Covidiocy Cons, Controversies and Cures: What Is Up With The FDA Anyway?


The FDA's drug approval process was once considered the 'gold standard' of 'drug' quality control, but is quickly losing all credibility.

A huge amount of corruption has crept into all governmental departments due to deep state influences planting their own leaders in positions of power. Therefore, agencies like the FDA are not immune to having their authority tainted by biased covert, and overt, actions.

Many, like Robert Kennedy Jr, who have been fighting the overreach of the huge pHARMaceutical empire for years know how money trails, financed lobbying and biased mouthpieces have been subverting the scrutiny of the public for decades, until now.

With the recent revelations about big pHARMa's interference with the widespread use of natural cheaper alternative treatments for many illnesses, especially those which can CURE the Wuhan Flu, it is clear that the pHARMaceutical industry can easily influence the FDA and the CDC inner ranks. So much so that those who were once married to the 'drug' industry as professional researchers and medical innovators are leaving their lofty positions over major differences in quality control.

In June of 2021, three notable researchers resigned over the FDA approval of an Alzheimer therapy. Dr. Aaron Kesselheim, speaking on behalf of all three, told a committee "This might be the worst approval decision that the F.D.A. has made that I can remember." He said the agency's approval of the drug, aducanumab, which is being marketed as Aduhelm, a monthly intravenous infusion that Biogen has priced at $56,000 per year, was wrong "because of so many different factors, starting from the fact that there's no good evidence that the drug works." - NYTimes

This most recent resignation is by two influential FDA scientists very closely involved in vaccines jabs for covid. Dr. Marion Gruber and Dr. Philip Krause resignied after major disagreements over the rollout of vaccines jabs. In the official report published in the THE LANCET both Gruber and Krause concluded "Although the idea of further reducing the number of COVID-19 cases by enhancing immunity in vaccinated people is appealing, any decision to do so should be evidence-based and consider the benefits and risks for individuals and society."

The following 10-minute video by 'Restricted Republic' will clarify HOW the FDA and CDC fueled ship Biden is attempting to steer is headed for rocky waters.

These unexpected departures are now drawing suspicion, for good reason. The efficacy and reliability of these agencies is in full question. As suggested by this MSNBC opinion columnist, Dr. Kavita Patel ...when four scientists and physicians at two of the most important United States agencies leave during the middle of a pandemic with no ready transition plan or heirs apparent, there is clearly a need to look to the agencies' leadership. In this case, the FDA lacks the necessary leadership in the Office of the Commissioner, and the public will pay a price for it."

These large American-made health agencies which rely on big pHARMa to prop them up are no longer trustworthy. They have been compromised by the deep state and any person who has a position of power within them should be thoroughly investigated.

Below is a 7-page document said to be a Global Law. On page 3, you will find a list of products and the procedures for correctly implementing them to overcome covid in its various stages.

The document has been labeled thusly:

This is now Law Globally & was Ratified 31st of August, 2021 by the "World Global Health Consortium" Which has REPLACED The 'World Health Organization'(WHO )which is Now Defunct as its Charter has been withdrawn.  Instructions to All The World's Medical Practitioners on the Therapies to be used to alleviate Covid are Also Outlined

Many people have experienced delays in using the TeleMed program from America's Front Line Doctors (AFLDS) at:

I wanted to provide additional resources for potential places to obtain Ivermectin and HCQ.
There are many, so I cannot vouch for any of them. Here are some:

  • (Note: this list is a directory of doctors in other countries. Again, I cannot vouch for any of them, but it also includes a doctor from CANADA for those who have asked.)

! Please be advised: Many name brand pharmacies such as Walgreen's likely won't fill these prescriptions. You will either need a local pharmacy willing to do so, or if the doctor you find who prescribes is able to refer to one he/she knows can fill the order quickly, then that's also a good choice. I hope many people have been seeking ways to obtain these meds because of the blackout by their own doctors. Good luck. I hope these resources are useful to you!

UPDATE: I just saw this concerning pharmacies at the FLCCC website. They provide a list of pharmacies that will supposedly fill prescriptions for HCQ and Ivermectin:

Link from Dr. Ardis to get Hydroxychloroquine or Ivermectin : Synergyhealthdpc

Click on the 'contact a physician' button at this link: AMERICAN FRONTLINE DOCTORS
Fill out the form and pay $90. The physician will call you typically within 2-7 days.

How to Get Ivermectin in the US: Prescriptions

Click/tap on graph above to be taken to a on how to get ivermectin in the USA



Ron Paul has been warning us for decades that if the government kept growing, they would be controlling every aspect of our lives. Now we see they are attempting just that. I am sharing one of his articles here, and you can read more from Ron Paul...


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