguised Marxists are in the position of State Prosecutor? Well, a quick review of the curriculum in any of America's Law Schools will find your answer.

The Cultural Marxification of America was almost complete. It's a biblical moment in history we're in, where patriots in America have been able to stop that trend dead in its tracks, starting with the miraculous nomination of Donald Trump to the Republican ticket in 2016 requiring a total defeat of the godless lying traitors in the not-so Grand Old Party, which then lead to an election "she" of the left wing of the vulture wasn't supposed to lose.

Trump's election represents a rise in accountability in America and our world; and a righteous indignation among decent men and women at the various profane expressions of the Satanist-Communist beast in our land and abroad.

Make no mistake. Before Trump, a Kyle Rittenhouse was going to rot in jail while statues of Rosenbaum would already be installed in Marxist city squares standing beside the existing monuments of the mass murdering vampire Mad Vlad Lenin and the Saint of Fentanyl himself, George Floyd.

A 16-foot-high bronze statue of former Soviet leader Vladimir Lenin has resided in the city's eclectic and very free-spirited Fremont neighborhood since 1995.Notice the sign on the building behind ol' Vlad for a Masonic Lodge. Coincidence?
Alex and Sylvia, better known, quite fittingly, as Donkeeboy and Donkeemom, are a mother and son duo who have been making street art together for 15 years.Their recent mural in honor of George Floyd is located in the Houston neighborhood where George grew up.

Rittenhouse Attacker Had A DARK Criminal History, Media Covered It Up

Timcast IRL on YouTube
Published Nov 21, 2021
20:15 viewing length

Tim, Ian, Luke, and Lydia join investigative journalist, commentator, and Rittenhouse witness Drew Hernandez to discuss the horrific background of one of Kyle Rittenhouses' assailants.

Eye Witness In Rittenhouse Trial Shares His Experience Testifying Under Oath

RubyRayMedia on Rumble
Published Nov 21, 2021
3:04 viewing length (transcript below)

Independent citizen journalist Drew Hernandez speaks with the Turning Point USA team about how he was motivated to bring the truth to the trial so that jurors could know the truth past all the lies of the Left.


TPUSA Host 0:00
...and as real Americans voice testified in this case, Drew, what are your thoughts as you're watching this all unfold on national television right now?

Drew Hernandez 0:06
Yeah, I mean, Jack (Posobiec) is right. It's one thing to watch this at home, but when you're directly involved with it, even in terms of media, and you were there, you saw it, you documented it, and then even being involved with the trial, for me personally watching the mainstream media still attempt to slant what was happening. They are calling Kyle a white supremacist. They're saying he was an active shooter, that he literally showed up to shoot BLM protesters. I mean, when I'm sitting home and I'm watching this, I'm just kind of like, this is just pure evil, because the devil is the father of lies and you see this come out in the media with something so serious.

All I could do is testify to what I saw that night and I had - and people may not know this - I had over one hundred body cam videos from that night to corroborate everything I testified under oath. So, to see Binger (the prosecutor) try to discredit me, I mean, he went as far as saying, Well, it appears that, uh, your videos that you recorded have a little bit of a slant against BLM and Antifa. And I'm like, Well, absolutely, because, you know, they're rioting in the footage. You know? So, you know, you guys could take a look at some of the footage that they might be airing right now, but this is exactly what was taking place in Kenosha. It was violent from day one.

I showed up to that riot, took an Uber from Chicago all the way to Kenosha, because the rioters were already taking bricks and throwing them at the police officers knocking them unconscious. That's why I decided to go there. And you want to know who showed up first with rifles in Kenosha on night one, two days before Kyle Rittenhouse even showed up? It was the rioters. That's on film, as well. People can go see that on my Twitter, Drew H Live. They're the ones that showed up with guns first, and they were rioting, committing arson, vandalism and looting. That's what was taking place.

TPUSA Host 1:53
So to that point, Drew, the prosecution that's hardcore going after Kyle Rittenhouse, you have all these other crimes taking place on that same footage. Have you been asked to testify in any cases to prosecute these rioters, the people burning buildings down, throwing bricks at police officers? Have they actively and aggressively prosecuted those people the way they're trying to prosecute Kyle right now?

Drew Hernandez 2:14
I don't know if Jack could speak to this, but I think Binger is actually prosecuting somebody for arson in Kenosha, not right now, but is or is going to, but I haven't been contacted. I mean, like I said, I have tons of footage. I cooperated. They were trying to say I was biased, but I cooperated with the defense and with the prosecution, the State, because I wanted one thing only. I wanted the jury to have the truth of what happened that night with footage alongside of my eyewitness testimony. So I mean, I've been saying this on every single show is: My bias was the truth because that's all I could say under oath.

Some Kenosha businesses still boarded up | REPORT

RubyRayMedia on Rumble (mirror of Newsmax TV on YouTube)
Published Nov 21, 2021 (published on YouTube by Newsmax Nov 20, 2021)
2:40 viewing length


Mike Carter 0:00
Well, it's been relatively calm here in Kenosha post-Rittenhouse verdict. Some businesses, though, they are still boarded up. Take a look behind me, Red Line Cycles here they are open, they are boarded up. And other businesses are continuing to prepare for an event that may happen tomorrow, on Sunday. Justin Blake, the uncle of Jacob Blake, the man originally shot by police and what prompted the riots last year, well, he's holding a protest rally tomorrow and some business owners, like Robert Greskoviak here, is preparing in advance for what may happen tomorrow.

Robert, what are you hearing on the streets about what may happen? What are you doing to prepare for this?

Robert Greskoviak 0:37
Well, there's going to be a peaceful protest tomorrow at around 2pm. And what we're doing is as just as some of the other businesses have, board up. Last year, the same thing we're talking about right now, we were caught on our laurels. We had not boarded up in time. I own income property in Kenosha, and the restaurant here. And a lot of our properties were heavily damaged.

Mike Carter 1:04
What we did notice this week, it's been relatively peaceful. You've only seen a few dozen protesters at the courthouse and really when you walk away from the courthouse, only a few blocks, really, I mean, it's very quiet here in Kenosha, but you think that might change tomorrow?

Robert Greskoviak 1:19
I do. Again, last night, we had heard through social media that there was a massing out at the Prime Outlets Mall and that they had closed early. Again, that's... a lot of this is hearsay, and that also there was a gathering at the train station. So, I think as an added precaution, we should board up. Yes.

Mike Carter 1:42
The Governor here, Tony Evers, he has prepared 500 National Guard troops. Kenosha was prepared this time around in a way it wasn't a year ago.

Robert Greskoviak 1:51

Mike Carter 1:52
Do you have confidence that if riots do break out that there'll be squashed pretty quickly?

Robert Greskoviak 1:58
Yes, I do. They're all in place right now. Everything's a go. We have an awesome police force here. I'm hoping that because of their presence, nothing does happen, sir, for everybody.

Mike Carter 2:11
I think you're not the only one that feels that way. And folks around the country are hoping that calm does persist post-Rittenhouse verdict.

Let's talk about Justice for a moment.

Justice is supposed to be blind, and it is supposed to capture the values of a society.

That is why we are so pleased for Kyle Rittenhouse. And it is why we need Justice for the stolen election of 2020!

I'm Arizona Senator Wendy Rogers. I am the based Arizona Senator fighting for Justice against those who commit fraud! Help me push for Justice against those who stole the 2020 election!

The country cried with Kyle Rittenhouse when he was found "Not Guilty" by the jury.
Kyle engaged in the fundamental right to self-defense. His family is in Kenosha. Their business is in Kenosha. He had a right to be there to protect family and property.

As someone who ran for office as a staunch defender of the Second Amendment, I wanted the right to self-defense to be upheld.

And when the three mindless violent Communist rioters attacked him with guns and objects while Kyle was on the ground, Kyle had every right to fire back. The boy used admirable restraint.

The Corporate Media tried to villify him. Biden called him a "white supremacist". It almost makes his vindication all the more sweet!

What Kyle Rittenhouse received was JUSTICE. It was sweet, but it was JUSTICE.

Good people need to see Justice carried out, so that they keep fighting for what's right- even when it's difficult. So we celebrate with Kyle.

But likewise, we need to pursue JUSTICE for the stolen 2020 election. We know now there was fraud- and how much. It was an election decided by fraud.

Arizona Democrat Secretary of State Katie Hobbs (who is currently under fire for a SECOND legal problem), the Maricopa Board of Supervisors, and others MUST stand trial for what they did.

They participated in the fraud. They benefitted from it. They must face JUSTICE- because the values of our society, free elections with "one citizen, one vote" principles, are crucial to the continuance of our Republic!

Every person has the right to self defense. That is why the Right to Bear Arms is the Second Amendment- it's important!

Similarly, our Republic is founded on sound elections. We need to fight for election integrity- and punish those who commit fraud!

When will Attorney General Brnovich make them pay in Arizona?
Kyle Rittenhouse's trial uncovered the FACTS of his case- not the insane rants of unhinged partisan Communists like Joy Reid and Alyssa Milano. Their emotions didn't matter! Only facts.

That's how justice was served!

Similarly, the Arizona Audit uncovered a lot of facts. It wasn't the insane rants of a delusional corporate media that turned out to be true. It was the truth that the 2020 election was tainted by fraud.

Now that we have the facts from the Audit, we need JUSTICE. We need to use those facts to hold those who committed the fraud accountable!

No fake elections. America starts with FREE and FAIR elections. It's who we are! Will you help me push to punish the fraud and seek Justice for the 2020 elections?

Kyle got Justice. We need it too! Help me push for this!

America First,
Wendy Rogers, Lt Col USAF (ret)
Arizona State Senator
Arizona's 6th Legislative District


UPDATE NOV 19: Kyle Rittenhouse NOT GUILTY on all charges!

Reactions by many reflect the seminal moment this event represents in our great nation's history.

Day before the acquittal, yours truly wrote: "A seminal case in America is the color-of-law political persecution of 18 year old Kyle Rittenhouse. It's the ugly display of a very desperate and dying deepstate."

#FreeRittenhouse #2A

(Night before the acquittal, seemed we had a HUNG JURY; but next day, not even close. What happened? White hats bring security to the jurors' lives? Count on it!)


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