Engineered Biochemical Warfare IS the Jabs: "A New Kind of 'Arms' Race is Happening"


It is important to understand why there is so much misinformation about the covid plandemic and now the vaccines jab(s).

I will let Dr. Michael McDowell explain part of the reason we are going through this chaos:

"The pharmaceutical industry benefited from a law, the resurgence of a law, called the DTC Law, Direct to Consumer Law, that became very prevalent in 1997. It allowed pharmaceutical companies to advertise prescription drugs directly through mass media to the customers and consumers. This changed the game, because it meant that the pharmaceutical industry could pour millions and millions of dollars into the media and therefore they effectively own the media and control the media. The pharmaceutical industry also controls the WHO, as Dr. Gill mentioned. In fact, 60 to 70% of the funding of the World Health Organization comes from the pharmaceutical industries. But that's not all. The pharmaceutical industries also control the US legislature, the medical research journals. In medical research journals, you can't publish anything unless they (Big Pharma) approve. Even the scientific journals, the medical schools where doctors are trained are controlled by the pharmaceutical industry."

Well, how about that! 

Big pHARMa is big, and greedy, and manipulative, for very nefariousness reasons. This evil entity has been manipulating the world's health standards for decades.

It isn't about the money, it isn't about control, it isn't about power.

The reason we have so much division, so much dishonesty and so much deception surrounding this engineered bio-weapon called covid and its evil bio-engineered companion, the covid jab, is because there are well organized strong-holds of evil in commerce, government and financial institutions which amassed great power and are colluding as one to create a one world order.

Their ultimate goal was to dominate the earth and all in it.
But this shall not come to pass. We the People are not going to allow that to happen. 

Listen very carefully to the video below as Dr. Michael McDowell bring the facts into full view, allowing all to clearly see that conspiracy theories are not theories at all, but are Conspiracy Facts.

Dr. Michael McDowell

"In Response to the Vaccine" Part 1
(Rapha Revival Ministries)

• The Genetics Bioweapons Industry Backdrop
• SARS-CoV-2 Design and Function
• Follow Science / Money
• The Global & Local Trends

August 14, 2021
Length 25:48

Video Highlight Transcript:
Dr. Michael McDowell's Proves covid Bio-Weaponry

I want to start my presentation by looking at a quick backdrop of the genetic bio weapons industry
. And I think the world first became aware of the fact that there was a such a bio weapons industry. When a gentleman by the name of Dr. Leonard Horowitz published a book called Emerging Viruses in 1996. Emerging Viruses, AIDS and Ebola, Natural or Intentional, that was the title of the book, and in this academic treatise, and he's a virologist and a vaccineologist. He proved that AIDS and Ebola are manufactured viruses engineered in a laboratory. His academic treatise has stood the test of time, it has never been refuted. And we know that the way academic standard fall is on being presented and refuted, this has never been refuted.

And the genetic bio-weapons industry is the most covert industry on planet Earth. But it exists. I would like to go further by saying that William Cohen, the former US Secretary of State in 1997, Cohen referred to the concept of an ethnic bio-weapon as a possible risk. In 1998, some biological weapon experts considered such a genetic weapon, plausible. And you know, when they say that, it means they've already produced it, and they're stockpiling it and waiting to use it. And that research was being done on how certain substances can influence human genes. That was 1998. Ten years later, in 2008, the US government congressional committee sat under the title on the label, genetics and other human modification technologies, a new kind of arms race people, a new kind of arms race is happening. And somebody in that committee said, there are attempts to manipulate human genetics in ways that would horrify us. And so that was 2008. Let me go a little further and go beyond William Cohen.

And I want to introduce you to somebody called Dr. Francis Boyle. Very, very significant. Gentleman, I think we have a photo of Dr. Boyle that we could put up. Dr. Francis Boyle is an international law expert. He is also an expert on genetic bio-weapons. And he was a gentleman who framed the anti Terrorism Act. It's called the Bio Weapons Anti Terrorism Act or BWATA. It was framed in 1989, signed into law in 1990 by President George W. Bush with unanimous approval from the US Senate and the US Congress. And so if there is a genetic Bio-weapons Anti Terrorism Act, it means obviously there must be a genetic bio weapons industry. And I want you to know people that on this earth, 22 nations on planet earth, have what we call BSL-4 labs. A BSL-4 lab means bio-safety level four. Bio-safety level four is the highest level of bio-safety and in these labs, they make pathogens, deadly pathogens. I also want you to know that 16 nations on planet earth stockpile, genetic bio weapons. 16 nations stockpile, they have them in the armory.

There's a new arms race going on. And I want to give you a quote from Dr. Francis Boyle. Dr. Francis Boyle, the framer of the anti Terrorism Act says this, International Law expert, bio-weapons expert, SARS COV-2 is an offensive biological warfare agent made in a lab an engineered with gain of function properties. He said that in February 2020. I have quoted this in a documentary I did. It's on YouTube called Watchman with an iPad one where I spell this out very clearly. And he has come to the conclusion, and this is going to shock you...put on your seat belt, this is going to shock you. He has come to the conclusion that SARS COV-2 is a tripartite chimera. (Definition of Chimera-an individual, organ, or part consisting of tissues of diverse genetic constitution A hybrid created through fusion of a sperm and an egg from different species is a chimera. In other words, MAN-MADE!) And it is composed of one SARS, the original SARS, and he says SARS is already weaponized. And then that SARS virus was enhanced by gain of function properties. And step three, they will all then genetically be combined with an HIV virus, that's the virus that causes AIDS. So a tripartite chimera.

If you think I am kidding, I have some notes here and I call them Smoking Gun One, Two and Three:

Smoking Gun #1:
Francis Boyle, quoting from an article called Antiviral Research, February 10, 2020, written by three French scientists and one Canadian scientists from Montreal, said the Wuhan coronavirus genetic analysis may provide a gain of function to 2019 novel Coronavirus. The Wuhan coronavirus. genetic analysis may provide a gain of function to 2019 novel Coronavirus for efficient spreading in human population compared to other beta coronaviruses. He says that is a smoking gun. It was genetically engineered for efficient spreading in human population. Wow. That's recorded. Gain of function, if you don't know what gain of function means, gain of function means genetically engineered to be more lethal, more virulent, more infectious, and to mutate or adapt more readily with slight increases in immune selection pressure from the population. It's also called accelerated viral evolution. And I saw Dr. Gill refer to that in his campaign and he used the colloquial variance just so viruses don't just jump from animal to human.

Smoking Gun #2:
UNC and that's the University of North Carolina, don't be surprised.The University of North Carolina labs at Chapel Hill brought a team together to do an experiment. And part of the North Carolina University team was they were joined by a gentleman from China called Dr. Zheng-Li Shi. Dr. Zheng-Li Shi. He was from the Wuhan Institute of virology, and the Chinese Academy of Sciences. And in fact, Wuhan gave a grant to University of North Carolina so that scientists could be involved in this experiment. They imported SARS cells, SARS viruses, from the Fort Dietrich labs. And for those of you who know geopolitics and covert geopolitics, very necessary for any Bible prophecy teacher, or any pastor. Amen. Before the trick labs are the USS Maine, BSL-4 labs, where they research, stockpile and test genetic bio weapons. And so this team was given a grant by China. We're working on increasing the pathogenicity of the SARS samples that they got from Fort Dietrich.

Smoking Gun #3:
Research at the Australian Animal Health lab was funded by the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology. Along with the other two I mentioned one Institute and the Academy of Sciences from China. And the experimental goal was to coalesce the initials weaponized SARS virus, enhance it with gain of function properties, and then coalesce it genetically to an HIV virus event, therefore forming the tripartite chimera. And so I'm listening to you where these experiments took place. Let me go a little further.

Smoking Gun #4:
Indian scientists did an analysis on the SARS COV-2 virus and they said that they've definitely found elements of the HIV virus in the genomic sequencing. So this was confirmed by a team from India. And let me mention to you that HIV is a retrovirus. Retroviruses use mRNA to inject their stuff into the cell. And when the mRNA is injected into the cell, there is something called retro integration that takes place and that means that the mRNA is converted back into DNA and then it coalesces with the chromosomal DNA of the host. So retroviruses, like HIV, carry an enzyme called reverse transcriptase, which changes mRNA back into DNA. So it can coalesce with genes in a nucleus. This means that when they said it's an mRNA vaccine, and they said it will only go to the ribosomes and form proteins. That's not true. Even it will be reconverted to the DNA and affect your human genome. Well, so Francis Boyle says this, the most dangerous biological weapon ever released on the public is SARS COV-2.

Smoking Gun #5:
Smoking Gun number five: Fauci's emails. Wow. Fauci's emails say this, Well, first of all, we must not foresee his vaccinations. When recently he was called to testify to the US congressional committee, and this is all on video record, he said, No, U.S. taxpayers did not fund the Wuhan laboratory. Then he said, Yes, US taxpayers did fund the laboratory, but it was a sub grant. Then he said we funded it, but there was no gain of function research. Then he said, We did fund it. There was no gain of function research, but it was a sound scientific decision. Then he said it would have been negligent not to fund it. So he kept vacillating back and forth. And I said, this is all on record. Let me go further to another one of our [inaudible]. This is from Dr. Christian Anderson. And I'm proving to you that SARS COV-2 was a genetic bio-weapon. Dr. Christian Anderson, in an email, a secret email that was unsolicited, when Fauci's emails were exposed, he said, The unusual features of the virus make up a really small part of the genome. So no one has to look weak. So one has to look really closely at the sequence to see that some features look engineered. Wow. 

Smoking Gun #6:
Further, this is the same guy, Dr. Christian Anderson writing in an email to Dr. Fauci further, I should mention that after discussions with Eddie, Bob and Mike, his fellow biologists, we all find the genome inconsistent with expectations from evolutionary theory. What Dr. Giros was referring to, the way a virus normally evolves, this virus didn't look like that. So they found number one, the virus looked engineered, and it looked inconsistent with evolutionary theory. Wow. 

So given this, this states very clearly, that, that SARS COV-2 is a genetic bio-weapon. And let's go to Charles Lieber. Charles Lieber was the is the head of Biology and the head of Chemical Biology at Harvard University. He was. And this guy used to train graduate Chinese students.Used to train graduate Chinese students in his lab, he's a microbiologist of the highest note.
And he has received about $15 million in defense contracts from the United States government to do just that; create genetic bio weapons. Two of his students were arrested at the Logan International Airport in December 2019, smuggling 21 vials of sensitive biological material to Wuhan, China. Even Charles Lieber himself was arrested by the FBI on January 28, 2020, for espionage with China. He was the consultant and actually was a hands on builder of the BSL-4 lab in Wuhan, China. China has won the Luke's BSL-4 lab, it was built by Charles Lieber for his consultancy, he was paid 150 million US dollars to do that, and had a salary of 50,000 US a month from China. Amen. And so it has become very clear that SARS COV-2 is not a kung fu virus or a Chinese virus, as some people say. It was Judah Anglo Asian complicity. Even Lieber's involvement actually goes much deeper than I am mentioning. And but that's not for these people, I will skip at this point. I have I have talked extensively about vaccine types and mass vaccination at the time of a pandemic. But I'm just gonna hit on one thing quickly. Before I go to my final point.

Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi says it's a thrombogenic, the vaccine is a thrombogenic vaccine and he warns of neural venous thrombosis and he wants the designation of the human population mass vaccination at the time of high infectious pressure. That means at the time when there is the pandemic is at the site that that causes it fuels a phenomenon known to all biologists. I heard a biologist on television, TV 6 News last night, mentioned this and called it viral immune escape. And in a nutshell, viral immune escape is this: When you put a virus on the pressure through a mass vaccination program, the vaccine induced antibodies will stand up against the COVID-19 virus and and fight it. And so the virus is on the run. Once a virus gets on the run, remember this virus is a virus that especially it has given the function properties, you put it under pressure changes, it shifts, it changes its scope, it looks different. Amen. It becomes a variant and the variant cannot be stopped by the vaccine induced antibodies. Vaccine induce antibodies also shut down your innate immune system. So the vaccinated have vaccine and induced antibodies that cannot stop a variant. And then they also shut down your innate immune system.

So variants can come straight through and infect those who are vaccinated. That is viral immune escape, and that says that the vaccinated are defenseless against variance. This is no longer a pandemic of COVID-19 SARS COV-2. This is a pandemic of variants in men and there is something called recombination. Listen to me carefully. Why aren't our virologist telling us this event? Recombination means that a vaccinated host can be infected by more than one variant at one time. All big deal. Delta variant is in Trinidad. Amen. Well, Dr. Peter McCullough says they don't have enough letters in the Greek alphabet to name the variants. In fact, there are over 100 variants already floating around all over the globe. Some samples at 185. If a vaccinated host is infected, co infected, by more than one variant, the variants when they get inside the party, and they mix and they change DNA and they camouflage and they mix their DNA, recombinant DNA technology takes place. And it produces a super variant. And if super variants are produced, nothing can stop them. And already they are saying that the, I think, the latest variant to come out is vaccine resistant. Well, this is just the beginning. Dr. Good Vandenbosch warns, he said, If we do not immediately stop mass vaccination campaigns all around the world, the world will experience an international catastrophe of mass mortality. I didn't say that, he did.
"These people ask plaintively, "Is there anything that can be done?"

Yes, there is: Let your body's brilliant, amazing, ingenious, millions-of-years-old immune apparatus deal with it. This whole damn problem started with knucklehead humans thinking that our immune system is weak and puny and, well, obsolete in the face of Covid. It wasn't and it isn't! Sarah, your immune cells and other immune structures have been honed by Mother Nature (or God, if you prefer) for as long as there has been life on this planet, that is, long before we were recognizably human. Yes, Lucy the Australopithecine had an immune apparatus. Yes, her primate and non-primate ancestors did, as well. (I feel like Jesus reproaching his disciples: "Oh thou of little faith! Wherefore did thou doubt?")

First point, then:
Believe that your immune apparatus is the best–the very best–means of addressing the crisis that's going on throughout your (or someone else's) body. Not medical doctors. Not PhD scientists. Not naturopaths. Not anyone or anything save for–drum roll, please!–your very own, God-given body. (Do I need to remind you that medicine has gone off the rails? Do I need to remind you that the head of the CDC, Rochelle Walensky, and Anthony Fauci are either clueless or depraved? The big lesson I learned from 2.5 years of PhD-level training in molecular biology and immunology was this: We know pitifully little about this phenomenon we blithely call "immunology." Anyone who tells you otherwise is either a quack or fool or both.)

Second point:
There's a glimpse of what your amazing body, my dear, is doing as we speak. It's merely a glimpse, with the caveat that nobody on earth really understands "immunology" for the same reason we don't understand quantum reality. For discussion purposes , I'm going to assume you got the jab.

  • (1) Your natural, brilliant, amazing, fabulous, many-millions-of-years-old inflammatory response will encyst the non-biological objects in some fixed, stationary location in your body. In other words, they will be incarcerated within a cyst, as in a prison cell. The incarceration starts with phagocytic white blood cells encasing and surrounding the foreign body.
  • (2) The phagocytic response "calls in" other types of cells, like fibroblasts. Fibroblasts make fibers of collagen that in turn make a scar. Remember when you fell off your bike when you were 8 years old and got a real bad cut on your knee, which then healed with a scar? Thank your fibroblasts for that, my dear! Well, hey, they have been already summoned by your phagocytes and, as we speak, your fibroblasts are making a scar, or case, around those non-biological foreign, Fauci bodies.
  • (3) If this sequence of events happens in a small blood vessel, a capillary in other words, and the capillary gets blocked, your brilliant, God-given body shunts the blood through other capillaries around this blocked capillary. Wow!

Note that all of the above magic (miracle?) happens without a medical doctor so much as laying a finger on you. It's free. It's your very own, built-in clinic, and it's all specific to your tissues and cell signature/thumbprint. What's not to like?!

But, you've got to help this magical process that's silently fixing your tissues.
You've got to:

  • eat well
  • get loads of rest
  • and exercise

By exercise I mean: walk, jog, swim, bicycle, row. Your body was built to work hard–as in exercise. You are descended from hunter-gatherers who were anything but sedentary. No office jobs for them! No sitting in a classroom all day from age 6 through 18. For your body to heal and work properly, you have to "work" it.

The problem with the vaccine is two-fold:
The non-biological bodies (I call them Fauci bodies) and the biological stuff, in particular that synthetic (zombie) mRNA and that diabolical Covid virus spike protein, which is the protein that allowed the Covid virus to penetrate your cells. Tragically and stupendously foolishly, the makers of the vaccine put that nasty Covid spike protein on the liposome or graphene-sheet carrier they injected into you.

My dear, those hundreds of millions who got the jab are guinea pigs. They are unwitting and unwilling participants in the biggest lab experiment known to mankind. My overall answer would be, don't think of your body as an automobile, with replaceable parts and all that crap. Your body is a complete, finished masterpiece, fashioned by Mother Nature (or God) over millions of years of bacterial and viral insult and challenge. Let your body handle this one. Don't rush out to the doctor or herbal healer and start quaffing pills and potions.
Remember: "Oh thou of little faith!" 

Source ~ Calvin Luther Martin, PhD: Why are people dying after getting the Covid vaccine?


What she is revealing is alarming. In this video she tells us how these new vaccines jabs can alter our DNA, turning us into hybrids. Their plans are to connect humans to artificial intelligence and global control networks. This is the start of trans-humanism, turning us into HUMANS 2.0 "That might sound cool for those who watched too many sci-fi movies, but the reality is that it would end our autonomy and make us slaves of globalist tech companies who can then control us, without us being aware of it. ~ via


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