Dr. Lee Merritt's Warning: 'You Might Be Just One of a Herd of Cattle'


Big pHARMa has conned citizens into believing they are helping when in reality they have been doing more damage than good.

Overall, many medical personnel in the USA have been coerced, duped and trained to just follow big pHARMa's lead and not think for themselves. Now, with the help of brave honest medical professionals who understand the truth, big pHARMa's reign of covert terror is coming to an end.

Thank God for well-informed truth tellers in the medical world who bravely go from town to city to burg informing We the People up-front and personally about big pHARMa's damaging system of health care.

Dr. Lee Merritt, along with Dr. Carrie Madij and last-minute presenter Dr. Bryan Ardis, were hosted by a church in North Georgia recently. All three red-pill doctors explained their discoveries, revealing how we as a nation are being co-opted out of our rightful ability to get healthy and remain healthy.

Ruby Ray Media contributor Jennie Smith, a medical professional and our resident Health Warrior, attended this meeting of the health warriors in Georgia the night of October 27 and made this article possible. Thank you, Jennie, for recording a few segments of Dr. Lee Merritt's presentation which are important to share with everyone here.

The video clips and summary quotes presented below are of Dr. Lee Merritt focusing on a couple of key historical aspects of her experiences and research, as well as her personal experience with medical professionals who are pushing the jab mandate in spite of the hundreds of health concerns being raised regarding the documented dangers of the jab. 

A Historical Perspective. What certain people knew then, we know now.

Excerpts from video above by Dr. Lee Merritt

"Okay, so, a while back, I had this book, and it's been sitting on my bookshelf for a long time. It's called "Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars"... And it's called, now these are really quiet weapons they're talking about here, "The Engineering of Social Automation Systems."

"Now, what these people knew that we didn't know in 1954, was that we would be able to take people's credit cards, who used a credit card in 1954, right. And we could marry them up with UPC codes to see your buying and purchasing and what you're doing. And as a way of tracking and tracing people 1954... . And I mean, the fact that they knew about all this technology, as Carrie said, they've known about technology 30 years ago that we're just seeing now."

"...this is what they say about us.... But they say "in view of the law of natural selection. People who will not use their intelligence are no better than animals who do not have intelligence. Such people are beasts of burden and steaks on the table by choice and consent."

Why do they need incentives to coerce Jabbing?
Excerpts from video above by Dr. Lee Merritt

The Disinformation Dozen
"So due to these dastardly people, these medical professionals, this "vaccine hesitancy" took hold. Okay, so they had to do something, they had to try to give incentives.

  • Now they had Krispy Kreme Doughnuts.
  • And then in Omaha, Nebraska...at the Henry Doorly Zoo... the kiddie rides were free. If you got a vaccine so you tell your parents please get a vaccine so I can have a free kitty right on the train. That's disgusting.
  • But my personal favorite was in Las Vegas. You could have a free lap dance if you had a vaccine. And then lottery tickets in Ohio. 
  • And of course Colorado leaps in [giving] marijuana joints for free."

The Virus is man-made
Excerpts from video above by Dr. Lee Merritt

"I can tell you this principle, when you're catching flak, you're over the target. And so they were catching huge flak, they were over a huge target. And that was the principal that this is a bio-weapon. Okay, so we know it was man-made. Now, the next point of how they did it speaks to what's in it and what we can expect from this thing. They took the spike protein of this big virus, and what happened is, this spike protein they inserted four pieces of genetic material in four different spots that came from the HIV, Human Immunodeficiency Virus. So when you look at this, those four pieces are in every pathologic specimen in the gene bank of sick people, but in no other Coronavirus in the world. There are lots and lots of these things that they call coronaviruses. And none of them have this. And then these, they don't vary at all, they're always the same. 

The Truth is in the Patents

Now, you might have seen this guy, David Martin. He made his fortune by figuring out a way to have a computer program that read the language and the meaning of patents. Not just the language but understood what they were talking about. And then he would trace patent technology as a guidance to what to invest in the future in technology. And he was testifying before Reiner Fuellmich... he said was that 'nothing in this part the spike protein of the of this virus was actually Novel'

Below is a link to a comprehensive article detailing the information Dr. Lee Merritt refers to in the video above, regarding Dr. David Martin and his conclusive patent findings which prove Covid was a man-made engineered virus...


Ruby Ray Media - NUREMBERG 2.0: Patent Research Shows Pathogens Were Weaponized On Global Scale

Dr. David Martin has been concerned with the path certain patent filings have taken since the anthrax scare in 2002. His unraveling of the paper trail left on that path also led to his study of certain aspects of worldwide recognized health organizations, pHARMaceutical companies and their American counter parts, such as the CDC. Based on his findings, Dr. Martin has formulated a fact based analysis.

Learn more about Dr. Lee Merritt, her discoveries and insights at the following two links:


The Medical Rebel

Dr. Lee Merritt

Link to:

Dr Lee Merritt: The End Game of the Vaccines is Depopulation - FOR LIFE ON EARTH



  • Science proceeds because somebody is right and it's reproducible. None of this makes sense scientifically.
  • More and more doctors are waking up. They all have to know that this is scientifically not sound.
  • The chance of surviving Covid between January and August 2020 was 99.991% worldwide, while the chance of surviving the previous flu season was 99.992%.


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