Jovan Pulitzer Amazed at the Voter Fraud Uncovered in Arizona


Even Pulitzer, one of the best minds in the world analyzing the election fraud of 2020, is amazed at what the Arizona Senate has uncovered in their forensic audit, soon to be reported to the public. We have a brief video clip from his Telegram feed.

Jovan Hutton Pulitzer with Labor Day Update on Arizona Audit

RubyRayMedia on Rumble (mirror for the Telegram post on Mr. Pulitzer's Telegram Feed)
Published Sep 7, 2021 (originally published by Mr. Pulitzer on Telegram on Sep 6, 2021)
1:33 viewing length
(transcript below)


Fresno, California, Steven asked, "Any update on the Arizona report?"

Yes, the updates are in-house and internal. What I can say is now more than ever, more legal teams are involved because of the implications of the findings. And you want to make sure those things are discussed properly, so you don't compromise the evidence when it comes to a State Attorney General seeking indictments and prosecutions. So you can bet everybody on the Left is now bombarding the Arizona Attorney General. And he's up for reelection, too.

Yesterday I was in a special session to go over some of the data. And even I am amazed at some of the team's various findings. Of course, I know mine, but when you hear some of the team's findings of what they have found and what they've documented? Oh my God, it is literally jaw-dropping. It's even jaw-dropping to me. I had no idea how bad some of this was, but that's because I stay in my lane.


Former Prosecutor now Law Professor David Clements compares a mob hit to the hit on the American vote.


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