Let there be light.
Let There Be Light.

The 2020 Election Fraud revelations are coming fast and furious. And what better way to learn the truth about what was discovered in the first (but not the last) honest forensic 2020 Presidential Election Audit, than to talk to an 'insider'.

In the video below, interviewer Alex Sheppard speaks with auditor insider Rene Minter, who worked closely with 1500 other citizens during that 2020 Election Maricopa County (AZ) Forensic Audit. Rene speaks quite candidly about what she experienced for herself.

Here are a few of the topics covered:

> Why Rene decided to get involved in the audit.
> Her roles in ballot counting and paper examination.
> Massive irregularities and evidence of fraud.
> Threats that auditors have received and their impact on the recent report.
> Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich's failure to take action.
> Should we have a Nationwide Decertification of the 2020 Election?

Auditor SPEAKS OUT: "Arizona Needs to be Decertified. There Was Rampant Fraud In This Election"

Published October 10, 2021
Length- 28:58 minutes

Informational Highlights of video:

Gold Standard of Audits: "What I liked about the Arizona audit, it was 24/7 surveillance, there was always a chain of custody, you can always go on the website and look. There were a couple of times when myself and a couple of other people saw things that we were troubled by and we reported it, and we got answers about those things, which is something that hadn't happened in previous audits." ~ Alex Shepard

Ballots should look identical: "I mean, an election is a sacred event for legal Americans. Why do we have ballats that don't look like ballots or ballots that look like they were printed? Or ballots that are so paper-thin putting them into the microscope? You have to be careful. I mean, a ballot should look like a ballot across the board in all 50 states. Card-stock, whatever card-stock, it should be on for the counties, all of that. So that's the million-dollar question. Where are these ballots come from?" ~ Rene Minter

Death threats: "But the reason I mentioned the leaks, and I'm glad you mentioned that, is because I was going to ask you if you think we should decertify? What I heard was that Doug Logan from cyber ninjas was receiving some sort of threats. And because of that, he took out part of the audit report where he calls for decertification." ~ Alex Shepard

We have to fix this: "I can tell you this. And I can make this very, very simple from what I saw. This needs to be decertified. Arizona needs to be decertified. Based on what I saw. And I saw 1000s of ballots. ... I am going to continue to fight! I'm calling on Brnovich's office. It needs to be decertified. There was rampant. I'm just gonna say, rampant fraud in this election. And I don't think Arizona is the worst one. I've offered, saying I would go to Pennsylvania, I would go to Georgia and help in those audits just to get them started. But the whole 2020 election if we don't fix 2020, what's the point? We have to fix this. There is no we don't have that choice. It has to be fixed." ~ Rene Minter

What can we do?: "I would say you need to call and be very persistent. Persistence pays. Call your congressman, call your senators. I called every hour, every day, for months and we finally got it done. But you have to be persistent. It's our vote, it's our job to make sure that we leave this place a better world than we thought it was. And if we can't fix 2020 we're gonna have problems. So call every day, every hour. And I know people don't have the time, but send letters, put it on an email, and just send letters to do what you need to do. I'm only one person, you're only one person. But together if we all do it, there is power numbers. And they can't continue to ignore us if we continue to get louder and louder and louder. So my suggestion is to keep calling, keep emailing. Stay at it." ~ Rene Minter

When we all STAND UP, 
they can no longer hold down the TRUTH!


"The non-disclosure agreements have now been lifted…" Oh boy, the fake news, dims and rinos are really going to be exposed now as the ugly liars and cheats they really are. Maricopa County Audit Volunteers Are Now Speaking Out


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