As time marches on, many people who once bought into big pHARMa's jab lies are AWAKENING to the deception. So it makes sense that one of the hottest topics being broached currently regarding jabs is DETOX. 

Many professionals are concentrating on formulas of detox that require ingesting a list of ingredients to force toxins out of the body. Yet, there is type of detox that bypasses the digestive tract leaving the stomach clear to be a part of the cleansing process. This detox method uses the largest organ we have: our SKIN.
Dr. Carri Madej is a stalwart medical researcher whose discoveries over the past 20 years about all jabs, and their dangerous effects on the body and the mind, have earned her a top place in the Medical Truth Teller Hall of Fame.

In-person, in video interviews, and throughout her web blog, Dr. Madej bravely heralds the whole truth about this covid fake-demic and the dangers of the most recent toxin-filled jabs.

She offers a formula of detox which can be part of a whole detox regiment that is not often mentioned by many in the health field, yet is quite effective.

Dr. Carrie Madej Explains How to Detox from the Vaccine.

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Published Nov 1, 2021 (Published on Telegram Oct 18, 2021)
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'Detox baths'

Dr. Madej is speaking at a live event in the short video clip below. She is relating a method of detox that is safe for people of all ages.

'Detox baths' are a lesser shared method of detoxing that is very beneficial for children as well as adults. Essentially, these types of baths require soaking in a tub of hot water with special ingredients added to help stimulate our body to rid itself of harmful toxins.

Below this video is a transcription of the information Dr. Madej relates with links and details listed further along in this article.

Detox. Detox. Detox.
So, I love detox baths.

  • They take care of radiation poisoning.
  • They take care of pesticides.
  • They take care of heavy metals; all kinds of things, even some parasites.

So, if you've got a bathtub, you know someone who's got a bathtub, that's the easiest, fastest way.

Good old baking soda. So, put one or two cups of baking soda, one or two cups of Epsom salts in there.
That already is a wonderful radiation detox. It gets fungus and yeast out of your body, as well.

You add a little bit of bentonite clay; Aztec Secret is a wonderful brand, one half to one cup. Now you've also got a major pull of poison coming out.

You add in one cup of Borax; you know that laundry detergent? That'll take nanotechnology out of you.

You scrub down, scrub down, scrub down - 20 minutes, as hot as you can tolerate it. Right?

Okay. I'm just getting a new website started: carriemadej dot com
I'll put all the detox in. Everything I do is for free.

"Dr. Carrie has been on a mission to share her valuable knowledge with the world. Unfortunately she has been highly censored, attacked by her colleagues and been ostracized by the industry for speaking the truth.

Currently she is working freelance and doing events, tele-medicine and working one on one with patients; guiding them into better health and freedom from the dangerous information and harmful drugs.

Would you consider supporting Carrie as she carries a torch of truth in a world full of un-truth, lies and deception? Feel free to drop a line and say hello and any and all donations are greatly appreciated and spent wisely as she travels across the U.S. to further the cause.

God Bless each and everyone of you!"

You can find more detox information from Dr. Carrie Madej at:
General Recommendations for Detoxing


Dr. Carrie Madej – Practicing The Truth in Jesus Through Medicine

Dr. Madej shares more detox tips, her bio, many video's, her blog and upcoming lectures and events involving her awesome scientific jab research

As stated earlier, many medical professionals are currently offering detox methods, formulas, and advice.

Here are a few links from Telegram regarding detoxing that we here at Ruby Ray Media share now, with the prayer that all we share will bless you with much help, hope and healing:


If you are operating under the delusion that these pharmaceutical companies are doing anything benevolent, please be sure to check out this article. Dr. Mercola lays out in this article the absurdity of their complete lack of accountability in every way possible in regards to its so-called vaccines.


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