Juan O Savin: "Use the mind God gave you"


We are asked to stand up for ourselves and learn to not let ourselves get told what to think and do by self important psychopaths. Learn to think for yourself and learn to "flavor" your conversations just right with those who still need to wake up. 90-minute video AND TRANSCRIPT included.

Juan O Savin with Foley and Pryme provides commentary on current events and recites a lengthy prayer for our nation to conclude the video

Gerry Foley on YouTube
Published July 20, 2021
1:34:19 viewing/listening time (Juan connects to hosts at about 4 1/2 minutes into the video)


Starts 4 minutes into the broadcast ...

Gerry Foley 4:01
Amen. Well, sir, that's how we normally start the broadcast. We normally start with a good morning and a song. And then we talk about what's going on today. And then we get into a prayer as we close. So it's a blessing to have you this morning and PrymeMinister, a blessing to have you with us also.

PrymeMinister 4:22
I just want to say good morning to you, sir. And thank you for everything as always. Thank you for helping us get to this point. And I'm very happy I don't have any discontent about where we are, very grateful to see everything going according to plan for the most part. And I feel like it's time for the people to act. I think there's a lot of us looking for when there's someone else going to act. I wanted to ask your opinion on that because I do feel like we are somewhat drowning in shallow water. I think we can do so much at this moment in time, we can do it and change a lot of things. We the people.

Juan O Savin 5:03
Well, I know people are hanging on by their fingernails. And there's a lot of people wondering if we, as a people, as a country, as faithful Christians, are going to make it. There's all sorts of hand wringing going on.

Probably the most common, of course, is related really to the vaccine right now. Is this new variant that they're calling Delta going to be way worse? Are we going to go into shutdowns, again, some of your folks here on the line right now, maybe from the west coast, Los Angeles, went back to pretty large shutdown starting on Saturday night. And so the masks again in the bars and things like that.

Los Angeles hospital admissions have gone up, spiked pretty sharply. And just in the last week or two. And I will tell you that my CTO over at 107 Daily, and one of the other persons there, were attending a hockey game and the person that they were sitting beside, unbeknownst to them - they have season tickets - that person had what's being called the Delta Variant, and died shortly after that game. And my CTO and the other person got very, very ill. That's part of the reason why we've had to delay slightly our 107 Daily rollout on this next phase with the video stuff. And it was actually very touch and go, going into the hospital with double pneumonia. And so that's how sick you can get with this latest variant.

Now, in that particular case, had he understood what was going on; and certainly if we had discussed it sooner, he probably would have gone ahead and taken one of several medications that can can help, such as Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine - pretty simple ways to address this that take the edge off. [Remdesivir] is the other one. The other day, President Trump in private meetings, we were discussing one of the persons that had gotten very, very sick, similarly. And that was what he was recommending, from conversations that he's had with people on this latest variation. And so [Remdesivir].

The reason I say that, is that, even there with the president, some people have said, "Oh no, he says, go ahead and get the jab." If what we're calling the vaccine was actually a vaccine. Maybe that would be true. It's essentially a way of modifying the genes and turning them into little factories that make spike proteins and that are supposed to, you know, help head off the infection.

It's not a vaccine. It's been mis-sold. And there's, you know, really a need, I think, at this point in time for people to do a little bit of personal homework and prayer before you move forward. At least do it informed, for yourself and the family members around you.

Joey Gilbert, my friend out there on the west coast, who's an attorney, he was one of a group of attorneys that, I think yesterday or the day before, filed paperwork in Los Angeles related to the vaccine, and this requirement to have the vaccine before you can, you know, go to work or attend school or whatever, because, "we're gonna make it a vaccine passport."

You may remember that, way back over a year ago when this was going on, on some shows - yours may have been one of them - that I talked about the fact that [they] wanted to turn this into an excuse for a vaccine passport. And then you'd need more and more and more over again, of vaccines. And it's a way of controlling society. And that has become, you know, now exactly what it is. I don't think anybody saw that back at the time. I think I was the first one to mention it as being the path to this vaccine passport concept. And that's exactly the way it's become referred to.

Well, the problem is, maybe you're okay with one shot, maybe your immune system is able to handle it, maybe your body can take it, but what they're doing is they're then, you know, doubling down: you need two, you need four, you need, you know, every few months. And the vaccine. Again, if it was actually a vaccine, it might be one thing, but that's not what this is. It's a gene modifier, and to change the way your body functions, and it's, I think, being mis-sold.

This is a conversation that's part of the cancel culture. Anyway that says what I'm saying to you right now, they want to stop the conversation. That's why the lawsuit had to be filed, because they want people to have a chance to actually hear stuff, make an informed decision. Now, what led to that lawsuit that Joey Gilbert filed with other attorneys was that they had asked for discovery, and got it. Legal discovery from the US government from federal agencies. And what they found was that just three days, as I understand it, and I sent a little video clip to you about this, they showed 45,000 COVID vaccine related deaths. Not just injuries, not just people that got a little swelling. Deaths.

We can't be, you know, the scripture says that we were given a mind, a brain of our own. And we do have responsibility. We're not sheep, we're not donkeys' asses, that we have to be led around by the nose. I'm not sure that being called sheep is exactly a positive state. We're supposed to grow up. We're humans, we're Children of Adam. We were given authority over all the earth, over everything that was in it. And that includes over other people, each one of us has given our own soul. And we're Mavericks, we're independent. Every man a sovereign. Every man, a king. Every man, the ruler of his own life.

So with the mind that God gave you with a little bit of research, then you can decide, is what you're being told this is, both the illness and the cure, accurate, and is there alternatives that make better sense. I think that more and more information is coming out that should slow everybody down on just racing to do what they're being, you know, pushed to do. And even from a spiritual standpoint: when the devil tempted Christ and says, "Hey, cast yourself off this mountain and prove that you're the Son of God." Doesn't the scripture say that God won't even allow you to even dash your toe against the stone?

Remember, that as the sacrificial lamb, Christ couldn't have any spot or blemish. So God didn't allow him to have a broken bone or bruised body. He had to be a perfect sacrifice. And so Christ's response, at that moment of temptation was, "Thou shalt not tempt the Lord thy God." You have a lot of people that are Christians that are praying - and I would have to say that personally, I think it's some type of societal programming, that people respond and they say, "Well, God told me to just trust Him, go ahead and, and get the shot. And then he'll take care of me. And I'm just going to trust him." But that's some kind of a faith in government, faith in the doctors, faith in the people that say they've got the cure.

This is a "plandemic." This was done by design, this is an attack on not just America, but the whole world, to get us into their slavery, and this whole passport thing, and you won't be able to be in public or be in any situation to gather - you can't go to church, you're not going to be able to participate in society unless you've got this passport that allows you to safely be part of society. This is something more - way more - than what it's being sold as.

Somewhere in your heart and your soul, there has to be something that's calling up inside of you, and is saying something's wrong, something's wrong, something's wrong. Something's wrong. When they're working this hard to sell us. Is it really for to protect us? Or is there something else going on? And I think that we're being herded to do this and we know that the players aren't telling us the truth. It's so many levels.

Even President Trump, when he's saying, "hey, the shot's available, there it is." From a government standpoint, he raced a vaccine into production. That was what the doctors and the medical company said had to be done. So they went along with it, they did it. Because otherwise, they're going to shut down society in order to get it possible to be reopened. But what he and others were sold as the solution and what we ended up with, I don't think it's the same thing. Now I'm really going off the deep end. But I'm just telling you lives are on the line. And there's sometimes there's a point where you have to say, "Whoa, wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute. I got a mind. I got a brain. God Himself, gave me my brain. He expects me to use it."

If there's a real COVID infection, or some kind of a cold flu type of infection, that's very serious, okay, is the best solution, this jab, which we now have, from the government's own records, indications that lots of deaths are happening. Is that the best solution? Is the cure worse than the disease? Or if in fact you do get the infection, is there less dangerous, better ways to combat?

Now this latest variant: look, the guy sitting beside my guys reportedly died. He was 32 years old, good fit kid. And he died from whatever this infection is so they're not kidding around. I think it's a weaponized version but we just don't know. Certainly, my guys got very, very, very, very sick, very sick. So it's not playing around, there's a real infection going around that's very serious, so you can't play around with it, especially with this latest one.

On the other hand, is there better alternatives - and by the way, lots of the reports, government reports, say that people who have had the shot are just as likely or even more likely in some cases to get the infection. Why? Because your immune system gets knocked down because it's fighting off what they got in the shot. So everybody has to do their own research. And even if you're being cut off from some of those information sources, in the normal channels, reaching you, being able to have a normal, semi normal discussion societally. If you seek it out, if you do a little research, I think you'll come to a different conclusion, potentially than you would if you just accept it's a good idea to get the shot.

Now my buddy, Mike Reagan, I sent you guys a couple of articles that he's done himself. He got the shot early. And he wrote the article. We had dinner here several weeks ago. And I went through some of the details. And he changed his mind about getting additional ones. It restricts your travel because some of the stuff he needs to do is outside the country. But if they're going to require the shot, he said he wished he could take it back because of the information that's coming out.

One of my friends who's an Air Force General - we haven't spoken in a while. But I saw here with an article that commented that he'd gotten the first shot. But he decided he wasn't going to take the second or the third or the fifth or the 20th, or whatever they're going to do with us. I think that was wise. They want to force all of our military to take this shot. I think a lot of the politicians are going to end up, if they're reasonable, thinking again, are we being railroaded to something? What started out being sold one way is going a different direction. It's a bait and switch. And even with what was sold to President Trump, and sold to the politicians about what we needed, and what would work, and they pushed it hard, got it done; people say well, you know, we raced a judgment, it was our fault. Hey, we've got the records. There's a couple of great programs, I think I sent you the links, I sent it off to a bunch of the basketball coaches across the country, the other day, deep research looking at the history, and we find out that the medical companies and a lot of the people involved in this whole scam had developed both the disease and the cure years ago. How's this natural? How is this even a release from the lab somewhere? Something doesn't add up.

Within this specific audience every person here has a mind given to them by God in heaven. It's part of their rights as children of Adam, to exercise that brain. Before you go out and just blindly like sheeple, go do what some politician tells you to do, what some health care worker who was a garbage attendant a month earlier, tells you to do, or even some very bought and paid for scholar, university scientist/specialist tells you to do your own research.

Those people that filed that suit out in Los Angeles the other day, those attorneys, they're not screwing around either. And they're every bit the professional that any of those doctors is that are pushing this shot and they're looking at the data, including the government's own data that says, just in three days 45,000 dead. We've got the reports of airline pilot captains, multiple of them from different airlines, suddenly dying with heart problems days after receiving the shot. I just got a message from a friend of mine, who, one of the renters in a house that she rents out, the husband and wife went and got the shot. And the next day, the guy was paralyzed quadriplegic, and hasn't come back out of it, they're saying maybe permanent, it's been over a month now.

This is no kidding around stuff. Don't be light, "I'll be fine, God will take care of me." I think, use your brain, even though you might say, "The angels will catch me up. If I jump off the hill, God's gonna save me and protect me and take care of me. And it's not gonna matter. I think God's got this." Well, God's got this and gave you a brain. You don't have to be led around by the nose. If the data is emerging, from all the other guinea pigs that went ahead and got the shot, there's something wrong, then maybe a lot of those people were very godly, nice people, that their brains were so full of mush, they were not so good. Don't be freaking an idiot. Do your research, make an informed decision and pray over the information you've received and processed with the brain you were given, not over hopium.

Gerry Foley 27:10
So Sir, what you're saying is just some of the people that came in a minute or two late, what you're saying is, when it comes to the shot, you should do your own research to make a decision. Most likely that there are other solutions out there other than the shot to protect you from this virus. So you can take the rind of the grapefruit and boil it to make the hydroxychloroquine and other stuff that's out there. So you're saying use your own head, don't take the shot and say, "Oh, well, God will protect me." 

Juan O Savin 27:49
I think rather than even going to specific solutions, there's plenty of data out there. I've sent you guys some links and some of the stuff that's out there. I would do some research. And make sure that you know what you actually know that you're not just getting sold snake oil with a couple of simple, easy sentences. This is more complex. It's not just about a cure or a defense. The whole way this is being rolled out is part of societal conditioning, in order to hurt us to somebody else's outcome. This is nation state level warfare. And there's an attack going on, especially within this community.

Even you know, they don't show people being pulled out of barber shops, drug into the street, handcuffed and drug off in the patrol car over whether or not they're having a public gathering or something. They're showing churches up there in Canada. They're making a statement even by the choice of where to go with this enforcement. You know, you got people that are playing basketball together at a school. They're not going in there and dragging out the people for hanging out together and playing basketball. They're doing the low hanging fruit, and they're making it very demonstrative.

There's a serious attack going on to stop socialization, except in approved ways and approved places. This is an attack on society itself, on family, on anything that's an unapproved activity. Again, even this latest variant, the Delta, all of a sudden L.A. (Los Angeles) starting to shut down and mask up, which started Saturday night again, with this second wave. Well, what's happening right now is the same as what was happening before. President Trump's out doing rallies. They need to shut that down. They're gonna try to push that out across the country. Mike Lindell is doing his thing up in South Dakota in a few weeks to look at the manners that the data is being manipulated within the voting system.

They're going to do anything they can, they're going to push really hard to stop us from gathering and having these conversations. And this is really, it's war. It's a different type of war. It's called the war by another means. But it's a war. And to just go along with it, on one aspect makes the other side a lot stronger. So these are fightin' words. And I understand that I don't say it lightly. People really need to think about, are they helping or hurting? Not just themselves, but what about people around you?

Look, I have a scotch once in a while but I don't do it that often and I have certain friends, that for them, alcohol is really poison. And so I will just have Perrier or something which I actually enjoy almost as much as scotch most the time. Why? Because I don't want to tempt them or make it a problem for them in a social situation. I don't want to put them at risk just because of something that I do.

There's a lot of people in your audience that are leaders. That's why they're here at morning prayer. They have a different perspective on the world. They're not just praying for themselves, they're praying for a whole country. And people around them may not acknowledge it readily but they kind of know, each one of you is different. Each one of you is a little unique within the crowd that you run with. And so they're keying off of that.

It's just like with Mike Reagan the other day. He didn't just stay silent. He wrote a couple articles about the very fact that he wished he could take back that he'd gotten the vaccine. And he certainly didn't want his grandchildren getting the vaccine. Okay. And he became very verbal about that, because in looking at the data, he realized something is wrong. And he was he was pushing it, you know, early on, because it's gonna let society open back up, we're gonna be able to function again, the government's gonna let off on us. And he suddenly the scales fell from his eyes to realize what's going on here and it pissed him off.

Everybody in this audience, you're a leader so you need to think about this. Are you being a good example to people around you. Maybe your immune system is stronger. Has everybody got a strong immune system? Is the cure worse than the disease? The Hippocratic Oath - which doctors don't take anymore by the way ("I will do no harm") - is that being followed in the way this is being rolled out or is the harm far, far, far greater than any actual risk from the infection itself?

In fact, I will mention also, even the whole idea that this is COVID. People don't want to talk about it but there is no actual COVID test except in name only. When you dig into the data further, it's a type of influenza, it's a type of standard cold flu that has been around for a long time. Remember, you know, a couple decades back, there are big enough parties from World War One that died of this influenza attack that happened back then, to isolate the infection cells.

There's some kind of a scam going on here. Let's not be easily susceptible. I am not a doctor. There's plenty of great doctors, though, that have done amazing work. And by the way, the seven attorneys that just filed the suit out in Los Angeles. They're professionals also and they're going by other professionals; and they're going by the government's own data. And they're telling you with very hard fought-for data that wasn't given out readily and wasn't made simple easily. By the way, it's categorized in 11 different categories to muddy the waters so that you can't find the numbers readily. 45,000 deaths in just a few days. Wake the F up.

Pryme Minister 36:32
I have a question about the awakening process for the American public when dealing with this mainstream media and culture. It's very difficult waking people up. And I was wanting to ask, is some of this necessary? How bad is it for people to wake up as you just were sharing with your friends.

Juan O Savin 37:00
There's two things. You can wake people up by letting them ... you know, if somebody's been drugged for a long time, you know ... we have medical reasons, where the body's under such stress for some reason that we will induce a coma, using drugs to keep the body calm, to keep it at a lower heart rate to allow the body time to heal. And when you have somebody that's been in a medically induced coma, sometimes it's for days, sometimes it's for weeks.

I had a friend that was in a medically induced coma, both he and his wife in separate incidents. She was in the coma for about 56 days. He was in his medically induced coma for about three weeks. And he came out of the coma. He lost a lot of body weight. When you're in a coma like that, you're just getting the intravenous fluids, one of the worst things is that all of your muscles begin to atrophy. And so I think he lost 35 pounds and went from a pretty robust guy ... he had a brain aneurysm and he wakes up and he's 35 pounds lighter, his muscle tone is all gone. And they're slowly taking the drugs off so that he doesn't have a shock to his body. And it took him from the time they started to ease up on the drugs till he started to first wake up, about a day.

And I remember I was there with him as he was starting to come out of it and spent a couple of hours there. Kind of tag teaming in a shift with his wife. And he would tell you today that he remembers me being there, remembers our conversation. And surprisingly enough ... it was about a car thing ... and he'll tell you, you know he can see every color on the car. He can see the exact mechanical stuff we're talking about, very precise. His wife that took over after I got there, he doesn't remember a thing, doesn't remember her being there at all until the following day. What triggers in your brain how it wakes up, what details stick and don't stick. It's it's hard to anticipate or predict. Everybody's a little different. 

The interesting thing in her case was, when they put her in the coma, the last thing she remembers is they're moving from one area of the hospital to another. And she also was having a brain aneurysm issue, very unusual. And we think something else that happened there with transmission of a radio frequency across their property from a military base. And, in her case, when she was being moved from one hospital to another and as she was going into the emergency room, she saw an alcove on the way into the emergency room. And it had big plants. And for some reason, she thought they were mushrooms, and that the mushrooms were what were making her lose contact with reality. And so she had this thing in her brain that she was getting high on mushrooms. And so when she was waking up out of the coma, for the whole time, she was waking up and it took her a couple of days, because they had to ease her off very gently on the stuff that she was under with, she thought that this was mushrooms - that we had sent her on this amazing trip and she was high and she just needed more of those mushrooms.

And even now, years and years later, she would tell you that it's so real to her. that if she even walked down the hall at that hospital where she's had her children who have had their babies there and stuff like that. And she says, I know it's not real, I know it's not real. But in my mind, sure as we're standing here know that if I walk around that corner of the building right there, and go into that area by the emergency room entrance, there's great big, huge mushrooms there. And I could just pull a piece off and take a bite, and I go on a trip, and I'd be gone for days and days and it would be amazing. And I just know it. Now I know, in my real mind, I can work through it and walk through it. And that is some kind of a induced memory. But in that programming that's in her brain, something got triggered. And for her, she's, I can taste it when I'm chewing it in my mouth. In my mind, in my imagination, it did something to the brain.

There's some kind of MK Ultra programming that's taken place for the country, for the world. And these people know that it works with the programming over and over and over and over and over. And we have to have our logic kick in and not let our emotions or the programming make these decisions for us. You need to go look at the data. Look at what these people who have worked very hard to get in these court cases and see that something isn't adding up and then make an informed decision. Are you working on imaginations from some kind of spell that you're under from some type of induced belief the you're under? Or is it based on some kind of hard data when you make your decision? And I think that's this hard work these attorneys are fighting to give you and to stop this mass programming and to wake you up out of this lull, this sleep.

That is very dangerous, you know people sleepwalk. We have people that take certain types of medicine. And they don't even know that they're walking down the street, getting in the car, driving down the road. Zantac, I think is one of them. And they can come out of that sleep state. They don't remember a thing that they did, even alleged murders of spouses and stuff like that, under the influence of these drugs.

We as a society, as a people, are under some kind of a spell. And within this exact audience, we must use our logic, fight through for reality, and not believe the mushroom illusions that were drug induced somehow, under the spell of talking heads, and so called experts. Look again, reconsider the data, something's wrong. And don't race to make a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

Gerry Foley 45:59
Well, just another quick question. I know I don't want to keep you. We've got a million questions, but we'll never do that. The audience is asking, is it fair to say, that President Trump in regards to this issue, is that he fast tracked it because they would have delayed this out over time, on purpose, so that they could have justified the closing of businesses. Is that it? Fast track it, get it done, get it approved, get it out to the public, then he could say to us, "Now remember everybody: do your own research." Is that a fair way to say what he did? And we know that he did it on many levels. And I know it's not a black-and-white answer.

Juan O Savin 47:03
Well, Jerry, you know, we've talked about this before privately. And one thing I want to say, I have to remind people of this. I just had this conversation with a friend of mine yesterday, who has a very serious legal issue, and is actually going to be charged today because he was present when President Trump spoke back on January 6, and didn't even go to the Capitol, was just present for President Trump's speech and ended up losing his federal job. And now he's showing up to be charged. And somewhere in here, we may have to talk about that. It's a very, very serious situation.

When you look at what President Trump had to face: there was a plan, there was a scam in place, they had a plan to force the country into this corner. And the meetings over in China that happened even in the weeks before this release of the virus, etc. There was a plan in place. And so the whole idea that you were going to have to have a vaccine was pushed at every level, including to the President. My friend that wanted to contact President Trump directly yesterday, it's as though he thought in terms of President Trump being king and being able to make decisions as a king or as a sovereign. A lot of people think, "If President Trump just knew what I know." That's not the way our system works. We have a representative government of the people, every man is sovereign. And so thinking that President Trump could do something like a king, that's not how our system works, even in the worst case scenario.

Even with all the executive orders that Biden has signed - 60 executive orders in the same time that Trump signed six. The reality is that you have the entire machinery and mechanism of government, all the health care experts, all the mechanisms of shutdown and societal control and Homeland Security. The president doesn't have reign over all those things to just shut it down like a king. He can do some emergency things and fight at a certain level but it's not just absolute power like a sovereign King. So what the President did is he worked with what was being thrown at him. And working with the system, the way the system was designed and set up, they knew that they had power over things.

So what did President Trump do? He told you early on, that he got the sickness. And he also took hydroxychloroquine and it was fine and it solved it; and that there are other methods. He was giving you demonstrations that there were alternatives before the vaccine showed up. Then for those people that said, "Society can't reopen, that the machinery can't work, we can't go back to work as a country until the vaccine's in place," were trying to make us believe that. Well, you also have a brain in your head. And you were told there's other alternatives. Even now with my guys who got very sick and now have the antibodies in their system. Are they going to get the vaccine now? I don't think so. Because there are alternatives that are valid, that make sense.

The cure cannot be worse than the disease. That lawsuit in Los Angeles, that shot across the bow telling you that you absolutely have to have the jab before you can go back to work before you can go back to clubs and bars. France is making it that you have to have a passport now to go into any club, bar, restaurant, etc. And if you lie, or if you don't have the shot, you have to show proof. And if you go into a bar, a bar allows you in or restaurant allows you in to a public place and you haven't got that proof, you get some monstrous fine. It's like $45,000. Interesting, they choose that number. I get some monstrous fine and can go to jail for some, you know, long period of time for having violated their rules. Canada: same thing is coming. They're going to create a vaccine passport. And then you'll say, "Well, I won't go to the store, I'll have it brought to me." But then your kids can't go to school or interact with other kids without the passport. Well then if your kids have the shot and you don't, they'll say you can't be in the same house with them and social services has to come pick them up.

Look, there's a plan here. They've thought it out long, long, long in advance. Don't be naive. Don't be juvenile. Don't be sophomores. Don't be a freshman. Grow up. Look at what's going on. Your community right here, your listeners. These are godly people. Don't be sheeple and just accept what you're being told as being truth or the fact because it came from some minister of the government. These people, the "church of government" is in conflict with and challenging God's Church, God's people. It's as simple as that. That's the way I see it. And they want to hurt us to be operating according to their scamdemic, their plandemic, to fool you into complying and becoming their tool on the way to the Georgia Guidestones where 13 out of every 14 people on the planet have to be removed, because the earth is too full.

This crowd wants to sacrifice people to their plan to save Mother Earth. They are a cult. And this is born out of evil, this is a fight of good over evil. There's alternatives to this sickness that are way more effective.

We have the records from the government's own files that are part of this lawsuit that just got filed that say that what I'm saying here is accurate. I'm referring to specific documents, do your research. And if you want to get the shot, it's available to you.

That's what President Trump's telling you. If you feel the need that you have to have the shot, go get it. Don't force me to go get it. If you've got the shot, you're safe. If I don't have it, well, you're safe, right, you got the shot, unless the shot doesn't actually work. And by the way, the numbers of infections of people that have the shot on some of the records Israelis and others are doing show that it's actually higher for people that got the shot. So what's going on?

Use your head in this audience. Without getting yourself taken down off your social media. They won't let you have the conversation, then you need to have the conversation with your friends and relatives privately. And if they don't want to hear you, okay, they're in that zone, but at least you said something as the watchmen on the wall. If the watchman warns of danger, then the guilt is off of him. He did his job. If the watchman's asleep at the switch, and an enemy comes, and they fell asleep at their post, and the city's taken, then the watchman bears the guilt before God and before his fellow citizens.

Okay, so we here in this audience, are the watchmen, you're watching in prayer, you're here in the night watch, in the morning watch, saying prayer before the day begins for yourself, for your relatives, for the people, you work around for the nation, for our leadership. And then you go out into society and you be salt, and light. You must leave some taste in society, if the salt is lost is saltiness, what value is it? And then add a little salt into the conversation. A little salt? Look, you don't eat just nothing. Salt. It's horrible. You can't get it down. Right, right. It's supposed to be a little bit of flavoring. Yeah, just add a little flavor to your conversations.

And I will tell you this, I'll use Mike Reagan as an example again, I have had this conversation for months and months and months and months about this shot. And he rejected the whole idea and felt like I was off my rocker and I was looking for monsters under the bed. And all of a sudden, the light bulb goes off. He sees it and it's like, "Oh crap" now I wish I could take back having gotten the shot."

That's what these attorneys are trying to do, to give you enough information to make an informed decision. In spite of the fact that all the oligarchs have social media. You understand all those people running social media. They're oligarchs, the same kind of people that Putin had to go to war with in Russia after the Soviet Union collapsed. He had a bunch of people that had the right positions in intelligence agencies. They had the right connections so they ended up getting all the key choke points of commerce in society, in business, and they became fabulously wealthy, because government was broken. Putin, in the process of regaining control of the country, had to go to war with these business tycoons that actually had dark paths in history, where they had been in the intelligence services, when we took down the Soviet Union. And they picked up the pieces and ran and coordinated their actions between each other and took over control of the whole country. And he (Putin) had to start taking them out and showing them that they weren't going to do that to the whole country.

That's why he has this reputation for hardness and I'm no Putin lover and I'm no Russia lover. I wouldn't want to live there, I wouldn't want to live under him. But he had a little bit more king-like control to take on some of these people that were going to run it their way. It's a mob rule type of thing. You have to be a bigger mobster. But he also is maybe not quite as bad of a mobster as some of the other ones that were doing it from the business side.

Right now you've got a bunch of mobsters, and I'll call them that, that are oligarchs over our social media. And they're trying to control the direction of the country by controlling the conversation. That's why the First Amendment to the Constitution isn't for guns. It's for speech. If you can stop the talk everything else is in play. It's one of the hinges that the doors of society, especially American society, turn on.

So we have to use our head, use our brains, take the available data and think, again, we've been railroaded in a particular direction. Is it healthy? Does it make sense, especially in light of the now accumulating data that's emerging over this experimental series of drugs, which are not technically vaccines that are being pushed on. And if these monsters had their way, would be forced on to us as a people. We are sovereigns. Take control of your own life, make a decision, make an informed decision. And if you do get sick, early response is critical. There's alternatives, exercise them. And don't wait until you're actually in dire need to take very inexpensive cheap, alternative ways to address the issue.

Gerry Foley 1:03:22
Awesome. We appreciate your time, sir. Everybody here comes here every morning, sir. We pray and and we lift each other up, we lift up the needs of our family, we lift up the President, Vice President, we lift up the first and second lady, we lift up a military, of course, the children every single morning, sir, and everybody around the world, because we truly believe the Pledge of Allegiance. And we play that song by Pryme in the morning and other songs.

And we pray for the children. So, Juan, we come here with the belief that Scripture teaches be anxious for nothing and fear not. Joshua one nine, be courageous, sincere, for the Lord is your God, and I'll never leave you nor forsake you. So that's what we try to impart to each other. We encourage each other in that type of thing, when every morning and at least people have a platform every single morning to come and ensure that they know that they can come if it's a bad day or a bad news day or whatever. We come here in the morning to encourage each other and pray for the nation and the people around the world. (More thanks to Juan for his direction and encouragement.)

Juan O Savin 1:05:29
Well, I do appreciate that. People are being reached, and it's somehow hitting the right notes with them, helping them.

A couple quick things; everybody in this audience, I'm sure, knows about the Kim Clement prophecies about two presidents, and there being confusion in the world at some point in time. And part of that is not fully understood or grasped. You know, Commander in Chief is a different hat than President. President Trump will be a President out through eternity, because he wasn't actually impeached. They voted for impeachment over the House of Representatives, but the Senate didn't agree with it. So just because you're charged with the crime doesn't mean you're guilty unless the jury says nope guilty, or the judge says guilty. Just being charged with a crime is not the same as being convicted of a crime. So President Trump was not impeached. So he's still a President, and will be for eternity. You know, we have other presidents that are still alive right now, if you want to get technical about it, I understand that.

Is he the President of the United States right now? No, he stepped down. Is he gonna come back as Commander in Chief? Is there something going on behind the scenes related to what's happening with this vote count that we can't talk about either? Look, you can't talk about the vote and the fraud that occurred back on November 3. And you can't talk about the vaccine, the two are being tied together. In the cancel culture you can't talk about this stuff. So what's that all about? But the reason I mentioned that is, and you mentioned praying for the President and for the Vice President, in this particular situation, and stuff that happened back on January 6, etc. Interesting thing is, if President Trump is back as Commander in Chief, is there a Vice Commander in Chief?

Gerry Foley 1:08:24
Is there what? No.

Juan O Savin 1:08:26
Is there a Vice Commander in Chief? Did you never hear? There's no such thing.

Gerry Foley 1:08:29

Juan O Savin 1:08:30
Commander in Chief. And so it will be interesting as this plays out. There is a good versus evil aspect to everything that's happening to us right now. I know that people are hanging on by their fingernails, you know, emotionally. But this is the same situation, you have to use your heart and your mind. But you have to let them each play their proper role. There's things you do, because you've thought it through. You've calculated, you're doing it in a very informed, intelligent way with the mind that God gave you. And you're cancelling out just the emotion, the gut, the gut is to go smack somebody in the nose.

I remember, you know, somebody talking about the Spirit of the Lord came on me, and I smacked the guy in the teeth. Okay. And it was in a church setting. Well, I can tell you that that particular situation, that particular incident, that wasn't the Spirit of the Lord, okay? You can misinterpret emotion. And you can put any label on it you want, doesn't make it true. There's other times though, yeah, the Spirit of the Lord comes on the guy and then you can be in Mortal Kombat and save lives as a police officer does, or just a citizen in a life threatening situation. There was the church thing down in Texas a few years back. And some shooter came in to shoot up the church. There was a guy that didn't happen to be at church that morning, but he heard a commotion, had rifle in his truck, drove over there and took care of the problem. Well, the Spirit of the Lord came on him and he shot the bad guy.

Let's use very careful, sincere judgment, God inspired judgment, to know how best to respond to these situations, that's appropriate for the moment. Right now in America, by the actions of President Trump, we are not in an actual pull-the-guns-out Civil War. We are in a war, that is a war of ideas, in conversation. And we still have the ability to communicate. Some of the oligarchs may be stopping us, within their platforms, from communicating effectively. And it may or may not be legal, technically. But we still are able to communicate just not as freely as we'd like to. And we are able to gather intelligence information.

So we can make decisions that are informed, but you got to do a little extra work. So do the work. And then make an informed decision and then share that with others, so they understand that there is a conversation that needs to be had. Have the conversation if they'll let ya. Don't force it down their throat, and don't be just salt all the time. Because that salt is a wound in America, you won't be well received.

And then understand President Trump isn't king. He can't do stuff as king. However, if we get to that point, and it breaks out into the open, as Commander in Chief, when you're at war, he has total control. And if that's what we're needing, as a society, and that's where things are going, that role might be a little different in the not too distant future. If you're praying, praying correctly is a big part of that. You know, if you ask God to do something that's outside of His will, is God just supposed to do that for you? Just because you ask for it, does it mean that God has to give it to you, even though you have lots of faith and everything else? You know, Christ Himself said, Thy will be done. That's the Lord's Prayer. We need to ask God that His will be done.

Pryme Minister 1:13:58
He pretty much answered the question that I did ask him, which was pretty much, you know, is it time for the people to act? And I think what he's saying is, it's time for the people to educate themselves. It's time for people to to take responsibility for decisions that they make ...

Gerry Foley 1:14:15
Make their own individual decisions.

Pryme Minister 1:14:17
It's a part of the waking up process. I think it is a part of the plan. And I think the part of the plan, and I've been asking this question for a long time, I mean, when is it going to be time for the American people to act and to take a particular action, even if it's in protest, or demonstration or whatever? You know what I mean? And I think it's now it's like now, there's no better time than now. I mean, there's so much information out there. You continue to talk about the lawyers who are on the case and some of the information that they gathered, which is telling us that that's obviously a part of the plan somehow to educate people to the reality of this vaccine and what it's really doing to people and so forth. It's time for the American people to take responsibility. It's our time.

Gerry Foley 1:15:05
I think the majority of the people that take the vaccine, they just listen to mainstream media. Mainstream Media says take it, rah rah, rah, get it, get it, and they don't do it. It's people that are here, Pryme, it's people that are listening to our voice. It's people that come here at 630 in the morning, in a dig in and praying and trusting it's these people are the ones that are doing. So what Juan said, I says, leaders, every single person here, we take the lead, and I don't get I do my research. Then after I do my research, what's the decision? After we do our research, we don't get the job. That's what we do. And as a representative to our families, they see that Gerry's not getting stuck. Okay. I'm an example. You're an example. Now, if you've got the first jab, what Juan's saying is don't get the second one. Right, Pryme? That's what he said, I think.

Pryme Minister 1:16:00
Well, I think he's trying to stay away from telling people what to do. And I think that's one of the very careful lines that he's kind of trying to tread? Because there's obviously, you know, you just can't do certain things. And it's one of the things that we realize that it's not that is not within the realm of thought should should the military just to sit. But um, they've particularly chosen this path of operating within the framework of the law, the legal system in America, to bring about this awakening, and that I noticed not everybody's flavor, but some of the things that they are doing is they are carefully removing some of these guys and allowing them to pretend to be this. So I don't, it's very complicated. It's very, it's very complicated, because I know he did touch on that. Some people were asking about the Delta and was the Delta a code word for GITMO, because the Delta is the name of GITMO prison, Delta Prison. And...

Gerry Foley 1:17:09
Now, that's right. And well, interesting enough, they say, Pryme, there is a sickness out there, right? There is. It's never been denied that there isn't such. It looks like normally, for the most part, it's touched a certain age group, no 75 and older is 90 something percent of the people that have passed, whatever the case. So, the ones that have better immune systems, as Juan spoke of might have better success. And then he says, Is this jab the answer? Is this solution worse than the disease? In this case, the argument would be do your own research, right? Do your own research yourself. He's got to get us all out of this thing, that I come home at six o'clock at night, I sit back, get my coffee, I get my beer, whatever I do, drink it, watch the news. They say, you're going to get a million dollars if you do this, we'll go do it or whatever, that whatever they're doing. And that's what we did our whole life. And we believed it and I don't do it anymore, right. So these, you know, there's me, there's you, there's all these people here that we don't listen to the way we used to listen, I'm guessing. And the encouragement and what he said to me too, was people say all the time, Why is President Trump Why is President Trump and Juan said it once, twice, three times, President Trump's not the king. You don't have a king of the United States. He's President of the United States. You know, there's a lot of other things going on.

Pryme Minister 1:18:43
And it doesn't it doesn't mean that he is not kingly, you know, I mean, President Trump definitely has a king Qinglian anointment to him.

Gerry Foley 1:18:53
No. 100%, Pryme. Of course.

Pryme Minister 1:18:56
Let me just say this, because it's not that he is our king, he is spiritually in the spiritual realm, he is somewhat of a king. The position that he's playing, it's not a job. I mean, he's obviously not getting the salary. This is a call and then the king is a calling. And so within the political structure, obviously, he's not a king. So he doesn't hold those, those powers, but there is a some contingency there where if it becomes so bad, that it's necessary, then the military will have to go in and do what they have to do, because he is sworn an oath. And he must, he must do that. And I think right now is the people's time, and it's our turn to act as our time to stand up. You know, it's time to speak the truth. You know, people are losing their jobs. People are being persecuted people are losing their family members. You know, I personally have lost family members by ways of this disease and so forth. So yeah, it's...

Gerry Foley 1:20:06
100% 100% Pryme 100%. I think that we're in a position to pull together that even what you were speaking to me earlier about is that the position that we hold here is that we're standing on the Word of God, where we're believing, we're trusting the plan. I mean, Pryme, I was gonna say this at the end to Juan if I had a chance. Juan's basically said this the entire time, he said, it's going to get a little worse before it gets better. And he didn't say specifically what it was. But this is something that everybody's attention is getting to that.

Pryme Minister 1:20:51
I wanted to say this while it's fresh on my mind, but I'm not sure if everybody caught what he talked about. I'm just want to just recap it real quick. He talked about his friend, who he preached to he preached to him. And you know, the objective here is always the awakening of the public no matter what. And he talked about his friend, he preached to him, he took the jab, and there he was after he took the job, and then he got some information that he had this awakening, he had an awakening after kind of beginning down this path. And so that's what kind of prompted me to ask him is this particular climate that we're in right now necessary for America to wake up and to snap out of it? Do we have to get this bad? Because even though people are not realizing that they're awakening, they're awakening from frustration, they awakening from a sense of not being sure...

Gerry Foley 1:21:48
Juan's coming back. He's coming back. He's coming back. He's gonna pray. Thank you, sir.

Juan O Savin 1:21:53  PRAYER
Let me say a prayer with all of your folks here, and let them get on to their day.

Father, God, I thank you so much for every one of your children that are here, present gathered in this room, this church of believers out across the world. And we know that there's so much confusion, and so much information and misinformation that we're having to wade through every moment of every day. We look to you, Father, for clarity in each of our lives; clarity for how we should move, how we should act amongst our friends and relatives, co workers, through the day that people that we meet, in happenstance moments at the store, the gas pump, out across our days. We know that you intend as Father to be salt and light in the world, to have a flavor, to be light to the world, that your presence would be seen in each of us through the day. Father, God, in all of this confusion, and all the chaos of life and society of living, we look to you to help us to find direction, a way of proceeding that suits your purposes. Concerning all of these decisions that we make, and that we influence those around us to make, we ask you to give us guidance today. What to say, what not to say, when to say it, how to say it, so that we can be vessels of your presence, your spirit, out into the world. We ask you to have less of us and more of you in those conversations, so that we are appealing and approachable by the people around us and not prickly, so that we can actually influence them in ways that help them. We pray for our leadership. We know that there's many in our leadership out across the country, in our corporations, in our government, in our churches, who are seeking to do right for us as a People, to their neighbors, to do good as we seek to do good. And we ask you to bless each and every one of them, to help us in society to be able to work together, and to own this earth that you gave to our father Adam, and to his seed, to manage and turn this desert into a paradise by your will, by your strength, by your blessing, by your guidance, by your word. Father God, we also know that there's many who are snakes, who are wolves in sheep's clothing, who have mutually self promoted each other, that have wheedled themselves into positions of power and control, in order to hurt us, in order to control us and to damage us, as a church, as a society, as individuals, to take control of our life, for evil purposes. And we ask you, for strength and power to come against them, to oppose them, as good opposes evil, throughout all of your creation, as light overcomes darkness, just by its mere presence, We pray that you would bind up every evil spirit, every evil entity, every evil action, all their plans, all their pandemics, that ou will bind them up, that you would bring them to some catastrophe, some destruction, that you would grind them down and you would give your people in all of these places that are doing your will. extra protection, extra blessing. Extra means extra understanding, angelic assistance, because we battle not against principalities and powers of this world, according to your word, but of powers of darkness, spiritual darkness, that seek to enslave us and take us right into hell. We pray that you would give us power, not just to come against those evil forces and dark forces and spiritual forces, but also to see them in order to target them, and point them out to people around us, help us to have the scales removed from our eyes and to see clearly what we're up against. And then help us to defeat it, to see it undefeated, and to bring others to the fight. We pray for those that are making very hard decisions, answering the health and welfare of the citizens out across the country, but are having to time their actions with precision with the best interests of the country, at heart. And they're having to hold hold hold before taking that specific action and actions that we need. We pray that you would sustain your people protected by your hand, that you would have a cloud of protection over all the people here in this audience right now. Against all the evil that's being thrown against them, and that you would bless each person in this audience. So they have the resources, and the opportunity and their time to do the ministry that must be done in their own community, in their own household, to the people around them that are close to them. And we pray that you would bring ready hearts, to the people in your audience right here, that you would bring people across their path, who have eyes to see and ears to hear. And they would be doing your work. That you would give them opportunities to be vessels of blessing and as they bless others, that they themselves would be blessed. That you would give them fresh, fresh blessing in their cups, that they can pour out to others, and that it would not grow stagnant, because they're blessing so much that that cup is constantly being refilled. Refill their hearts and their lives as they do the work that you have for them, and give them eyes to see the fields ready for harvest around them so that their work is efficient. And Father, God, we pray. There's people all over the world, watching us as a country, as a people, at this exact moment, that are praying that we will get our house in order, because they know that it's our ministry, our mission, that you, Father, have your blessing, your hand on us to go do your will. We pray that you would help us to quickly get our house in order, to get it cleaned, and to get it ornamented. to get it filled up with the blessings that you have, so that we can go out and do this work that you have for us in the world, to bring freedom to the world, to remove the bonds of slavery from people around the world. Children and adults, we are ashamed that there's more slavery on the planet than ever in history. And that most of those are children. We pray that you would give us strength to get our house in order, so that we can go out and help the children here in our own house and out across the world, to recapture the world for you, for your purposes, and to be a blessing and not a curse to the world. We ask you in those things where we ourselves are not capable, and shouldn't even be trying to deal with these monsters, these entities. We put them all at the foot of the cross, we ask you Christ to deal with every one of the buyer blood, these dark entities, these evil spirits, these dark angels over America that have us in their grip. We pray that you yourself would take them in your grip and cast them into hell, by your own judgment, by the blood of Christ, that these dark angels would not have and consume America and feast off of us as a people, but that we would have the strength and the clarity of mind and the focus to throw these monsters off, and their chains, and put them at the foot of the cross for Christ's own judgment and dealing so that we can be free of these monsters and so that we can do the will of our Creator out across the earth, exactly as He created us to do, by God's strength, by God's mercy, by the blood of Christ. Amen.

Gerry Foley 1:33:25
Thank you.

Juan O Savin 1:34:00
I hope to see you soon. And in the meantime, God's will be done.

Gerry Foley 1:34:07
Thank you, sir.

Juan O Savin 1:34:15
Alright folks.

Gerry Foley 1:34:16
Take care. Thank you guys. Bye.

Joey Gilbert speaks at Reawaken America Conference in Anaheim, California

SBN News Clip on Rumble
Published July 19, 2021
21:18 viewing length

Juan referred several times in the video above to Joey Gilbert and his efforts to roll back the covidiocy in California and elsewhere. We wanted to feature him here in a recent presentation.


Over many years now, the attentive ones have unveiled for friends, family and fellow patriots, the true nature of a disguised but great evil that has waged a seemingly eternal war on mankind - an evil that feeds on and destroys our children. All done with mankind's self-deceived tacit approval.

We anticipate an Act of God to save our children, a sudden act by God's "white hat" agents and angels, that will wake and shake and save a whole world.

But God's grace is also something we EARN. There has to be sufficient humility and accountability in us to merit such a miracle by the Hand of God.

That's why the Near Death Experience (NDE) is used by God to shake us awake and make us accountable. People that experience what 70s author and researcher Raymond Moody coined as a "near death experience" are often those who are given a special mission to share a very unique spiritual insight they've received during an NDE.

Can a whole nation go through an NDE? Even, a whole world? Has it happened before? Read your Bible.


We all need, to get the Word out. Mother Earth herself, is dying for us to speak in her behalf with a grain or two of common sense.

You won't know what you can accomplish, until you give it a good try taking it to the next level. We are here to support you overcoming the technical hurdles to sharing you thoughts, wisdom, art, vision, with the world via the internet, the most powerful communication medium in human history.

The best way to get started, is to load your MyRR Arsenal with ammunition, posting content here exactly like you would on FB and Twitt. When you are ready to jump into Citizen Journalism, publishing your articles, research, art etc as articles and features in Top Stories and other RRM Categories, it's time to join the Creators Guild becoming an RRM Author and Editor!

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    Tremendous conversation! Juan's Prayer full of God's Wisdom and Love. I believe it should be placed in the Prayer page of RRM! Belongs at the TOP!
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