Patel Patriot - Devolution Power Hour - Clif High Interview


We are proud to feature the conversation between Patel Patriot (Jon) and the famous Clif High, developer of predictive linguistic algorithms that gave him a way to see ahead of current events based on the language of billions of people using the internet. Jon and Clif talk about Q, Devolution and related subjects. We have the one hour video and the transcript of the entire conversation.

Patel Patriot - Devolution Power Hour - Clif High Interview

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Published Dec 30, 2021 (Published Dec 29, 2021 by DPH)
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Patel Patriot 0:02
Hey everybody welcome to the Patel Patriot Devolution Power Hour. I'm really excited today, I
got a special guest in house. And I recently mentioned this gentleman in my latest article and
his take on what's going on with Trump and the vaccines really opened my eyes and I think it's
gonna open a lot of your eyes, too. And I think more people just need to hear what he has to
say. So, this is a recorded interview. I'll be airing it live on my Power tonight. But, I'm really
excited to pick this guy's brain about all sorts of things, but mostly, obviously being a devolution
guy, we're gonna stick to the kind of the devolution that we see unfolding. So let's bring him on
here. Hey, Clif, how you doing?

Clif High 0:46
Doing pretty good. Little cold, but doing fine.

Patel Patriot 0:49
Yeah, it's winter. It's cold here, too. But yeah, I'm really excited to have this conversation today. I
figured we'd start. Do you maybe want to go into your background a little bit about the
algorithms then, and your tech background and, kind of what brought you to the information
you're putting out here today.

Clif High 1:06
Okay, so let's do it in reverse. The reason I'm putting out the information is in direct response to
that one Q drop where it said at the appropriate time prepare messages of reassurance for the
social media. Right? Okay, because the Q people knew there is going to be a vast sea of non
understanding, a giant question mark, as to what's going on. And they knew also that individuals
would arise and fill that gap; many of them spurious grifters, etc, etc. So they were attempting
to, in my opinion, based on the language, they were attempting to elicit people like ourselves to
come on out and lay out, as factual as we could, a description of what's going on in this very
interesting war we find ourselves in. So that's where we're at now, why we're talking. It's
because I decided, Okay, sure, I can do that. You know, the Q drop, people said, Hey, can you
do this? And I said, Sure, I can do it, was no big deal. I'm retired and nobody's gonna hassle
me. So I started making this Woo series, right? Now, so I have a very interesting, to me anyway,
background. I was in Alaska living. My father worked on the blue line in the 50s, the defense
early warning system. And so I was in Alaska when I was a little tiny kid. And I was a military
brat. And so I've come up through the military and been inculcated into that ethos and that
culture, and left it when I was 17 years old. But so I was there for 17 years as an unpaid
member of the US military as a military brat. And I really soaked it up. In that process in the 60s,
I came across this or... Okay, so my father was a battlefield commissioned officer in Korea.
Those are very rare. He was a farm boy from Missouri, transplanted by the depression to
California, gets into the Korean War. And I'm sure you've heard of Heartbreak Ridge, and he got
a battlefield commission there for saving his company, and a company of Marines. And so he
became an officer; totally unprepared for that life. He was really an artist stuck into that kind of a

position. And so he was an officer. He was a field officer, a line officer, a staff officer, an
investigative officer; did a number of different jobs. And sort of as a reward, the military sends
him, in the 60s, to the War College. The War College is this institution in Leavenworth, where
they teach basically PhDs and war. And he went through the Ph. D. Level. He was a lieutenant
colonel at that time or major going to be promoted to Lieutenant Colonel. And an interesting
thing was that he was extremely good at his job, etc, etc. But he was not particularly well-
schooled in mathematics. And I have a bent for it, so I assisted him with his homework in
mathematics. But basically, Leavenworth for a kid, for a teenager, a male teenager,
Leavenworth in the 60s was literally a pit in the ground of Kansas covered by dust, nothing to
do. So I read all of his manuals and textbooks from the war college when I was there as a kid.
And I have a good memory. And one of the things that struck me was that in, this was in 1967,
yet there was an insert in one of the manuals on strategy and formation of tactics and strategy,
which I found quite fascinating, the whole whole top. But anyway, there was an insert in there
that talked about this new concept that we know as devolution. This new concept originated in
1947, as noted in this insert. Now I, of course, as a kid in the 60s, reading all the science fiction
magazines, and all this kind of stuff, you know, knew instantly what 1947 was and why that
happened. But in 1947, it was determined by the army that devolution had to be designed,
because of, and they mentioned this in this little two-page insert thing, the potential that space
aliens could come and capture the President's mind and make them do things and would you
know? And that's basically how the little pamphlet there ended. It didn't describe devolution or
anything. It named it, that they must decide to do something, and how would you do it if space
aliens were mind controlling Congress, and the President at all? And that's fundamentally what
we have right now. So, in my opinion, they're mind controlled.

And I'm a little wacky, and I actually think there are space aliens involved. But we can just
eliminate that. But the devolution part is functioning now. And it is, as was described in the
course of that war college course, how they would have to proceed. Basically, the pamphlet was
saying, and this was in '67, the reference 1947, and they said...It was one of these question and
strategy kind of things where it said, What would we do? How would we know if the President
and Congress had been mentally captured by space aliens? And if that was determined to be
factual, How is the US military, because this is the military writing this document, to proceed?
And then there was just tons of stuff not pertinent to this, because it went off on different fokI
with the various different nexus of operations. But nonetheless, that was my first encounter in it,
of devolution, was in '67.

Now, fast forward. I'm of an age that I was older than most people in 1972 when the dollar was
taken off of the gold standard, but that crashed our society. We had giant unemployment, social
upheaval, all different kinds of stuff. And I end up going into tech, and I have a particular bent for
it. And so I did well over these years, and got into a deep level of coding. I was a system
analyst. I was also a system designer. I did a lot of coding, wrote lots of stuff for Microsoft, GEC,
Marconi, the airlines, all different kinds of people, new plant operators, these sorts of things.
Usually low level stuff; assembly language, SCADA routines, a software control of devices, that
sort of thing. But also, in the 90s, I came across this idea on a trip to Mexico City when the
plane was struck by lightning. And I was just sitting there, it was late in the day, it's a long trip
from the northwest down there, it's like seven or eight hours in the airplane. And I was going
down to do a job. And the airplane was struck by lightning twice, in fairly rapid succession, very
large bolts. It was a 747. And I wasn't worried about the lightning or anything. But I observed
something, that a millisecond before the lightning struck, all of the passengers registered that it
was going to strike. So everybody around me was basically, you know, they've been either
drinking or snoozing their way away, we're getting close to coming in. We were over Mexico at
that point, probably a half an hour out or so. And we get struck by lightning. But before it
happened, everybody became instantly alert. And then it happened. And their perception of it
was that it happened instantaneously. But because I'd been doing a lot of Aikido training, a lot of
meditation, a lot of martial arts kind of stuff, I was aware of this separation of time between
these two things. And I'd also been thinking about Daniel Dennett's book "Consciousness". He's
a professor out of the Southwest. And I was thinking, working on software and consciousness
and all this stuff anyway. And so I was deeply involved, but I became aware of their reaction
ahead of it actually occurring, and then the lightning struck. And then it happened, like three
minutes later, exactly in the same sequence. And that set me off on this trail for my software of
getting predictive linguistics.

So I came up with this method for skimming the internet of all of our language, and then
resolving it down to a thick, syrupy mass from which we can extract impressions at a society
level. So basically, predicting the future a few months to a few years out. And I pursued that for
20 plus years. And in that process, I came across, months before anybody knew that it would
happen, I came across Trump being President, actually happening. And these reports are free,
now. I wrote it all up in reports for 20 plus years and sold those, and did other coding stuff, and
that sort of thing. And we find ourselves here now. So I'm a techy background with military
background and that sort of thing. And I'd come across the idea of devolution, in the 60s, when,
as a kid, I was all very excited about the Sci Fi and aliens and all this and it's like, Oh, wow, look
at this. And so now, here we are. The only thing missing is the saucers swooping down at the
moment Right?

Patel Patriot 10:58
Well, I mean, Biden's clearly got some cognitive issues. So who knows? Maybe aliens are
controlling him. But I'm fascinated just with that intro there. I have so many questions. So first of
all, what are your thoughts on Q? Because I don't follow him personally. I haven't followed him.
I'm excited to dive in at some point. But I'm curious what you think and what your stance is.

Clif High 11:14
Um, well, okay. So it depends on how you go to reference it. I think of Q as a collection of drops
of language. I don't reference Q as a person. And so I've actually had people tell me that they
were Q and try and introduce me to people claiming to be Q. And it's also so much horse[s_t].
There's actually at least four different voices, four different authors to the queue material. I can
tell you this from the linguistics. There's also four phases of the queue material in terms of what
they were writing about. It changed the emotional content of the narrative four times in the
process of its evolution. So I think that you're looking at the kinds of minds that write military
manuals, but not the manuals themselves, the instruction material that goes to the manual
writers. Those are the people that are writing the Q material. I think it's predictive.

Patel Patriot 12:20
Okay. Interesting. Oh, that's a good take on it. I haven't heard that take on it before. Okay, so
then devolution, you brought that up, you learned about it in 1967 in that insert. Obviously, I've
written the devolution series. I've done an extensive amount of research on it. I'm curious what
your thoughts are. I was gonna ask this more towards the end, but since it's already been
brought up, Have you read any of the series? And what are your thoughts on the...

Clif High 12:42
Okay, sorry, no, I haven't, I haven't read the material. I've been basically too busy doing a bunch
of other stuff. I was aware that it was out there, I was aware that other people were coming up
with the concept and exploring it. And I expected that to occur. And I would have assumed that it
would have been seeded, had it not occurred naturally. So in other words, at some point, I
would have assumed that someone would be writing about it. And if it hadn't been a cookie for
someone like yourself, if it hadn't been attractive to someone like yourself, someone would have
been delegated to be you, so to speak, right?

Patel Patriot 13:23
I've been accused of being a CIA agent or part of Trump's team multiple times. So I see what
you're saying. But, um, but yeah, so you came to the conclusion of devolution. At what point did
you see this happening? I mean, at what point of Trump's presidency did you realize that
devolution was going to take place or was taking place?

Clif High 13:41
Um, well, I mean, before the presidency. Like, okay, so maybe, maybe 2006.

Patel Patriot 13:53
No way.

Clif High 13:55
Yeah. Okay. So I first became aware that the SOC, the self organizing collective, was active in
2004. And in 2004, I had been working my process with my web scraping, getting millions of
words and analyzing it with my software for a number of years, and I was getting good at it. I
suspected in 2004 that I was looking at something that I should have picked up in the early runs
in the 1990s. So I suspect that the SOC has been active since the mid 90s, at least in a more or
less overt fashion.

Patel Patriot 14:39
What do you mean by the SOC? Like, that's the collective of the White Hats essentially? Sorry?

Clif High 14:43
Yeah, people call them white hats. I don't like that, because it implies a purity of intent I don't
necessarily think is there. I suspect that there's a lot of these individuals that are not the purest
of the people, but they have their own focus on this stuff and want it undone for their own
reasons. So it's just self interest, right? There are those people that are motivated by the
general goodwill of the populace, etc. So, I'm just not putting anything for motivation. So the self
organizing collective or just those people that had become aware of it, and then at some point,
they started collectivizing their efforts in some kind of an organization, be it military, or, and I
think that it is military. Okay, I actually think the organization is structured on the devolution lines,
which is basically standard military practice. So if you're in a giant military battle, and you're in a
company or a troop of people, and there's lots of people all around you and you encountered
the enemy, your command structure is most likely to be fractured. And so everybody in that
command structure all the way down to the individual person knows, at some level, they may be
called upon to do these kinds of things, as my father was in Korea, called upon to lead when
they should have just been like a regular follower, because of circumstances. And so that's the,
the situation that I think we have now is that these individuals have formed themselves into a
collective that is capable of operating at that level to alter this, the social order, and I see
examples of them having done things to the social order in the 2004, for sure, 2006 and seven
again; I think maybe 2008, and then 2010, and 11. And I suspect that Trump became active in it
in 2010 or 2011, and was first contacted sometime in that period.

Patel Patriot 16:51
So when you say you've seen examples of this self organizing collective being present, can you
provide any that you can think of off the top of your head?

Clif High 17:04
Okay, so there's, you're putting me on the spot, but there's, you see their actions in things that
occur overseas, okay. And here's, here's our problem. So if one wanted to look for what they're
doing, then you don't want to look at the areas on the planet that are really hot at the moment in
terms of activity and stuff. So there's one going on right now. So, I'll clue you in to something
that's happening right now, relative to the SOC. So right now Turkey is dying, the country Turkey
is dying economically. Alright, so this, someone from the SOC recently has persuaded the head
of the Turkish government, and not just erdogan, but the whole triumvirate that rules it, the
political as well as the religious, that was a big issue there, and put them together around
cryptocurrencies. And so there's a bill in there, presented to their parliament yesterday, that will
allow cryptocurrencies in Turkey. Now Turkey is a very key participant in our economic collapse
in a number of ways. They are the bridge between the populous Muslim world and the
European world. And in so doing, they're a bridge between different kinds of currencies and
different kinds of systems. This is why they're under great stress, when the central currency
collapses, as we're having now with the dollar dying, it'll start on the fringes and just work its
way back into us. And so Turkey is our linchpin. So now Turkey is considering cryptocurrencies,
this is a radical thought, especially for the control freak of their government. Because this guy
wants to control crypto, you have no control, it's distributed, you can't do anything to the
currencies, you can't muck with it, or any of that. You can manipulate it by vast quantities of
throwing dollars at it or this kind of thing, but you don't control it. And then on the other side of
this, this fellow is actually abandoning the social structure that he had tried so hard to get into,
which is the NATO officialdom structure. So this is happening right now. And I see the hand of
the SOC all over the way that this maneuver is being done. And if you look at it at a very
strategic level, Satoshi may well have been Satoshi Nakamoto. The inventor of Bitcoin may well
have been a military collective. I've looked at the Satoshi writings, and I don't see a single mind
there linguistically. It actually looks like at least three people, right? Because of the choices of
words and various different combinations where you should just natively default to something
you've used a little bit earlier in that kind of same construct. They don't. It's a different kind of
construct, add verbally etc, right? So anyway, so I think cryptocurrencies are a plant, a seed
against the the powers that be, against the globalists, against the power players here, because
this war is global. So in my view, devolution is not a United States thing. Devolution is a entire
planetary thing. And we're in a planetary war. And we have been since the evil bug let the
minions loose with COVID, and all of this kind of stuff. So it's been out in the open for a couple
of years. But anyway, Turkey now is operating and doing something that the SOC gave them.
So this is how the SOC works. The self organizing collective is not hamfisted like the CIA. They
don't go in and blackmail some guy by getting them involved with hookers or this sort of thing.
The SOC is a little bit more like the people my dad went to school with in Leavenworth. They are
a little bit more understanding of human motivation and stuff. So all you have to do is wait for a
crises to reach a particular point, and then present a key player with a way out in what will
naturally occur, they'll take that way out. If that way out furthers your ends, so much the better
for everybody.

Patel Patriot 21:21
Interesting. You mentioned your cryptocurrencies. Do you think there's a plan to have
cryptocurrencies as part of future financial, whatever, when we reach that reset and the deep
state wants to put in their carbon based system or whatever getting us away from the debt
based system, there's got to be something to replace it. I speculate it might be a semi gold back
system. I'm not the only one. Some people think it's gonna be Bitcoin. What are your thoughts? I
know you got in Bitcoin. I've heard from previous interviews at around 10 cents, so...

Clif High 21:50
Yeah, yeah, well, actually, I got only one bitcoin before there were bitcoins to buy, you know, I
actually started because of circumstances with the death of my brother. I abandoned it, but I
was actually writing code to mine Bitcoin, right after the white paper came out. So it was just a
confluence and I didn't do that. But okay, so here's the thing, there won't be a reset. There is not
going to be an imposition by the deep state of the financial system. This is a unique event in our
modern human history. And that is we're going to have a complete crash in the same way that
we're going to have a crash, that we had a crash in 1177 BC with the Bronze Age. In the Bronze
Age, it shattered society for 300 years, and there was no trade. All different kinds of things fell
apart. It fell apart because of bad money being used to trade for the materials of tin and copper,
and all these other things that made the useful implements of the Bronze Age itself. So it was a
corruption issue. We're facing that same corruption issue now, only our society won't collapse
because our SOC has been out there working since, I think, at least the mid 90s, maybe much
earlier. Some people may have really tumbled into this way back at the time of Kennedy's
assassination. There's some hints in the activities, so they've been working at it a long time. And
we now have cryptocurrencies very conveniently, just as fiat currencies are dying, and the
central banks wanted to use the death of fiat currencies to shovel us into this slavery system
with no currency whatsoever. Bear in mind, if you don't hold your wages, you are a slave.
There's no getting around it. And so when I was a kid, and way back in the South, in like the late
50s, I would go off and do chores and stuff, I got paid every day. I had them put the money in
my hand every day. That was just the way that sound money works, right? You don't Oh, never
be a lender or a debtor, is basically what it is. We're coming back to an appreciation of that
social order now that all the currencies and stuff are dying. And it is coincident with the weak
governments, the collapse of the governments the hiding the perfidy, the lying and all of that, all
going hand in hand with this. So if you look through history, you find out that Oh, Caligula! Nope,
they didn't have sound money when Caligula was running things. You know, anytime you have a
great upheaval in social order, go and look at the currency and what's going on with it.

Patel Patriot 24:20
Sure. So how do you see us turning around? Where do you see the financial aspect of this

Clif High 24:27
Oh, I think we're gonna go to a reconstitution of the dollar. Not a Federal Reserve Note. A dollar,
that you'll be able to hold dollars worth of stuff in your hand as opposed to a promissory note
from a bunch of central bankers that there will be value in this. So there's like only one cent
worth of purchasing power relative to 1913 when they first started issuing these things. So um,
so I think will transition. This is conclusions, alright? I think we'll transition in a very messy
fashion there. I think that will cause lots of problems and destruction and agony for people and
stuff. But I think it'll be brief because the SOC has been working for a number of years towards
that effort. And there are things in place like cryptocurrencies, entire new systems that are
ignored, denigrated, dumped on, and tried to be destroyed by the power elite. So you know, that
they know what we know, that this system is there to replace them, and that we won't need
central banks, we won't need the power elite, we won't need the globalists any longer. This is
the death of the monster in the lake. This Old Norse myth that everybody used to go and throw
things into the lake so that the monster would be appeased, right? We don't have to do that
anymore. Central banks are dying. And that currency death is causing all of the political
upheaval that we're going through. Now, as long as the currencies are unsound and we have
people supporting the unsound currencies, we will be in a period of turmoil. As we start moving
into sound currencies, things will change, and it will spread out around those places that adopt
sound currencies. We saw this in the 1930s with, oddly enough, wooden nickels. So out here in
the Northwest in Washington State, little towns like Tenino and even larger towns like Spokane,
they did not have enough currency circulating to have an economy. So they made their own
wooden nickels restricted to their county, restricted to the town and so on. As soon as they
started doing that, the level of crime dropped, all of the levels of problems started dropping,
because they had, even though it was wood, they had a a commitment to returning to a sound
currency. And things started working their way out. We don't have that commitment yet for most
of the population. You'll notice that in all of this economic crises and turmoil and everything, all
the crypto people are pretty cool.

Patel Patriot 27:09
Yeah. It's interesting. I mean, I did an interview with a guy last week on Bitcoin and I've always
been skeptical of crypto, I do think it relies so much on the dollar. And there's been so much
hyperinflation lately. The amount of money that was printed in 2020, up to now, that's obviously
led to the huge rise in the value of these cryptocurrencies. And there's so many. How do you
know, I mean, maybe you know with your predictive analysis, what crypto is going to be, you
know, the one of the future? And maybe it is Bitcoin, but it's hard for me to fully wrap my mind
about that being the key focus, but like you said, we'll just go back to maybe a true value system
versus a promissory note type of system. But I don't see cryptocurrency going anywhere, either.

Clif High 27:54
Okay. Well, so here's the thing, crypto currencies are actually going to be the underlying
mechanism of the state, in my opinion, for some money in the future. Because I know one guy,
for sure, but I know of several other competing systems that tie cryptocurrencies to gold and
silver in a way that can't be untied. The beauty of cryptocurrencies is that you can't cheat with
them. So if a bank issued you $1, how do you know that they didn't use that same serial number
and issue another dollar and give it out to somebody else, and then do that again, and again,
again? In fact, that is the point of our system, that if I deposit $1 in a bank, or if I deposit $100 in
a bank, they will loan out, maybe $10,000, based on the fact that I put $100 in, because they're
loaning out that $100 over and over and over and over again, as mythical money, just creating
entries in a debit ledger of their own bank for their client. So, if you don't know but now once you
get into sound money, and we have this with the blockchain, the blockchain is nothing more
than a distributed ledger that everybody agrees on. So you can think of a blockchain as a bunch
of old farts, sitting around passing around a book all agreeing that on this page, everybody read
exactly the same words off of that page. And there were no other words on that page. And we
all agree that that page said exactly this. That's all the blockchain is. And you pass it from
everybody. And when everybody agrees, great, then you've got a block created and you put it
out there and off you go. So this means that we all vet your checking account, and we vet my
checking account, so nobody can lie about what they've got in their checking account within the
blockchain. So the blockchain technology underlying all the cryptocurrencies is about
consensus, and no trust required, because the powers that be have totally destroyed the trust
system. And so we have to have something else.

Patel Patriot 29:58
That's probably one of the best explanations of it that I've heard so far. But we'll get out of the
crypto stuff. I do want to get back to the more devolution and Trump stuff. So you said you
thought Trump may have been asked to join the SOC or whatever in around the 2010
timeframe. You know, and my...

Clif High 30:15
No, no, no, I think he was contacted. I think they started looking at him in that timeframe. When
they contacted him, for sure, it was before the presidential run, before the announcement by at
least a year, but beyond that, I'm not sure.

Patel Patriot 30:32
Okay, gotcha. So, that's a question I get a lot, you know, was Trump asked to run. You believe
he was?

Clif High 30:39
Oh, no question. Absolutely. No question.

Patel Patriot 30:42
Okay. Can you elaborate, maybe? What leads you to believe that?

Clif High 30:47
Okay, so all different kinds of clues relative to the linguistics, alright. And then also, the way that
Trump uses language has changed in significant ways; three times in like the last 12 or 15
years. When he was sort of running on his own to be president, and way back when he used
language in particular way. And then like I say, around 2010 or so I think he became aware that
people were looking at him for something in the future. And he started, maybe he came to
understand that the SOC existed without them coming to him first. I don't know how that all that
occurred. But his language changed. And that told me that he was at least aware that there's
things going on in the background. You can look at all different kinds of strange leaks, strange
bits of information coming out when they really shouldn't. And you can say it's happenstance
over these past 20 plus years. And I'm of the opinion that a lot of that was the SOC, deciding to
see how the people react.

So here's the thing. We live in a very mass society. And so when I started doing my work for
maybe four or five years, let me see....So from 1993 to '98, I did these things called propagation
studies. A propagation study, a new language was key to this. And so I would find these weird
phrases in the language I was sweeping off the internet and say, Why is this here, and then I
would put it back out on various different places on the internet to see how far it went out, and
where it was picked up. So that I can track language and get some idea of the currents of it, so
to speak, when you're like a fisherman looking at a river, right? They may throw bread on the
top of the river to see where the currents are taking it. So I was doing that kind of thing. So the
propagation studies told me how the language is evolving, and how people were reacting to
things. I'm of the opinion that the SOC was doing those sorts of activities, not as a intellectual
exercise or a study, but as social engineering. And so my perspective of it is from an observer
viewpoint, for my software. Their perspective of it is as social engineers, having been trained in
the war college. So I know our war College has vast quantities of the coursework in the social
engineering involved in running an army and mostly in running an occupation and thereafter.
And I've lived in an occupation, because I was in occupied Germany as a dependent in that
whole process. And I even have several different different copies of my own law of war manual.
And so I started seeing stuff in 11.3, 11.4, end of occupation, occupation, and how it all
happens, and all this sort of thing. And I started seeing connections between this and the Q
material. And then I started, this was later on as Q came out in the Senate in the 2017. That
was confirmatory to me. Actually, it would have been March or April of 2018, that it confirmed to
me that Trump had been placed by the SOC in that position. And, or rather, he had been invited
to join the SOC and take over this role. And that's really what it was.

So what I'm saying is that in 2017, I became convinced that they went to Trump, they asked him
to take on this role, would he be willing to do it, very dangerous, you know, because they
probably tried to kill him 30 or 40 times by now, and his family, etc. So, a huge, huge sacrifice on
his part. And as I say, I had the confirmation then, because all of the stuff that didn't make
sense, didn't make sense for the man I knew Trump to be from my just brief encounters of his
personality in the previous decade, right? He was doing things and saying things that on their
surface, on their face value, were nonsensical. But he never does that. This is a hard-headed
businessman. And if you just see, I've never watched any TV shows with him, I've never seen
him give a speech other than maybe one or two minutes at a time, just in case. So I've never
really had that much contact with him. But I knew that these people that were saying that he's
mean, or all these mean tweet kind of things. You people are missing something. There's
something deeper going on there. And that's when, as I say, I became convinced that the SOC
had asked him to do it because he was doing things that were benefiting the SOC in the general
impression that's going on from his actions, if that makes sense. So I was of the impression that
he was seeding things and causing things to happen, and that the SOC over here had receptors
to feel the mood of the people as this was occurring.

Patel Patriot 36:08
So his tweets were almost social engineering, right?

Clif High 36:11
They were. Not almost. They were designed.

Patel Patriot 36:14
Sure. That is fascinating. So leading up to where we are, a little further along, at what point...I
mean, obviously, his entire first term was he was fighting against the deep state, or whatever
you want to call them. They attempted to get him out of office multiple times. And then COVID
happened in early 2020. The day after he signed the trade deal with China on January 15th is
the start of his impeachment trial in the Senate. And it's the same day that the first COVID
passenger comes off a plane from China. I mean, it's all too coincidental to me. And then they
use COVID to steal the election. So I'm curious, um, you know, what are your thoughts on
COVID? And the election itself?

Clif High 36:58
I've been involved with COVID since September of 2019. Sure, okay, before the official release,
because I was monitoring actually, since that July. That July, they started having the world's
largest Olympic games that involve no Olympic athletes. That would and it was in, a little bit
over, next to Wuhan in Hubei province. That was the global military. Correct, correct. And so I
started monitoring from then, because none of this stuff that was happening at that point started
making sense. And then I became very concerned with stuff as I saw it develop in October,
started freaking out, had sort of a mental collapse, because I could not believe what I was
looking at. I thought I was looking at a bio weapon release in China. And I was just horrified,
absolutely horrified. And then I started seeing that the government was participating, because
they were going through the streets with these giant trucks spraying stuff out, claiming it was a
disinfectant. But disinfectants won't penetrate the earth and kill earthworms down 18 inches,
and so the wildlife and everything was dying from all these spraying. So I became convinced in
that period of time, they were spraying out the bio weapon to kill their own citizens at that point
in Wuhan. And then I had coincidently, I'm okay, so I had cancer, three times. And I recovered
from it. I died from colon cancer in 2018. And I built myself back. And in the process of going
through all these cancer episodes, I became something of an herbalist because I got no relief
from allopathic medicine. And so I had to treat myself because they literally denied that I had
cancer except finally, in these last couple of years, it started showing up on the test. Anyway,
though, so I got in contact with some people and I've been sampling and dealing with herbs all
around the planet. So I knew this guy, Chiu Wu, he's an herbalist out of China. And he's one of
these rare guys that has an official government permit to harvest this stuff called Cistanche.
That's this a desert plant in the northwest of China. He's actually out of... he's off to the side of
Wuhan. And he had a bunch of... he's an herbalist. He's a doctor in sense, and he treats a
bunch of people in Wuhan. And so that's how I first became aware of what was going on at his
level as I contacted him after I first started seeing what was going on. And he started giving me
on the ground information as to what was happening and this sort of thing. And I determined he
probably saved a great many Americans and other people around the world because he told me
that his patients in Wuhan, they were locked up and welded into their apartment buildings, this
kind of thing. And he tells me that people are dying all around him, but none of his patients that
he had on particular kinds of herbals, Chogha mushroom being the key component, had any
illness or were in any way affected. And these were old Chinese he was treating. He was like, I
think maybe he's like 61 or something. I don't know hi age. He's dead now. He disappeared in in
February and I finally found, got hold of a relative that was able to tell me that he'd been
disappeared and died in the mayhem in Wuhan.

Anyway, though, so he got me started on what was ultimately going to be my Chogha gangster
regiment, so I knew it was a bio weapon release. And then I started researching and if you really
look...Alright, so I've got a weird unretired, I got a huge involvement in computers. They're just
everywhere around me. I live out in the woods, I got nothing better to do. So prior to all of the
the COVID stuff, I was out there haunting the Chinese deep web. That's something no one
should do, because you get involved in Tor, and you get on the deep web, there's all different
kinds of things that happen to you, can happen to your machinery. But I've been doing this a
long time, and it was reasonably safe. I was very concerned and upset about what was
happening with the death camps, and the organ harvesting camps in China. China is the
number one producer of human organs now and they just harvest them and they decided that
they were going to take out the way guards and they're harvesting those. And what they're
doing is they're harvesting. There's like 140 different racial groups in China. And the Han
Chinese are on top of all of them. The Han Chinese are the most racist, racist mother[f_r]s on
this planet, no question at all. And the Han Chinese have a list of all of the different ethnicities in
China. And the closer those ethnicities are to white people, that's the order in which they're
going to be harvested for their organs. So Uyghurss are a Muslim group that is basically Aryan.
They're basically like a mixture of a Persian, Hindu, and white people. They're Aryan all the way
through and so they're being harvested now. And the more Aryan you have in your bloodline,
that's the order in which you're gonna be harvested. So I was trying to do things to get this
picture out of to how terrible things were in China, before COVID came. And then everything
changed with really...

Patel Patriot 42:23
What timeframe was that, that you were looking at?

Clif High 42:26
Well, it was like 2000. In September of 2018, I started becoming really involved because I
needed to put my mind to something in order to try and cure my body because I was still
wasting away from cancer at that point. That's when I fired my oncologist and got serious about
curing myself.

Patel Patriot 42:42
Sure. So you were running your predictive analysis around China for a little while. And when did
you first start actually picking up hints that there was this virus coming out? Because based on
my research, I believe Trump saw this coming. And I think it happened September 12 or earlier.
And Trump kicked his plans in motion around September 19th to counter it. He made plenty of
counter moves.

Clif High 43:04
I knew for sure was in September, I know for sure in September, but I thought I'd seen the first
hints of it in July, in the military thing, because there was just weird sickness going through all
the military people that were there...athletes.

Patel Patriot 43:18
Yeah, well, the military games were in October, weren't they? I'm pretty sure that it was like

Clif High 43:22
Yeah, yeah. But the Chinese had done all of the prep and everything and people had been there
for months. So this is like an Olympic Games. They started setting this thing up. I mean, not the
Chinese part, but the foreigners started arriving. The logistics people and that kind of stuff in
another country, maybe as early as February of that year.

Patel Patriot 43:42
Oh, wow. Okay.

Clif High 43:44
That's how long it takes to put one of these things together. I mean, it's an Olympic Games, they
got stadiums, all of this kind of stuff. Even with China. It takes time.

Patel Patriot 43:52
Okay, I see what you're saying. That's interesting. Interesting. So, COVID comes onto the
scene. What are your thoughts on it? I've heard theories that it was much more deadly. And
then something happened and now it's not so deadly. So, I'm curious what your thoughts are on
all that stuff.

Clif High 44:06
Okay, so I can explain what happened there. I was freaked out. I was just absolutely freaked
out. I mean, I altered all my plans and everything. We started hoarding material because it was
going to hit the supply chains because it was hitting China. I expected it would come and hit us
the same way. And then it didn't. It appeared all of a sudden to be weaker once it left China. And
then I started investigating. I know why that occurred. The Chinese our Sun avoiders. The
Chinese do not supplement. They never ever, ever supplement. They don't supplement their
diets. It's just not something they do. Most Westerners don't supplement their diets. They
assume they're getting all the nutrients they need out of their diets, which is untrue. So the
Chinese are one of the... and because they avoid the sun, women will cover themselves up to
avoid the sun because they don't want any sign of age spots or any of this. This also goes over
to men and in their Chinese being racist, the Han culture sets the tone for everything and they
don't like dark skin. The Han Chinese want to be as pale as possible. And the things they say
about dark-skinned people is truly disgusting. They're just really hugely racist. So all these
people avoid the sun. They are the the largest group, China's the largest group of chronically
vitamin D deficient people on the planet. Okay, all right, so they actually Chinese physicians are
told that 20 nanograms per milliliter is a healthy effective dose of vitamin D. And they become
concerned only when it drops below 13 nanograms per milliliter in their official literature. That's
like near dead levels, as far as I'm concerned. My expectation is that you should have 90
nanograms per milliliter of vitamin D that prevents colon cancer, all of this other kind of stuff.
And the optimal range is between 90 and 120. But because of the long history of vitamin D, and
the powers that be and the globalist trying to deplete us, trying to kill us off with their Depop
agendas and stuff, we have this fear of vitamin D. And the Chinese, because they don't ever go
out in the sun, they don't maintain adequate level. So it was hugely deadly to them. So just as a
quick aside, we all hear that the Chinese or the CCP is developing all these incredible bio
weapons based on our stolen DNA from the PCR tests and this sort of thing, right? Yes, they're
stealing DNA information from the PCR test and all of this sort of thing. But the Chinese ran into
a big problem. They discovered that their bio weapon that Fauci and these other people had
engineered, the spike protein being attached to a Coronavirus was a man made thing, the way
they did that. It's only really effective against people that are weakened vitamin D. So my guy in
in Wuhan, Chiu, he told everybody, all of his people, double up on your chogha tea. What is the
single largest component of chaga tea for you as a nutrient? Vitamin D. When you get more
vitamin D in your chocolate, you let it sit out in the sun, it reacts to the Sun the same way our
skin does, it creates vitamin D. Plus Chaga is known as the mushroom of immortality. And it's
the most studied medicinal mushroom on this planet for over the last 4000 years. And it anti-
cancer and all of this kind of stuff. It's mentioned in a soldier nations book, The Cancer Ward,
repeatedly because of the Siberians don't have cancer and they they have Chaga coffee
because they don't have money to buy real coffee and never have. And this has been going on
for basically 7000 years. They've been drinking it and cancer is just not an issue in the
Siberians. So getting all the way back, that my guy in Wuhan tells me, Hey, I'm none of my
people with with Chaga have been made ill.

And so I started deducing. And so I started telling people, okay, if you want to prevent COVID,
which I thought it was a real disease then, not a bio weapon, then it was termed it was a bio
weapon, then I determined it was a bio weapon that was specifically aimed at the Chinese
because they've been using their own DNA to engineer bio weapons. They were looking in their
own 160 racial groups, and using their DNA to engineer their spike protein to kill people. And
they did it in such a way that it's weak against vitamin D, because their whole culture is basically
vitamin D deficient. The single greatest disease on our planet now, that has been in existence
for at least the last two or 300 years is vitamin D deficiency on everybody everywhere. And if
you're in any way dark skin and you live above 32 degrees latitude, or below 32 degrees latitude
in the southern hemisphere, in your winter, you are unable to make any vitamin D at all. And
your levels will fall in the first four days that you're not supplementing. So we become weak
through vitamin D, which is the key component to our immune system. It is a pro hormone that
affects 3000 of our systems. So if you don't got it, you're dead, basically. The more you got, the
longer you live, basically. And so that's when I determined okay, something's going on here.
This is a bio weapon. And then I started reading into more seriously into these books called, like
The 100 Year Marathon, and The Takedown of the West. And all of these books that Chinese
have been producing about destroying Western society and how they were going to go about it.
And I determined that we're in stage two of their five stage plan. And they really got screwed up
for them, because at the end of stage two, they should be landing troops in Canada to take over
now that 100 million Americans have died of the disease. That was what they were planning
was that about 100 million Americans would die of the disease, our social order would collapse,
they would come in under the guise of the UN to aid us in this terrible transition. Actually, the
reverse has happened. There has been millions of Chinese that have died. Their social order,
their manufacturing, all of this stuff is collapsing rapidly. And we're entering into the ice age. This
was something that was prompting them. If you read in some of their literature, you find out that
the Chinese have been very, very, very concerned about the ability to the CCP, not the Chinese.
The CCP has been very concerned about their ability to feed the Chinese people. And so they
decided a number of years ago, I think it was in like '68, Mao Zedung came up with a plan, his
people put it into motion to takeover the North American continent to serve as a breadbasket for
the Chinese populace.

Patel Patriot 50:42
Interesting. So you don't think the viruse is as deadly here in America, but what is going on with,
I mean, the media and our government officials, they keep pushing this vaccine on us and it's
vaccine, a booster vaccine, a booster?

Clif High 50:54
Right, right. Okay, it's a depopulation agenda. I'm one of these wackos that thinks that the
globalists want to kill us off. If you go and read the Georgia Guidestones, they only want 500
million people on the planet, because that's how many they can control with a direct top down
pyramid. We got too many people here now. The only way they can control us is with
technology. The technology will break in its ability to control us relatively rapidly, as we go
through this economic collapse. And then the global elite are dust, they're gone. We're not going
to pay any attention to them or do anything. No, we'll round them up, put them in jail, that sort of
thing. They're very, very, very much afraid of this. So and so they wanted to kill off 13 out of 14
people. If you look at their Georgia Guidestones it says Keep 500, keep your population 500
million, no more. To do that they would have to kill off 13 out of 14 people. Doesn't it seem like
they're trying to kill people with the vaccines keeping pushing it? The swine flu vaccine had
caused 25 deaths. Giant outrage! Shut the whole program down! VAERS reports 14, 18, 20,000
deaths. Not 25, but 20,000 deaths in the United States. Millions of injuries. And all of the
reporting about the vaccines, which are not vaccines. They had to change the definition in order
to get the material that they're putting out to fit in the quality as a vaccine.

Patel Patriot 52:20
Sure. So what's your take on Operation Warp Speed? That's causing a lot of consternation from

Clif High 52:29
Okay, so there's the thing. He's not, in my opinion, he's not pushing the vaccine. He's doing a
bunch of different...

Patel Patriot 52:35
I don't think so either.

Clif High 52:36
Yep, he's doing a bunch of different things that he must do. So, Operation Warp Speed was to
prevent the death of 468 million people globally, and to prevent the death of the 100 million
Americans, because the whole plan was to lock us down. And over the course of the four or
five, first four or five years here in North America, in lockdown in a severe lockdown, we would
be intruded by all of these, or invaded by all of these gangs from outside the country through the
border, which is happening now. And those gangs would be like fifth columnists, and they would
start attacking the social order. That's their goal is to destroy the social order. We see this now
as they're acting out, crashing, smash and grabs in San Francisco and through California. That
is designed to make the corporation's move, such that those cities devolve into further chaos,
that more control is needed. This is a problem reaction solution process that the power elite is
doing. So they're doing all of this deliberately to corral us and this sort of thing. If they had
managed their lockdown, 468 million people globally would have died. That would have been a
good start on the process of killing 13 out of 14 people. Also, the rest of us would have been
isolated in fear, because we don't know why all these people are dying around us, we don't see
that the gangs are attacking people in the middle of the night and killing them. And we're just not
aware of it because we can't leave our house, that sort of thing. And it would have presented
the vaccine that would have gone door to door saying, Hey, get out now, take this shot.
Everybody would have taken the shot. Vast quantities would have walked right into a truck and
died. And we would still not know. We'd never find out because they control the media and in
this sort of thing. That was the plan.

Now that plan was supposed to happen after a nuclear war, in which Hillary Clinton's people
would have set off nukes in our country and claimed that North Korea had done it. So this is
really complicated when you get into this level of conspiracy, but I'm a conspiracy scientist. I
read all this stuff and I find evidence that backs up some of it and then I don't go any further
because I know that we have a... I am, because of my life, I know factually that we have a group
of evil individuals that are in control of humanity. And we're at that point now where we are truly
living in the Revelation, because they are being revealed and all of that. We're in the
Apocalypse, which is the revealing of all of the junk. And we've got to deal with all of that. It's
coincident that we're going into the Age of Aquarius, which is the only astrological sign that is
represented by a human figure, and it is a male, pouring knowledge into the world. And so we're
at that point in this reality.

So, Trump pushing the vaccine is multiplicitous in what he's trying to do. He's trying to find out,
How much does the crowd know? He's trying to do this every time he asks and says something
like, XXX vaccine, he's listening. You can see he's listening. And he's judging how much
response and what type of response he's getting from the crowd. So he's using that as a
feedback mechanism on his language. His language will change when certain things change
within that crowd. If that crowd started saying, clapping and raising hell, Hey, we're winning!
We're winning this war and start to actively talking about it as a war, then he will start
responding, letting out that next phase of where we have to go there, in my opinion. So he's
pushing the vaccine for that reason, as a gauge letting people know, because he says, Your
response to the vaccine has been great. Don't let them take that away from you. That has
puzzled people to no end, because they don't understand we're in a hidden war and that was
part of it, that the Warp Speed was designed to short circuit the 10 year lockdown and the death
of all of these millions of people that would lead to the death of billions through the shots.

Patel Patriot 56:45
Sure. And one of the things that confused me, and I put a post on my Telegram this morning,
and this is a poll I did a little while back a couple days ago. And the one in the middle there: Has
Trump's pro vaccine stance led you to get the vaccine? And the majority these people are
Trump supporters. And 1% of the 50,000 people said No. And I'm sure a lot of those were even
trolls. So Trump's pro vaccine stance isn't going to get his supporters to take the shot. But then
the other thing when you look at it is that Trump's pro vaccine stance isn't going to get the left to
take the shot either because the people on the left that are brainwashed, they either already
took the shot because the mainstream media told them to. But there's not a single leftist out
there that's gonna be like, Oh, I'm gonna take the shot now that Trump recommended it, you
know what I mean? So I don't think his pro vaccine stance is affecting the number of people
getting the jab, you know what I mean?

Clif High 57:35
Correct. Exactly. Okay. So, alright. So why is he doing it then? Why would he risk, as a political
animal, as a social animal, why would he risk disapproval bringing up a subject? He's not doing
it for no gain. He's doing it for an explicit purpose. So he is very guarded in his language, very
precise in what he does. So when he's saying this, he's looking for a particular response. That's
my impression, right? That's my conclusion; is that he wants to see, and he's using it as a
personal feedback loop as to how much knowledge has penetrated to his base, Because at
some point, let's assume that I'm correct and that Trump stating that we're at war, and we were
attacked, and it's worse than Pearl Harbor, all of this, that he was factual, he wasn't being
hyperbolic. And he wasn't trying to...The left says, Oh, you're just trying to divert, it's your failure,
blah, blah, blah. So he's been factual.

So at some point, that means he's a wartime president. That means that as a wartime president,
he's got certain things, obligations, powers, etc. But one of the obligations is he's got to lead the
country into a war time stance. You don't get that, absent Pearl Harbor, you don't get that in a
short period of time. Because the bio weapon did not have the physical kinetic impact of Pearl
Harbor and the attack on the Philippines which occurred simultaneously and all these other
things. We did not have a galvanization into a war response. We saw that the attack on Pearl
Harbor on December 7th, activate the military for things that had already been set up. So it was
a plan then. They knew that the Japanese were coming, they let them come on in because they
needed to get the country into war. Within weeks, weeks of the attack on Pearl Harbor, we had
USO offices opening up all around the country. If you go and look some of those USO offices,
dance halls, all these kinds of things, those contracts were led a year ahead of that. They'd
been using them for storage and all different kinds of stuff. So they knew a year out they were
going to get into the war. That's just the way this kind of stuff happens. So the SOC, the self
organizing collective, knows it's got to bring our people into war because we've been attacked.
And so Trump is looking to see, How aware are these people? How much do they know? And
he's doing it based on the ratio of the boos to the questioning, right? The ratio of the questioning
to the clapping. He doesn't have that yet. When he has the, I'm of the opinion that things will
change in his language, when he has all the people standing up and saying, Hurrah, hurrah, we
did it! We've got this first beachhead! Off we go. That kind of thing.

Patel Patriot 1:00:32
Yeah. Well, what do you think it's gonna take for us to get to that point? I mean, where people
become more aware?

Clif High 1:00:40
He's engineering some of it right now in his speeches in reference to his audiences. But I think
we're going to have a certain amount of emotional mass put out on the internet in a form that
people can come across it and experience it on their own time. So Trump doing an analysis of
his audience is good for that audience and it's good for us to see that in a video. But it's not
quite the same thing, as if we were to come across a video series or something on the internet,
that we could study at our leisure that led us to the same kind of conclusions and that had the
amount of emotional impact and import to make us change our minds. Because the thing is, the
people that will discover, that are discovering it, because they're disturbed. There's something
unsettled in them that is making them look for this knowledge and this sort of thing, and once
they see it, Aha, this makes sense. We are at war. We were attacked. And so once all this stuff
starts making sense to you, the weird aspects of Trump's mean tweets and the things he says
and all of this, then you understand how deep this war is. And let me be very clear, this is not
about the stolen election. Okay? This is about humanity. This is planetwide. So we're gonna be
in this thing for decades, decades.

Patel Patriot 1:02:06
Sure, sure. And, you know, when I started my series, I was very Trump-focused, election-
focused. But as I've been writing more, that the whole global enemy has become really
apparent. And this is a global thing. I've still been of the belief, I still am, that Trump does come
back. I mean, I know it's not specifically about Trump. But I do think he comes back before
2024, just based on how he set up all the executive orders and everything that can lead to his
return. But I'm curious what your thoughts are. I mean, do you see him coming back?

Clif High 1:02:34
We're very, very, very close. So his language is extremely revealing. He's never left. Alright?
And he leaves hints to those that want to know, so those who can see that things are going on.
And it's in the background, it's simply not being reported, because the media is captured, and
they have no vested interest in showing all this stuff that Trump is doing. So I'm suspecting that
will have some very, very, very dramatic stuff over the next three months. And that we will, that if
we were to have this conversation in March, we will be looking at a different United States and a
different world at that point in some very key components here. And it may include the failure of
some central banks, and the failure of some currencies by that point, when we get into that.
That's the point where the Deep State has not even got the luxury of imagining that they can go
backward. Once the currencies collapses happen, that we have to get into the open warfare at
that point.

Now, the open warfare is information. We're not shooting people, it's not guns, that sort of thing.
All this information is intended to lead to a consensus, in which case, once you have a
consensus in the population, then arrests are inevitable. So imagine a situation that we don't
need weapons at all and Fauci could be guarded by whole cadres of military people or
whatever, security guys. But if every person in the United States knew that Fauci was going to
be charged ultimately, he's going to be guilty and this kind of stuff, he can't go out on the street,
sooner or later, his security, people will just evaporate, and they'll come and arrest him. It is an
inevitability, once certain things happen. So we are on that pathway to an inevitable victory. But
this is going to be a long, long, long process; much longer than any kind of war that humanity's
ever gone through before.

Patel Patriot 1:04:33
Can you explain that? Maybe a little bit. I mean, well, first of all, I want to point out, you think
around March in next three months. It's interesting that Trump's truth social network is coming
out here soon, in February, and that could be a big weapon in an information war like this. But
when when you say you think things are gonna happen in the next three months, but then it's
gonna be a long process. Can you maybe elaborate on what you mean by that?

Clif High 1:04:53
Well, okay. So we're gonna have a die off of humans that have been injected. This is baked into
the cake. I don't buy the numbers of the deep state where they say, 2 billion people have been
injected. I think that's bogus. But nonetheless, millions, hundreds of millions have. And so this
will be very bad and adversely affect their health, and will cause a drain on the social order for
decades, as these people are not able to work and in fact, need to be cared for. So we're gonna
have our social order change as a result of things that have already happened. And that change
is occurring, as we see right now. Athletes, how many are going to die this next weekend? We
had four this past weekend. So the next weekend, we're going to get six and the weekend after
that eight or 20, or whatever, right? So this is the new normal. So we have to work through that
aspect of it. Plus, all of the people that are normies have to be educated as to how deep and
perfidious and evil the globalist agenda is. And so we're going to have to come up with all
different kinds of evil things that we've got to address. And we're going to put our social order
into a great deal of turmoil. So for instance, you'll see people that will have to resurrect the
Jewish question, because so many of the people that are on their global aside are Jewish. I
don't see it as an issue. But it must be addressed, because so many people will say, Uh huh,
central banks, they're the bad guys, and they're all Jews, and therefore all Jews are bad. We, in
my opinion, we cannot have that. But I don't think we'll go that far anyway. The hints in the
datasets from the early years were that we were going to face pogrom, but that we won't have a
pogrom against ethnicity at that level, because we'll be so keenly, keenly focused on all of these
people that I call globalists.

And so, but we're gonna go through some ugly stuff as a result of this, of this upheaval, because
we've got to examine over 200 years of history to see where we've been lied to, because now
we know that they have been lying to us. So you can find it everywhere. You can find inventions
that are being suppressed by the globalists, that would change our economic balance and get
us out of economic slavery. So for instance, they don't want anything that is energy efficient to
ever come on the market, because it makes us energy efficient, and therefore we don't need
their energy as much, therefore, they don't make as much money, and we keep more of ours.
And so, all of these things compound to the world that we live in now. So we have a lot of
undoing to do. So I think this will take a long time. Trump is just merely a part of it. Our elections
are merely a part of it. In my opinion, the United States is central to all of this on so many
different levels, and that we will actually free humanity; that universe has basically put us here,
given us guns and an attitude, and that's what it's going to take.

Patel Patriot 1:07:55
Sure. So you said you thought the next three months? Is anything in your predictive analysis
pointing to a key marker? I mean, you even mentioned the financial thing. But what do you think
are the key markers that we should be looking for?

Clif High 1:08:07
Okay, so my stuff used to provide linguistics around emotional trend lines. So I would get an
emotional building tension trendline and I would get a big cluster of linguistics, language, I get
the emotional trendlines, that part still functions. But I don't get accurate cohesive language sets
because of the censorship. So that's the real problem, right? It used to be that the internet was
uncensored and free, unfettered. So I have emotional spikes around the seventh of January, I
have another big one around the 22nd of January, I have another one around the second of
February, another one around the 11th and 12th of February, another one that runs through the
entire third week of February and so on. But I don't have enough language to be able to say it's
going to be this focus, focused on this, or it'll have this component. But I do know that the third
week in January here, that particular spike will have a very large economic component to it. It's
also got a lot of political language in there. So it may be a combination of the two. It could be as
weird as a central bank collapsing in Turkey, or it could be that the CCP invades Taiwan,
because of the impact on the Taiwanese Central Bank, etc. It would also fit that particular set of
linguistics. So I don't know when it's going to happen. I just know that we're in a very intense
three month period of time.

Patel Patriot 1:09:36
Sure. One more question. Maybe. This has been one of the best interviews I've, I mean, you're
one of the best interview guests I've ever had on here. This has been great. I hate to cut it short,
but it has been an hour. But, there's a theory out there that Trump has been working; Trump and
the SOC, as you put it, they've been working with Putin and Xi to take down the deep state. I'm
curious what your thoughts are on that.

Clif High 1:10:00
Putin, he's a known quantity. So my dad met him way back, way back in the day when he was a
colonel in Moscow in the KGB, because my dad was in a military thing that went over to
Moscow, it was our only trip to Russia, went as a dependent, just hung around for a couple of
days. So he's a known quantity. So he is a Rus. So he's a Russian person, and I would expect
him to behave in that model. And so I would say, in my opinion, if I were Russian, I would be a
Putin supporter, because he's a good Russian. He wants to do things for the Russian people in
this kind of thing. I don't trust Xi. All right. I know. Okay, so he came out of the Shanghai
coalition. And that's how he rules the CCP. The Shanghai coalition came in exist as a Tong, a
criminal crime family, initially. And they were the most bloody crime family in all of South China
for well over 100 years. And he dominated that and took that to take over the CCP. So that gives
you his mindset.

Patel Patriot 1:11:14
Interesting, I'm of the same thoughts as you. Putin, I can see it, maybe. Xi, I can't.

Clif High 1:11:20
Well, Putin is not for us. But he's for the United States. And he wants the United States to be
very healthy. And he wants North America to be very healthy, so that we're not a problem for
him. He wants the globalists out of our military so that our military is not a problem for him. So
everything for him is self serving in that regard. But you can certainly trust his motivation,
because it is self serving at that level. And so in that sense, the enemy of my enemy is my

Patel Patriot 1:11:48
Yeah, I was just gonna say that. Awesome. Well, Cliff, this has been awesome. I would love to
have you on again, you know, maybe even in three months when...

Clif High 1:11:57

Patel Patriot 1:11:57
...once things start going down. Let's do it again. So awesome. Thank you. I'm gonna hit the end
broadcast here. So hang on one sec.


People have been talking about devolution for some months now, in context of what Trump is doing to save America. We've not written too much about it, satisfied that our coverage of the greatest sting operation in world history would suffice to explain the transition from a captured America and world, to an America made great and a #WorldOfUnityWorldOfWonder. However, devolution is a topic that has been very well developed now, especially by one hard-working and sharply perceptive commentator calling himself Patel Patriot.


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  • This commment is unpublished.
    stefaneglaus · 4 months ago
    This guy Cliff Certainly has a researched theory on this war we are in. And certainly makes a lot of sense, I agree that it will take a long time for society in all aspects to resolve to something better.
    • This commment is unpublished.
      Franz · 4 months ago
      Yet, when God decides to flip things, that can happen in the twinkling of an eye, a Red Sea moment.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Liza Shinning · 4 months ago
    Great interview. Lots of nuggets in there. I thought that was what President Trump was telling us about the jabs. Now, with this interview I understand how he is gauging us so he will know when to take the next step with the people. Again great interview
    • This commment is unpublished.
      Franz · 4 months ago
      Yes, he's gauging the patriots and he's goading the non-patriots into skewering themselves, both are happening together as in biblical examples before. These are "biblical times." (One might ask, when have we not been in biblical times, really. Our time now is prelude to a sudden shift, a Red Sea moment when at the brink of disaster, God's faithful are given a dispensation by the Hand of God.)
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