Kandiss Taylor vs the Georgia RINOs


Kandiss Taylor is running against Vernon Jones and Brian Kemp for Governor of Georgia - and we think she'll win! Why? Because fake Jones will likely implode along with Kemp and all the RINOs that think that they can buy themselves another shill Governor. The swamp is not DC alone, it's a nationwide swamp and it's really deep and ugly down in Georgia.

We have the non-political every-day Georgia woman's 30-minute reveal of who Jones really is, in a YouTube video and the transcript of it below.

Stalwart pro-audit Georgia State Senator Burt Jones was advertised but you couldn't find Vernon Jones' name anywhere on the promotional material for President Trump's Perry Georgia rally held on Sept 25; so we were thinking that the Trump team felt the same way as Lin Wood about the former Democrat who one day showed up at a Lin Wood election fraud protest rally in Georgia to insert himself as the "Hold the Line" guy.

All of a sudden at the Perry rally, Vernon appeared, was given a 7 minute speaking spot and named by the President as a MAGA candidate during his speech, while Kandiss who is popular with Georgians was not named and not presented. Find out directly from her what's going on in the Georgia swamp where the RINOs lurk.

GA GOP, Pay to Play & Thug Life

Kandiss Taylor on YouTube
Streamed Live on Sep 26, 2021
30:54 viewing length


Kandiss Taylor 0:03
Happy Sunday. I'm so tired today guys, like totally worn out. I put on a little bit of makeup for y'all, like this much, so I could come over here live and not look totally like I was dead, because I am exhausted.

We had an awesome, amazing day yesterday at the Trump rally. We, my team, there were about, I don't know, 25 or 30 of us and maybe more. But we put out signs, about 500 signs, and we sold t-shirts, and we sold hats and other merchandise. The main thing we did, that I was so proud of, was getting affidavits and notices signed. And we had well over 500 of those signed and registered into our Georgia legislators, even though they don't want to listen, we're still gonna keep pushing and aggravating them and putting pressure and applying pressure to the end, that's what we have to do. So it's not about getting up on stage and saying, I demand an audit, it's about actually doing the work and helping the people be empowered to do the work because the people want 2020 fixed, and they want to know how to do it. And they don't know what to do. So we have to help them and give them the tools to get it done.

So that's what we did yesterday. It was a great, wonderful day. And I made so many new connections with the voters of Georgia, and people all over the United States. There were people from California and Maryland and Michigan, and Texas and Louisiana. All over the country, they drove or flew in to come to the rally in Georgia. So it was an awesome day. I walked through the crowd with two of my team members and took pictures and met people. And it was it was so neat, because they were like, There's Kandiss Tayler and I'm like, Hi, happy that they recognized me. So maybe we're growing. I know our grass roots has really grown and kind of exploded. And it was very humbling to see and hear people say my name, know who I was, and tell me Thank you. If I heard Thank you one time I heard it a thousand. Thank you for fighting for us. Thank you for being real. Thank you for telling the truth. Thank you. Thank you, thank you.

And that lets me know that God told me to run. God did not tell me I was going to win. Somebody said that. They said, Well, if God told you, you're going to win, I said, God didn't tell me I was gonna win. He told me to run. And if I am fighting for the people, and I'm bringing darkness to light, and I'm telling the truth, and I'm pushing back and representing the people, I'm doing what he asked me to do, and I'm doing what is right and what the Constitution says to do, then that's what I'm here for. So it was wonderful to hear thank yous and people that say what hard work that we're doing, and appreciate it.

So I feel like Roberta if y'all know Roberta, she's one of my team members. And she is a coordinator. She always wears glitzy stuff. She had on a shirt, it started with a T and it said Taylor, and it went down with the same T and said Trump, it was a beautiful shirt she made. And she told me she said, I feel like yesterday was your best day of the campaign for reaching the voters and reaching the people and hearing them, taking pictures with them, getting them excited. And I said, You know what, Roberta? You're exactly right. I agree 100%. It was our best, strongest day for that. So all that to be said, I came over tonight to be real with you. Because that's what I do. I'm here to motivate you. I'm here to work beside you. I'm here to link arms and keep our country, keep the state of Georgia, reveal everything that's corrupt, and us to take our state back because our state is rated as very conservative. And we have to get voting legal and fair, period, across the whole United States. But in Georgia, we have a tremendous mess. And we have to get it right. And so I'm here to do that with you together.

And part of that is us fighting our own establishment GOP; the Republican Party of Georgia, and the state executive offices. And I want to say, I want to be clear, that is not indicative of every office member because I have some of those who are supporting me. And they do it quietly and silently so they don't get slammed. And really, I don't know ... blackball themselves. I was gonna try to think of another word than blackball but they'll get blackballed, too, and they'll get singled out and shunned, I was looking for the word "shunned", by their own Executive Committee. So they support me in quiet and silence and behind the scenes, And so there are wonderful committee members that I love, that I am thankful they're serving there, and they are a servant, and I love them. I'm not talking about them, so they're not all bad.


But yesterday, I was so upset, and disappointed, because I thought we would have learned our lesson on November 3rd. I thought we learned a lesson over the past seven, eight months that we've had this new leadership that wasn't elected in Georgia that we helped put into office that is destroying our nation. I thought we would have learned our lesson when we're paying $4 a tank for gas, and we have open borders, and we have Afghans coming over here raping people, and we have our own soldiers and our own people being killed in Afghanistan. I thought we would have learned our lesson. Forget the part about the mask mandates and the mandated vaccines that are being pushed down the throats of our health care workers and other businesses, too, and employees, I thought we would have learned our lesson, but no, no, we don't learn a lesson. We keep creating the problem in the Georgia GOP.

Why would they do that? Why would they keep the same mentality that I've been telling you about? For money? For power? For their own personal gain? Why? Why would they do that? So I want to tell you the story of what happened to me and you connect the dots, you draw your own conclusion, I want to talk to you about facts. Okay?


But number one, fact number one is I heard at least a month ago, and I had the text message, I can post it, that in a zoom call, David Shafer, the chairman of the Georgia GOP said, Do not talk about demanding an audit again to the executive committees. Do not go back to tell their district chair, to tell their state committee, to tell their county sheriffs, whatever; but do not as a GOP body, push the audit anymore. "We got to quit doing that okay?"

So last night, President Trump said about David Shafer, that he was the number one person dealing with this fraud in Georgia and that he had documents or something to get President Trump to help him. And I just wonder if anyone is aware that that zoom call happened. And if it didn't happen, then I'm gonna need everybody to prove it, because I had somebody on the executive committee, they sent me this whole information in a text. It was confirmed by another person on the executive committee. They did in fact, say to quit talking about the audit, even though it's the will of the people, promises the will of the people, there's millions of us across the state that are demanding an audit. Okay, that's first of all.

Second of all, I have another friend who received a voicemail and it's recorded from the same man, David Shafer, that told them to stop talking about the GBI's (Georgia Bureau of Investigation) investigation of the ballot harvesting. Harvesting is a felony offense. And it came out in the news media that the GBI was investigating this ballot harvesting in Georgia. Well, the voicemail said, Stop talking about that, because the governor wants that to die down. The governor who's over the GBI wants it to die down. Is it true? I have no idea. I haven't actually heard the voicemail, but I was told exactly what the voicemail said. And there is a copy and I know where the copy is, because I wanted to give it a major release and I haven't done that. Okay?

So my point is all that's been said in the last month, two months. And then they had the GOP as the one coordinating this Trump rally. And I was shocked that they were actually coordinating that, actually after everything that's happened in Georgia, all the corruption. I'm kind of shocked. And our former governor Sonny Perdue, about a month ago introduced Governor Kemp and said, Don't boo him. You don't know what it's like to be the governor. I've been the governor. Don't boo him. And he actually got up and like protected Governor Kemp from being booed. Well then last night, President Trump mentioned that Governor Kemp gets booed everywhere he goes. And I'm like, Do you realize that Sonny Perdue protected him from being booed here at the Perry fairgrounds at a fish fry just a month ago?

And anyway, to me, it doesn't make sense. It is so much around...I don't know that these people...I don't get it. I'm straight up. I'm honest. I tell you the truth of how I feel. I say what I mean  mean what I say and there's no guessing games with me, I'm just honest. So this is everything I'm hearing. And I'm listening to the conversations and I'm just in amazement of the blatant manipulation and lies and fakeness about it.

So the GOP is coordinating this event. And I get an email saying, if I weren't a VIP, that I had to pay $1500 a person or $2500 for two. So I did $2500 for me and my husband; didn't want to, promise you, but I knew that if I didn't, they wouldn't acknowledge me being there. And to me, it was huge for them to acknowledge that I was there. I've been working really hard for Georgia, I needed President Trump to know that I was there. I needed for the people to know, Yes, she's a viable candidate, she's here. I know I'm viable. I know I'm raising money. I know that I'm speaking I know I'm working harder than everybody else. I don't need the Georgia people to tell me I'm viable. I know. But I need the people to have an option. It's not about me, it's about the people of Georgia, the people of Georgia hearing me speak or the people of Georgia hearing my name called, because they need to know, we're believing in her and we're giving money to her and we're helping her and we're working for free, volunteering and we need to know that she is our candidate, that she is going to be on the ballot, which I am. But I need to know that.

So I pay the $2500, but grudgingly, I don't want to pay to play. But I knew I didn't have a choice. So I did that. And we had fast access for getting in the game, which was good because I had been waiting and meeting everybody in the line. So it really gave me more time with the people that I had to wait in line, I could just go through the VIP access and get in faster. So I did that got in the back. And you know, there's good people back there like Jody Hice, Representative Hice, he's a great guy, he hugged me, talked to me. He is a great, excellent choice for Secretary of State. I love Jody. And other people out there too, that I talked to, were great!

But most everybody back there was fake. And I'm just like, this is just so typical of the GOP, just fakeness and everybody talking to certain people, some people not speaking to me because I'm not part of the establishment. Whatever. That's fine. I can handle that. So I go. And yeah, they even asked me how to spell my name. You're right, Roberta. They asked me how to spell my name for the teleprompter. They called me three times and asked if I'm running for governor, I forgot about that. I'm glad you brought that up. So after I paid the money, they call me like three times. And I sent an email and gave my name as candidate for governor already declared on the website, all that and go with my husband's name. Okay? They know I'm there.

And if they know you're there, they should put you on the teleprompter for President Trump to say I'm a Republican, in fact, I've been Republican all my life. I didn't just change in January like one of my opponents, Vernon Jones, who's name got said. I've been Republican all my life. So because I haven't been a politician for 30 years, and just changed parties, they don't say my name? I supported President Trump the whole time. I'd like to know if Vernon voted for President Trump in 2016. Or did he vote for Hillary Clinton? Good question. I like to know if he voted for Brian Kemp in 2018 or did he vote for Stacey Abrams? Good question. I want to know his financials. Let's try that. Let's look at the financials of his donors that donated money to him. Because my financials are an open book, I have nothing to hide. But his name gets said, not mine. Why?


Why? Why would they do that? Maybe because the Georgia GOP wants him to run and not me. Maybe that's why. Maybe because Governor Kemp can't beat me because I'm normal. And they have no dirt on me. Because I'm a normal person. And I haven't done any backroom deals. And so they don't want me maybe that's why, I don't know, good question to ask them. But I'm in the back and I go sit down in my seat. And I was told I couldn't speak because Governor Kemp wasn't making...Lord bless America. Donald Trump wasn't making an endorsement for Governor. President Trump was not going to do that. And he didn't do that. So he didn't want any candidates for Governor to speak. So I respected that. I said, Yes, sir. I understand that. That's fine. I totally get it. And I was good with it. Fair. The people get to choose. The Georgia GOP doesn't get to choose who the people pick for governor. They don't get to choose who runs for governor, not their choice. So I'm good that neither one's got to speak or both of us get to speak whatever the people get to choose. Okay.

So back to Vernon Jones is speaking. He's not on the list to speak, not on the list. He was not supposed to speak. At some point, within an hour of when it started, the event started the speaking part at five o'clock, so it was between four and five. At some point, his name got added to the list to speak. I know that because the guy over the event in the back told me that he wasn't speaking and all of a sudden he's on the list. Okay. So he's on the list, and I don't know how he got there. At some point, there was money that changed hands. Promise you, I've already heard a figure of 20 to $30,000. I would like to know who gave that approval for that money to be paid to the Georgia GOP for Vernon Jones to get to speak? And if it was 20 to $30,000? If that's true, that's what I was told. I was given that figure that's what was said backstage. Is it true or not? The people want to know, I want to know, the people have a right to know, if the Georgia GOP who have around, I don't know, 30 to $50 million in their account, if they took more money for a governor candidate to speak when they were told that couldn't speak.

I just want to know, and why. Why was that good? Why are we selling out? Why are we forcing those people to hear one candidate who cursed over and over? Who talked about his race? And played the race card over and over? Why are we forced to hear that - because he can pay? I want to know I just want an answer to the question. That's all. And I'm going to call you out. I'm going to, and I'm going to get to the bottom of it. And I can release all the documentation I have. I think it's been going on in the Georgia GOP, I can do that, too. 

The people have a right to know, if we are Republicans, and we are the party, the people or the party, then we have a right to know these things and get these answers. If you are elected because we elected you at convention, I was a delegate, we voted, we elected. If we're electing these people, then there has to be some accountability. Where's the accountability to the Georgia GOP? We surely do not need our political party who are supposed to be protecting us from backroom deals of our elected officials in their seat legislatively. We surely don't need our party to be in bed with them, and then it'll all be correct.

So is that what's happening in Georgia? Because it surely looks like it. Surely looks like it. Then we get to the part where President Trump is reading the names of who is there. Guess whose name was on the teleprompter. Susie Bowles? Susie, who was there ready for a house seat. She has been fighting as hard as she can for elections. For all the fraud, for violation integrity bill that didn't get done worth a crap - for everything she can for the President. She's been fighting. Name didn't get said. But she didn't pay for the VIP access. So they make that excuse with her. "Well, we didn't know you were there." Even though they know she was there. They make you to say we didn't know you were there. So her opponent who's also Republican, but has a connection with the GOP. His name got said, hers didn't. But me who paid to play, pay to play. hate it, hate it, but I did it. I followed their rules, gave them, I followed their rules. And even though I followed their rules, they still went against their own rules, because they're going to go again.

And if they think that they're gonna intimidate me, and that I need them, and that they're going to keep me quiet, they're wrong. I don't need the Georgia GOP. The Georgia GOP are not the people of Georgia. There are wonderful executive committee members, there are wonderful chairs that I love. They're my supporters. And some of them don't support me, they support someone else, but they're great people that I love. And they're doing the right thing. But let me tell you right now, that you will not intimidate me and I will not be silent. You will not dictate the election for the governor of Georgia. You will not dictate that. You will not control the people. And I will not be silent about it. I will not. I will dig to the bottom of this and I will find out because you know what? You didn't make me want to give up. You didn't intimidate me. You ticked me off. And now I'm gonna win. I'm gonna win.

I'm fighting for the people of this state. I love Georgia, Georgia is my state You will not hijack my state and control it with money and power and lies and deception. You will not. We know Donald Trump won Georgia. We know you read every county. We see the data from the county election office, open records request. We know it, and you're gonna be held accountable to it one way or another. Period. Now, we've already walked off the stage.


I want to talk to you a little bit about thug life, because you saw that in my channel, right? We talked about the Georgia GOP. We talked about pay to play. Let's talk about thug life.

Okay. I'm standing there talking to Brandon who's over by the back of the VIP event. He's as nice as he can be, he's trying to explain he didn't know anything about it. Yada yada. We're standing there, here comes Vernon, probably 18 to 20 year old blonde behind him, always young females behind him, walking behind him and he sees me. And he pointed at me. And I thought, okay, he just looked at me, okay, keeps walking. He gets about 20 feet, he stops - so abruptly, the girl runs into the back of a him, he turns around, puts his hand over his stomach, you know how tall he is, like, he's laughing, points at me and goes, Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha, like an elementary child, belittling me, trying to intimidate me and mock me. 

So, you know I'm feisty, and I said, Are you trying to intimidate me? And he said, [clicks mouth and points] and walked on. So I look at Brandon and I said, Did you see what he just did to me? No, ma'am. I said, Yes, you did. Yes, you did. He didn't want to throw him out. But let me tell you something. Not only was it totally unprofessional, and ridiculously rude, to was demeaning a woman, which is what he has a tendency to do. This isn't the first time he's done this. He tried to demean me this week on Telegram and on Facebook and on Twitter. Everywhere he goes, he tries to demean me. And I told him very clearly because he made a comment that I wanted a picture that I jumped to get a picture with him when I was running for US Senate last year. And I said to him, I said to him, No, sir. I didn't know who you were, as didn't all these other people who wanted a picture and some people even now who do not know you. But after the hundreds of reports, articles, depositions, video, audio, affidavits, that's been sent to me about everything you've done in this state, I don't want to be anywhere near you.

So, he knows I don't want to be anywhere near him. I know who he is. So he came to me, because he is angry with me. And he cannot stand me. And he is mad because the people of Georgia want me. They want me to be their governor, because I'm honest. And because I'm a good person. And because I'm a fighter for them, not for myself, not to get on a microphone and talk about the color of my skin with every breath.

The people of Georgia want real. They're tired of the rhetoric. They're sick of it. So that is why I got so mad. I got so mad, because he sat there and talked about me and called me. I mean, laughed at me and pointed at me and blatantly was mocking me. And I thought, You know what? Why would I subject myself to this? Why would I do that? Why would I come here, get left off the teleprompter, so don't say my name, him mocking me. Why would I waste all day long doing that?

And then I thought I didn't waste all day. My day was wonderful. I met 1000s of patriots who believe in me, who were thanking me, who want me to put Jesus first in Georgia and put morality over money and protect our gun rights and protect children. I thought, No, this right here is the pure devil. Evil. And our state is becoming blatantly clear and exposed. This corruption and lies and manipulation is like under a thick rug in an abandoned house. And pull the rug back and what happens? Roaches scatter. They run everywhere. And there's a lot of... 1000s of them, because there's been no exterminator there, there's been no poison put out. But guess what?


Guess what? Jesus is king, he can do anything he wants to. He's gonna open doors that no man can close, and he's going to shut doors that no man can open, He will make a way where there's no way in this state. We will be decertifying Georgia. I don't even care about an audit anymore. We have so much evidence already from open records request, we don't even need to audit. We need to decertify because the rampant blatant fraud was everywhere.

So all we need is somebody who is willing to look at it, and say Enough. And we're gonna get that. It's gonna happen, and there's nothing they can do to stop it. And all these roaches that's on the floor of this abandoned house are going to be gone. We're cleaning up the house, we're gonna sweep them up and throw them out. We will clean up our state, we will show that we live in the Bible Belt. And we're conservative, and we love the people of Georgia. And we love America. And we're going to protect our Republic. And our Constitution is more than a piece of paper. It is the people of our state and the people of our nation. We are the Constitution. We are the government. It was written to protect us.


So I'm fine. Y'all don't worry about me. He doesn't bother me. Everything about him is going to be exposed. I'm not worried about that. But I wanted you to know the real deal and what happened. He didn't think that that was going to happen, that anybody was going to see what he did. The thing is, I just may have it on video. Right? He don't know. He doesn't know. Okay. But he wants to intimidate and get away with it, and bully and get away with it, and act like a thug and get away with it. I don't put up with the thugs. I don't tolerate them. And I sure don't put up with bullying. You're not gonna bully me. I'm not scared, and I'm not gonna back down. I was there all day long working and getting to know the people of Georgia. And they know that he wasn't there. And there were other candidates that were not there. They took their endorsement of President Trump lightly. I did. I was there working the people because, is it great to get an endorsement? Absolutely, it's great. But that's not how you win. You win by the endorsement of the people. The people choose. The people choose.

Our government is for the people, by the people, period. And President Trump, I believe with all my heart, will make the best decision for Georgia. And that's why he hasn't endorsed yet. He's waiting. And I believe he will make the best choice for Georgia. But I don't want anybody at that rally to be upset with him. It wasn't his fault my name wasn't on the teleprompter. It wasn't his fault I didn't speak and Vernon did. He didn't control that. That was a backroom deal made by the Georgia GOP. And I want that very clear.

So I want to jump on here. make everything clear. Get everything out in the open so we can start our week, because this week is going to be a huge week for our campaign. I'm working away. You know, I work full time. But outside of that I have an interview with Mike Lindell on his TV, Frank Speech. I also have three, four rallies this weekend, and I'm getting ready to post the flyer on that. And so it's gonna be a huge weekend for our campaign. It's gonna be in south Georgia. And I'm telling you, y'all just hang tight. This is awesome. We're taking our state back. We're gonna keep pushing for this decertification. It's gonna happen.

Yeah, don't give up. First and foremost, pray, pray for our state. Pray for the corruption to be revealed. Be obedient to prayer. It's going to happen and I love each and every one of you. I thank you for your support. Thank y'all for letting me get that out there publicly. So we just shine a light on all the darkness. That's what we have to do. We got to shine light on the darkness, I won't do everything in secret. We have to hold them to the fire, hold their feet to the fire. We're not going to sit here and pretend we're not gonna pretend we're just going to tell the truth and get it all exposed and let the people choose. Not only for governor, but for GOP chair for whatever, you know, I think we can recall them too. So we are going to expose this. We're going to get it out. We're not going to stop.

I love y'all. Good night. I will see you tomorrow. Maybe I'll go live tomorrow night. Maybe I'll be in a calmed down place and we'll just be able to talk about one topic, because I'm real fired up tonight. So anyway, y'all have a good night. I will talk to you very soon.

"This is a huge development!

"In Georgia, 1,900 ballots were counted from a single Zuckerberg dropbox over one weekend, but surveillance shows only 24 people dropping off all of these ballots. That's nearly 75 ballots per operative!

"Stuffing ballot boxes is a crime in Georgia as it should be everywhere."

Jim Hoft - Gateway Pundit


DID YOU KNOW there was a very important hearing held on Monday September 20, 2021 regarding forward movement of the Fulton County, Georgia 2020 Election Audit? Probably not. There was a mass media blackout on any reporting of this important hearing.

DID YOU KNOW that a complete 2020 election audit has, once again, been delayed by the very representatives who are supposed to protect the integrity of the vote?

Why do the very people who have been asked to guard the voters integrity keep delaying an honest audit of questionable election results? What are they trying to hide?

Lin Wood isn't afraid to speak that which we all know to be evident:


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