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UPDATE NOV 19: Kyle Rittenhouse NOT GUILTY on all charges! 

Reactions by many reflect the seminal moment this event represents in our great nation's history.

Day before the acquittal, yours truly wrote: "A seminal case in America is the color-of-law political persecution of 18 year old Kyle Rittenhouse. It's the ugly display of a very desperate and dying deepstate."

#FreeRittenhouse #2A

(Night before the acquittal, seemed we had a HUNG JURY; but next day, not even close. What happened? White hats bring security to the jurors' lives? Count on it!)


il Donaldo Trumpo on Rumble
Published Nov 19, 2021
0:17 viewing length

Rittenhouse family spokesperson: 'Justice was done' with not guilty verdict

Fox News
Published Nov 19, 2021
9:14 viewing length

The Left is united in destroying themselves over another all-American teenager

Written by yours truly Nov. 18 before the acquittal

They've done it before. His name is Nicholas Sandmann. How did that work out for them? LOL

The unholy shrieks from the Left in faux outrage against another American teenager, Kyle Rittenhouse, for defending himself against violent criminals that are iconized as the craven Left's heroes, provide more evidence of America bringing the rise of cultural Marxism to an end in the Great Awakening. These are the death cries of a wounded, cornered beast.

Regardless of how the verdict finally gets rendered by jurors frightened by the intimidation of the globalist-funded thugs of fake "Black Lives Matter", the corruption of our judicial system is totally exposed, the fallen emperor is stark naked.

In the Leftists' world, you better not arm up to defend your life, they'll kangaroo you into oblivion. They have no shame in displaying how unamerican that is, they'll even double down by playing their now-shredded race card, their deception of last resort. They are so brazenly tone deaf considering how MAGA America really is! It's more than amazing to watch them undo themselves each and every day.


Bricks in Kenosha? Again? Pay No Attention to the Brick Wizard Behind the Curtain.... - by The Starfire Codes - The Starfire Codes by Demi Pietchell

Let's talk about the mysterious bricks surfacing in Kenosha….

There are already calls of suspicious activity coming through the police scanner.

Between 12 and 1 PM EST earlier today, a Kenosha officer checked a local alley way and verified there are "bricks everywhere." The audio begins here at the 1:11 mark.

Hmm… preparing for the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict already, are we?

This should all sound familiar because it's how we got into this mess to begin with….


Stew Peters Show on Rumble
Published Nov 19, 2021
15:24 viewing length

Lara Logan Tells Jesse Watters Her Reaction to the Rittenhouse Acquittal

RubyRayMedia on Rumble (downloaded from Midnight Rider on Telegram)
Published Nov 19, 2021 (also on Midnight Rider on Telegram)
3:17 viewing length

Rittenhouse's Powerful Reaction To Not Guilty Verdict

Charlie Kirk on YouTube
Published Nov 19, 2021
2:09 viewing length

Gutfeld: Rittenhouse Acquittal 'Is A Loss' For CNN, MSNBC, And Stupid People

The Daily Caller on Rumble
Published Nov 19, 2021
2:54 viewing length

Joey Camp 2020 - New Kyle Rittenhouse Footage Shows He Acted In Self Defense

Joey Camp 2020 on YouTube
Published Nov 2, 2021
1:57 viewing length (don't worry about the silly YouTube warnings)

Posobiec: Kyle Rittenhouse Prosecutors Lie To Criminalize Self Defense

Turning Point USA on YouTube
Published Nov 18, 2021
4:17 viewing length

Rumors Emerge Of Possible HUNG JURY in Rittenhouse Case, Manipulated Evidence Made A Difference

Timcast IRL on YouTube
Published Nov 19, 2021
14:22 viewing length

Hung Jury?

Mark Dice on YouTube
Published Nov 19, 2021
5:47 viewing length

Sen. Johnson rips media for twisting reality of Rittenhouse trial

Fox News on YouTube
Published Nov 18, 2021
4:21 viewing length

Kyle RittenHOAX

We The People News on Odysee
Published Nov 26, 2021
17:00 viewing length


Kyle is in jail, expects to soon be released, very thankful for all the support. His attorney says it's a case of self defense if there ever was a case of self defense.


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