January 6 - America's Inflection Point


Witnessing the war of words raging on and about January 6, we can see the inflection point of American history in it, starting with what America's greatest leader in its entire history is saying about it, just today, January 6, 2022. Add Flynn, Gaetz, Greene and so many patriots, citizen journalists and digital warriors and watch this thing take off like a rocket to Mars!

Nobody cares, Nanshy

What remains of the deepstate (so many have "retired") is shrieking in abject panic, Trump lets them shriek to wake up the sleepers but he makes sure to help the late comers know what's going on

President Trump sat down with OAN's Christina Bobb to discuss the current state of affairs in the US on Wednesday.

This was an excellent interview by one of the top truly impressive reporters in the country today.

Joe Hoft - Gateway Pundit - Jan 6 2022

President Trump Sits Down for One-on-One with OAN

One America News Network
Published Jan 6 2022
13:42 viewing length

President Trump says America is in the early stages of communism under Joe Biden. He sat down with One America's Christina Bobb for this exclusive interview.

Scotty Films' January 6 movie to Muse's 'Uprising'

Scotty mar10 on Rumble
Published Jan 6, 2022
12:52 viewing length

Kazakhstan government collapses. Pompeo says boycott Beijing Olympics.


We've come a long way since Lt Gen Michael T Flynn first starting talking publicly about the digital army. We should be wise to how the enemy fights this fourth and fifth generation "irregular" and "unrestricted" warfare on the internet.


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