Governor Ron DeSantis Makes Bold Moves on Early Treatment

Governor Ron DeSantis is a man who is fighting the over-rated, over-extended, power hungry bureaucracy of illegitimacy we call the Washington DC deep state establishment. And due to his persistence, honesty and patriot fortitude, Florida is experiencing more God-given constitutionally-grounded American Freedom than many states in the good ole' USA. 

His latest courageous moves are making ground breaking progress in early Covid treatment.

Florida begins Mobile Monoclonal Antibody Treatments for COVID-19 patients

Working with Florida health officials who desire to provide COVID-19 patients with more options for relief, Gov. Ron DeSantis, on August 12, 2021, announced the development of a "rapid response mobile unit that will deliver monoclonal antibody treatments for people infected with the coronavirus."

This program enacts to help those who have tested positive for covid who can be treated immediately following the covid positive detection. This complies with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's recommendation guidelines, which states, "monoclonal antibodies are laboratory-made proteins that mimic the immune system's ability to fight off harmful antigens such as viruses."

In a co-operative effort to help Florida citizens stave off the effects of covid's ills, Governor DeSantis is working with intelligent health officials and their well-researched science to come up with the best options to get quick proven relief to the public.

Governor DeSantis puts it this way, "This is the most effective treatment that we've yet encountered for people who are actually infected with COVID-19."

Florida to offer mobile monoclonal antibody treatments

Press Conference, Jacksonville, FL 
August 12, 2021
9:44 minute vide0

Governor DeSantis relates in the video above, "If you become COVID positive, doing [monoclonal antibody treatment] before the symptoms get very severe is when it's most likely to work," DeSantis said. "If you do it early, this has a great chance to resolve those symptoms, short of you needing medical attention."

This is not a one and done idea. He stated the mobile monoclonal antibody treatment distribution will start in Jacksonville and will eventually expand to other parts of the state.

Gov. Ron DeSantis Announces Opening Of Monoclonal Antibody Treatment Site In Fight Against COVID

Press Conference, Orlando, FL
August 16, 2021
7:16 minute video 

Expanding Access to Early Treatment

In the video above, Governor Ron DeSantis gives a thorough explanation as to why the expansion of early treatment centers, using protocols proven to work, is his current health focus.

On August 16,2021, the announcement was made introducing an early treatment site, at Camping World Stadium in Orlando. This site can treat up to 320 patients a day, free of charge. 

Through his words and actions, it is obvious Governor DeSantis is using every tool at his disposal to protect the citizens of Florida.

TRANSCRIPT of video:
Press Conference, Orlando, FL
August 16, 2021

Governor Ron DeSantis speaking:

Good afternoon.

We're happy to be opening an additional way for folks to be able to get monoclonal antibody treatments here in Orlando. And I'll go through some of those details which are really exciting.

But first, I want to thank:
Simone Marstiller, our ACHA Secretary
Division of Emergency Management Director, Kevin Guthrie
Dr. Ken Shefkey, is the Chief Medical Officer for Florida Division of Emergency Management
Also our Representative Trudeau is here, which we're very, very excited that he's here as well."

Identifying Right Early Treatment to Reduce Hospitalization
"We've really, I think, identified over the last couple of weeks one thing that just wasn't known enough in terms of what do you do on getting a positive test of COVID-19. And basically, early treatment with these monoclonal antibodies, Regeneron, and others, have proven to radically reduce the chance that somebody ends up being hospitalized. And at the end of the day, reducing hospital admissions has got to be a top priority. And if you reduce those admissions, people don't go to the hospital to begin with, they're going to recover. And so that's a really important thing."

Infection Spreading in spite of Inoculation
"If you look at what we've seen in terms of data and other things over the last couple of weeks, the CDC director even recently said that the vaccines are helping to reduce severe outcomes, not protecting against transmission to the extent that we had hoped.

You look at what's going on in Israel, one of the most vaccinated countries in the world, they're seeing an infection wave. And then there was a pre-print out of the Mayo Clinic, which looked at the various vaccines, in particular protection against infection, and show that some of them particularly Pfizer, starting to wane. And so, a nod to the hospitals throughout Florida, I think they all say that protection against really severe illness is still holding, but in terms of it preventing, creating the type of herd immunity or preventing any type of infections, that hasn't necessarily been the case. I think the efficacy has not been twined with the critical clinical trials shown. So just understanding that, we've got to make sure we look and understand.

Okay, there are people who are vaccinated who are testing positive. Obviously, you have un-vaccinated who are testing positive, the un-vaccinated are still more likely to be admitted to the hospitals, I mean, everyone you talk to in any of these health systems will say that their patients are disproportionately amongst those who run un-vaccinated. But it's interesting that there's been a lot of focus on that, and rightfully so."

90% of their current hospital admissions did not get the monoclonal antibody treatment
"We've spoken to different systems and asked them: Of your admitted patients for COVID, what percentage of them had received a monoclonal antibody prior to being admitted? And they say, well over 90% of their current admissions did not get the monoclonal antibody treatment. And so that is a tool in the toolbox that really needs to be used. And so we saw a need to want to publicize it more, but to also to expand access. Most of the health systems have been doing this, since the EUA happened many, many months ago. And I know there are different transfusion centers or whatnot, which is good, but even a big health system, they're typically doing about 50 patients a day, which is helpful, but we think once more people know about it, there's going to be an even bigger demand. And so here's what we're doing. We started one in Jacksonville. We have one here in Camping World Stadium. So this is going to be open seven days a week. And it's going to be able to treat up to 320 patients a day, right here at Camping World Stadium. So that is a really significant chunk of folks. And you're going to be able to, actually, the Surgeon General's got a standing order, so you don't even need a prescription from a doctor."

Reserve spots to do a monoclonal antibody treatment
"And if you go on patient portal to the same site where you could go and do a vaccine appointment, you can do and reserve spots to do a monoclonal antibody treatment. And again, this has been shown to dramatically reduce the likelihood that you're admitted into the hospital; someone's actually going to talk about a personal story on it. And I think most of the data is very strong, but then just talking to people and how much better they feel after doing this, it really is striking to be able to see that. And so we're going to be doing these sites. There's going to be more throughout the state that we'll be rolling out and each one of them we're looking at doing about 320 treatments a day. Now hopefully, you don't need that many, but we want to send the message is if you do test positive and you're somebody particularly if you're high risk for severe COVID outcomes, elderly folks and compromised, morbid obesity, diabetes, kidney problems, chronic heart or lung conditions. You know, this is something that really, if done early, can make a big difference."

The key is early intervention.
"But that's really the key is early intervention. Once your typical person that's testing positive, obviously, that doesn't have health problems, a body creates antibodies and fights off the virus, they recover. Well, when you have these categories, sometimes there's problems with creating those antibodies naturally. This antibody cocktail basically turbocharges that and will fight off the virus. Now, once the virus is spread a certain amount within your body, it can't really unwind that at that point. So that's the key: Early treatment. Just know that this is out there and know that this is something that's going to be available for people."

The Regeneron is free!
"The Regeneron, just so everybody knows, is free.
It's free to the State of Florida.
The Trump administration basically just bought out all of the monoclonal antibodies once they were being developed. So it does not cost the State of Florida any money to get here. And it does not cost the patients any money to receive it. I hear some people say, 'Oh, this is 1000s of dollars.' That is just not true. This is something that's free, and we want people to be able to take advantage of it, and of course, especially if you're high risk. And so this is, I think, an important fight. I think it's been under publicized. The good thing is since we've been rolling out the expansion of this, more and more people have been asking about it. And more and more people have utilized it. We've already gotten great feedback for people who went in, we're feeling really bad, did it and 24 or 48 hours later, started feeling much better. So those are really, really good stories."

Florida Residents Go to Patient Portal
"And again, go to patient portal, you can sign up to be able to do it. And this is something that's very important. It's also having a successful effective early treatment is not mutually exclusive with vaccines. It's not an either or. You want to do both. I mean, if you're vaccinated, you're high risk, you still may want to get this treatment. Obviously, if you're not vaccinated, and you're high risk and you get infected, you want to get the treatment and so they're not mutually exclusive. They both go together. We do believe that the folks who are being admitted to hospitals overwhelmingly tend to be people who are A: not vaccinated, but also B: that have not gotten this monoclonal antibody treatment. There are not a lot of people who got it and then ended up in the hospital. And so I think that that's a testament that this is something that's been effective."


Story at-a-glance

  • According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data, COVID-19 "cases" have trended downward since peaking during the first and second week of January 2021. At first glance, this decline appears to be occurring in tandem with the rollout of COVID shots. However, "cases" were on the decline before a meaningful number of people had been vaccinated
  • COVID-19 "cases"....


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