Matt Gaetz on Jan6: Insurrection? It's a Fedsurrection!


Firebrand Congressman Matt Gaetz appears as MAGA's co-leader with Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene coming out of the DC bubble to represent us on Jan6. They are backed up by the work of Dr. Darren J. Beattie who runs Revolver News where the Fedsurrection has been painstakingly researched and exposed.

Episode 21: Fedsurrection (feat. Marjorie Taylor Greene, Darren Beattie) – Firebrand with Matt Gaetz

RepMattGaetz on Rumble
Published Jan 6 2022
47:19 viewing length (transcript below)

In today's J6 Special Edition of Firebrand, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene and Dr. Darren J. Beattie join Rep. Matt Gaetz to discuss new reporting of active federal informants involved in the J6 protests, the deprivation of civil rights for J6 detainees, and how Republicans in Congress should respond.

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Matt Gaetz 0:37
I'm a canceled man in some corners of the internet. Many days, I'm a marked man in Congress, a wanted man by the deep state. They aren't really coming for me, they're coming for you, I'm just in the way. Welcome to Season Two of Firebrand. We made 20 episodes in our first season, it was fantastic. You can go check those out, make sure to give us a five star rating on Spotify or Apple podcasts. And in this new season, we're going to have even more in-depth interviews. We're going to have multi-person interviews, some live features that we're going to be rolling out, some chat features. So make sure you're subscribed with notifications turned on.

Now it's January 6. And we've got two of the Firebrand nation's favorite guests that we're going to be chatting with today. First, Dr. Darren Beatty. And then of course, the great Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene. Now on January 6, Democrats are trying to seize the narrative and seize the day. But know this: The game you are watching is not the game being played. This was far less an insurrection, and likely far more of Fedsurrection and the most in-depth reporting, the best investigative news you could possibly get on this subject you're going to find at Revolver dot news. And I am here to announce that today. I took the body of reporting from Revolver News, from Stewart Rhodes to Ray Epps, to even those acting likely in concert with Ray Epps, and I inserted those into the official congressional record. So we're going to get the truth out there. No better person to chat with than Dr. Darren Beattie, the austere publisher of Revolver News. Thanks for joining me, Darren.

Darren Beattie 2:27
It's a delight to be here. Thanks for having me.

Matt Gaetz 2:30
So Darren, we're going to talk about the sixth and how that day unfolded. But you revealed in your most recent reporting on Revolver News, something that happened on January 5, that I don't think a lot of Americans really know about, but it was this monumental event that unfolded literally almost on the steps of the Department of Justice. Explain to the audience.

Darren Beattie 2:54
Yes, and there are several things on the fifth, but I believe you're referring to the so-called Trump hippie van, colloquially referred to by researchers as the Trump hippie van. And this was a van with Stop the Steal insignia and at least presenting as people who would have an intention to go to the Trump rally the next day. Well, on the fifth, this so-called Trump hippie van was stopped right outside of the Department of Justice. And the federal law enforcement authorities discovered there were explosives in this van, and firearms.

Clip 3:35
What did you find in there? Do you know? I can't comment. Is there anyone who's authorized to comment? Nope.

Darren Beattie 3:41
And they made a big deal out of it, as you would expect. They, you know, processed everyone in the van, they wanted to take DNA swabs, the whole works. And what's remarkable... Well, there's a couple things that's remarkable about this. One is that I would imagine most of your listeners who are generally very educated on these matters, have not even heard about this. And what's strange about that is that the media would have seemed to have every incentive in amplifying coverage of a story of Oh, look, another van of Trump supporters with explosives right outside of the Department of Justice, this is a huge deal. This is the next 911, like they would have far more justification blowing that up, than, you know, the treatment that they've given to the subsequent event of one, six. And so why is this thing buried in local media coverage and something that nobody's talking about? Nobody's covering? That's an interesting story in its own right. And we can speculate on that basis, and say, Hmm, if there was a threat of this magnitude right outside of the Department of Justice, it makes it yet more difficult to account for the fact that January 6, the Capitol building in the surrounding environment, enjoyed uniquely poor security. It wasn't just that they didn't have enhanced security, which would have been entirely called for and justified and even expected, given something like this, and simply given that there would be a big politically charged rally nearby, but that it didn't even enjoy normal security on that day is something that is quite astonishing.

Clip 5:19
But well, then Darren, now I've been to dozens of Trump rallies all over this country. And I have never seen a group called hippies for Trump. All of a sudden, on January 5, they show up in this bus and we start to learn about one of the individuals who's on this bus. We later kind of learn about him as "black ski mask guy" in your reporting. But there's actually a little interview he does right there on the fifth, let's play that clip.

And then they try to get us to take, they tried to get us to take DNA swabs. DNA swabs? Yeah. If our DNA matched the weapons that were found on the vehicle. How many weapons? I don't know. How many weapons did they find? I think one or two. They were pretty quick at getting...They were also hinting that there was a bomb on the bus.

Darren Beattie 6:17
You're absolutely right. So the significance of this story goes far beyond the fact that there was this major terrorist scare effectively on the fifth right outside of the Department of Justice. And even that couldn't justify normal levels of security on the next day when a major politically charged rally would occur within close proximity to the Capitol and other relevant buildings.

Clip 6:43
But this very person who's on the hippies for Trump bus, who gives this interview, who is subjected to federal law enforcement questioning, then all of a sudden appears on the 6th. They weren't detained. They weren't held. Yet again, black ski mask guy appears on the 6th. What are we to think about the fact that this individual on the sixth seems to be animating violence on the fifth has an encounter with law enforcement and seemingly has faced no charge?

Darren Beattie 7:17
Well, you're absolutely right to point this out. And so in the latest bombshell Revolver dot News investigative report, we cover a handful of characters who were at the Peace Monument, near the Peace Monument, at the very beginning, right, you know, well, before Trump finished his speech. By the way, they were all hanging out in the same spot early in the day, and they all went on to play decisive roles in creating the conditions for the Trump rally to turn into a riot at the Capitol. And they did that by removing barriers, cutting down fencing, effectively creating a booby trap so that the people coming over to the Capitol from the rally had no idea that they were technically trespassing on Capitol grounds because the barriers had been removed. And then, of course, you had various provocate tours, ginning them up, and we cover those people too. And this individual, black ski mask guy, who was in the hippies for Trump van is one of those key individuals who just showed up very early on, and was methodically, in a seemingly cool, detached, professional way, removing barriers and helping to create the conditions for this rally to become a riot. And what's amazing about this individual is that we know that the feds know who he is because he was stopped in the van the previous day. There's not even this plausible deniability excuse of, Oh, they haven't found out who he is. We know that they know who he is because he was stopped in the van literally the day before. And what are the chances that this guy who was stopped in this bizarre hippies for Trump van with explosives and firearms right outside of the Department of Justice, and let free then just happens to be one of the key individuals removing fencing to allow for the riot to occur on January 6? We know that they know who he is. And he's unindicted.

Matt Gaetz 9:17
So there's an important element here of pattern recognition, Darren, where sometimes when there is a federal asset or a federal agent, or someone who's acting in response to a federal handler, that there may be other people that are subjected to that type of control from the FBI or other federal law enforcement, and they don't necessarily know what each other are doing. Now, we learned about this from your reporting from the sort of the phony Gretchen Whitmer, governor of Michigan, kidnapping plot that I think a lot of reporting is shown was animated by elements within the federal government. But, just talk about that dynamic, where you can actually have multiple people acting in response to stimuli from federal law enforcement and they might not even know that another person, part of the plot, is doing the very same thing.

Darren Beattie 10:12
Absolutely. And you know, when you look at the history of these types of operations, federal infiltration operations, you know, that the feds very much like cockroaches yeah, there's never just one. They're multiple. And you see that in the incredible fed infiltration ratio of the Michigan plot, which, as I've talked about on your program and elsewhere, has a remarkable fed infiltration percentage 12 out of the 26 so-called plotters turned out to have been informants and or federal agents proper. And this was essentially a dry run for 1/6, in as much as it was the same plot involved storming the Michigan State Capitol, it involved one of the three main militia groups imputed to 1/6, namely, the three percenters and just as the cherry on top, the head of the Detroit field office who oversaw this Michigan fed infiltration operation was later promoted to DC where he went on to oversee the January six investigations.

Matt Gaetz 11:15
Well, it is a false flag operation, right? So right, I hit these for Trump van was a false flag. Ray Epps was a false flag in a lot of ways. You know, Stewart Rhodes, and his involvement raises many of these serious questions precisely, and what's brilliant in the Revolver pieces, you actually have some of the timestamped video that shows how these people were all doing very distinct things. And, you know, in your prior coverage of Ray Epps, you raised the question, Well, how did this person come all the way from Arizona to Washington, DC, presumably to hear Donald Trump speak? But as Trump is speaking, you've actually got video of Ray Epps at the breach site. Let's play that video and get your reaction.

Clip 12:01
So can we come up? Go to the house. Yeah. Whose side are you on; Constitution or the Government? Because they're not the same thing.

And so now, Darren, react to just sort of the methodical nature of Ray Epps being there at the breach site and the significance of that geography, right?

Darren Beattie 12:37
Yes. So this is the initial breach site. This is the fateful and first breach event that occurred at 12:53pm, so well before Trump had finished his speech, which is important to note, because the people who were there breaking down these barriers, cutting down the fencing, they weren't at the Trump speech, because Trump was speaking as this was going on. They were creating the conditions such that when the Trump people went to the Capitol, that would be the area that they pass by, and there would be no visible barriers or fencing. And they would go on restricted grounds that day. Usually those grounds are not restricted. On that day, they would be restricted, and they'd be met with various provocateurs who would take it from there. And the significance of Epps being right at that breach site literally two seconds before the breach, he whispers in someone's ear who goes and breaks down the metal barricades. This needs to be understood in the context of Ray Epps, his activities for the previous 24 hours. Because the most famous video of Epps is on January 5th, in the evening, going to all types of different groups stating explicitly, We need to go into the Capitol tomorrow. We need to go into the Capitol.

Clip 13:57
I'm gonna put it out there. But we're probably gonna go to jail for it. Tomorrow, we need to go into the Capitol, into the Capitol. Peacefully. Fed Fed Fed.

Darren Beattie 14:15
The mountains of video documentary evidence on January 5 and 6, this is the only guy we have on tape, Dead to Rights, explicitly calling for this bizarre mission to go into the Capitol. And people treated it as bizarre. They said, What are you talking about going into the Capitol? You must be a Fed. What's going on? But it turns out he wasn't just some random drunk guy who had a crazy idea and we never heard from him. He followed up on his stated mission. On January 6, a Where's Waldo figure everywhere around the Capitol, reminding people go into the Capitol. After the rally, go to the Capitol. That's where our problems are.

Clip 14:53
As soon as President Trump is finished speaking, we are going to the Capitol in that direction. That's where our true problems lie. When President Trump is through speaking, we are going to the Capitol. That's where our problem is. We need your help. As soon as President Trump stops speaking, we are going to the Capitol. The Capitol is in that direction. Let people know. Spread the word.

Darren Beattie 15:19
And sure enough, right at the initial breach site, that fateful first breach event at 12:53pm, he's right there and whispers into someone's ear, and two seconds later, we have the very first and decisive breach. So and this guy, Ray Epps, so he was originally as I said, on the FBIs 20 most wanted list for January 6th. They claimed to be so interested in him when the internet identified who he was. And after the day after Revolver dot news ran a report on his fellow former Oathkeepers, Stewart Rhodes, the FBI scrubbed his name and his face from their public database. And since then their only pronouncements regarding Ray Epps is to pretend like they don't know who he is.

Clip 16:04
And this is the most sweeping investigation ever, right? We've heard senior officials at the Department of Justice and the FBI that they'll turn over every stone. They were ransacking the home of some boomers in Homer, Alaska, but somehow Ray Epps who methodically is trying to get people into the Capitol doesn't seem to face those same tough questions. But could Ray Epps' mission been accomplished alone? I think your reporting suggests that it could not have. It required people like black ski mask guy. And I want you to take a moment and talk about fence cutter, because right as you got Trump not even done with his speech yet, you have someone who seems almost emotionally detached from the circumstances around them, removing the fencing so that future people who would arrive at the Capitol would be unsuspecting of that having been a barrier. What do we know about the fence cutter, Darren?

Darren Beattie 16:58
Exactly. And look, so I mean, people have different degrees of investment in this story, different degrees of knowledge in this story, I think one really powerful thing about this latest Revolver News report is, to a large degree, the video evidence speaks for itself. Like nobody can watch those videos, and come to a basic common sense objective conclusion that there isn't something severely off here. But of course, we need to put together the evidence into a story, a narrative, of what was actually taking place. And as you suggest, there's no way Ray Epps was acting alone. That's just not how the Feds do things. There are multiple people in place. And one tell that applies to Epps and these other people is the contrast, the profound contrast, between the radical nature of what they're doing, demanding people go into the Capitol, cutting down fencing and so forth. And the emotional detachment the cool, methodical, professional manner in which they conduct themselves. It would be one thing for people to get caught up in the crowd psychology and just go angry and crazy and just flail about and do something wild. It's another to see that cool, detached, professional, methodical manner of operating. You see that in Epps and you see that in this other guy who, again, he's not at the Trump rally. He's there at the Capitol, cutting down fences methodically and removing the fences such that when the Trump crowd gets there at the direction of Ray Epps and others like him, they're not gonna see any barriers, and they're gonna have no idea that they're technically committing a criminal offense. And then you have this other individual that I think is a Ray Epps-size scandal in its own right. Scaffold commander, who's there with his bullhorn repeatedly and constantly saying, Move forward, move forward, please help, move forward.

Clip 18:52
Climb up over the wall. Get in on those bleachers. Don't just stand there. Move forward. Just help somebody over the wall.

Darren Beattie 19:15
Just as the basic of crowd psychology, you get there with a crowd, you hear a repeated continuous, authoritative voice from a bullhorn saying move forward, you move forward. You don't know if something happened in the crowd, and they need you to clear up space, you obey. And so just all of these pieces are in place to engineer this scenario where there would be a riot, where people would be at the Capitol grounds and there would be ultimate breach of the Capitol. And when the Capitol building itself was breached, the same guy with a bullhorn is saying, We need to fill up the Capitol. Fill it up right now. Come on, we need more people. Please help fill up the Capitol. We're gonna fill up the Capitol. He's up on the top of the scaffold with his bullhorn yet another person who showed up right at the Peace Monument early on before anyone else along with these other figures, and yet another person who's unindicted completely.

Matt Gaetz 20:21
And scaffold commander doesn't seem to just have a tactical role here, he seems to have a leadership role commanding this group of people. So you can start to see how sort of the different instruments of the Feds direction and start to come together as one orchestra the night before, you've got Ray Epps with this professional focus on entering the Capitol, you've got black ski mask guy saying, We have to take that ground, we have to go inside, then you've got the fence coming down. And then you've got this loud voice from the scaffold commander. I don't even know how he gets up there, how he gets a bullhorn that seems to look a lot like the bull horns that are elsewhere in the crowd. What do we know, Darren, about the federal government's pursuit of scaffold commander for quite literally animating and accelerating the criminal activity?

Darren Beattie 21:07
Well, as far as I know, there's been no pursuit whatsoever, there's been no, there's been no arrests, there's been nothing, which is remarkable, because again, it's not just that he happens to be a guy on the scaffold calling for people to move forward and go into the Capitol. He fits that precise pattern of the key individuals who are just hanging out loitering right by the Peace Monument, right nearby the site where that initial breach occurred at 12:53. He's hanging out there provoking law enforcement very early on in the day.

And he, like the others who are hanging out at the same place at the same time, early before everyone, before the Proud Boys contingent even arrived at the initial breach site. And it's the official story that the Proud Boys kicked everything off. And yet, you have this collection of individuals hanging out at this very spot before the Proud Boys even got there who all went on to play decisive roles in engineering the riot of January six, and all of these people, unlike many of the Proud Boys are unindicted and even unsearched.

Clip 22:34
So, what's the motive? Darren? I mean, if the federal government didn't just have one person, but had almost a cadre of people doing very specific things to ensnare a bunch of people who thought they were part of a rally or a march or a peaceful protest in this investigation, it seems like a lot of effort and resource was put into it to what end?

Darren Beattie 22:57
Well, that's a great question. And before I get to that, I'd just like to very briefly state that not only is it overwhelmingly likely that there are multiple Feds that Ray Epps was not acting alone, that there are multiple Feds, but I would suspect it's overwhelmingly likely that multiple different federal agencies had people in place, and there very likely wasn't a centralized coordination and communication between those various agencies. So I would not be shocked at all if, you know, when all is said and done, it turns out that the FBI had people there, the JTTF had people there, army counterintelligence had people there, DHS had people there, and they may not have necessarily known what the other people are doing. In fact, just two days ago, Newsweek came out with a report that the DOJ, the acting Attorney General, unilaterally authorized this highly classified top secret shoot to kill commando force to go to the Capitol on January 6, on the basis of some bizarre intelligence that they received regarding weapons of mass destruction. I'm not even kidding. This Newsweek came out with this piece a couple days ago, and they didn't communicate this to the Capitol Police or other law enforcement agencies. And that's reporting from Newsweek. And, you know, we know that fairly well now. So there's a lot of different actors involved from a lot of different government agencies, I would say, what's the purpose? Well, the purpose is political. We have to understand the broader context here. The broader context is to feed into the agenda whereby anyone who is a Trump supporter or adjacent to Trump's supporter, or even in the most remote sense of being an objector to the agenda and direction of our corrupt regime, anyone who fits into that category doesn't completely comply and fall into line is, by extension, by implication, a domestic terrorist, and therefore the government can justify its movement to marshal the full weight and influence and force of the national security apparatus domestically, in order to crush this alleged national security threat of people who hold political opinions that are inconvenient for the people who control our country.

Matt Gaetz 25:25
It would be one of the greatest scandals in our nation's history, and it is unfolding before our very eyes. Part of the Republican response to all of this concerns me, Darren. Republican leadership tells our members, you know, we should spend January 6, talking about Pelosi 's failures and not marshaling sufficient defenses and why weren't there more national guard on call and why didn't we protect the Capitol more? What I worry about that is it seems to justify that enhanced utilization of the national security infrastructure against our people, and far more productive to actually get to the truth would be to issue the subpoenas to people like Ray Epps, to identify people like scaffold commander, to get to the bottom of any records created on January 5 for the hippies for Trump bus. Do you worry that an overemphasis on Well, Pelosi just wasn't defensive and prepared enough, might really miss the point and distract us from the pursuit of the truth that is so necessary in this scandal?

Darren Beattie 26:28
That's an excellent point. I'm really happy that you raised that point. And it really underscores the general proposition that the narrative matters so much before Revolver dot news reporting, the narrative on 1/6 from the right was fit into two categories. One category was, Oh, you know, these are leftists. These are Antifa infiltrators. And the second category is, Oh, that people are largely harmless. Now there could be truth to both of those narratives. I'm not discounting those entirely. But it was only when Revolver shifted the narrative to wait a minute. This looks like the government doing exactly what it's been doing for decades now. And it fits all the patterns. And there's a tremendous amount of evidence that this is the best explanation. It's not Antifa. It's not the left. It's not Nancy Pelosi. This is the national security apparatus doing what it's done to the American people for decades. That is an extremely subversive narrative. It happens to be true. But it's extremely subversive because it can't simply be dismissed away or dissipated or neutralized in the bread and circuses, performative nonsense of typical, you know, partisan politics narratives. And that's why I think like the Nancy Pelosi stuff, I'm not a fan of Nancy Pelosi, she may have had some idea of what was going on and just tacitly knew to keep out of it, and to not call for more security. But to make her a primary figure of all of this, given the political avatar that she is like, we might as well blame it all on AOC and her dress, because it's equally ridiculous. It's equally weak. It's equally a part of this universe of bread and circuses nonsense political discourse. And if we do that the actual perpetrators the actual evil forces that work influence on our country and on the American people will laugh all the way to the next plot against the American people unopposed. And so that's why Revolver dot news myself, you everyone who's been brave and discerning enough to focus persistently on this one narrative that they don't want you to touch the FBI involvement, the government involvement, narrative. That's why we've got so much incoming because the powers that be would love for nobody to talk about it at all. The Second best is for it to be caught up in the typical bread and circuses of dumb political discourse, partisan discourse. What they don't want is for us to talk about it the way we're talking about it now. And that's why they've been so freaked out and pushed back so hard, and tried to silence us so vigorously.

Matt Gaetz 29:19
And it is uncomfortable. And frankly, Darren, I think that if we talk to 1000 regular Americans out in the country, there probably wouldn't be too many of them that think about January 6, one way or the other as a principle element of their daily life or something that informs on their quality of life to a great degree. And so there is this real binary question that will present to Republicans if we take power after the next election, what to do with the January 6 committee. And there was certainly a time where I thought just disband the darn thing. Let's get to solving people's actual problems. Let's get to making their lives better. But after the most recent reports Revolver news, I don't think we can disband the January six committee, I think we have to take over the January six committee issue subpoenas, bring Ray Epps forward use the best technology to identify these people like scaffold commander, like fence cutter, like black ski mask guy and put the truth, however uncomfortable it may be, before the entire country. Do you think that Republicans need to make that commitment regarding January 6 to our voters? And really just to the essence of the truth?

Darren Beattie 30:31
Absolutely. I think there needs to be a real committee investigating this and using real authority to get to the bottom of this. And, you know, we need to be able to take control of the committee in order for that to happen. Until that happens, the committee is just a political clown show, an element of political theater that exists to obfuscate the truth about 1/6 and to aggressively promote the very dangerous political narrative. That was the purpose of the 1/6 setup in the first place, which is to demonize half the American people as de facto domestic terrorists. Through the valiant efforts of yourself and other brave members of Congress, Margie Taylor Greene, Thomas Massie and others, I think we can have some real progress on that side. But until there's full control over the committee, my sense now is that a productive avenue to get to the bottom of things is actually through the various defense counsel's for January 6, defendants who can use their capacity as defense counsel's to demand potentially exculpatory evidence to demand evidence that could point to entrapment. That's what the defense counsel is doing in the Michigan case. And I'm pleased to report that a defense counsel for Kelly Meggs who is an Oathkeeper, who's been charged, has put forth a petition to subpoena both Ray Epps and Stewart Rhodes. And so I think we can start to see progress as well, from the defense counsel, who's also starting to take up this idea of what really happened here was much darker than we ever expected. And they do have some power and authority in their legal capacity to get to the bottom this as well.

Matt Gaetz 32:25
We will be following that litigation closely. And I think we have to make a commitment to expose these uncomfortable truths wherever they may bring us. You know what I've learned, if you give it enough time, three things that always show themselves, the sun, the moon and the truth. Thank you for exposing the truth on Revolver dot news. I am proud to take the body of your reporting work, place it into the Congressional Record today so that this day does not conclude without the key questions being presented. And hopefully we'll have the capability to answer them soon. Thanks so much, Darren Beattie, publisher of Revolver news for joining us. We'll be following your reporting closely.

Darren Beattie 33:05
Thank you so much.

Matt Gaetz 33:07
And we'll be right back with a discussion with the great Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene.

So here we are, Marjorie, January 6, we're in Washington, DC, manning our post. And I guess one thing that has always been kind of bizarre to me. Why do you think Democrats are so obsessed with this day? I mean, you know, back in Florida and Georgia, people are worried about their families, their jobs, their freedoms and liberties...

Marjorie Taylor Greene 33:35
As they should be.

Matt Gaetz 33:37
...and Democrats in Washington. I feel like this is the end all, be all. And I just wonder why that is?

Marjorie Taylor Greene 33:44
Well, I'm pretty amazed with it too, Matt. Actually, you know, if Democrats care about riots, they would have done everything they could have done to stop all the riots over the summer of 2020. They would have rescued American businesses, they would have protected federal courthouses, they would have put the national guard in front of police officers that were trying to stop all the violence in the streets from BLM. But they don't care about riots. And they don't care about the riot that happened here at the Capitol on January 6 last year. What they care about is, they care about drama, they care about theatrics, and they care about creating an image that they can try to sell through the media who's completely bought in to convince the American people that an insurrection happened here in Washington, when it didn't happen. It wasn't done by the people. There was a riot here. It was violent to you, and I didn't like it. But the real insurrectionists, I think, are the Democrats because of what they're doing to our country, and how they are completely perverting the Constitution and Congress and what it's set up to be, and I'm really glad I'm here with you today. And I wish that there was more of our conference with us.

Matt Gaetz 34:48
And let's think about that because, you know, the standard Republican thinking on this day is, you know, hide under your bed, hope the day passes, sort of survive and live through it. And there was a time I definitely thought, you know, when we take power, one of the things I'm most looking forward to is disbanding the stupid committee and getting on with the work of the people. But the more we seem to uncover about the federal government's own involvement with January 6, the more I'm thinking we might have to own this day on finding the truth for our constituents. So, do you fall more on the side of this is dumb, this is a stupid obsession, let's get over it? Or do you think we actually have to ask some very tough questions about what the FBI and DOJ were involved with, with people on those grounds? We have to send subpoenas to people like Ray Epps, we have to find out who the scaffold commander is. I mean, you know, which side of this are you on? Do we have to get those answers, or do we just move on from this?

Marjorie Taylor Greene 35:51
Well, you're asking at the right time, I'm fresh off of being permanently suspended on Twitter. So I'm ready to rip the whole thing wide open and expose everything. I don't think we do away with this at all. I think we dig deeper into it and find out what happened with Governor Whitmer and how was the FBI involved? I think we go even further and go, How was the FBI, the Department of Justice or any of our agencies involved in what happened on January 6? I want to know why on January 3, they were training...theyhad these these groups, I mean, incredibly trained, military trained and ready and they were ready on January 3rd for something in the Capitol, or here at the Capitol on January 6, but yet none of us knew about it. And that really bothers me because that was my first day on the job. So you know, Matt, I think you brought up the right questions. We want to know, why didn't we see Ray Epps in the DC jail? Why isn't he being held in solitary confinement for months on end, when other people are? And who is scaffold commander? And why did he position himself at the top of that scaffold, and right at the Peace Gate, directly above Epps, where they were commanding people to go into the Capitol, go into the Capitol, and they were there before President Trump even finished his speech? So yeah, I'm game on. Let's rip it wide open and find out what's happening.

Matt Gaetz 37:08
You mentioned the January 6 detainees. And there are a lot of Americans today who will think, gosh, you know, are these folks being treated unfairly, unjustly, or they're being deprived of their constitutional rights? And when all of the conventional thinking in Washington DC was to have Republicans not talk about that? You really took on civil rights and constitutional rights as your cause. And you produced an oversight report for the entire Congress that now we've put into the Congressional Record that exposed a lot of stuff there. What gave you the instinct to speak up for those folks, when it seemed like everybody else was just willing to abandon them?

Marjorie Taylor Greene 37:47
Well, you were with me.

Matt Gaetz 37:50
In all honesty, you led that effort, and you were the catalyst for it.

Marjorie Taylor Greene 37:53
Well, I'm grateful for the support you gave and you went with me, and I think you and I both care about our country, we care about our Constitution, we care about due process. I mean, here you studied, you know, you're an attorney. So it's something that you've seen upfront and been involved in the process, due process. It's an incredible thing being presumed innocent before you're proven guilty. Pretrial defendants, they have rights, but yet their rights are being completely abused. And we're seeing a real two-tier justice system in America that we can't allow to stand regardless of the crimes they committed, because we have an institution for a reason. And we've got to do everything we can to protect it. So this is important to me. But I think it's important to all Americans, because everywhere I go, you know, people are angry about inflation, they're really mad at it. And people are so mad at the border, but they're used to it because it's been going on so long. And they don't want to see any of the things that are happening. But what they're very upset about is they're very upset about what's happening to these people in jail. And they're so upset about what is happening to our country. And who are the Democrats really? And what are they going to do with COVID? And when does it ever stop? And so these are the things that people care about most. They don't care about, Ooh, take back the majority. Yeah, we want to take back the majority, but we want to do something with it.

Matt Gaetz 39:16
Well, Jim Jordan has made the commitment on this podcast publicly, that if he is the chairman of the Judiciary Committee, he will establish an oversight and investigation subcommittee that can review the border, the Department of Justice, the FBI, the Federal Bureau of Prisons. I don't want to put you on the spot, but would that be the type of assignment that would be of interest to you being that that is an issue portfolio you've already built out in the absence of that committee?

Marjorie Taylor Greene 39:41
Absolutely, Matt. You know, I've been committeeless the entire time I've been here pretty much. Yes, that would be the type of committee work that I would like to take on. And I think the American people would like for me to be involved in that.

Matt Gaetz 39:53
Oh, I think that you've really used a lot of the tools that committees have, even in the absence of that, and frankly, a lot of people are grateful that the truth is coming out. And speaking the truth is, I think, what got you banned from Twitter, admonished by Facebook. And what's crazy to me, a lot of people are talking finally now about how unfair that was to you, I think. So we had to encourage some of our Republican colleagues to speak out, particularity about you, and how unfair that was to you. But no one really talks about the substance of what you were saying that is, in many cases fundamentally accurate. Like you got a strike from Twitter for saying that if people were less obese, they would be less frail to COVID. Is that something that's really in dispute anymore?

Marjorie Taylor Greene 40:39
Well, it's very offensive to Twitter. But I want to dig a little deeper into this because I've done some research and uncovered some things that really bother me. You know, Covid misinformation is not... that is that isn't what Twitter is set up for. This is a platform where people are supposed to be able to speak their minds, share their ideas, communicate, socialize even. And for us as members of Congress, this is a place where we debate political speech, yes. Now, here, me putting out information from the, the VAERS system where people are self-reporting vaccine injury and death, this is something that absolutely should be talked about, especially by members of Congress, because we provide oversight over all of our government, right? This is what we do. And so for me to be suspended for tweeting things like that, that is a huge red flag. And I also want to point something out about my permanent Twitter suspension. President Trump was kicked off before me, and now I have been kicked off. And we're both the same kind of Republican, and we have the same type of support from the American people all over this country. So what does that say? That means Twitter hates a certain type of Republican. They hate you, too, Matt, and they're probably either gonna come...

Matt Gaetz 41:53
Oh, I've been shadowbanned. And frankly, they're dropping the shadow more and more each day. But I think you were punished by that platform. Because you challenged the regime, you challenge the regimes thinking, and we ought to live in a world where we think enough of our fellow Americans to confront challenging topics, and to review data and to discuss it, and then have the best ideas and policies and practices emerge from those debates. And you know, you've never been afraid of that. You would take on CNN, your first day here, one of my favorite press conferences you've ever done. And it just seems like we live in a world where the left wants to constrain that thought and constrain that truth and define the truth themselves, you know, that legislatively, there are two different schools of Republican thinking on this. One is we use the power of the legislative branch to break up these companies, to force them to abide by the values that undergird our Constitution. And another is to simply serve up a series of questions to the judicial branch. What branch of government? And frankly, I had the perspective when Trump was President that we ought to have the FEC and the FCC, kind of from the executive side, go after them. But like, is there a branch of government that you think is best suited to take on this challenge?

Marjorie Taylor Greene 43:12
See, that one's hard for me because I'm not a big government person. So...

Matt Gaetz 43:16
Yes. This is the rub. That's the core issue.

Marjorie Taylor Greene 43:20
Here's what I want to point out to you. So there is something bigger going on with my Twitter suspension that we haven't had a chance to talk about. You see, it's not just Democrats that work at Twitter that don't like my political speech, President Trump's political speech, your political speech, and then gosh, the countless conservative Americans that have been kicked off. There's Republicans there too, that don't like it. And we both know that in this town in Washington, DC, it's the Democrats, and then those Rhino Republicans together really are the worst enemy to the American people. And something that's really important is to understand that Jack Dorsey was recently pushed out by someone that moved in there. And I think it's important for us to start digging into where do these donations go, these people that sit on the board, and who do they donate to? Which Democrats? Most of them don't donate to Democrats, but there's some people there that donate to Republicans. And if so, what kind of Republicans are they and why is their political speech chosen by the establishment media and by places and platforms like Twitter and Facebook? And then if you challenge say that kind of Republican like I did when I tweeted about Dan Crenshaw, just within an hour...

Matt Gaetz 44:33
So you think that you being critical of Crenshaw from a policy standpoint, it wasn't a personal attack. It was a dispute about the right way to use government to collect information to administer vaccines. You know, you were making a policy point. Do you think that tweet informed on the punishment they dished out?

Marjorie Taylor Greene 44:54
Well, Dan Crenshaw was on Fox News and he was talking about using FEMA to increase this testing for COVID for coughs and sneezes and runny noses that President Joe Biden wants to implement on the American people just to keep counting cases. And Dan Crenshaw was talking about using FEMA for that. And then he was also talking about sending FEMA to the hospitals, where they're very short on health care workers. But yet health care workers have been fired, the ones that worked on the frontlines that are unvaccinated.

Matt Gaetz 45:26
Connect that to the punishment.

Marjorie Taylor Greene 45:27
Okay. So, what I tweeted about was I disagreed with him. I disagreed with that policy. And as a member of Congress, I disagreed with my Republican colleague, that we should be using government resources that way. Most Republicans, especially Republican voters, do not want FEMA testing sites and they do not want FEMA in the hospitals. They want to see the unvaccinated health care workers hired back in so these people are able to provide for their families and do the job that they did, especially when people were really dying from COVID. I disagreed with him on that. And I pointed out that his policies were not conservative, that was hurting the conservative brand. Within an hour, I was kicked off of Twitter. You know, I've talked a lot about COVID on Twitter, but so have many others. And I've noticed that a lot of their Twitter pages are still there. And they've said the same thing I said about VAERS and other things about COVID. But when I looked further and checked into the donations and the people that sit on the board, and the people that are so powerful that they're able to push Jack Dorsey out of his own company...

Matt Gaetz 46:27
Are you talking about Paul Singer?

Marjorie Taylor Greene 46:29
Yeah, I found out he's a big...

Matt Gaetz 46:31
The Singerization of Twitter.

Marjorie Taylor Greene 46:32
Yeah. And he's a big donor to Dan Crenshaw, but he's not a fan of me. And he's not a fan of President Trump, either.

Matt Gaetz 46:38
We're not for everyone. But I think we should be able to make our point on matters of policy difference, you know, without getting the Twitter death penalty. Well, you know what? A message to Twitter: When Nancy Pelosi took you off those committees, she made you one of the most powerful people in the House of Representatives. Twitter kicking you off may make you one of the most powerful people on all of the internet. Thanks for asking the tough questions. Thanks for being here in Washington, DC on January 6. We're about to hop over and be on Steve Bannon's War Room podcast and join us there. We'll be answering even more questions. Thanks, Marjorie.

Marjorie Taylor Greene 47:12
Thank you.


Witnessing the war of words raging on and about January 6, we can see the inflection point of American history in it, starting with what America's greatest leader in its entire history is saying about it, just today, January 6, 2022. Add Flynn, Gaetz, Greene and so many patriots, citizen journalists and digital warriors and watch this thing take off like a rocket to Mars!

Alert: The Freaks Are Panicking Worldwide

The sudden change of tactics, switching from the campaign of boiling frogs Fabianism, endless fear propaganda, to the overt provocation and attacks we see in Australia, Macron in France, Forced-V Genocide of the Elderly in Italy and similar moves in many other nations. Resident Biden straight out wishing death on us for Christmas.


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