Good News Highlights: Trump's Rally, Covidiocy Cures, Gov. DeSantis Wins, Audit News, the World UNITES and More!


The Great Awakening is happening now, dear hearts! REJOICE!

People in all walks of life, of all colors, types, and sizes, from all over the USA and the world are UNITING as one to protest lock-downs, covidiocy mandates and income restraints. Chants are rising in stadiums across America cursing Biden, while protests, such as the one below from this 9/13/21 tweet, are becoming more potent and more frequent.

On September 18-19, 2021, a fourth World Wide Demonstration for Freedom Rally will be taking place all over the globe, in more than 150 locations throughout 45 countries in the world. I suspect this will not be the last. Tap on the image above and link to great information about how you can be a part of the global uniting movement. 
"Some of you may have already heard about Leftist Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's hypocrisy concerning the COVID-19 jabs and sharing information on his platform. However, just in case you haven't, I decided to share it with you." Click on the photo above to read about Zuckerberg's covidiocy hypocrisy. 
Audit Warrior Senator Wendy Rogers (AZ) tells us, "It's Happening": The Arizona Election Audit Release Date of September 24th is final and the Gallery will be open to public. Click on the image above for more details.  
The most horrendous lies since Nuremberg are being perpetuated by illegitimate health organizations posing as helpful authorities. The FDA and CDC are reporting outright falsehoods about covid and its legitimate inexpensive cures. THE GOOD NEWS is We the People know the truth! Read more about the FDA lies and covid cures by tapping the image above. You will be glad you did! **BONUS: Valuable telegram link below has more covid treatment and cure helps**

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis keeps WINNING! In response to vaccine mandates he decides to turn up the heat on the Biden Administration's unconstitutional covidiocy jab mandate:

More cute babies and less practicing abortionists due to the Texas Heartbeat Act. NOW THAT IS VERY GOOD NEWS! Tap on that cute baby above to view the details.

"New York superintendent and CRT advocate ousted by school board, parents! The decision was taken after anger from parents boiled over on Martin Cox's plan for a diversity task force coupled with their displeasure on how he handled other duties."

Read the full story at PM American News.

 Good News Story for the day:
To all veterans everywhere, I salute you!

  👇 There is still time to make the next Trump Save America Rally. 👇

SAVE AMERICA RALLY IN PERRY, GEORGIA. September 25, 2021. Sign up now! 

In the mini video above, President Trump utterly destroys Biden with the truth, while speaking at his surprise visit to the FDNY on 9/11/21.

"Biden didn't even speak today. He went to all three places and he didn't speak. I wonder why? I wonder why he didn't speak." Then he proceeded to talk about the rigged election. Notice he casually slips in "a lot of things interesting happening"... 😎



It's been 20 years since 9/11
A lot has been uncovered in the last two decades.


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