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The eccentric Rose McGowan, Hollywood mogul dragon slayer, said to Tucker Carlson, "You do NOT have to bite at the ankles of power. You DO, have to cut off its head!"

"I am formidable"

Rose McGowan reveals when she knew everybody was in on Weinstein's crimes

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Published Sep 16, 2021
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Tucker Carlson 0:03 What you're saying is he's part of a whole system. That is not just Harvey Weinstein at all. It's like a lot of people are participating in this.

Rose McGowan 0:11 Yeah.

Tucker Carlson 0:11 Like everybody.

Rose McGowan 0:12 Yeah. What is it called?

Tucker Carlson 0:15 Yeah. Well, that was kind of the point.

Rose McGowan 0:18 Exactly.

Tucker Carlson 0:19 So, at what point do you recognize it's not just this creepy movie mogul, it's like everybody?

Rose McGowan 0:25 Well, very quickly, when I flew home, I didn't go to any of the other premieres I had at Sundance. That time I went home. And I went to the management office of my managers at that time, and the head manager, they were very powerful. I said to him, What happened? And I was shell-shocked. And the first thing out of his mouth. God dammit, I just had an LA Times expose on him killed. He owes it to me not to do this. And then I was like, that's when I start figuring out everybody was in on it.

Tucker Carlson 1:06 Wow.

Rose McGowan 1:06
So then I said, I want the LAPD. I want to talk to a criminal attorney. I want somebody to tell me what my rights are here. And of course, you know, at that time, like five come out and said in the press, nothing would happen. Obviously, it wasn't the time societally; certainly is not the time there, not that it ever was.

And so my old assistant, like three years ago, she's a lesbian and the woman that came in that presented as working for the LAPD in a black suit, kind of a short hair lesbian woman, and she said, You're an actress, you've done a nude scene, you're done. And she wasn't wrong. I knew she was right. I was like, Yeah, you're right.

So then I found out quickly that he (Weinstein) was offering to anybody he'd done this to a million dollars. That was his number. That was his standard offer. And you had to sign a nondisclosure agreement, which means you cannot talk to your therapist, your boyfriend, your mom, anybody in your life. For the rest of your life you cannot tell them this monstrous thing happened to you. Keep it inside.

So I was like, I'm gonna trick him. So I played really dumb and requested $100,000 in return for not signing an NDA. So I became very quickly his number one enemy because then the movies I had done before that hadn't come out yet hit and I got very famous very quickly. So then I'm dangerous. So from that point on, your former guest, Anthony Pelicano, he was hired actually, to work with the Enquirer to keep dossiers on me. He was bought off, this has also been exposed by Ronan Farrow, who I have my own quibbles with, maybe we'll get there, too. He would like say, from anyone from Graydon Carter to any journalists in America.

Tucker Carlson 3:04 Graydon Carter, who at the time was the editor of Vanity Fair.

Rose McGowan 3:06 A very powerful editor.

Tucker Carlson 3:07 Very powerful.

Rose McGowan 3:09
Scumbag. So all these journalists from both, like from anywhere from the New York Times, to the Enquirer to People to Us Weekly, any of these kind of things, he would say, he would option one of their stories they'd written and say, I'm going to turn this into a movie. I'm gonna win you a lot of Oscars. Oh, by the way, here's my hitlist. If this person ever appears on a red carpet or there's a paparazzi photo of them, write the most disparaging, disgusting stuff. He had a list. I was number one on his list with a red line through my name. And he was not wrong. I am a very formidable enemy.

Tucker Carlson 3:44 Yeah, well, you turned out to be, that's for sure.

Rose McGowan 3:47
The thing is it's like, dude, you built this. I didn't want to be like this. You think I want to talk about this stuff? You think this is fun? On what planet is that fun? No, but somebody has to do it. And I know when I was 11 I used to study Napoleon, Genghis Khan, Alexander the Great's battle plans. I had <inaudible> diagrams on my walls and ceilings with threads and pins, like studying it....

Tucker Carlson 4:09 So, it must be kind of weird when all this breaks and all these people are like, Oh, I can't believe it. You know, this is like shocking.

Rose McGowan 4:17 There's a 16 year old girl from Australia that tweeted at me she's, "I'm 16 and I work in a coffee shop in Australia," this is after he was exposed, and even I knew that.

Tucker Carlson 4:28 So, what do you make of this? Like,

Rose McGowan 4:29 What do you make of it? What are your thoughts on their morals?

Tucker Carlson 4:35 I think ... I'm not a conspiracy nut. Well, first of all, I'm not sure what to make of some of it, like the outlines. I don't know enough because I've never lived in that world. I've just brushed up against it.

Rose McGowan 4:42 But you know that he was protected by Hillary and Bill Clinton, that he was protected by David Boies.

Tucker Carlson 4:49 100%. David is a true sleazeball.

Rose McGowan 4:50 I'm suing him in federal court.

Tucker Carlson 4:52 You should.

Rose McGowan 4:53 And Black Cube.

Tucker Carlson 4:54 You should.

Rose McGowan 4:56 He was protected by the Democratic Party.

Tucker Carlson 5:01 Why?

Rose McGowan 5:03 That's what I don't understand. So for me, I think my opponents do not understand my motivations at all. They've tried to buy me off every way. In fact, Gavin Newsom's ex-wife, before the Weinstein story broke, because they knew I was coming, because I was hitting out for like three years in Hollywood very publicly in the press. And so people all of a sudden acted like I just spoke up the first day they read about Weinstein. I'm like, No, I've been rattling their cages because I had to train people in the media to listen to me differently. Because if they just saw me as an actress the first day this would not have worked. I set up a domino effect worldwide. I wanted to show people that if you fight and are strategic and very smart about it, you can cut off the head of rotten power instead of just biting at the ankles with a picket sign.

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Published Sep 13, 2021
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