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If you had to come up with a plan to Resurrect mankind from The Matrix of evil that has enslaved humanity for ages, you couldn't in a million years have come up with a better one than what's being executed as I write this. Call it Devolution, The Plan, the Apocalypse, call it Pure Genius, it is a supernatural effort and we thank God for the dedication and determination of our elders making this happen AND enjoining us all to play our part in that Resurrection Victory!

Trump won't let us forget about the Rigged 2020 Election and neither will Juan O Savin

Others are constant too: Mike Lindell, General Flynn, Sidney Powell, Lin Wood, Stephen K. Bannon, Captain Seth Keshel, Wendy Rogers, and many more distinguished Americans; but Donald J. Trump for sure will not let the world forget about the 2020 rigged election. We can't simply "move on" to 2022 or 2024 with rigged elections, we'd lose the country.

We're on board with the Commander in Chief, we have been since  3 November 2020 when we literally watched that filthy deed being done before our very eyes by that monstrously arrogant global crime syndicate acting through their proxies calling themselves the Chinese Communist Party and calling themselves Democrats with plenty of help from those traitors calling themselves Republicans. No wonder George Washington warned against the destructive nature of political parties that might be insinuated into a free constitutional republic.

Juan O Savin says, "It's Time To Cross The Delaware," retelling the story of George Washington's miraculous first victory at Trenton the day after Christmas Day 1776, told within a discussion about The Law of War Manual which applies right now to how we must handle the ungodly law breaking that we've suffered in our time - all of this related to [their] symbolism, creatively displayed in the latest of the The Matrix series (Matrix 4, "The Matrix Resurrections,") as explained by Juan and in more detail by a decoder he recommends named Majic Eyes Qnly - symbolism that has ancient cultural and societal significance; even if you, dear reader, don't have a clue. (That's the point, actually.)

This is why George Washington warned against political parties

The grotesque and MASSIVE 50-state, 3,000-county 2020 election fraud that denied the People their President and other representatives, proves the very point that our nation's Victorious Commander and First President George Washington made 225 years ago in his 1796 farewell address warning of the danger of political parties.

(It's a very good thing that today's true President has executed a giant sting operation to catch the criminals in the act, an operation that is yet to be more than partly revealed to the public. The very best things come to those that act wisely, in God's timing!)

Washington's Farewell Address

Crossing of the Delaware

General George Washington's commitment to cross the Delaware River on Christmas Evening 1776 foreshadowed the many hardships faced as well as the eventual victory of the Continental Army during the American Revolution. At first glance, the decision to transport 2,400 Continental soldiers across an icy river in one night, directly into a severe winter storm of sleet and snow seems irrational.

Washington's decision, however, was based on strategic motivation, understanding that the Continental Army desperately needed a victory after months of intense fighting with several significant defeats and no major victories. Washington also understood that the element of surprise was the only way that he and his army stood a chance of defeating the highly trained Hessian mercenaries.

On the morning of December 25, 1776, Continental soldiers woke up in their camps along the Delaware River to frozen, snow-covered ground. Weather conditions worsened and temperatures continued to drop throughout the day. Late in the afternoon, the Continentals left their tents and began to form along the river in anticipation of the night's events. Washington kept almost all of the details of the crossing a secret; as a result, none of the soldiers knew anything about their upcoming mission.

Washington's crossing of the Delaware River on December 25, 1776 allowed his army to strike the Hessians at Trenton the next morning.

Washington's plan was to cross the river at night, march to the nearby town of Trenton, New Jersey, and attack the Hessian garrison right before dawn. Time was Washington's greatest enemy; to combat it his orders called for the various regiments to assemble at their designated crossing points no later than sunset. The close proximity to the crossing points allowed the soldiers to begin the journey immediately after nightfall struck and complete the crossing no later than midnight. Once across, Washington intended for the armies to reassemble and march approximately ten miles to Trenton, arriving there no later than five o'clock in the morning to achieve surprise. Despite his meticulous planning, the schedule failed almost before it even began.

Many of the regiments did not arrive at the river until well after dark. Additionally, a severe winter storm that included wind, rain, snow, hail, and sleet met the soldiers at the banks of the river significantly slowing their crossing. Many of the boats had to combat ice jams and unfavorable currents. To make matters even worse, the extreme darkness caused by the storm made it hard for the boatmen to see the opposite shore.

The necessity of using larger ferries to carry pieces of artillery across the river caused even more delays. Washington crossed the river with John Glover's Marblehead mariners and upon arrival debated whether or not to cancel the entire operation because it was more than three hours behind schedule. Washington decided it was too costly to retreat and he painfully watched as his army continued to trickle across the river.

The freezing and tired Continental Army assembled on the Jersey shore without any major debacles. Once ready, Washington led his army on the road to Trenton. It was there that he secured the Continental Army's first major military victory of the war. Without the determination, resiliency, and leadership exhibited by Washington while crossing the Delaware River the victory at Trenton would not have been possible.

Cody Lass
Texas Tech University

Juan O Savin: It's Time To Cross The Delaware

RubyRayMedia on Rumble (mirror of Flyover Conservatives on Rumble)
Published Dec 23, 2021 (Dec 21, 2021 by Flyover Conservatives)
2:23:14 viewing length (see transcript below!)

"...what was the (Continental Army's) password? The password was 'Victory or Death' ... We're all in ... There is no going back ... Either we win this battle today or we die trying and we're not backing down."

Juan O Savin

Transcript (heavily edited for readability) Juan O Savin: It's Time to Cross The Delaware

Stacy Whited
Welcome to Flyover Conservatives podcast with David and Stacy Whited, where we break down current events and examine culture through the lens of conservative Christian values. Hello, and welcome. We are so glad that you are with us tonight. If you are new to flyover conservatives, our slogan is wake up, speak up and show up. We all want President Trump to do 80 million things to save our country. We here at Flyover are trying to inspire 80 million people to do one thing every single day to save their own country.

David Whited
If you're with us right now you are definitely one of those people. This is gonna be a bit of an emergency, throw-together show that we did based on new information from today's guests that wanted to come on, including Juan O Savin.

We reference in the show, a book. And during the show our producer has hustled to make this available. The book is called The Law of War. And so we've made this available for free as a PDF. If you want to download it you can text us at 40509 with the word "LAW."

David 3:01
... we have a special guest, a friend of the show ... who we've learned a lot from - a man who I've been blessed by his generosity of ideas, generosity of energy ... we're going to cover everything from a Matrix movie decode to George Washington's Crossing of the Delaware ... With no further ado, let me introduce my friend, Juan O Savin.

Juan O Savin 3:43
Hey guys, how you doing? 

The Matrix Resurrections (Matrix 4) trailers decoded by MAJIC EYES QNLY (see vids below) and The Law of War Manual (see PDF file below)

Juan O Savin 4:06
One thing that I mentioned with you folks was The Matrix movie. It is coming out tomorrow, December 22. (Matrix 4, The Matrix Resurrections)

Matrix 4 (fourth in the series) ... four's the number of Foundation, by the way ... with four being the number of Foundation, they decided to go back in the story to the origins of the Matrix Trilogy, which is now the prelude, and where Neo got his start, what was going on when he got his start, very cool stuff.

There's a young guy that's done a bunch of decode work on a couple of different subjects. He forwards me stuff all the time and he's done some beautiful work. He goes by Majic Eyes Qnly (see the YouTube vids below.) What's interesting about the work that he's done is it parallels a lot of the stuff that I've tried to present to folks. Two and a half years ago I mentioned The Law of War Manual. He's done some extensive decoding work with that. He's pulled in a number of things. And while there's people that have covered that periodically, since I first mentioned it, I don't think anybody's really dug in - I was kind of surprised that nobody dug in deeper until now.

Why The Matrix is an important cultural marker in our society

Juan O Savin 13:34
I think there's a certain cultural thing with The Matrix for us, as a people, many in our modern tribe can understand things in a technology environment that they can't understand in a traditional environment. When you start talking "Matrix," these people actually get stuff and they'll say, I get that within the computer world of machines and codes and things like that. The Matrix makes a lot of things suddenly relevant to many people.

The most important thing in this Matrix 4 trailer - and the reason I mentioned this gentleman that does the Majic Eyes Qnly stuff - he just did a decode of the Matrix 4 trailer. There's all sorts of symbolism that is relevant to The Matrix. For example, when you see a lamp and its particular shape and when you see a mirror or mirrors at different times, within the language of that computer culture, within the language of that Matrix idea, each of those things has symbolic meaning in a transistorized concept. For example, when I was growing up, we were just leaving the TVs that had tubes in them, they had radios with vacuum tubes. In my day we made a transition from vacuum tubes to transistors, which are very small chips or circuits that can do what a tube would do but with 1/100 the size. Transistors are very compact and they aren't fragile like tubes.

... In that kind of a mindset, you can look at these transistorized ideas in a visual, an image. To people that understand the language each one of those things has some type of symbolic meaning. You're supposed to get a transistorized concept or idea. You see the image and it's a whole conversation reduced to a picture. It can be a very complex conversation that might take you minutes to hours to have. But once you understand it, with that short visual, you would then know, Oh, that relates to such and so thing. So an example of a visual for our whole country is the entire Osiris story encapsulated in one form, which is this monolith, we call the Washington Monument. To those that understand it, the entire religion, the entire cult, you see that one visual image, and now you know, this is us, this is our thing. All of the concepts are reduced down to that one image representative of everything that's in that religious cult and idea. God's structure, the dates, the times, the numbers. You could see that one little thing and you would get everything: the core of what the federal city is and revolves around.

So in the trailer for The Matrix, there's all sorts of little hidden clues put there by the writer and the directors and the film people, who have taken a couple of decades since the release of the first through third Matrix movies, to build out a theme. And with exacting precision, they are putting complex thoughts and ideas into every single scene. For example, this gentleman who did the decode of the three-minute trailer does a decode that takes 30 minutes, which only touches on the highlights the three-minute trailer without even getting into the movie, that could take him three hours to do a more complete decode.

That's the way it is for the whole country. All of these things that are very complex ideas, we're saturated in, we're swimming in the images that represent far more complex ideas and thoughts all the time in the stuff around us. So, for example, the images from the symbols for various companies, banks, restaurants, even federal agencies or international clubs, they have these little symbolic things that are done. And they have much more complex meaning than most people realize. With deep imagery that goes, you know, all sorts of places.

I think it's a good idea to watch this quick decode video that Majic Eyes Only did before you watch the movie itself because you can look at the movie in a very surface sense and still enjoy it but if you understand what they're trying to communicate at deeper levels, you can then go back and watch the movie numerous times and see all sorts of things that hit you different ways each time you watch it. It's like my movie, The Called: Makings for a Perfect Day, which I did with Jennifer Mac: we included quite a bit of stuff in there that, if you watch it a second or third time you'll see all sorts of little things. (Pete Santilli told me that it's the best movie he's ever seen. He even ranked it better than The Matrix.)

Juan O Savin 20:35
Wow. You know. And I appreciate that he said such a thing. I mean, that might be stretching it a little bit, but we did try, you guys did a great job, you can look at it at different levels and layers, you can see different things at different levels, that's what our intent was, and it's the same with The Matrix movie.

The Called: Makings of a Perfect Day by Juan O Savin

Glow Radio on BitChute
Published Jan 14, 2021
1:14:43 viewing length

Juan recommends studying The Law of War Manual to understand what Trump and his team are doing to take down the Deepstate (we have the PDF file of the manual below)

Now, I will tell you this, there's another thing that you should also have in mind, and that is going over to The Law of War Manual that was put together under the Trump administration. It has taken concepts and ideas that existed in some cases for centuries, the rules of war between nations and what authorized certain actions. In the modern era, the post-World War II era especially, there have been addendums and things built out based on what happened with the Nuremberg trials, military tribunals, etc., as well as the executive level courts and civilian courts.

There are certain rules that apply within the Justice Department, for example, in the United States and in other countries' systems of justice, for prosecutions that determine what things can and should be prosecuted in a criminal court or a civil court and what things should be tried in a military court - what those criteria are with exacting precision.

By the way, he's still President Trump even if this doesn't mean he's "THE President," he is still, "President" because he was never impeached. The Representatives voted for impeachment. It was never certified or validated with the complementing vote in the Senate. One body voted to impeach and the other body disagreed. That means he's not an impeached president.

So we come back to these courts. They adjudicate on numerous issues, everything from human trafficking to the way that armies engage, what's a lawful engagement between armies and how occupying forces are treated. For example, within the Law of War, would the revolutionaries back at the beginning of our nation, when they began to break away from their British masters, the Royals, would they today have been justified, legally, to begin this revolution to break away from the mother country? Those are the kinds of issues that are addressed in the Law of War Manual. Within those various sections of code are the mechanics.

Let's put it this way: if those revolutionaries had violated certain Law of War precepts, then all these hundreds of years later since the Revolutionary War and the Declaration of Independence, other parties whether in England or other nations, could technically bring a suit that would overturn what was done, could call for penalties, seizures of property, etc., even generations removed, to correct a wrong that was done that far back, if one wanted to go into it deep enough.

That's the kind of stuff that's in this Law of War Manual to ensure that whatever is done in a wartime situation is done lawfully, according to international understanding and agreement between nations, established over many generations, even aeons of time. It's an interesting read, I would suggest that everybody in your audience consider searching for the original manual, and downloading it, keeping a copy of it and reading through it.

Also, I encourage everyone to take a look at the work that this gentleman Majic Eyes Qnly has on his website. He's done some extensive work and correlated important things. I think you'll find some very worthwhile material that you're going to want to have at your fingertips so that you can do a play-by-play on things that are going to happen in the very near future for us as Americans.

Majic Eyes Qnly host analyzes the qoding in The Matrix that leads us to The Law of War Manual

SYMBOLISM ANALYSIS: The Matrix 4 "Resurrections" trailer (stills) - Disclosure in plain sight!

Majic Eyes Qnly on YouTube
Published Sep 14, 2021
1:01:24 viewing length

0:00 Introduction

1:53 Stills analysis of the trailer (main body of video)

43:53 Some Majestic 12 posts from Twitter and Telegram

48:28 Timeline analysis (recap of a previous video)

52:39 Extra stuff I forgot to mention

CONPLAN-8888 The Matrix 4 "Resurrections" trailer analysis (continued) Majestic 12

Majic Eyes Qnly on YouTube
Published Sep 24, 2021
31:09 viewing length

0:00 Introduction

0:18 CONPLAN 8888 decode

9:51 Majestic 12 Telegram posts

21:52 Matrix 4 trailer continued analysis

28:01 CONPLAN 8888 PDF document

29:11 CCC (Casual Channel Chatter)

The Mystical Roots - and Destiny - of America

There are a lot of misconceptions about the mystical (spiritual) underpinnings of the founding of America and its divine destiny. It makes it easier to follow when you understand that anything the Luciferians and Satanists have done has been to counterfeit what God has done through His faithful servants. Even the fallen ones' machinations when unwound and spun the right way become the science and religion of Universal salvation and co-creativity with God.

The Luciferian psychopaths do what good parasitic psychopaths do, that is, to pose as good guys in order to deceive the good guys, mimic what we do with God, then to counterfeit that work and invert it in their practice of black magic, in their utter enmity, in their fallen state, against God and His offspring.

It's amazing to consider that anything the Luciferians and Satanists may have infiltrated and contaminated, once their evil presence is removed, there may be the potential of salvaging that thing, that institution, that system, with Christ the redeemer. This is true for each one of us as the individual expression of God.
Solar Analemma

Juan discusses the Solstices and Equinoxes and how they figure in the religion that has been behind the operation of the United States corporation

Juan O Savin 27:02
People are trying to pick dates when they decode stuff. It's not about dates, it's about seasons and there are certain checkpoints that are locked in. For example, it is interesting that the President gave his speech today to say today's December 21, the day of the winter solstice, shortest day of the year meaning the sun is far away to the south in its appearance here on the earth as it gets all year. And because of a combination of the Earth's orbit around the Sun and the Earth's tilted axis, the way the Sun's shadow moves is a figure eight when you place a stick in the soil and track the shadow it casts at noon every day throughout the year, it's like an hourglass figure. And so when it's all the way at the top of the hourglass, that would be the winter solstice, when it's all the way at the bottom of the hourglass where the shadow of the Sun is cast at noon every day, that's the summer solstice, the longest day of the year. Where that line crosses in the hourglass is the Spring and Fall Equinox halfway between the north and the south of where the Sun's shadow falls in the earth.

One of the interesting things about the Washington Monument is that it's casting a shadow like a stick in the ground. They do certain rituals at certain times of the day at certain locations in Washington DC. They will put on events and presentations to the world at very precise locations of the shadow where the shadow is cast on a building that relates to something that may be economic in nature, for example, or on a building that relates to the Justice Department or to the Defense of the nation. The Moon's Shadow is also seen as significant, by the way. The powers that be use the Washington Monument as an hourglass, when you understand the magic and how they think it makes perfect sense.


Solar Analemma

A Solar Analemma is a graph or plot that shows the position of the Sun in the sky at a single location and at the same time of the day throughout a year.

If you take a picture of the Sun from the same spot at the same time every day for a year, you will see that it follows the shape of a slightly oblong figure 8, with one loop broader than the other. This is called the Sun's Analemma curve.
Washington Monument - A Giant Sun Dial
Pierre Charles L'Enfant, Architect of Washington, DC

Obama - a Masonic swearing in

With that in mind, we're dealing with a lot of symbolism that underplays every event, such as a speech given on the winter solstice or the summer solstice or on a particular time of night. For example, Obama did a swearing in when he supposedly didn't say a word exactly right, supposedly requiring a do-over. They did that in the Map Room of the White House. We saw the picture of him with Chief Justice Roberts taking the oath. What you didn't realize because you didn't have an overview of the White House, located in Obama's view but out of sight out of the picture was the Washington Monument. Behind Chief Justice Roberts and Obama doing the swearing in was a picture of the man who was the architect for Washington, DC (Pierre Charles L'Enfant.) So you have the architect of DC with all of its Masonic and mythical meaning and angles and shapes, lined up to the object which Washington DC is built around.

That's the focus of the whole city, the federal city, which is our federal city, that our whole nation's operation and corporate America is built and functions around. Symbolism is huge. You're watching a religion. These are religious symbols. And your country's operation is based on the myths and the ideas behind these symbols out across the country into the world.

Stacy Whited 32:21
Do you know what time they swore him in? Obama?

The "other physics" based on 19.47

Juan 32:24 Oh, yeah. They swore him in at 7:30 pm, which is what? The power number in military time? 7:30 PM in military time is 19:30. The power number is 19. The "other physics" is based around 19.47. Rounded up it's 19.5, rounded down it's 19. Why? Why do they call a particular infectious disease a name with a 19 in it? By the way, this stimulus bill for the country that was already passed, was 1.9 trillion, while the decimal doesn't mean anything. So it's 1.9 trillion. Again, the power number that relates to the "other physics."

You're watching a religion, and all these players that look like they're just arguing over this and that detail, what they're doing is relating it all to symbolic references, even in the numbers they use. And you're living in a matrix of their design, their religion, their ideas. They pick the direction of the streets, they give it order and make sense out of it. But it's their order, their sense, their way. You are just along for the ride. The question is, will our audience, will America, decide to dump the blue pills down the drain? Flush them down the toilet? Feed them to the alligators? And take the red pill? Will some people choose to remain in a daze until it's over?


Pierre Charles L'Enfant - Wikipedia

Pierre "Peter" Charles L'Enfant (French: [pjɛʁ ʃɑʁl lɑ̃fɑ̃]; August 2, 1754 – June 14, 1825) was a French-American military engineer who designed the basic plan for Washington, D.C. (capital city of the United States) known today as the L'Enfant Plan (1791).

L'Enfant was born in Paris, France, on August 2, 1754, the third child and second son of Pierre L'Enfant (1704–1787), a painter with a good reputation in the service of King Louis XV of France, (1710–1774, reigned 1715–1774), and Marie Lhuillier, the daughter of a minor official at court. In 1758, his brother Pierre Joseph died at six, and Pierre Charles became the eldest son. He studied art at the Royal Academy in the Louvre, as well as with his father at the Royal Academy of Painting and Sculpture. He left school in France to enlist in the American Revolutionary War on the side of the rebelling colonials.

Only a few of us really know what's going on with the enemy's use of sophisticated systems of world control

Juan O Savin 35:18
Another code language is Gematria (assigning numbers to each letter of the alphabet.) There are various systems such as English Ordinal, Reverse Ordinal and Standard Gematria. The enemies have their secret handshake clubs that use different languages of numbers for different purposes. You could even say that there is an otherworldly intelligence, that they're informed by intelligences that are greater than the people doing the communicating. There's a certain logic that defies normal thinking. You ask yourself, How did they ever figure that out?

These are wizards, magicians doing their magic art in plain sight. They've been around for a very, very, very long time; so the fight is much bigger than most people realize. In fact, I was going through some of these things with friends last night and all of a sudden one of my friends stopped and her eyes got all big and she said, It's so big, it's way bigger than anybody realizes. It's so huge! People don't get this!

Yeah, that's really true. All of a sudden, something clicked for her. This is someone who everyone in the audience would recognize, someone close to the action. Yet, as close to power as someone might be, if they're not ready - in other words, just because you're close to power doesn't mean you have the legal right to be read in to all of the secrets. So you may grasp it at some level and be close to the truth but you still won't get the fullness of it until you are properly initiated.

A lot of people think that the friends and relatives of those in power should know all this stuff. They may be in the same building, in the same room, but they won't necessarily have the legal right to be read in by the friend or family member that knows it. They won't have the right to demand that knowledge. It may be surprising to many that some very important people are along for the ride like the rest of us.

You have to do your own research, understand it from an outside perspective first. We're all NEOs (the protagonist in The Matrix) at a certain level, getting a hold of this stuff, and having to do the decode, take the red pill, and do our own research. The material is there, we have to seek it out.

I'm giving you a clue: it's not about dates - although there are some dates that are relevant, that are triggers, that we choose to use where we can - but it is mostly about checkpoints, about locations and when we get to the Y in the road; or when we get to the turn and can't make the turn. There are no shortcuts, you have to get to that point. Only then can you go on to the next thing. So we have some work to do but we're very close now to a certain tipping point. And once you reach that tipping point, like a tide, like the sun reaching the end of its location on the horizon and starts turning around, that's the critical moment.

Roman Festival of Saturnalia (King of Misrule)

The Winter Solstice, Saturnalia and the King (or Lord) of Misrule and how December 25 was eventually chosen to celebrate the birth of Christ

I did an article several years ago about the King of Misrule and his Princes. It was a Roman Holiday where the people at the winter solstice celebrated the darkness with a festival, it was the most important festival in Rome, up until the time of Christ. In this festival, the person that draws the short straw gets to be the Misruler of the country or county or city or whatever. And they rule by Misrule. The whole idea is that a slave who draws the bead can misrule for a season. And he the more he demanded audacious things, sex between family members, or animals, orgies, debauchery, drunkenness, that was the order of the day, it was to throw all norms, social norms completely to the winds. And the more bizarre the royal decrees the better it was as far as everybody was concerned, because it was a season of madness, and insanity.

Roman soldiers would be racing around the streets in their chariots dressed as women, drunken women, and that was part of the whole theme. One of the early saints of the Orthodox Church, to soldier in the Roman army. And Darius, by the way, is the name of the son of Esther, from the book of Esther, his name was Darius. And he's the one that allowed the Jews to leave exile in Persia, and go back to Jerusalem and rebuild the wall around the city. That happened in Nehemiah's time. King Darius was very revered by the Jewish people of that time, people wanted to name their kids Darius. A few centuries later, then this soldier named Darius drew the bead at the Misrule festival and it was his job to rule by madness, as the king of Misrule. He refused it because as a Christian he did not want that role.

A feature of the King of Misrule festival is that it lasted 3 days after the Winter Solstice and then it was over and time to celebrate the end of it which became Christmas Day, December 25. Christmas isn't the true birth date of Christ. It was a Roman holiday and the early Church picked that holiday and decided to brand it as a Christian holiday celebrating the birth of Christ to cancel out the Misrule season. The true birthdate of Christ was three BC on 9-11. That's why they have to villainize the 9-11 date. The early Church chose this to celebrate the birth of Christ and have a different imagery, etc., than this perverted Misrule madness.

At the end of the Misrule Festival the king of Misrule went to the temple of Saturn. The Temple of Saturn is the most important temple in Rome. It's symbolized by the black cube; and it's where the money was printed. The Nazis were actually Saturnists, they were still celebrating Roman festivals. So this whole season is very important; and there are still celebrations of the Season of Misrule today. We are watching some of the symbology of this festival going on around the country and around the world at this exact moment, right in plain sight in front of you. Let that soak in for a while.


Saturnalia - Wikipedia

As a result of the close proximity of dates, many Christians in western Europe continued to celebrate traditional Saturnalia customs in association with Christmas and the surrounding holidays. Like Saturnalia, Christmas during the Middle Ages was a time of ruckus, drinking, gambling, and overeating. The tradition of the Saturnalicius princeps was particularly influential. In medieval France and Switzerland, a boy would be elected "bishop for a day" on 28 December (the Feast of the Holy Innocents) and would issue decrees much like the Saturnalicius princeps. The boy bishop's tenure ended during the evening vespers. This custom was common across western Europe, but varied considerably by region; in some places, the boy bishop's orders could become quite rowdy and unrestrained, but, in others, his power was only ceremonial. In some parts of France, during the boy bishop's tenure, the actual clergy would wear masks or dress in women's clothing, a reversal of roles in line with the traditional character of Saturnalia

Early American settlers did not want to celebrate Christmas, did not want to be ruled by bloodlines

Juan O Savin 46:42
The early American settlers, the pilgrims, refused to celebrate Christmas, because they understood the symbology and that this was not the true birthday of Christ. Those holidays that were celebrated in Europe, related to the trees, and everything else, had all sorts of occult meaning. These pilgrims are the people that were looking for witches around every corner. The early Christians came here to get away from a lot of these ideas and practices.

Early Americans also wanted to get away from being ruled by people who were born into a particular bloodline which they claimed made them qualified to run everybody around them. Early Americans thought that every man was a sovereign, every man, the king, or master of his own house. They weren't going to be dominated by people born of a certain bloodline who understood themselves to be from the line of the kings or the "Cains" of the earth. Early Americans came here for religious reasons, for religious freedom.

In the couple of hundred year period that the colonies were getting built out, people were born here, never having lived in England or Europe, yet people far away over the ocean tried to dominate and rule and tax and take a piece of their life from a great distance. This got the people upset. Things started to take on a whole new perspective. The writings of Thomas Paine became something that people really rallied around. People became self educated about what was right and what was wrong, morally, and there was some amazing things were written in this period of time. Pamphlets proliferated with the printing press. People were reading these small pamphlets that explained certain ideas, precepts and rights that they took as coming from God, that no man had the authority to take away - that these were self explanatory, that any man could grasp and understand that are God given authorities, rights, liberties. Taxation without representation became a sticking point that gave rise to the Boston Tea Party and a revolution.

After this Boston Tea Party, the British Parliament started to come down very harshly on the colonies. And they also wanted all of their guns confiscated and no black powder, they could only have minimal stuff. In Europe all of the hunting grounds belong to the Royals, they're on "the king's soil." You're just a serf, all the property belonged to the king. So the colonists said, It's a big country ... and those who wanted their freedom started moving west to get away from the more organized cities so they could live their life independently.

By the way, who founded the first city in the Bible? Yes, it was Cain. A city is to stack and pack them. You can manage people when all the services, the streets, the entry and exit are governed by the "Cain" of that city, the king of that city. So they seek to move us tighter together with greater and greater dependence on them every day. You can't get your water, you can't get your light, you can't get your oil, unless you come through one of their checkpoints. That's the way of the Cain Civilization.

Boston Tea Party, Continental Congress, Declaration of Independence, Revolutionary War

The early colonists got pretty ticked off. It was December 16 1773 that the Boston Tea Party happened and a couple of years later, in April of 1775, you had this first engagement with the British troops at Concord and this little firefight that broke out. The Brits were getting more and more draconian, during that couple of year period, trying to get the colonists under control and the colonists were starting to form militias to defend themselves. They would meet secretly at night. Which all led to this Congress, this meeting of the people from all the various colonies seeking to take the right approach to declaring their own independent right of governance which ultimately led to this document that was signed July 3 of 1776 (not July 4, by the way.)

During this Continental Congress, representatives of the colonies met to decide that they were going to declare their independence in a formal document to England the motherland and think about this for a second. It wasn't really organized. You had a lot of scattered groups within these colonies all trying to figure out how to do this. But as they became organized as they became coherent, in their actions and in their thoughts. They reduced all of that to an organized message.

You had manufacturers in the north, you had farmers in the south. The farming, the way it was done at that time, required more slave labor. The way they did it up in the north, they had factories with hired help and there was this blending between the cultures that was developing. And so they had to come up with a Constitution after the Declaration of Independence, that brought everybody together on similar ideas.

The Declaration of Independence was this legal document declaring independence from the rule of foreign masters. We declared the right as a people to self governance, apart from you, we've grown up and we no longer need or want your governance, we are on our own. We're a nation apart and will not be subjects of yours any longer. There was a celebration afterwards with bombast and lights and festival and all this excitement. The Constitution came later. But what happened in the weeks after that, once the Crown knew that this was about to happen with the ships going back and forth - faster clipper ships made the sailing between England and the US a shorter trip. And so communication of ideas and thoughts was happening more quickly.

Britain started sending more troops over. And then those Englishmen who declared their independence were made criminals in the eyes of the Crown. They were doing things that warranted prison or death. And so these men put their sacred honor on the line to each other in signing this document when they put their pen to that document. It was like a death warrant, all of their property, all of their family, they themselves, were now hunted men, because they had the audacity to declare together as a team, and the people that sent them there they represented as a team, that we're going to be on our own here now.

From a legal standpoint, as far as the Crown is concerned, the Parliament in the Crown, the British would have had every legal right to pursue the rebels, imprison them, take everything they have, including their life.

The English came seeking these people out and seeking to regain control of the colonies that had gone off in this wild direction. The colonists organized their militias from the various groups, into armies and commanders leading up to generals and we had a whole bunch of generals that were commanding different troops. The general that was put in charge of all of them was General George Washington. You had to have a commander in chief of those troops. And it wasn't a political commander. Although there was politics involved. He was the commander in chief of those troops fighting the Revolutionary War, to break away from England and its authorities.

The English organized their efforts against the colonists and rabble rousers - these revolutionaries seeking to disrupt the authority of the Crown over the people, over the Englishman living in America who they considered to be their subjects. The British treated the colonists as criminals and they were sought out. These militias and armies were chased by the best military in the world.

The British needing more soldiers brought in German mercenaries (Latin for soldiers) numbering 16,000 which brought the total with the British to 30,000. The Americans only had several millions of people here and not everybody wanted to go against the Crown. Many of the Colonists were Englishman living in America and they didn't want to fight their Motherland. They couldn't afford a fight. They just wanted to do their work. Just leave me alone. I don't want to get in a fight. I was gonna watch Netflix.

The British Army was so powerful and so much in control that to go against them was insane. These were trained troops. The German mercenaries had a reputation which was harped about by the Brits as these amazing soldiers. And then when the troops got here and started fighting the revolutionaries, wherever they found the revolutionaries involved in a big fight they would come down on them very, very hard. And of course, the German mercenaries were told, Yeah, you can have your way with them, rape and pillage, make it known that they wouldn't want to fight with you. So anywhere they met resistance, they would destroy property, steal, it, rape the women, even the boys because that was part of the war theater thing.

And this behavior was very much an affront to the English Americans here, even people that otherwise would go along with, and wanted to stay in, the British realm of rule. It pushed them so far, that at a certain point, instead of just being a few scattered people, militias working out of the barn in the middle of the night, they got bolder, they began talking in the taverns, they met in the churches and they decided, This is it: we've got to change what's going on here, we cannot live under the boot of the Crown any longer. The fight became so much bigger in that period of time. Everybody started showing up and the militias built out; but remember, the Revolution began in earnest in the summer, just weeks after the summer solstice. It was very warm at night. These are people that fought the war in the summertime. You know everybody wants to riot when it's beautiful out.

David Whited 1:04:52 Yeah, exactly. That's what we've seen in America the last two years. Yeah.

Juan O Savin 1:04:55
Well, it's just a common thing throughout history. So the fight was on, people showed up and it looked like we were working to really make it happen and the Brits weren't going to be able to do anything. The people showed up and the young men showed up for the fight, also older men, fathers of the younger rebels.

But as fall and winter came, things began to thin out, contracts for enlistments were to expire on January 1, 1777. A lot of people had already deserted as the fight got meaner and ornier. The British, determined to make a point, became very savage in the treatment of captured prisoners and in the treatment of civilians at home, on the farms and families of the revolutionaries. If the man wasn't there, the Brits figured, he must be fighting somewhere against us. Women left at home were treated horribly by the British.

The Fall came with the harvest and guys had to get back home, which led to a lot of desertions, also because it looked like they were going to lose. All of the generals, including Washington were pushed further and further back. The early idea was to try and get New York but they had to relinquish that as well as New Jersey, and then back across the Delaware to get away from the British Army in their retreat.

Christmas 1776, The Crossing of the Delaware River

Coming into December of 1776 and the retreat into Pennsylvania across the Delaware to get away from the British, it took 800 men more than five days with the small boats to carry all their equipment, the cannon and everything else. It was very cumbersome. The river may look easy to cross but it actually moves pretty quick in the fall rains. It may look you flat and easy to get across but where it's wider and easier to cross it's also more well known and exposed to the enemy. It got more dangerous with the onset of winter with ice coming down the river from areas where it was much colder already.

The river even froze over at times with six inches to a foot of ice, which allowed them to drag equipment over the ice, even 150 pound cannons, which is what the four pounders weighed. They just walked right across like you would walk across the land, piece of cake. Then they went to collect the last of the people that were fighting the British which was a challenge.

The war had started in the summer so a lot of the people that started this war, they didn't even have shoes. They were wrapping cloths around their feet to keep them warm in the winter. They didn't have winter clothes so a lot of people deserted the fight, not because they didn't believe in the cause, but as a matter of life and death. They were genuine. But there was no supply. There was minimal food. So you have to be careful about judging those who deserted, they had family back home and the crops to pull. So, the ones that were left in the winter of 1776, Washington himself lamented, were kids aged 15, 16, 17, 18 years. The majority of his army were youths with no families to care for - or families that didn't want them.

The generals of the Continental Army were commanding kids that were patriotic, true blue, stayed with it, but their contract was going to be finished at the first of the coming year; and with all the defeats they'd suffered, then the retreat, the Brits had their spies and were distributing pamphlets encouraging them to give up now and go home and they wouldn't be judged too harshly. The British tempted them, with light penalties if they just gave up and went home right now and all sorts of propaganda to undermine the troops.

Washington and the various generals of the Continental Army had started the war with 20 to 30,000 men. In Washington's case, he was down to about 2,000 guys - 2,000 guys! at the edge of the Delaware River, trying to figure out what they're going to do in this fight. The reason they wanted to stay close to the river was to keep the Brits from crossing over, it would have been too easy to let them cross. Spies from both sides were watching each other, sentries were placed to prevent the spying but it wasn't easy, spies are sneaky, there were even spies in Washington's camp, who himself was betrayed by his favorite General who eventually went back to Britain and lived out the rest of his life after the Revolutionary War. Benedict Arnold.

Washington would have councils with his generals and Benedict Arnold would pass the information back to the Brits, all of Washington's moves were being anticipated. In the days leading up to Christmas, in this anniversary of the Boston Tea Party, December 16, and in the days following, the Brits were laughing because they'd gotten Washington and the rest of the Continental Army cornered. They knew they couldn't take care of themselves, the troops were sick, a lot of them didn't have shoes and were in summer clothing; it seemed only a matter of time with the river freezing over. The British thought, Okay, so those rebels escaped to the other side of the river - in a month when the Delaware freezes over, we're gonna get them. The Brits were laughing, comfy in their warm huts, with plenty of food and munitions and everything else. Washington's people were barely holding on for dear life.

The American colonists were discouraged, troops were sneaking away in the middle of the night and going home. The newspapers were talking about how the war was lost and that all the revolutionaries were soon going to hang. Editorials exhorted them to make amends with the Crown so that they could avoid being on the Crown's hit list. You know, "work the best deal you can, plead for mercy." In that environment, Washington and the other generals knew they wouldn't be spared. If the Brits got to them, they'd be dead. The troops could fade back into the populace and maybe have a chance; but most of who was left were only kids in their teens and early twenties who didn't have a home or family to get back to. They were the renegades who had made the controversial decision to enlist in the Continental Army, who were never going to be accepted back into their families even if they did choose to run back. They didn't have a Christmas dinner back home waiting for them. They were the ones being blamed for bringing the wrath of the British Crown upon their communities. In many cases, they were in fact betrayed by their own families who sometimes turned them in to the British.

Stacy Whited 1:14:57
Man, that sounds like patriots today!

David Whited 1:14:59
Yeah, it does.

Stacy Whited 1:15:01
The family doesn't want him coming to weddings or coming to Christmas and all kinds of stuff (for not being vaxxed.)

Juan O Savin 1:15:09
[Juan's signal drops for a bit, we pick it up in midstream] ...he's gonna come back later when the river freezes over and finish the job ... insulting Washington's troops. While they're a very well trained group, still, it's Christmas Day, they're going to celebrate and have food and drink and be fat and happy. And by the way, at this time in American history - most people don't know this - at the beginning of World War 1, 54% of the people in the United States claimed its heritage from Germany; and in that early period of American history (1776) a lot of Americans were from Germany.

In fact, after the Revolutionary War, several thousands of the German mercenaries that were fighting against the Americans deserted or left their ranks and never returned to Germany. They built their life here in America and became American citizens and their families are known today.

In this moment, Washington had a bold plan. With four days to go until Christmas he told his generals his secret plan. They were to cross the Delaware under cover of darkness with all 2,000 troops in one night with a handful of boats. And you know what the boats were called? They were called Durham boats.

Stacy and David Whited 1:17:20
No way! No way! Wow! (thinking about the synchronicity with John Durham being the US Attorney tasked with investigating the deepstate)

They'd actually gone up and requisitioned these Durham boats from a mining company up the river. You have to picture, if you're an army, you're gonna go to war with these guys, you have the cannons, the people, the gunpowder; if the gunpowder gets wet, you can't fire it, so you have to be really careful that it doesn't get wet. The weather wasn't looking very good. It was sleeting, slightly cold, just below freezing every night.

The river was icing up. The Delaware had chunks of ice floating down from upriver already, and some of them were pretty good size. So in that ice flow, it was hard to get through because it was beginning to lock up and they were having to do it all in one night. Remember, they couldn't get 800 men across in daylight in one day just a few weeks earlier before the ice even got heavy! They fought real hard to get that group of 800 men across in FIVE DAYS back then, so think what that meant that Christmas night to get 2,000 men plus all their equipment through the ice in a night!

So you think about going across this river and you're gonna do it at night with all of these troops that aren't sailors or river men. They've gotta row. They've gotta stroke, you have to get them to work together; and do all of this in the middle of the night. In the meantime, the enemy has got spies out there. If you're caught on the river in the open and the enemy gets there with their rifles and cannon they're gonna wipe you out. It's so easy to hit things on the river. It's easy to shoot the Americans out in the open, and shooting back into the trees is hard from a rocking boat with wet gunpowder. The Americans would be like fish in a barrel.

The army was also divided waiting to cross the river. If the enemy showed up before everyone was across, you'd be toast. If the British found out early enough in the evening, their encampments were only a few miles apart, they would have defeated Washington's divided army. This was very, very risky and perilous. Washington wanted all of his troops on the other side of the river, early in the morning, because it was a seven mile march from where they crossed the river to the German mercenary encampment at Trenton; and they wanted to get there while it was still dark, sneak up on them, catch them by surprise while they're sleeping with the turkey in their gut - all that tryptophan making them sleepy.

That's the thing with these mercenaries, they lived pretty high on the hog. The way you kept them happy was you made sure they got plenty of good food. They partied really good. Washington knew that they might have their guard down a little bit.

Amazingly enough, Washington got his troops across the river in the ice and sleet and wind, it was very precarious. There are paintings of the scene showing the men with their feet up on the sides of the boats avoiding the water down inside the boat. It's a real job getting back and forth in the cold of the night, it was about 29 degrees. Right up to the moment that they decided to launch out under the cover of darkness, there was a question whether or not they could do the crossing due to the icy conditions.

If you've ever had water in the freezer, it'll just freeze up all of a sudden, which can happen on the river with a good stiff wind, can turn the water slushy. You could have half the army on one side of the river and half the army on the other side, they'd be both done. Locked up. Washington had a lot to think about!

Comparison to D Day on the Beaches at Normandy in World War II

It was a lot like D Day in World War II. Eisenhower had to decide: do we go or not because if the Germans figure out that we're coming at Normandy and not Calais, we're done. Everybody knew the Americans had set up an army to invade Europe and to begin the onslaught on the German forces. If we had not succeeded at Normandy Beach in taking that beachhead to then build out and supply an army going into Europe, that would have meant a Nazi victory in the war, there was no alternative plan.

This took place on June 6, 1944 at a high tide on one of the longest days of the year and the highest tides of the year. It was important to get that invasion in the beginning of the summer so the Allies would have all summer to fight across Europe and not get bogged down in the winter snows and rain and cold. The timing was critical.

Same thing with Washington in 1776. He was at the end of his rope, literally about to be dangling from a rope if he hadn't come up with a plan that worked. They got across the Delaware in this gripping moment when part way through the operation, it was moving so slow, some of the generals wanted to call it off. They saw that they might lose the cover of darkness, it was taking too long to get the army across, they would be forced to march on Trenton in the daylight, possibly losing the element of surprise. 

Washington knew, just like Eisenhower, that if they didn't commit, they would miss the opportunity. If they waited a day later, the Germans would have awakened from their Turkey  dinner, sobered up, back to life as normal with nothing worse than a little hangover. You would then have to fight them under normal conditions. Washington realized it was now or never.

Washington briefed the soldiers before they began the crossing, telling them to keep their ranks tight, watch the edges of the group for any British infiltrators dressed to look like them to find out what the plan is, sneak away and go report it. So they had a secret code word. If somebody showed up and tried to get in the group, he'd be asked, Do you know what the password is? Are you one of us? And what was the password? The password was "Victory or Death." Victory or Death, we're all in, there is no going back, we win this battle today or we die trying. But we're not backing down.

They got across the river, they split into two groups, one took the route along the river, the other took the route further inland. The route was about seven miles. They timed themselves to arrive at the same time. Two groups running parallel on different paths could do the seven miles faster that one long line of troops on a narrow trail where more would be exposed and vulnerable to attack.

The word went out that it was past the attack time. They were not going to get there before dawn, which raised the risk a great deal that the Hessians could spot them and defend themselves. Washington's generals were worried, but he said, It's now or never, Victory or Death. We're going for it.

Taking Trenton

They got to the edge of Trenton and there were very well trained Hessian sentries there. There's a common myth that they were not paying attention but the sentries were actually very much on top of it. Part of the reason that Washington's deception worked as well as it did was that when they went down to the boats, they made a lot of commotion but they had sentries carefully watching for British spies. They also had the men who were too sick for the march on Trenton stay back to keep the campfires going which helped to create the illusion that Washington's army was still in camp.

There were supposed to be three Continental Army generals and their troops joining Washington in crossing the Delaware and marching on Trenton. One of them couldn't get across the river in their boats, it was just too precarious, conditions too bad. They had fishermen in charge of the boats with Washington's group who had a good feel for it and were able to pull off that crossing. But not everybody pulled it off, so Washington made it to the New Jersey side of the river with way fewer troops than he had planned for. The Hessians (Germans) numbered about 1,400 and they were warm, well supplied in their camp, gunpowder dry.

Washington got to Trenton well into daylight hours. His men snuck up on the sentries and killed a few of them before they could warn the camp. Then, Washington began the cannon fire and the invasion against the city of Trenton and the fighting went on for a couple of hours. They so caught the Hessians by surprise that they got their surrender after killing only a little more than a hundred of them, taking 900 prisoners. The rest ran off in their underwear into the freezing cold.

Washington got all of the munitions in the storehouse and got all of the food. The troops were going to get a nice meal for a change. However, there more Germans and British not too far down the road and some of the escaped Hessians had gone to tell them of the invasion, so Washington had to hurry up, get all of the booty and the 900 prisoners back across the Delaware to camp.

By the way, to prove what a providential operation this was, none of Washington's troops that got to Trenton was lost. No one. Only a couple of scantily dressed men froze to death crossing the Delaware, they were the only casualties. No one else was even injured! "1,000 die on my left hand, 10,000 die on my right. I will not fear death as I go into the valley of the shadow of death."

These were primarily kids fighting for a cause and for the money. They only had six days left in their enlistment. In many cases, all they had to do was survive a few more days and they could have legally left their conscription. There who have been no shame or dishonor in doing just that. They had fulfilled their end of the bargain and their contract. George Washington had captured the enemy's money and decided to try and get these troops to stick around for a few days. That was necessary because of what was left to do. Very few know of what Washington was going to do next.

After Trenton, Princeton

After taking care of getting prisoners and booty secured, Washington realized it wouldn't be enough to be a one-hit wonder, they were going to have to engage the enemy a couple more times to keep them on their heels, otherwise they faced being attacked later. Over the next 10 days he led thoroughly exhausted youth and their commanders to further rout the Brits and the Germans and set the tone for the rest of the year.

The newspapers carried the story, spread the good news of what had happened, how these crack German troops, the elite of the elite, had been defeated by teenagers, by young American men, bedraggled soldiers, farmers, revolutionaries. It was spread far and wide and when people heard the lore of how Washington, like a modern day David had defeated Goliath, they were encouraged. They began to believe that maybe this war could be won after all, that maybe they did have a prayer.

People began enlisting again knowing that contracts of current enlistments were running out. People were inspired by the glorious victories and the genius and boldness of George Washington; our blood, our guts, his glory, but they got to be on the winning team for the rest of their lives. They got to be remembered as having been there, done that, fighting on the winning team at this crucible moment in history.

David Whited 1:37:25
That's us, dude.

That was just the start of a long bloody revolutionary war

Juan O Savin 1:37:28
Even pulling that off, winning the day, do you know that the war continued for seven more years? There was a long fight ahead of them with many victories, many defeats, there were still many times when it didn't look like they were going to be able to pull it off. You can't think that just because we get a little victory, there's some things that happen in the next weeks and months, that it somehow is over magically, the biggest army the biggest battle in the history of the world that we have against monsters, it's a fight. It's a war that's so much bigger than most people can imagine. But it's a fight worth having - because if we lose, some of us are dead and the rest would be slaves along with their children and their children's children - even dead or meat for somebody else's table.

David Whited 1:38:50
That's not an exaggeration at all. It's exactly what's happening in America.

Washington DC is a captured operation requiring a "felony stop"

Juan O Savin 1:38:53
Look at what's happening in the world right now, the things they want to do; and who's the "they?" Washington DC is a captured operation run by foreign minds with foreign ideas that don't fit into flyover country. We're being ruled from afar mentally by ideas that are so foreign to us as Americans, that are different as night and day. It's dark to light, this moment we're in. This is the whole battle. We're being painted as rebels in our own land. We're being painted as destroyers. It's absurd that we are accused of wanting to destroy our own land.

This kind of propaganda is designed and intended to split us up. Look, we're not all going to see eye to eye on every issue. There are going to be differences of opinions on certain things - we have different perspectives, religiously, philosophically. One guy dreams of hot rods and the other guy dreams of horses. One guy dreams of a skyscraper and another guy dreams of a ranch or a farm. We have different ways of looking at things, different ideals, even different religious points. Someone might have a religious perspective that's maybe a bit less mature than someone else but they're still American, right? If you still put their life on the line and they're still in the fight, we have to find reasons to work together. 

By the way, some of those that are on the other side may end up coming over to our side before it's all over. They may come to see what it's all about and want to become part of the citizenry, change their alliances because they see the truth. It wasn't until the colonies and their representatives in the Continental Congress found reasons to work together that this whole thing started to make sense leading to the massive decision to sign the Declaration of Independence.

It's very clearly understood that we need a win. People need a win to pull through this. At the same time, it is a near death experience, we're almost at the end of our rope, yet we are not AT the end of the rope, there's still a silvery thread to life itself. God Himself knows this in His Heaven.

Stay the course. Hold tight. Victory or death, there is no alternative. 

David Whited 1:42:45
If you're swimming across the lake and get halfway and you're tired, do you stop? You can't stop!

Juan O Savin 1:42:52
You got to go the distance. I hear lots of people around me say, It's all over, it's done, we can't take it anymore, I've given up, you're so wrong, everybody's wrong about everything. Well, maybe we aren't as wrong as you think. We can't make those moves until we get to the proper Y in the road. If Washington had done the Delaware Crossing a day early or a day late, a week or a month earlier or later, would he have had the same success? Perhaps give it another day to perfect the operation? With the ice flow up and thicker, he couldn't have accomplished it. Would the German troops have been a little more awake inside their barracks? There's that moment when it all comes together. Rubber Meets the Road and there is no more waiting. It was the longest night of the year. Washington might have been speaking with his generals, Do we let the enemy own it? Or do we own it? 

We're Americans, we need to stop finding reasons to argue and bicker. This is not a civil war. It's a revolutionary war against foreign powers that are occupying our capital and using it against us. Washington DC is a crime scene. We're going to tape it off - fence off the whole city, bring the military in. And then we'll do a felony stop on them. The whole country shows up outside the city, in flyover country, in cities across the nation.

January 6, 2020 False Flag

A year ago, we came in peace and [they] ran a false flag, a false story. It's all through the media now, that we showed up to do some horrible disruption. It's in my movie, The Called: Makings of a Perfect Day. Go watch it, even if you've seen it before. Watch it again. Look at the crowd on January 6, a year ago. They're there in peace. They're there. If ever there was church in America, that was it; and that's been misconstrued to accuse patriots of wanting to occupy the congressional building, do a sit in, do it with arms.

It's very clear, there were agents provocateurs involved in an operation to twist what happened there to something else. The attendance was a million easily, the biggest gathering in DC in history. Absolutely. The media doesn't even cover it that way. If they had really wanted to go in and occupy the buildings, they could have occupied every square inch of every single building - they'll still be occupying DC today! Saying that they were there as incited by the president, it's insanity.

It's propaganda, you're being sold a lie. Go watch Chris Burgard's movie, Capitol Punishment, pay the $10, it didn't get made for free, right? People paid money to do this in anticipation that you the citizens would care enough to see what they put together. It's an incredible movie. Go watch it. Go watch The Called. You don't pay money for that, go watch The Called, its' free, it's all over the internet, it's had 6 million-plus views on all the various platforms. I gave it away for free, not charging a thing. It was released by the way on January 7. 107. No accident.

So. At this critical moment in history, do you want to be counted on the winning team on the right side of history? Think about where you're at. Stop the bullshit talk: I can't take you anymore, it's all over, we're done. Really? Get your mind in the right place. Think about what's at stake. Victory or death. There is no alternative. There is no middle ground.

David Whited 1:48:12
Where are you gonna go, you gonna go to Australia? Gonna escape to Canada? Escape to Austria? This is the last stand. I mean, this is all there is. There's nowhere to go.

Juan O Savin 1:48:24
Yeah. Where are you gonna go? This is our home. We're way bigger as a country than those few cities, those 14 cities that are seeking to control the rest of the country one way or another. Are we going to give it over to them? We outnumber them. Many, many, many, many fold. We're a captured operation by just a handful of monsters. Really? We have to stick together and we don't have to do anything aggressive. We don't have to take up arms. No, we don't have to do anything ridiculous. It's a felony stop on Washington DC. The whole country surrounds them. Get on the blow horns from every part of the country, all over flyover country, all the way to the far coast. Hey, DC we've got you surrounded, drop your weapons and come out with your hands up.

Juan calls on patriots from around the country to rally on January 6, 2022

Juan O Savin 1:49:38
January 6, every organization in the country should go to DC - and I don't mean that one party should organize it. It's like showing up on July 4. Is there one group that controls July 4 and everybody shows up on that date? NO! Everybody shows up with something, a song, fireworks, a banner, everybody shows up at the parade. We all make our patriotism known.

We don't have to go occupy DC, we have to surround DC, surround it mentally with our ideas, our way of thinking. We're not going to let them get away with portraying moms as terrorists that show up at a school board meeting like they did with Moms for America? Are they insane? They send the FBI after Moms for America as a terrorist organization? Because the mothers showed up at the PTA meeting and said, WTF? with all your commie ideas, these sexual perversions, are you crazy? Not in my town, not in my school where my kids go to school. America shows up on the streets and says, No, hell no.

It'll be a felony stop on the crime scene that is Washington DC. Just because the bank robbers get out of the bank with all the cash, get in the getaway car and get around the corner, doesn't mean we stop pursuing them. And when we do track them down, when we do get them cornered, it's Hands up, drop your weapons! Come back here walking backwards. Get on your knees. Put the cuffs on them. Book em Dano!

David Whited 1:51:46
Book em Dano! I think it's interesting - with the Durham boats - we're at that fork in the road right now. And we need a win right now.

Stacy Whited 1:51:54
So you're saying, Juan, let your voice be heard, peaceful noncompliance, showing up at the event.

Juan O Savin 1:52:05
If it doesn't happen on the timing that YOU think it's supposed to happen on ... there were plenty of people that thought that it was too late for Washington. It was way too late. It was just a matter of time. All of the opponents of Washington and the Citizen Army, all the conscripts in the German army, they knew it was all over, just a matter of time. No way Americans were going to save themselves, it was a done deal. Oh really?

A lot of people today say, Well, it didn't get solved. It's too late. 2022, 2024, you know, wrap it up, we're done, just a matter of time ... You believe (in The Plan) but you're stupid.

It all starts with AN EVENT marked by 11.3

Download The Law of War Manual ... see it above ... Read it thoroughly, understand the different chapters, the denotations, the sub tasks. It all starts in this current phase with an event. Not a date but an event which is marked by an 11.3. (Section of the War Manual?)

Get to work. Keep the ranks tight. Encourage your fellow patriots. If someone's missing shoes help them get shoes. They need a coat, give them a coat. We have to survive this, we have to stick together. It's not a civil war. It's a Revolutionary War. It's not a war of brother against brother in America.

We're all Americans, we are on the same side fighting an invading foreign army and the rules in The Law of War allow us certain legal rights in this engagement. We don't do pre-crimeWe will soon be doing prosecutions related to actual crimes that have been committed.

There are certain people that will not want to wake up, will not stop taking blue pills. It's almost merciful to let them self terminate. There is none so blind as those who will not see. Yeah, it's horrible, it's unfortunate, but it's part of life. Those of us that want to see, we will take the red pill, wake up, get in the fight and not give up. Failure is not an option.
Juan O Savin 1:57:21
... I've been in the company of some of the most incredible patriots and people of means, you know, the early founding fathers were mostly men of means. And they put it all on the line. I've had the honor of being in the presence of a number of people that are playing that same exact role. Some things are pretty desperate right now behind the scenes and a number of people have thrown in to cover some of these positions, to keep the technical and legal fight going forward. These are my heroes.

People like you and your audience that have kept the faith, that have kept God in the fight and keep looking for divine assistance, divine protection - you guys are my heroes. Every day heroes like Majic Eyes Qnly and the videos that I referenced. Nobody's paying him. He's doing the same thing a lot of other Patriots are doing in providing an incredible service. Just because he gets it, he gets that he's doing his part as one of many citizen soldiers showing up for the biggest fight in history. Everybody's playing their part with their particular skill sets.

Nobody else filled that spot. He closed ranks after a very long time when other people had the material, knew about it, talked about it but just didn't take the time to collate it and make it make sense. He's one of many that are going to be on the hero wall when the history is written.  A lot of people that only God Himself really knows what they did and how they did it, put their careers and their lives on the line. One of my friends, who, in his acting career, put everything on the line and has been badgered almost mercilessly because he did. He gave one of the great speeches ever, that patriots rally around. There are a lot of people doing good work - you guys with what you're doing. You're my heroes.

Stacy and David Whited 2:00:43
Thanks Juan! We really appreciate it. Thanks again for your time and safe travels. We just really appreciate it!

.... (end of transcripted excerpts)

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