Jan6 was another brilliant sting operation


As desperate as the lying mockies were to pretend Ray Epps and Stewart Rhodes don't exist, it's obvious now that they don't control the narrative - at all. They do however consistently faceplant with their aggressive and oh-so transparent coverup and misdirection attempts. Their glaring criminal behavior is exactly what's needed to wake up the remaining sleepers before it's too late for them. Too late for what? Too late to, "come out of her my people" (as in saving your soul, from Jesus himself in the Book of Revelation.) 

Given a full year of Bye-done residency now polling 33% approval (more like 13% when corrected for lying pollsters) with adherents jumping ship en masse, there can't be too many of those sleepers left now, can there? True, it seems probable that 4-6% can never find their way out of the paper bag matrix, they are "dyed-in-the-wool" (and perhaps choosing to die to their own chance to truly live, God forbid!)

Mark Dice's freshly sharpened sardonic wit sums it all up nicely on the latest Jan6 developments. We also give kudos to the Ted Cruz staff for the Ray Epps presentation they put together for the world. And, WOW! Bill O'Reilly says Nancy Pelosi let the Jan6 "riot" happen! Gee, Bill, you're starting to sound a lot like a loon, aren't you?

The fact is, the Soros-Valerie Jarrett-Pelosi-Schumer crime syndicate are up to their eyeballs in conspiracy, sedition and treason against this country after putting the whole Jan6 false flag event together with the corrupt FBI and DOJ. Caught, dead-to-rights. We just have to wake up a few more sleepers to avoid the cities burning, before fully revealing the whole sordid mess - and it's YUGE! (Maybe that saber-rattling escalating to a nuke scare in the former Soviet sphere will finish the job?)

"Seditious Conspiracy"

Mark Dice on YouTube
Published Jan 14 2022
5:25 viewing length (transcript below)


Mark Dice 0:00
Yesterday was like Christmas for the Democrats in the media since the FBI arrested about a dozen members of the Oathkeepers organization, including the founder and leader, Stewart Rhodes, and charged them with seditious conspiracy for their involvement in the mostly peaceful protest at the Capitol on January 6th last year. It's fascinating; it took the government a full year to figure this out, and just hours after Ted Cruz put the spotlight on Ray Epps, not to mention everybody ridiculing the Democrats marking the one year memorial of the imaginary insurrection.

Clip of Marco Rubio in the Senate 0:31
I think almost everyone would tell you that what happened on January 6th was a terrible thing. It should never have happened, and it should never happen again. But I don't care how many candlelight vigils and musical performances you have from the cast of Hamilton, you're not going to convince, at least most normal and sane people, that our government last year was almost overthrown by a guy wearing a viking hat and speedos.

Mark Dice 0:52
Of course, he's talking about the QAnon Shaman, who was just sentenced to almost three and a half years in prison for trespassing. The same amount of time that a rioter got for literally burning down the police station in Minneapolis for George Floyd during the Black Lives Matter riots of 2020.

The George Soros funded District Attorneys will always dismiss charges for assaulting police officers, burning cars and businesses during Black Lives Matter riots. But it looks like they actually draw the line at burning down a police station. But after a full year of prosecuting trespassers at the Capitol, undocumented tourists, the Federal Bureau of Instigation has finally cracked the case.

Clip of Congress critter Jamie Raskin on Anderson Cooper 360 1:31
I hope that this arrest in this prosecution will shut up those of our colleagues who keep saying, Well, if it was a conspiracy, how come there are no conspiracy charges? If it was seditious, how come there are no sedition charges? So there we go. We've got those and undoubtedly with a lot more to come soon.

Mark Dice 1:49
That's right, Congressman Raskin, people should just shut up and stop asking questions. Like, Why did Nancy Pelosi deny President Trump's request to station 10,000 National Guard troops at the Capitol that day, in order to protect it in case any left-wing agitators or Antifa showed up and started causing trouble? I think everybody with a brain knows the answer to that. But I don't want to get called a conspiracy theorist. So I'll let Bill O'Reilly answer that one.

Clip of the loon, Bill O'Reilly 2:10
Now I asked Andy, I said, I think Pelosi wanted the riot to happen. And I do. Because she wanted to take Trump off the board. She knew if there was violence at the Capitol you could blame Trump for it, and that's exactly what happened.

Mark Dice 2:24
Interesting. So, Bill O'Reilly and many others support the LIHOP hypothesis, the "Let It Happen On Purpose" hypothesis. Others, of course, believe that it was a MIHOP situation, they "Made It Happen On Purpose" events. Regardless of where you stand on that, I'm sure we can all agree that this meme perfectly illustrates what's happening regarding the arrest of Stewart Rhodes and the Oathkeepers.

On Thursday, Tucker Carlson interviewed one of the traditionalists, a 70-year-old disabled veteran who the government and the liberal media industrial complex believe almost overthrew the government. He was actually already arrested last year for his involvement in the protest and spent almost two months in solitary confinement before he was finally released.

So now they just added the Conspiracy and Sedition charge to the list of things that he'll likely get acquitted of in the future. As usual, the media will ignore that. It's the standard MO, amplify the allegation and ignore the outcome.

One of the strangest things, however, is the Democrats and their media mouthpieces are defending Ray Epps. They don't want him charged with anything, despite all that we know about what he did that day. And one of his biggest fans is fake Republican Congressman Adam Kinzinger.

Clip of Congress critter Adam Kinzinger on MSNBC 3:30
Ray Epps has cooperated and is nothing but a January 6 protest attendee. In his own words. Sorry, crazies, it ain't true.

Mark Dice 3:38
At this point, Ray Epps will probably be hired as a contributor for CNN. And will chat it up with Don Lemon every night as they talk about January 6, and how he was just there to peacefully support the President, but he was framed as one of the conspirators by the evil Republicans.

The Department of Justice also just sent subpoenas to Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Reddit claiming that they haven't done an adequate enough response to censoring enough people because apparently, there are still some thought crimes that people are posting about the 2020 election that are slipping through the AI algorithms and aren't getting detected and removed. That coincided with a group of 80 different fact-checkers, I'm sorry, fact-suppressors, they call themselves fact-checkers, who sent the letter to YouTube demanding that they crack down on more free speech, because apparently there are still some people committing thought crimes here.

But that's nothing. 270 doctors just signed a letter and sent it over to Spotify, demanding that Joe Rogan be censored. They're calling him a menace to public health. He's a menace for having questions and interviewing doctors who talk about things you're not allowed to openly discuss in America anymore, since the Marxist takeover. You're not allowed to question Dr. Klopek on a podcast, I mean, Dr. Fauci. In a perfect world, he would be questioned by the FBI in an interrogation room and then arrested for, at the bare minimum, of committing perjury about lying about how this pandemic really got started.

Senator Cruz Questions FBI Official About Ray Epps Role in January 6

Published Jan 11 2022
3:45 viewing length

JANUARY 11, 2022


Senator Cruz Questions FBI Official About Ray Epps' Role in January 6

Senator Ted Cruz questions an FBI official on the role played by Ray Epps, a Marine veteran, who was seen in video from January 6 urging Trump supporters to go into the building. The FBI official declines to answer the questions.

Alleged Capitol Hill Riot Federal Informant, Ray Epps Confronted, Takes Off in a Golf Cart - 4847

SBN News Clips on Rumble
Published Dec 1 2021
1:25 viewing length


Firebrand Congressman Matt Gaetz appears as MAGA's co-leader with Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene coming out of the DC bubble to represent us on Jan6. They are backed up by the work of Dr. Darren J. Beattie who runs Revolver News where the Fedsurrection has been painstakingly researched and exposed.


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