Nothing Stops Us From Saving the Children


"Human trafficking is worse than ever before." POTUS in 2017

We are ending this

It's getting harder for normies to ignore the true nature of the captured state we're all coming out of.

How did we all turn our backs on 800,000 missing children a year in America?

The success of fully coming out of that Mass Stockholm Syndrome depends significantly on those normies snapping out of it.

And, they are; because when you can't buy things you want for Hallowe'en in America, all of a sudden, you need to ask why. LOL. Whatever it takes, right? LOL.

(Yes, that's black humor when we're talking about saving children from pure hellish terror.)

Nothing Stops Us From Saving the Children

We The People News on Odysee
Published Oct 15, 2021
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Marcy Playground

Scotty mar10 on Rumble
Published Oct 15, 2021
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Epstein's guests

Just a quick list of examples of Epstein's fellow pedovores (um, yes, top of the foodchain)

Bill and Hillary Clinton - President and First Ghoul of the United States
Tom Pritzker - Head of Chicago's richest family, his cousin J.B. is the murderous Governor of Illinois
Andrés Pastrana - pleasure-tripping Cocaine President of Colombia and globalist
Naomi Campbell - Victoria's Secret supermodel whore
Kevin Spacey - Holly weird superstar boy rapist
Tom Hanks - Holly weird superstar child trafficking satanist

(It's a long list, check it out in that PDF document above.)

The Pot

Scotty mar10 on Rumble
Published Oct 14, 2021
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