"The Swiss people have a unique opportunity on November 28th, because Switzerland, because it's not part of the European Union, actually has the power to allow its citizens to vote through referendum on the continuation of these mandates. And the Swiss people now have the right and the responsibility to stand up for democracy globally and to send a message of courage, of inspiration to the rest of the world." ~ Robert F. Kennedy Jr

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. recognizes the significance of Switzerland's stand against tyrannical rule during this covidiocy plandemic. They are on the cusp of helping to redefine the face of Europe's political structure. They have the opportunity to set the example of freedom for other oppressed peoples. RFK JR. made sure to let them know he is 100% behind them. He held an important press conference in Switzerland on November 12, 2021, which we have the full video and transcript of in this article.

The peaceful protests in Switzerland, which have gotten larger and louder since Spring of 2021, are sending a clear message across the European landscape. 

Switzerland now stands as a shining example of both national and individual freedom. 

The national and individual sovereignty Switzerland chose to keep when they did not join the European Union is a precious gift the Swiss people continue to be thankful for and to hold onto thru the unneeded lockdowns, unreasonable health restrictions, and other covidiocy plandemic mandates.

Jasmine marching in the protest in Geneva on 11/13/21, wrapped in a banner that reads NO COVID LAW.

We have an insider!

Ruby Ray Media is fortunate to have an insider to these well-organized Switzerland protests, Jasmine Garrett, who has attended quite a few freedom marches. I will let her explain what she is experiencing there:

"Every week-end since the summer, there are one or more protest marches in Swiss cities. Often, a delegation of the 'trychlers' are present. 

In Spring there were marches already but the number of people participating has been increasing. We had 50 thousand people in Bern two weeks ago, that's a lot for Switzerland and its 8 million inhabitants. 

So last Saturday, November 13, 2021, it was in Geneva. About 8000 participants. Other marches in Switzerland the same day. We marched for two full hours in Geneva, through the busiest streets. Police closed the streets for us as we progressed. 

Next Saturday, November 20, 2021, a protest march in Lausanne again.

On November 28, 2021 Swiss people will vote on Covid Law.

If the government gets its way, they are legally allowed to torture us another ten years with covid measures if they want to.

If the people say no, it should stop in March 2022." ~ Jasmine Garrett


Below are awesome photos and videos Jasmine took of the freedom march in Geneva, Switzerland on November 13, 2021.

Marching down the main street in Geneva, the sign in the middle held high reads: DISCRIMINATING PEOPLE? NO!

Cow Bells worn by 'a delegation of the 'trychlers'. Trycheln means 'ring a cowbell'. They are ringing the bells for freedom. The signs being waved state: NO TO THE PASS (jab pass) OF SHAME!

Why the big Cow Bells? 

As explained at the website for the Freiheitstrychler, who wear the cow bells to freedom marches in Switzerland:

"In the fall of 2020, the Freiheitstrychler, (aka 'freedom cowbells') made its first appearance. Founded by a group of committed original Swiss, we stand up for our constitutional rights with heart and hand. Today, these are being trampled on by parts of politics and parts of the authorities. Thus, we work together as friends with all those who stand behind our constitution.

The symbolic images of Altdorf on April 10, 2021 touched many people. Our freedom movement has been growing stronger than ever since that day."

Police closed the streets in Geneva as an estimated 8000 people marched peacefully through the city for two hours protesting the restrictive jab passes and other unjustified covid mandates.

Organized march for freedom, Geneva  11/13/21
Protest march, Mont-Blanc Bridge, Geneva 11/13/21

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Speaks to Switzerland - Press Conference: 12/11/2021

OracleFilms (mirrored on RubyRayMedia Rumble)
Published Nov 12, 2021
17:45 video length

Video Transcript Highlights:

"I'm very, very proud to be here with all these extraordinary Swiss leaders, people who are standing up for democracy.  Also my colleague here, Katherine Austin Fitz, and this is the first time we've met in person, although we've talked over podcast and she's been an important leader in helping me build children's health departments and helping organize the resistance. She's a unique individual, she's really an international treasure. She came up as the center of what we would call the Deep State, an aid as a high official at Dylan Reed, which is one of the leading banking houses in our country, and as Assistant Secretary of Treasury, and has a lifetime exposing the corruption in the banking system and the federal banking system. And she's paid a very, very high price. I want to thank her for her leadership and, you know, she understands what's happening.

THIS IS A GLOBAL COUP 'D'ETAT: Mechanisms on a very, very high level of what we're seeing here, which is this coup d'etat, global coup d'etat, against liberal democracy in all of the in Europe, North America and Australia, Canada, all over the world. I want to make one comment on the medical issue, and I'm not a doctor, but I read very, very carefully as a litigator.

ONLY PFIZER IS FDA APPROVED, OR IS IT?: I read the pre-clinical trials and one of data points that was not mentioned here is one of the data points, we've paid a lot of attention to in the United States, which is that Pfizer is the only company now that has received approval by the FDA. So, we've looked very carefully at their data points and their report. And Pfizer had originally was going to do a three year trial, but it cut it to six months, it apparently cut it to six months. Because as we now know, the vaccines lose effectiveness after six months. And it would be very difficult to justify an approval if they allow more than six months. So they un-blinded a study after six months. And they gave the vaccine to the placebo group. So, the study is effectively over. And then, but they did have to publish a study to justify their approval, their licensure by the FDA. And one of the key tables and that study is a table called S-4 and that shows one of the, probably to me, the most important data points, which is all cause mortality.

REPORTED JAB STUDIES CONTAIN TWISTED LIES: Were there more people who died in the placebo group or in the vaccine group? Here's what that graph says and you also have to read the footnotes to the graph, because they omitted some information. And you can see why they did it. Roughly 22,000 people in the vaccine group. There were 22,000 people roughly in the placebo group. At the end of six months, there was one death from COVID in the vaccine group. And that were two deaths from COVID of 22,000 people in the placebo group. So Pfizer was able to tell FDA and the American public, this vaccine is 100% effective against X, because two is 100% of one.

RJK JR TELLS THE JAB STUDY TRUTHS: What most Americans, when they hear that data point, what they believe is if they take the vaccine, they have a 100% chance of not getting COVID. But that's not what it means.

WHAT THE STUDIES REALLY MEAN: What it means is you have to give 22,000 vaccines to affirm one death from COVID. And so you have to make sure that nobody dies from those 22,000 vaccines. Unfortunately, what their data show is that in the vaccine seating group, there were 20 deaths. Among the 22,000 people over six months, 20 of them died. In the placebo group, 14 died. What that indicates is if you get a vaccine, and this is what Pfizer's data is, you have 48% greater chance of dying over the next six months. You have your chance of dying of COVID. But in the placebo group, there was one person who died of a heart attack. In the vaccine group, there were five people who died of a heart attack

WHY SWITZERLAND: I want to say the principal point, the point that I came to Switzerland to talk about. You have a referendum on November 28. Because Switzerland is not part of the EU, people of this country have retained their democratic rights to vote directly on the law. So this is the only country in Europe where democracy has a chance to stand up to what we call this global coup d'etat against democracy. And what we've seen since the beginning of COVID is very strange.

THIS IS NOT A MEDICAL RESPONSE TO A PANDEMIC: We did not see a medical response to the pandemic. We did not see doctors like Dr. Fauci going on TV and telling people to increase vitamin D use to avoid chemical residues and their food, to lose weight, have lots of social interactions, reduce stress in their lives, to try to stay outside and get plenty of sunshine. Exercise. We never saw any of that. It was a militarized and monetized response from the beginning. It was telling people, imposing draconian controls on human behavior, with no scientific rationale given.

DIRECT ATTACK ON HUMAN RIGHTS: And in our country, we saw a direct assault on our Bill of Rights, beginning with freedom of speech. We have amendments to our constitution that guarantee rights to the American people. The First Amendment, the constitutional framers, the people who wrote our constitution, put the most important right in the first amendment, which was the right to freedom of speech. if you know, because John Adams, James Madison, Thomas Jefferson said, If government can restrict your speech, they can commit any atrocity, they can get rid of all of your other rights. And they began using their alliance with a social media company isn't in the big media behemoth in censoring any criticism of government policies, and any criticism or questions about a novel, zero liability, experimental pharmaceutical product. Once they got rid of freedom of speech, so that people like me are not allowed to talk about it or criticize these policies or ask questions about these policies. None of these doctors are allowed to question these policies.

A REGIME OF TYRANNY TOOK OVER: People who are injured by vaccines cannot question the policies, cannot talk about their injuries in public, it cannot be reported by the press in our country. Once they got rid of that amendment, they went after religious freedoms. They closed all of the churches in America for a year with no public hearings, no explanation, no science given. They kept the liquor stores open as essential businesses. And I have no problem with that. But the liquor stores are not in the Constitution. The churches are.

JUSTICE NO MORE: They got rid of private property rights. They closed a million business for a year without just compensation, without due process of law. There was no hearings. There was no science debated. Just shut them down. They got rid of jury trials. The Sixth and Seventh Amendment guaranteed jury trials in our country. Here's what the Seventh Amendment says, No American shall be deprived of the right of a trial before a jury of his peers in cases or controversy exceeding $25 in value. There is no pandemic exception. 

CONSTITUTIONAL FRAMERS KNEW ABOUT PANDEMICS: And by the way, the people who wrote our constitution knew all about pandemics, because during the Revolutionary War, we had a smallpox pandemic that sidelined George Washington's army for three months in New England, and a malaria epidemic that sidelined the army in Virginia. So, his two armies were both sidelined by pandemics. So the framers who wrote the Constitution knew all about pandemics, and they did not put an exception to pandemics. They got rid of due process, which is done in all the countries in Europe. Instead of having public hearings, where officials have to publish the proposed rule, they have to do some kind of environmental assessment that explains the rationale for that role. They have to do a cost benefit analysis that shows all of the science behind that justifies the role and shows all the people who are going to be hurt and what all the people are going to gain from the role. All of that has to be disclosed in a transparent way.

STOP HIDING BEHIND LIES. LET'S HAVE THIS DEBATE: And you have public hearings, where people can come and say, I have my own science, I have my own experts. Let's have this debate. Democracy flourishes on the free flow of information. Free speech is the sunlight and water and fertilizer for democracy. We need to have ideas that can triumph in the marketplace of ideas, based on our policies. All that has been obliterated. Instead, we have un-elected technocrats, medical technocrats who we know are captured and corrupted by the pharmaceutical industry and the banking interests. And they are simply telling us, Put on the mask, lock down, social distance, shut down the economy, and they have demolished democracy, they have obliterated middle class throughout the world and have robbed us of our freedoms.

IT'S NOT ABOUT JABS WORKING OR NOT WORKING, IT'S ABOUT FREEDOM OF CHOICE: It's not that we don't believe that vaccines may help. Some people may believe that. That's okay. You can believe in vaccines or against vaccinations, but we all need to believe in democracy. And we all need to believe, to respect each other and to tolerate each other and to say we are going to build communities that are dignified and respect all of our citizens and make sure that all those adverse voices can be heard in a political process.

MEDIA IS AN ACCOMPLICE TO TYRANNY: We are not going to turn our government over to pharmaceutical industries or to the big tech data titans from Silicon Valley, to these medical technocrats and the banking system. You think about this, I got expelled from Instagram because of vaccine misinformation. Instagram and Facebook cannot point to one single erroneous statement that I have ever made. Everything we post is vetted, it is sourced and cited to government databases or peer reviewed publications.

This pandemic has impoverished the world and created 500 new billionaires. And those are the people who are strip mining our economies and making themselves rich. And is it a coincidence?

That these are the same people who are censoring criticism of the government policies that are bringing them trillions of dollars.

People aren't stupid. We can see what's happening. We can ask the question Cui bono? And the answer is the people who are benefiting are the people who are squeezing away our constitutional rights and engineering in the destruction of democracy worldwide.

Switzerland is the front line for this battle. We need all the Swiss people to come out, not just for Switzerland, but for the entire world; for everybody, every man, woman, and child, who loves democracy globally, who respects their fellow man or woman.

The Swiss... Switzerland is the front line battle for reclaiming those rights.

Thank you.


Imagine, if you will, over 40 countries and more than 150 cities participating in an organized event called the World Wide Demonstration Freedom Rally. A Freedom Rally that is organized to take place on the same day in those many countries and cities. Now take that event and imagine this event takes on different days, not once, not twice, but four times. But wait, there's more! Now imagine adding yet another multi-cultural World Wide Demonstration Freedom Rally to those 4, and you have what will be happening across this great planet on Saturday, November 20, 2021, the WORLD WIDE RALLY.


We all need, to get the Word out. Mother Earth herself, is dying for us to speak in her behalf with a grain or two of common sense.

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