CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY: PCR Tests pHARMa Manipulates Exposing Covidiocy Fueling Corona Class Action Suit


Dr. Peter McCullough is a Professor of Medicine at Texas A&M College of Medicine on the Baylor Dallas campus. His focus of work is internal medicine and cardiology. He is the editor of Reviews in Cardiovascular Medicine, and the editor of Cardio Renal Medicine. He is also the Senior Associate Editor of American Journal of Cardiology and President of the Cardio Renal Society. And in his field of heart and kidney connections, he is the most published person in that field in the world in history.

Dr. McCullough's focus of work changed to covid-19 when the plandemic was announced. His expertise is now being read and shared as he has developed a great experience in treating COVID-19. Dr. McCullough has published two major treatment papers, and led the early treatment initiative in the United States. And in his own words: "So I have, whether people like it or not, I have declared my medical authority in doing this to a greater extent than anybody in public health agencies or any other media doctors."

Dr. McCullough has been shut down on Twitter and Youtube, but that has not stopped his momentum of getting the news out about the covidiocy scam. 

The video presented below is in part a review of the way "big pHARMa" and the organizations the pHARMaceutical industry controls, such as the WHO and the CDC, have manipulated the virus information to create, perpetuate and continue an atmosphere of fear. But there is a success story being told here as well, about how well researched honest science is developing which can help people, is being driven to main stream sources despite big tech's attempts to censure.

The first 7 minutes in which Dr. Peter McCullough gives his scholarly review of what he thinks is REALLY going on, are transcribed below this video.

Dr. Peter McCullough on with Reiner Fuellmich
June 11, 2021
Video - 48:12 minutes

Dr. Fuellmich: 
Just this morning, or I've seen you (Dr. McCullough) in many interviews, one of them was on Fox Television with, I think the last one was when you shocked the host, Tucker Carlson? What is your take on this entire situation? We know that a lot of doctors have sort of changed their mind over time, because they began to understand that some there's a lot of evidence that points in the direction that there really is no actual pandemic, but there is something else going on. What do you think of what's going on?

Dr. McCullough: 
Well, my quick analysis is, I believe that we're under the application of a form of bioterrorism, that's worldwide, that appears to have been many years in the planning. And the first wave of the bioterrorism is a respiratory virus that spread across the world and affected relatively few people about 1% of many populations, but generated great fear. The virus was responsible for some deaths in the very frail and elderly, but in in you know, otherwise Well, people it was like having the common cold. But that fear was used very quickly and I think surprisingly, to generate tremendous influences in in human life, in lockdowns, all the things you know about. And every single thing that was done in the public health, a response to the pandemic, made it worse. So over testing, and, you know, even lockdowns probably made it worse because the virus evolved over time to become more contagious. And so every single response made it worse. How I got involved, is as a doctor, I thought the virus was going to be pretty easy to treat. Once we understood there were three phases of our replication cytokine, storm and thrombosis. And so as I promulgated early treatment, I started to meet resistance at all levels, in terms of actually treating patients and then publishing papers in some of the editor of two major major journals. I'm in the business of publishing. So fortunately, I had enough publication strength to publish the basically the only two papers in the entire medical literature that teaches doctors how to treat COVID-19 at home, to prevent hospitalization and death. And we did the best we could without any funding or government support, and we demonstrated that it results in about an 85% reduction in hospitalization and death. So what we had discovered is that the suppression of early treatment was tightly linked to the development of a vaccine and the entire program as this in a sense bioterrorism phase one was rolled out, was really all about keeping the population in fear and in isolation and preparing them to accept the vaccine, which appears to be phase two of a bioterrorism operation. Both the respiratory virus and the vaccine delivered to the human body the spike protein, the gain of function target of this bioterrorism research. Now, I can't come out and say all that on national TV today or any time. But what we have learned over time, is that we could no longer communicate with government agencies, we actually couldn't even communicate with our propagandized colleagues and major medical centers, all of which appear to be under a spell they almost as if they're hypnotized right now. And doctors, good doctors are doing unthinkable things like injecting biologically active messenger RNA that produces this pathogenic spike protein into pregnant women. I think when the doctors wake up from their trance, they're going to be shocked to think what they've done to people. And so our strategy was to organize. There are many groups, one group in the United States called C 19 that I organized, many of you get these emails, it's about 1000 people. Another one's called FLCCC Frontline Critical Care Consortium. Another worldwide one is called Panda. You may be involved in that. There's also Heart, and Bird, and COVID Medical Network treatment domiciliary in Italy, it's gotten to a point where people have asked in the UK and Germany to rally for early treatment, Governor, governments have actually tried to block even any single milligram of treatment to individuals. And so we decided by the summer we had to take our message to the people. We had one physician association that worked with us called the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, we've created a home patient guide. We organized the United States and four national telemedicine services, 15 Regional services. We broke through to the people and the people who got sick with Covid 19 called in, got medications prescribed to local pharmacies or to mail order distribution pharmacies. And so without the government really even understanding what was going on, we crushed the epidemic curve in the United States towards the end of December in January, we basically took care of the pandemic with about 500 doctors and telemedicine services. And to this day, we treat about 25% of the US COVID-19 population that actually are at high risk over age 50 with medical problems or present with severe symptoms. And we basically handled the pandemic. And at the same time, we've tried to keep ourselves above the political fray. And we understand the suppression of early treatment is tightly linked to vaccination. And then we've let all the news and vaccination come out and are working to change the public view of the vaccine to the public initially accepted the vaccine and we had to kind of slowly turn the ship. And now in the United States, rates of vaccination been dropping since April 8. They continue to drop every day. The vaccine centers that I go by are completely empty. And in the United States they're becoming desperate to try to convince individuals to get a vaccine. They're offering million dollar lotteries, the all the universities who are trying to force vaccination by receiving resistance. I'm the lead expert in the Bellwether, Houston Methodist case, which is currently being argued before a judge in Texas. It's going to be quickly escalated to the Supreme Court of Texas where Houston Methodist Hospital, a leading hospital, is attempting to force the employees to receive the vaccine. And we already have word that is going to be escalated to a Supreme Court case. It'll be a high, very high visibility case. So we have a lot of activity going on in the United States that we are engaging more and more attorneys. It's great to have you and your team involved, you know, on the international level, and I imagine we're aligned and almost all the things I said.

 "These facts are hereby offered as a lifeline that can help you readjust your course of action and start the long overdue public scientific discussion and not go down with those charlatans and criminals." ~ Reiner Fuellmich

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, lawyer and investigator extraordinaire, is a leading investigator into all things covidiocy. He helped create and heads up the German Corona Investigative Committee, who for a year have been researching the TRUTH about the worldwide plandemic. His findings will be given full consideration in a court of law as he prepares to present his case. He outlines his discoveries in the video below.

Here, you can find Reiner Fuellmich's summary remarks transcribed from the video because these words are as important to read as they are to hear.

This man has worked tirelessly for We the People of the world to find proper evidence and to prepare it for entry into court as discovery of corrupt schemes to harm the human race. He and his team are presenting Crimes against Humanity, by presenting the use of the faulty PCR test system in a class action suit. This means all of us can take part in activating our ability to fight back: this includes we here in America as well as Canada.

Details are in this summary: 

Let me now give you a summary of the legal consequences.

The most difficult part of a lawyer's work is always to establish the true facts, not the application of the legal rules to these facts. Unfortunately, a German lawyer does not learn this at law school, but his Anglo-American counterparts do get the necessary training for this at their law schools. And probably for this reason, but also because of the much more pronounced independence of the Anglo-American judiciary, the Anglo-American law of evidence is much more effective in practice than the German one.

A court of law can only decide a legal dispute correctly if it has previously determined the facts correctly, which is not possible without looking at all the evidence. And that's why the law of evidence is so important.

On the basis of the facts summarized above, in particular those established with the help of the work of the German Corona Committee, the legal evaluation is actually simple. It is simple for all civilized legal systems regardless of whether these legal systems are based on civil law which follows the Roman law more closely, or whether they are based on Anglo-American Common Law, which is only loosely connected to Roman law.

Let's first take a look at the unconstitutionality of the measures.

A number of German law professors, including Kingreen, Morswig, Jungbluth and Vosgerau, have stated either in written expert opinions or in interviews — in line with the serious doubts expressed by the former President of the Federal Constitutional Court with respect to the constitutionality of the Corona Measures — that these measures (the Corona Measures) are without a sufficient factual basis and also without a sufficient legal basis, and are therefore unconstitutional and must be repealed immediately.

Very recently, a Judge Torsten Schleiff is his name, declared publicly that the German Judiciary — just like the general public — has been so panic-stricken that it was no longer able to administer justice properly. He says that the courts of law, and I quote, "have all too quickly waved through coercive measures which for millions of people all over Germany represent massive suspensions of their Constitutional rights."

He points out that German citizens, again I quote, "are currently experiencing the most serious encroachment on their Constitutional rights since the founding of the Federal Republic of Germany in 1949." "In order to contain the Corona pandemic, Federal and State governments have intervened," he says, "massively and in part threatening the very existence of the country as it is guaranteed by the Constitutional rights of the people."

What about fraud, intentional infliction of damage, and crimes against humanity?

Based on the rules of criminal law, asserting false facts concerning the PCR tests or intentional risk misrepresentation as it was committed by Messieurs Drosten and Wheeler as well as the WHO, can only be assessed as fraud.

Based on the rules of Civil Tort Law, this translates into intentional infliction of damage.

The German professor of Civil Law, Martin Schwab, supports this finding in public interviews. In a comprehensive legal opinion of around 180 pages, he has familiarized himself with the subject matter like no other legal scholar has done thus far, and in particular has provided a detailed account of the complete failure of the mainstream media to report on the true facts of this so-called pandemic.

Messieurs Drosten, Wheeler, and Tedros of the WHO all knew, based on their own expertise or the expertise of their institutions, that the PCR tests cannot provide any information about infections, but asserted over and over again to the general public that they can – with their counterparts all over the world repeating this.

And they all knew and accepted that on the basis of their recommendations the governments of the world would decide on lockdowns, the rules for social distancing, and mandatory wearing of masks, the latter representing a very serious health hazard, as more and more independent studies and expert statements show.

Under the rules of Civil Tort Law, all those who have been harmed by these PCR test-induced lockdowns are entitled to receive full compensation for their losses. In particular, there is a duty to compensate – that is, a duty to pay damages for the loss of profits suffered by companies and self-employed persons as a result of the lockdown and other measures.

In the meantime, however, the anti-corona measures have caused and continue to cause such devastating damage to the world's population's health and economy that the crimes committed by Messieurs Drosten, Wheeler, and the WHO must be legally qualified as actual "crimes against humanity" as defined in section 7 of the International Criminal Code.

How can we do something? What can we do?

Well, the class action is the best route to compensatory damages and to political consequences.

The so-called class action lawsuit is based on English Law and exists today in the USA and in Canada. It enables a Court of Law to allow complaint for damages to be tried as a class action lawsuit at the request of a plaintiff if: As a result of a damage-inducing event to a large number of people suffer [sic] the same type of damage.

Phrased differently, a judge can allow a class-action lawsuit to go forward if common questions of law and fact make up the vital component of the lawsuit. Here the common questions of law in fact revolve around the worldwide PCR test-based lockdowns and its consequences.

Just like the VW diesel passenger cars were functioning products, but they were defective due to a so-called defeat device because they didn't comply with the emissions standards, so too the PCR tests which are perfectly good products in other settings are defective products when it comes to the diagnosis of infections.

Now, if an American or Canadian company, or an American or Canadian individual, decides to sue these persons in the United States or Canada for damages, then the court called upon to resolve this dispute may — upon request — allow this complaint to be tried as a class action lawsuit. If this happens, all affected parties worldwide will be informed about this through publications in the mainstream media, and will thus have the opportunity to join this class action within a certain period of time to be determined by the court.

It should be emphasized that nobody "must" join the class action, but every injured party can join the class.

The advantage of the class action is that only one trial is needed, namely to try the complaint of a representative plaintiff who is affected in a manner typical of everyone else in the class. This is firstly cheaper and secondly faster than hundreds of thousands or more individual lawsuits, and thirdly it imposes less of a burden on the courts. Fourthly, as a rule it allows a much more precise examination of the accusations than would be possible in the context of hundreds of thousands or – more likely in this corona setting – even millions of individual lawsuits.

In particular, the well-established and proven Anglo-American law of evidence, with its Pre-Trial Discovery, is applicable. This requires that all evidence relevant for the determination of the lawsuit is put on the table. In contrast to the typical situation in German lawsuits with structural imbalance – that is, lawsuits involving on the one hand a consumer and on the other hand a powerful corporation -, the withholding or even destruction of evidence is not without consequence. Rather, the party withholding or even destroying evidence loses the case under these evidence rules.

Here in Germany, a group of tort lawyers have banded together to help their clients with recovery of damages. They have provided all relevant information and forms for German plaintiffs to both estimate how much damage they have suffered and join the group or class of plaintiffs, who will later join the class action when it goes forward either in Canada or the US. Initially this group of lawyers had considered to also collect and manage the claims for damages of other non-German plaintiffs, but this proved to be unmanageable.

However, through an international lawyer's network which is growing larger by the day, the German group of attorneys provides to all of their colleagues in all other countries, free of charge, all relevant information, including expert opinions and testimonies of experts showing that the PCR tests cannot detect infections. And they also provide them with all relevant information as to how they can prepare and bundle the claims for damages of their clients so that they too can assert their clients' claims for damages, either in their home countries' courts of law or within the framework of the class action as explained above.

These scandalous corona facts, gathered mostly by the corona committee and summarized above, are the very same facts that will soon be proven to be true either in one court of law or in many courts of law all over the world. These are the facts that will pull the masks of the faces of all those responsible for these crimes to the politicians who believe those corrupt people.

These facts are hereby offered as a lifeline that can help you readjust your course of action and start the long overdue public scientific discussion and not go down with those charlatans and criminals.

Thank you.
Dr. Reiner Fuellmich

Coronavirus: Crimes Against Humanity
49-minute video by Reiner Fuellmich
Link to Video and Transcript here: Crimes Against Humanity

Dr. Fuellmich has explained, after careful investigation and expert testimony, that the premise for the Corona Class Action Suit is a misused PCR test that failed to detect the virus correctly:

"The (PCR) test cannot distinguish inactive and reproductive matter. That means that a positive result may happen because the test detects for example a piece of debris, a fragment of a molecule, which may signal nothing else than that the immune system of the person tested won a battle with a common cold in the past." 

"In short, this test cannot detect any infection, contrary to all false claims stating that it can."

ENTER: THE PCR TEST and it's inventor.

MEET Kary Mullis!

In this ten-minute video we find out more about the inventor of the PCR test and his attitude toward Tall-Tales Fauci as well as his opinion about the 'junk science' pushed by the main stream scientific community. And, as the inventor of the PCR test, who better to explain how is can be misused.

PCR Inventor Kary Mullis Nobel Prize Winner for Chemistry 
July 6, 2021
Video - 10:49 minutes


Stew Peters talks with Dr. Sherry Tenpenny and Dr. Jane Ruby, each raising concerns about the ingredients and effects of the fairy dust on those who take them and on those who are exposed to those who have taken it.

"Stew Peters was joined by Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, and the conversation was an absolute revelation of exactly what's happening with the so-called 'vaccines''(fairy dust).


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