Father Reports School Administrator's Abuse of 6-Year-Old Daughter: 'This Sickens Me To My Core'


Our children are attacked on all educational fronts in the public school system. From the failure of Common Core to the lessons about imaginary race issues using CRT, to gay bar field-trip sex education lessons, parents are understandably outraged and are fighting back. (see details HERE)

When one trust is violated, more will follow.

We have watched as parent after parent has publicly addressed valid concerns about their own children's minds and emotions being manipulated by the extremist liberal agenda many school boards deem acceptable. Even when parental outrage points out the chosen curriculum is unacceptable, many school boards and teachers arrogantly ignore the parent's concerns.
Our public school system has lost all academic credibility. It can no longer be trusted, as is, to be effective due to its biased need to control instead of educating.

No more secrets.

The video below demonstrates that other trusts are being broken. What was before hidden with cover-ups and lies, will no longer stand.

This mother and father trusted the public school system, as do many parents day in and day out.

This mother and father learned from their 6-year-old daughter that a frightening abuse incident had occurred.

This mother and father will not have their outrage over this abusive incident be ignored or lied about.

This mother and father brought the incident into full public view, demanding their complaints be addressed transparently and properly.

This mother and father are not afraid to seek a full investigation into the incident, bringing all guilty parties to justice.

Father Reports Abuse Described by 6-Year-Old Daughter at School Board Meeting

Vic Zoe Warren via Facebook (mirrored on RubyRayMedia)
Published Nov 17, 2021
2:53 viewing length

Video Transcript: Father speaking

Good evening.

Immediately after I was tasked with relocating to Colombia to run a new territory, bringing my young child, my new team offered me their recommendations to great schools in the Lexington and Richland area, but I chose Blythewood.

Skyler started school on Thursday, November 4th, and it was a pretty good day. My wife and I understand she's struggling to adjust and this played out on November 10th, when she had a conflict with one of her classmates. She told the school she acted out because she was hungry, but later told us it was because she was frustrated with the move. 

On November 11th, at 8:17am, her teacher called to give the details of the incident. She told us Skyler was sent to the assistant principal. We heard from the assistant principal about the same day about 3:30. She told us that she spoke with our daughter, and she would have in-school detention the next day, which was moved to Monday. Later that day, out of nowhere, she screamed and told us she was upset. We needed to find out why. 

She told us she was frustrated and afraid of the assistant principal. She knows she has detention coming soon, but doesn't want to go because she was afraid. We did our best to assure her that everything will be fine and she'll be okay. We encouraged her to do good things and be good to her friends. This way she wouldn't have to encounter this in the future. 

She told us why she was afraid. She told us she's never had trouble with an adult before. She never meets a stranger. She tries to befriend everyone regardless of age or color. She's just happy about life. When Skyler decided to finally open up about her fear, that was almost too much for us to comprehend. 

I've heard about these stories on TV and news feeds, but not from anyone I know. You tend to shut out negatives and start to believe really bad things would not happen to you. 

Our daughter told us a story that will alter the course of our lives for quite some time. She told us the assistant principal told her if she had any issues to speak to her first and not her mom and dad. Told her that we are not her real mom and dad because we don't look like her. Asked if she is being abused and if so she will call the police on us. Had her to strip completely naked, in her office, unsupervised, to check for bruises.

  • Had her to lay on the floor, flipped to her back, and examine her private areas.
  • Then tapped on her private areas with her fingers.
  • And she remained naked until someone came in the room and told her to put her clothes on.
  • Lastly, she told her not to tell.

This sickens me to my core. 

I've asked some friends in education if a six year old could come up with this and they all said no. This is a memory. 

Skyler will not be serving any detention with the assistant principal. 

She will not return to that school. She will be moved to a new safer school of our choice that will nurture and care about her. 

She will need some counseling and her absent days will not count against her. 

My case number with the sheriff's department is 211023515 Thank you.

Administrator suspended after father's public report.

According to statements made to a local newspaper by the school, identified as Bethel-Hanberry Elementary School in Blythewood, SC, one administrator has been put on leave after being accused of strip-searching an elementary school student.

In the video and transcript above the father clearly states who his child identified as the administrator being accused. She is the assistant principal of the school, whose name, photo, and short biography, posted below, is shown on the school's administration identification page at BHEadministration.
Dr. Octavia Hamilton, Assistant Principal

Dr. Octavia Hamilton is beginning her first year as Assistant Principal at Bethel-Hanberry Elementary. Her most recent professional role was serving as the Technology and Learning Coach at Polo Road Elementary for the past ten years. Dr. Hamilton has been an educator for more than 20 years. She has taught grades 2, 3, and 5 in both North Carolina and South Carolina. Dr. Hamilton is a native of Columbia, SC and a Richland Two graduate. She began her Richland Two career as a 2nd and later 5th grade teacher at Lake Carolina Elementary (when there was only one campus). While at Lake Carolina, Dr. Hamilton was selected as their Teacher of the Year and one of four finalists for District Teacher of the Year. From there, she transferred to Polo Road Elementary as a 2nd grade teacher in 2009.

Dr. Hamilton earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from South Carolina State University. She continued her education to earn a Master of Arts degree in Elementary Education

Email Was Sent Before School Board Appearance.

The father sent an email to the school officials on Monday, Nov. 15, 2021. A full day later, on Nov 16, when the school board met and this father came forward, school board members had not yet been informed of this email and as of Nov 17, the father had not yet been contacted according to the local newspaper, The Voice.

"The child's father, who can be seen addressing the board in the video, told The Voice on Wednesday, Nov. 17, that the family had not yet been contacted by Davis. The Voice was also told on Wednesday that at least some school board members had not been made aware of the alleged incident before it came up during the public comment period. "I was not aware of the incident at all until I heard about it during the [father's] public presentation," School Board Member LaShonda McFadden told The Voice. "I don't believe any of the board members were aware of it prior to the presentation." 

In the prepared statement, it was also stated that the district agreed the allegations are "disturbing to hear just as they were disturbing to read about in the email." The Richland Two School District also stated "all individuals involved in the investigations are to be protected" and the district would not reveal the school involved. Although it was not hard for this reporter to find out the details, since the incident has been public knowledge in Blythewood since its occurrence.

The Richland County Sheriff's office confirmed to The Voice on Wednesday, Nov. 17, that it is investigating the incident from the report officially filed by the child's father on Nov 15, 2021.


It's time to revamp the American School system. From that first subtle introduction of Sex Ed in the early 1900s to the current infiltration of race-baiting Critical Race Theory curricula, our schools have been dominated by an institutionalized intrusion that disrupts the very core of American family values.


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