GREAT NEWS HIGHLIGHTS: Parents' Victory, Promises Kept, Countries Stand Up, Trump Speaks Out and more.


A World of Unity, World of Wonder is on the horizon. Look for it, ye shall find it.

Every day there is good news on our political, social, and financial scene. Although obscured by a plethora of news that is being purposefully presented more negative than positive, I can assure you massive wins are occurring and will keep occurring as long as we all stand up, recognize our victories and claim them.

A group of parents in Bentonville, Arizona took on their school board and won. A judge rescinded the mask mandate order in their school district. ~ BentonvilleParentsWin

The video below demonstrates the beauty of Victory as we fight for our children's rights!

Parents, STAND YOUR GROUND! Our children deserve to live out their God-given Freedom.

PROTECT a parent's right to stand up for their children by clicking here: STOP BIDEN'S CRACKDOWN ON PARENTS

OUTSTANDING NEWS: TAIWAN WILL NOT GIVE IN TO THE CHINESE COMMUNIST PARTY (CCP) "On the anniversary of Taiwan's founding, the island's president delivered a defiant address to her people standing firm against Chinese President Xi Jinping, vowing Taiwan would not "bow to pressure" from the mainland." (link to details by clicking on the photo above) This is the kind of courage that is creating this great big wonderful WORLD OF UNITY!

Stew Peters holds Vernon Jones feet (and tongue) to the fire!

Vernon Jones (2022 GOP Candidate for Governor of GA) is making promises. But does he have the integrity to back them up?
I was at the Perry, GA Save America Trump Rally and what I heard from Vernon Jones was rah-rah talk about how he agrees with Trump on key issues. Yet, he did not once speak about actual steps he would take to change the communist direction of Georgia if elected Governor. Stew Peter's interview with Vernon Jones demonstrates what I witnessed at the rally; Vernon Jones talks a lot but does not describe defined clear actions to accomplish his rhetoric while denying the truth of his corrupt past.

Watch the video below and find out for yourself. It pays to research the candidates before you vote. Truth matters.
'ELECTIONS EXPERT SETH KESHEL RELEASES NATIONAL FRAUD NUMBERS' Captain Keshel has been highlighted and thanked by President Trump for his investigative data work to uncover the root of the 2020 Election Fraud. He confirms President Trump won: PA, MI, WI, NV, AZ, GA, and MN, he finds 8.1 million excess votes and he believes cyber-flipping may have affected the results in NM, VA, NJ, and NH. If you missed this intel due to lamestream media fake news' lack of reporting truth, you can review this powerful information by clicking the image above. The Truth shall prevail!


New Jersey is the 25th state to be served with a legal petition demanding an audit and New York will soon be 26th!

The video below clearly states the mission: "The New York Young Republican Club traveled to Trenton, New Jersey, on 10/7 to stand in solidarity with Christina Oden and the group Audit New Jersey as they served a petition with over 100,000 notarized signatures to Gov Murphy and 19 other NJ State officials demanding an audit to the 2020 election."

More here: #AuditTheVoteNJ Process Serves 19 State Officials Requesting Forensic Audit of the 2020 Election


This is FANTASTIC NEWS, my friends! There are quite a few start-up cyber companies connecting freedom-loving employers with freedom-loving job seekers. And there is one that seems to stand apart from the rest. It is called RedBalloon.

Their focus sends a powerful message to the business world, fostering unity, not division. Their mission statement speaks volumes: "To unite a community of businesses and job seekers who value and preserve the freedom to work."

Find out more here: AboutRedBalloonAnd this short video below, by Founder & CEO, Andrew Crapuchettes, is fun and even more informative:

'THE LIES OF REVISIONIST HISTORY, IN DEFENSE OF CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS'  "The left has increasingly characterized Christopher Columbus as a genocidal maniac in an attempt, in my view, to also portray the "white man" as the enemy of all native peoples. This attempt is nothing more than a concerted effort to make Americans hate their country by making them hate the very foundations of our civilization." We here at Ruby Ray Media will not sit back and let the revisionist history lies pass! Click on the image above to read the GOOD NEWS TRUTH about one of the greatest explorers in mankind's history. 

The Victory Marches for Health Choice Freedom Continue World Wide 

France (Paris) Continues to Stand Up! 🔥

  Italy (Rome) Keeps the Freedom Fires Burning! 🔥

  Switzerland (Geneva) Maintains Victory Vigilance! 🔥

'WENDY ROGERS STILL WANTS TO DECERTIFY' This Senator Warrior from AZ will not back down! Another servant of We the People who care about voter rights, who will make sure the 2020 Election Fraud is completely uncovered, is paving the way for President Trump to claim the office of presidency which the whole world knows he rightfully won. Click on the photo above and link to an article detailing her current challenges and victories.

Governor Ron DeSantis Strikes again! (& again & again...)
Promises made, promises kept!

Governor DeSantis (FL) issued Executive Oder #2021-174, aimed at preventing student mask mandates, and the state Department of Health followed by issuing rules to carry out the order. And that is exactly what is occurring!

"Eight Florida schools have defied the state's order giving parents the right to decide whether their children should be masked and therefore will face monetary consequences. The board unanimously confirmed the sanctions in a Thursday meeting by the recommendation of education commissioner Richard Cocoran as a way to enforce state law." ~ FL Fines 8 Schools

The short video clip below makes an effort to show both sides of this issue, even though the reporting itself is a bit biased, leaning toward favoring mask mandates, it is worth watching to fully comprehend the scope of this covidiocy battle. But no matter what side of this debate you fall on, we can agree that when Governor Ron DeSantis makes a promise, he keeps it!

Nature's Niche:😘😍🥰

What if people loved like animals do?

A Salute to President Trump's Love and Respect for America's Military

"May we never forget their courage, bravery, and sacrifice."
General Michael Flynn

This is no joke..but it is funny

"Think Big...Dream Bigger and always reach for the stars.
Nothing will keep this incredible nation of ours down!" 🇺🇸🇺🇸🦅🦅

We love you Mr President!!! ❤️❤️


The 2020 Election Fraud revelations are coming fast and furious. And what better way to learn the truth about what was discovered in the first (but not the last) honest forensic 2020 Presidential Election Audit, than to talk to an 'insider'.
Georg and his great ORGONISE AFRICA team have another important message for us concerning RED OCTOBER.


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