"The non-disclosure agreements have now been lifted…"

Oh boy, the fake news, dims and rinos are really going to be exposed now as the ugly liars and cheats they really are.

Maricopa County Audit Volunteers Are Now Speaking Out

The people behind this video are individual American citizens that stepped up to help others hear the voices of our fellow citizens. This is non-partisan, and inclusive of all citizens, regardless of ideology. Every one of our voices matters, and WILL be heard. Our elections are to be decided by US; not big tech, not big media, not big pharma, and not by anyone else, regardless of how much money they have or how long they've been in office. We will not be divided any longer.

The audit was designed to be a comprehensive review of the results from the Maricopa County 2020 General Election to confirm the effectiveness of existing legislation in governing elections, and to provide additional insights on possible areas of information-based legislative reform that could ensure an even greater level of integrity and accuracy in how elections are conducted.

The non-disclosure agreements have now been lifted…

Maricopa County Audit of 2020 Election
April 22nd -September 24th, 2021.
2.1M ballots processed by hand
Over 1,500 Volunteers donating over 100,000 hours
All counters were Maricopa residents who voted in the last election.

We all know how the tool of cancel culture is used unrelentingly to control what people are allowed to see, so download this video right now from the links below, then upload it and share it everywhere you can to help every one of our fellow citizens see the truth.

Much more to come in the following weeks…this is merely the beginning.  (Sign up there for their newsletter)

American citizens produced a video of volunteers speaking out about what they saw, now that the non disclosure agreement has been lifted

a1000cuts on Vimeo (mirrored on Telegram by @TracyBeanzOfficial)
Published Sep 28, 2021
6:45 viewing length
[See the transcript below]


Volunteer 1 0:00

We're trying to do not just for the state of Arizona, not just for the voters, but for the entire country. Whether you're white, black, Hispanic, Italian, Asian, it doesn't matter. It's not a color thing. It is a God-given right to us. And we have to protect that. That given right.

Volunteer 2 0:28
If everything was done pristinely, there shouldn't be a problem. You should want it to show really what the true numbers were and dispel any misconceptions. You would want that. But it's telling to me to say I don't want to know. And I want to know, why don't you want to know?

Volunteer 3 1:06
My name is Shawna. I am a homeschooling mother of five. And I was an observer at the Maricopa audit.

Volunteer 4 1:13
I was part of the observer group. If you ever saw the videos, we were the ones in the orange shirts.

Volunteer 2 1:18
I started the first day. And I worked up until yesterday, I came in as an observer.

Volunteer 5 1:24
We were just there basically as quality control to make sure everything was running smoothly in the way that it was supposed to run.

Volunteer 6 1:30
Just oversee and watch for any anomalies, anything that was repetitious, anything that was out of the ordinary.

Volunteer 5 1:39
People from every different occupation, all walks of life, were there wanting to help and work and find out the truth for their country.

Volunteer 7 1:48
My question was more about the integrity of the election.

Volunteer 8 1:52
I just...I had to find out the truth. I had to find out if we could trust our election system.

Volunteer 9 2:00
A lot of people believe that this physical recount of these ballots somehow justify or vindicate the county. The problem with that theory is the only way to determine whether or not the ballots that were originally fed into the tabulator. And hear me when I say that the ballots originally fed into the tabulator the results we got is to look at the logs of the tabulators and compare them to that CVR record and then compare them to the ballot counts. The only way to ensure that is through those logs, which the county has now via Twitter admitted they deleted.

Volunteer 4 2:40
Maricopa County elections failed to control the election. They failed to do their job to make sure that 22 months, all of these documents were saved. They got rid of them. Why did they do that? Well, they did that because it overrode the log files.

Volunteer 5 2:59
There were a lot of things that we noticed that were not organic.

Volunteer 10 3:03
The doubles being filled in, absolutely perfect.

Volunteer 2 3:07
Was obviously not done by a human hand.

Volunteer 5 3:10
As though they were printed.

Volunteer 10 3:12
A human being didn't do that.

Volunteer 2 3:14
Ballots that were, you know, that weren't weren't lined up.

Volunteer 3 3:17
The bull's eye didn't line up.

Volunteer 1 3:18
That target should have been in that bulls eye.

Volunteer 2 3:21
The crosshairs would be here. And sometimes the mark would be over here.

Volunteer 10 3:25
The volunteers stop and look at a ballot. The paper was very, very thin.

Volunteer 2 3:33
And the paper was really thin. I mean, because when they moved it, it's almost like it was just...It was just really thin.

Volunteer 1 3:40
It looked like someone had stained the ballots on purpose.

Volunteer 3 3:44
At times there were more than 50% of the ballot that was gone. Sometimes it was only like 25% of a ballot was there. It was very peculiar.

Volunteer 1 3:54
There were large pieces torn off of the ballots.

Volunteer 9 3:58
When a ballot is soiled, damaged, or otherwise marked and shifts into adjudication, the startling thing to point out is another human being is now determining your intent. They have now effectively voted for you.

Volunteer 8 4:15
I would watch the ballots go by. And there were odd patterns. I questioned the patterns of repeats that I saw that is an anomaly that was repeated over multiple days.

Volunteer 3 4:28
Seven of those ballots are for Biden, one for Trump, seven for Biden, one for Trump, seven for Biden, one for Trump. That clearly doesn't...That's not statistically possible.

Volunteer 8 4:41
If I had a box of all Biden's and I didn't want to look like I had a box of all Biden's wouldn't I just like [visual] and stick some in?

Volunteer 1 4:48
So we reported the patterns of the ballots. And of course we reported all of this to the leads, but not quite sure if it actually got into the report.

Volunteer 4 5:02
The physical recount of the physical ballots pretty much aligned with what they claim. What they didn't tell you is behind the scenes, there were 17,000 plus duplicate mail-in ballots.

Volunteer 9 5:16
The audit has revealed that possibly well over 60,000 of these counted ballots are illegal ballots. And without further investigation, we do not know whether a ballot is legal or illegal, and that must be determined. And the staggering difference in these numbers is way more than enough to alter and change every aspect of the outcome of this election.

Volunteer 3 5:43
We've had something very unique in this country, in that we have freedom and that we get to decide who our president is, who our Vice President is, who our elected officials are. We get to choose.

Volunteer 8 5:56
Your vote is your single most important right on earth, and here in the United States. And to have that stolen from you's bringing me to tears. Excuse me. It's the most important thing. The most important thing that we could do.

Gateway Pundit: "We Were Threatened" – Exclusive Interview with Doug Logan from Cyber Ninjas on the Arizona Senate Forensic Audit – Updated

By Jim Hoft
Published Sep 28, 2021

"On Tuesday we spoke with CEO Doug Logan of The Cyber Ninjas, a private consultancy based in Florida that ran the forensic audit of Maricopa County 2020 election ballots in Arizona."

"Doug Logan told us the rumors were true, that he was receiving threats during this process. Doug said the threats came from both sides. Doug said he was threatened earlier in the process by an attorney on his results. Doug told the attorney to go jump in a lake. Doug also claims the revisions that were made kept the integrity of the report. The report was not compromised. Doug assured The Gateway Pundit that he and his team took a neutral stance. Their goal was to tell the truth about what happened in Maricopa County. His team also received numerous threats from the left."



It's getting close to a year since we watched the DNCCP/RINO deepstate liars and traitors walk right into the trap that Trump and company set for them last year on November 3. With the utter banality that has paraded before us since then, we're pretty sure we're watching some scripted tragic horror-comedy. One thing about arrogant psychopaths, they may be really evil and haughty, but they aren't THAT stupid!

You know who seems to be that stupid though, are the parroting Mockingbird Media sycophants (a shrinking pool, thank God!) who seem to actually believe that Biden-Harris is legit! OMG, can people be that dumb?! Can we say, VAXX DAMAGED?! It's a weird cult of idolatry fawning over their debauched MK-Ultra handlers from the swamp, displaying such cognitive dissonance that results in glassy stares and guppy-level attention spans when confronted with simple and obvious truths. Frothing curses will follow if you persist.

It's gonna take something drastic to break that black magic spell that's over some of our planet's cohabitants. They're apparently under what's known as Mental Kontrol (the "MK" in "MK-Ultra",) German for "mind control," something the NAZIs were great at in the 30s and 40s, though initiated by British (Tavistock) and American think tanks and labs and further perfected (made "Ultra") by CIA/MOSSAD/MI-6 programs controlling our world's public narrative over the next seventy to eighty years. (Yes mankind, you've been lied to THAT long - and longer.)

Though we couldn't care any less what Rachel Maddow, Cooper Anderson and Joy Reid have to say about anything, how about if they are instructed to start admitting on global television that they have spent their entire careers lying to us on behalf of their Luciferian masters? Might that be coming sooner-or-later to a screen VERY near to you?!

#WeHaveItAll #PatriotsInControl


Our years of experience on social media have clearly proven to us, that the so-called "average" men and women living on this planet, have in our daily musings the extraordinary wisdom of how this planet needs to be run--it's a big planet, each one of us contains valuable insights into the many aspects of the whole. We support each one of us upping our games expressing the unique gifts each of us contains.

Your qualifications, are your courage to be born on this planet, and make your way living a worthy life. We are here to support you putting your thoughts and ideas into words and other artforms. The technicalities are simply hurdles to overcome, the challenge is summoning the courage to say what is in our hearts and minds. We recognize that every soul born, simply by delving into our hearts, can contact Infinite Wisdom, the Holy Spirit. Maybe not so clearly at first for those with less experience exploring within, and certainly a lifetime of growing and developing our ability to put words to the wisdom we inherently contain.

We have spent the years developing this platform, to support you with the technical foundations for sharing your message with the world, including our Creators Guild, welcoming you into the precious and sacred community of like-minded spirits, bridging any gaps we each may have in our areas of competence. For example, no matter how good of a writer you are, trying to edit your own work is something like herding kittens, and it has been well said that working with HTML web page language, is like trying to paint on water. Far better to work in collaboration with fellow warriors for mutual benefit, rather than spending hours doing poorly at something it takes a person with the talent, minutes to pop it over the top!

What I am hoping to convey to you, is that so often the shyest spirits among us, those who so often hold their tongues, remaining silent fearing to speak that most dangerous of substances--the truth, have shuttered within themselves exactly the things the world most desperately needs to hear and learn. If you think about it, we just came to the brink, of the end of our civilization, for the lack of this type of individual expression acting in counterpoint to the corporate and globalist agenda we are literally assaulted by.

We all need, to get the Word out. Mother Earth herself, is dying for us to speak in her behalf with a grain or two of common sense.