Corn In America by Juan O Savin - Wake the f up! We have enemies inside the wall!


Juan O Savin in an interview published yesterday (July 29) backs up our very recent exposé of the Dan Bailey Corn-clowns In America "Montana Man" poopshow, the corn-bot who got in Tucker Carlson's face in a fly shop in Montana (read about that in a recent article we published here - also referenced in the Related section below.) Juan figures that Bailey is not just the clowns' corn-on-the-cob: he's mashed, he's blended. And, of course, the mockie media are right on cue to pump this blended mush at Tucker Carlson all day long.

Juan tells us what Americans have got to quit denying, about the world we live in. The story of Lot in Sodom told by Juan is a perfect fit. We have the video and the transcript. God bless America! We've got this!

#Election 2020 = MAGA cubed / Corn


pryme306 on Bitchute
Published July 29, 2021
45:53 viewing length (Juan starts at about 5 minutes into the video)


Pryme Minister 1:25
Well, hello to all the patrons worldwide. And we have Mr. Juan O Savin. How are you, sir?

Juan O Savin 3:59
Hey! Great!

Pryme Minister 4:03
Where do we start? We're ready. We're ready to hear whatever you have for us.

Juan O Savin 4:10
Well... (laughing)

Pryme Minister 4:12
I will be honest, I don't like to ask a bunch of questions. I don't want to distract you with anything other than what needs to be said. That's what I want. You know?

Juan O Savin 4:23
Well, let's see, I sent you an article last night that I thought was kind of interesting. Did you take a look at that?

Pryme Minister 4:31
I did take a look at that. And it had to do with the CIA front company, um, kind of like orchestrating some agitation and stuff like that. And I was thinking about, obviously, January 6, and how that tied into that. And one of the things I was thinking was the fact that when they do things like that, they create this false reality, because perception is reality for most people. They create this false reality because it's not real, but it appears to be real. How do you deal with that without taking that whole system down?

Juan O Savin 5:06


Well, okay, let's put the article in context. When Tucker Carlson was out in Montana the other day, he's trying to take a little bit of a break, he's got family, his sister lives in this area of Montana. He goes into a fly fishing shop to grab a little bit of supplies and take a break and fish in the river. And that's a son of a gun, you know. You've only got so many hours in the day, and I do understand that you're trying the best to just be in the flow on a vacation day.

So he figures out that wherever he is, he is a highly recognizable figure. But he goes into Riley's (Bailey's) fly fishing shop, or whatever the name of it is. And all of a sudden, this guy confronts him. And this guy starts saying what a scum of the earth he is, what a horrible, horrible person, he is; how he's contributing to the killing of zillions of people because of his COVID positions and everything else. And Tucker trying to be, just get along and go along - you got agitators out there all the time - he's a bit dismissive: "alright, fine, you had your fun, whatever." And this guy just won't let up; and walked him to the door, and the whole smear and Tucker leaves.

Now, the context of this in part is, Tucker has been talking for weeks now about the fact that he was being targeted by NSA in all of his communications. He's a public media figure, fairly high profile on the conservative side, obviously. And not only was he being targeted, but then he was being unmasked, and stuff was in the process of being leaked out about his private communications from operatives, agents, people inside the the NSA. So he was pretty verbal about that, vocal about that, as he should be.

This is use of government assets, machinery mechanisms that the US taxpayers pay for. Okay? This isn't just government, this is US citizens' money being used against a US citizen to disrupt his role in bringing us the news, First Amendment right. Free Speech. The the duty of the Fifth Estate to go out and cover this stuff so that we are informed as citizens and we can hear all sides of the debate so that we can make informed decisions about the function of our country, the function of our people, the function of our government.

But it's not a fair playing field. When these huge assets that are outside of the capability of the media companies, private citizens, this is the full weight measure of the greatest intelligence gathering mechanism on planet Earth. The NSA focused on individual citizens and a specific citizen, who is in a prominent media position trying to bring a perspective to the citizenry and out into the world.

And he was targeted. "Oh it was incidental because he talked to people that talk to people that we were already watching, and we're allowed to go look a couple layers deep." Well, you're NOT allowed!! It's not fair to leak what you're looking at. They can make any excuse they want. It's <f_'d> up. It <p_'s> me off. They're the sneaky little <bstrds> that they are. You see, this is the part that a lot of people don't understand. It looks like, "Well, that's just the NSA." NO!!

There's players behind the scenes that are puppeteering through these various agencies. The octopus, you're looking at one arm, a couple of tentacles of the octopus, but its mind, its head is singular. And all these arms looking disconnected, it's false. They weave and they tangle and they flow. And it looks totally independent, but it's not. It's one mind.

Because Tucker Carlson was confronted by this guy and it's a big media event to the world. It looks like, you know, average citizens of Montana hate Tucker Carlson, hate what he's doing to America. So it's a big media thing. And then you get a lot of people that tag along. Yeah, yeah, yeah. How many of them are real? You know, and how many are trolls and artificial intelligence trolls out there rebroadcasting, rebroadcasting, rebroadcasting. Twitters, Facebooks, everywhere else. Everybody hates Tucker Carlson. Everybody hates him. Well, excuse me! It gets repeated over and over and over as though it's true.

When you're a guy like Tucker: that can wear on ya! You got to have pretty thick skin - and he does - just to power through and put up with it like he did.

Then we find out something else: this guy isn't just another guy in Montana. He looks like he's just another guy - but he isn't. He happens to work for a front company that is a thinly veiled cover, paid for, managed, operated by the CIA. Okay? They can stick it up their <a__>. CIA people, black hats, people puppeteering out there. Here comes this guy out of nowhere, and conveniently have him in exactly the right spot at exactly the right time to do this little media thing and have it filmed. Him confronting Tucker Carlson, for all the citizens of America, for all the citizens of the world. To confront this "mean evil person," right there on camera so we can all hear what we all feel about what Tucker Carlson is doing.


You cannot be this naïve at this critical moment. It was a setup. And the guy that did it works for a company that is a front company for the CIA. There isn't an accidental aspect to one moment of that interaction. He was targeted by black hats puppeteering this guy to do a dirty little deed, make a little public spectacle. And why do I want to point that out right now? Because you know, Pryme, what's in the book that I wrote all the way back there, went to print over a year ago. You know what it says?

I want to pull it open here for you. Oh, there's a beautiful picture of President Trump on the back cover. Let's go to page 71. Election 2020 will equal MAGA to the third power over corn. Corn. Corn. What the <f_> is corn? I told you before, Corn is those people who have gone to the farm, have been farmed and they are farm products. What's the farm? That's where we send people that are operatives, agents of various three letter agencies to be trained to do deep cover and intelligence work. Okay? And when we're done training them, we call them corn.

Wake up America. Do you understand that your tax money is paying for people who aren't "working against communism on the other side of the planet." You know, "safety and stability of people in Africa" ... "to be able to have water and drink and not get their head chopped off or their hands chopped off because they think free or because they're Christians" ... "Stopping child trafficking all over the world and American government's right there to take care of them and your tax dollars are helping the world."

NO, THEY AREN'T!! You're paying for the rope that you are about to be hung by. These guys are puppeteered.

This guy, some guy back in the backroom, "Hey, here's what you need to do. Just pretend you're a normal average guy out there in Timbuktu, Montana and you hang out and watch, because this guy is going to want to go over to the fly shop and pick up some fly fishing stuff. He always does when he's in town. He likes to go to town. So be ready. If he goes to the donut shop, get him at the donut shop. If he's at the fly fishing shop, get him at the fly fishing shop. We'll have a guy with his cell phone right there, ready to go. Standby. Standby. We know he's leaving his house right now. Get ready, get ready."

He gets in there. It looked so natural. Okay? But he's corn. He's a corn product. He was sent there on a mission. Okay. Seeing who these people for what they are, who they are, seeing them right out in our midst.


Remember, Zuckerberg didn't create Facebook. Facebook was a DARPA operation; Defense Advanced Research Project. And it was perfected there with US taxpayer money. The whole thing was created there. The idea the concept was gamed out on supercomputers that cost the American taxpayers millions and millions and millions of dollars. And dozens and dozens and dozens of technicians honed and refined and perfected this model where people would put all their personal data on their phone, their personal tracking device, tell them everything they wanted to know about them, show you who all their friends are, what they're going to do every day, whether they're going to go on vacation, put it all right there online, it was a great big, huge, neat plan.

And then, THEY BLESS somebody with the whole thing. Zuckerberg didn't create Facebook, he was gifted it. Who has the power behind the scenes to take something that belongs to the American taxpayer, those developed by the American taxpayer, and then pick somebody out of nowhere and then bless him with it to make him a bazillionaire? And then beyond that, in this current moment, to turn around and use that same corn kernel to manipulate and control whether you get to talk about how your elections are run, what you're supposed to do with the shot.

I can tell you where they can stick that shot. Okay? They are trying to force us, our public opinion or conversation, in a particular direction. And excuse me, they're not doing it because it's just their idea. They're being managed, being controlled, being puppeteered. Whether it's one little guy on the street in Montana, with a history, working for a company, that's a thinly veiled blackhat operation, CIA front company, doing stuff all over the world, all the way since the '50s, thinly veiled operation. Whether it's a little individual guy, one here, one there, one somewhere else, little kernels all over the place, okay? Or the biggest corporations in the country and in the world.

These oligarchs, these corporate oligarchs do not come out of nowhere. They don't just suddenly pop up and become geniuses. They are creations using you and your taxpayer money to manage us.

Do you understand? We're the target. Not for good. It's for globalist aspirations; to turn us into part of the globalist collective and it doesn't matter what they decide is best for you. That's what you kind of go along with, whether it's a Monsanto where you should have GMO and have all of your food pumping you full of genetically modified materials that damage your DNA, that damage your ability to live, that actually shorten your life so that the plants won't get a bug on it. So spray it, we actually have the plant make it. It's <f_'d> up. I'm using that term, by the way, for a very specific reason. And I know that there's a lot of grandmas out there that are not offended when I use it because it's true. Do you understand, Pryme?

Pryme Minister 20:12
The grandmas are what you want, I promise you...


Juan O Savin 20:15
The grandmas know that in the Bible, when the people were shocked when Zachariah used very guttural language talking to people, because they'd stopped learning how to hear anything but guttural language. And he said, "If you don't change direction right now, what's going to happen is the enemy is going to come in, he's going to kill your men, your warriors, he's going to decimate them. They're going to rob everything out of your houses, they're going to turn your fields into junk piles, rubble, they're going to salt the land, so you can never come back here again. And then they're going to take the mothers and they're going to turn them into workers that they can manage out there, slaving away, but the children, the girls and the boys. The boys, they're going to turn into eunuchs, they're going to cut their balls off, so they can never have children, so that they can never reproduce. But the girls, they're going to be sex slaves. And they're going to be raising halfbreed children of the enemy. And if they don't, their fate won't be good. And so if you don't get it together, you're <f_'d>."

That was exactly the language that was used. "You're <f_'d>." Right? Okay.


We have enemies inside the walls right now. Okay, and some of them are traitors in our own midst. A lot of them have been so cooked, so processed in these agency locations where they've been farmed, and tilled and turned into GMO themselves, that they aren't even thinking straight. If they just thought about what they are being asked to do: "Oh no, it's for the best. I'm gonna get a promotion. They're gonna appreciate that I'm doing this for the machine."

Oh, so you got yours, too bad about the rest of us.

If you get paid by your federal government and you get your retirement, then what? What country is it that your children and children's children are going to grow up in? What's your objective here? Have you thought about what you're doing, you corn product? Oh my god. Okay, he's not just corn. He's mash. Okay. He's blended. Come on, man. Think about what you're doing. Be an American. Get your head out of your <a__>. This is a problem. You got a bunch of people out there that were born here and they are suffering from a severe case of cranial rectal inversion. The only answer is to grab them, stand on their legs and pull their head out of their ass and hope that they get oxygen before they have brain fade - and turned into a Biden. Okay?

Come on, man! Going after a guy like Tucker, who's just trying to have an honest conversation and then he takes a couple days in the summer to just go get a break for a couple of days and they attack him right then; head down and feeding. He's probably not at his sharpest because he isn't in the studio, hasn't got all the people around, his brain isn't 100% and he drops his guard a little bit. Why would they pick right there? Why not out on the street in Florida somewhere? Why not out in the street in Washington DC somewhere? Because then he might be really right on it, be sharp! There's other people around, he's expecting it. But he's gonna have his head down when he's out there in Montana. He'll never see it coming. Come on. Okay? Well, <s___>. That's not at all what's going on. Okay? This is what we're dealing with. These people planned and anticipated this exactly the way it happened. And they got what they wanted.

Well, let's un-got what they wanted. Let's expose it. Let the American people spread the word wide and far. These people... this isn't the only one. So how many other situations just like this have happened, but it wasn't as well known of a front company as this one. Or they just weren't understanding.


We still have to go back. And we still have to get to the root of what happened at the 2020 election. People talk about election integrity, moving forward, 2022 and 2024. And Trump keeps coming back and saying, "...or before, or sooner." Why? When we were getting in the room with President Trump, many of these people keep saying the same thing: "President Trump just won't let go of 2020. I just don't know what to do. I'm wringing my hands. I've tried everything I know, to get him to just move on, move on, move on. And he won't do it."

Thank God that he hasn't! He won't do it! If you don't get justice, clarity on what happened at the 2020 election, you won't ever get it again, in a future election. It's never ever going to be clear. And you won't have the judicial tools, the mechanical tools and the citizenry available to you and the media available to look at it again. Because why are they going after a guy like Tucker Carlson right now! Because they have to take out all the media people that might possibly still be locked in on what happened at 2020.

The entire push right now is, "we're going to get it right in the future. We're going to look at it again in the future. We're going to see what happened and we'll try to solve it in the future." <S___>!!!. It'll get covered up ever more in the future, you'll never get a fair conversation again. We cannot only look to the future, we'll get the future sorted by solving what exactly happened; who was involved and how they did it on 2020. And the whole country knows something's wrong there.


And they're putting up this cancel culture. If you say one thing, they just closed down the Facebook account of the people, Facebook or Twitter account of the people over there, the audit thing in Arizona. Why? Because we can't let you talk about it. "Oh, no, it's false. It never happened, these people are crazy. They're insurrectionists."

If you say anything about there was any kind of a problem with the vote, then you have to be shut down. "We can't talk about that. No, no, no, no, this is 1984. Truth speak. The truth is everything was perfect. The election went perfect. You say anything else then your a part of trying to steal the country. Why, you need to go to jail."


That's the whole narrative that's coming right now with January 6. Anybody that says that January 6 was anything other than an attempted revolt by the people around President Trump, well, they wanted it. They're part of the problem. You can't say anything except it was a revolt. It was Hitleresque. It was like the Kristallnacht. They were trying to burn the whole thing down to capture it. Well, excuse me, let's go back to what I was just talking about here. How many people that were present on January 6, were on the payroll of three letter agencies, and had been orchestrated to be there? How many guys like the guy in the fly fishing shop in Montana? How many of the people present on January 6, were there not to monitor and protect the country but to be part of a false narrative to take over the country? How many of them are corn? Who are they working for? They can stick those corn cobs where the sun don't shine! It's a bunch of asses, trying to convince us that we were the evil ones by being present and praying to God and asking for God's mercy and help blessing on the country being present.

And all those people that never went to work. If you just came on a bus or sent an email to friends, Commander Washington, I'll be there on the chat. Oh, well, then you're part of trying to orchestrate a riot. You just sent an email, "Hey, I'm gonna be there. You guys show up." And you're part of the problem. That's what they're trying to say. That is exactly what they're trying to say. Okay?

And they're not taking these cases to grand juries. Look at the the guy, Mark Ebrahim, DEA agent, and he gets baited into coming in. There's a long story there. I can tell you right now he wasn't going to go anyway. And the people involved on the payroll, the three letter agencies trying to rope them in to something. We're going to talk about that story. We're going to get to the truth of it. I know what the truth of it is, and we're going to go kick ass.

But the point is, you have a bunch of these people that were trying to create a false scenario, build a false foundation for all of their later actions and then they don't even trust their own evidence enough to go to a grand jury of citizens, you know what they do? The prosecutors are bypassing going to a grand jury, and just issuing these indictments themselves. I could do that, but it's very weak. See how that works out for you long term. Because I can tell you right now, it's not going to work out the way that they think it's going to. American citizens are waking up to what's going on, what's being done with their tax dollars, what's being done in their name, against their fellow citizens, against federal employees trying to do their job.


Let me just tell you something, a Federal officer, any law enforcement officer, I'm asking every one of you who's on the payroll, or was ever a law enforcement officer, think about what I'm saying right now. If you have knowledge, if you are present, and another officer is in trouble, are you or are you not required to take action to protect? Okay. Are you allowed to just turn your back and walk away? Not on your life. You have an oath that requires you to be present and accounted for. If you have knowledge of a crime that's happening right in front of you, as you see it, you cannot turn your back to walk away, you have to provide assistance, backup support for other officers.

You got a guy who's a badge, federal agent, you never go off the payroll as a law enforcement officer. You are still under your oath, even though you've punched the time clock and you're gone. And you're at the grocery store, you're driving through traffic, the neighbor calls over to you, technically, you have to render assistance. So here's a guy who knows that things are going sideways, sees it's going sideways, and turns around and is trying to provide assistance, lets other federal officers know he's present and ready to assist. And all of a sudden, the prosecutors are going after him. See how the <f_> that goes for you. Those people that are attacking this person are gonna have a whole bunch of fed officers, state officers, county officers, sheriffs coming back and saying, "What the <f_> are you thinking? We as a nation are not going to be <f_'d> by an internal enemy that wants to catch and turn our country against the best interests of its citizens. We will not be <f_'d> by our own government working for globalists.

And the biblical terminology used when you're about to go into slavery subject to foreign masters, they come in and you're <f_'d>. That's the biblical language. We have to wake up, realize what's being done by treasonous, traitorous, seditious persons, citizens inside our own country - and by the way, a lot of foreign nationals that were present on the sixth - wait until the country finds out about all those. A little bit out there, a little bit of conversation, but it wasn't a minor thing and who shipped him in? Who paid for him to be here to do this Orange Revolution?

Look at all the little orange stickers on all their jackets and clothing, the orange clothing identifying who's who in which group, the yellow clothing, all the other stuff, where you can see, "Oh, that's my buddy there. Okay, that's my buddy there. I can pick them out in the crowd in a heartbeat, working against American citizens, just showing up in a church service, a prayer service praying for their country before God and heaven."


You know what? God is not mocked. He saw what happened. What was attempted against his people who showed up in prayer, asking for his divine assistance. God is not mocked. We're gonna get this. We've got this. We got some hard times coming ahead of us here over the remainder of the year, but need to be prayerfully understanding that the truth is going to get out.

It'll get out through guys like you, Pryme, and your audience. It'll get out one to one. Shut down the channel, shut down the broadcast. These people will hand it off one freakin' little data disc at a time. But we're getting the word out. America is not going to be shut down, we're not going to be shut up. And we're going to get to justice. And it's going to be painful for all parties involved. But it's going to be a lot more painful to the bad guys than it is to us, because we win. They lose. God says so. Take it to the bank.

Pryme Minister 35:38
Amen. Loud and clear. Well, you know, sir, I was there, January 6, and I was proud to be there as African American patriot amongst many patriots, and where we go one, we go all. And yeah, I was very proud to be there. It was a peaceful event. It was so beautiful. And it was such a diverse crowd of Americans. We all love the president so strongly, everybody was there. And it's amazing, when I saw the news, I'm like, when? Where was this? What are they talking about? I mean, it was so powerful to see that they can create this false thing out of such a huge event. And that's just a powerful weapon that they have. And, you know, I can't wait until justice comes because they put a stain on one of the most beautiful things I think that ever happened in the United States of America.


Juan O Savin 36:31
And you saw in the movie that Jennifer Mac made with me, "The Called: Makings of a Perfect Day," what that crowd was like. If you go watch the movie, it's supposed to show you everything. You got the link probably somewhere there, Pryme. But, people need to go take a look at that. Again, I think it shows what the demeanor of the crowd was. They weren't there to do anything horrible or seditious, or destructive. It was agents provocateurs. It's like up at the Malheur Reservation, when the protesters went into the building that were they were baited into it, by the way, over half the people present are informants, are on the payroll of government agencies. Are you kidding me?

So you can't have an honest protest anywhere in America at this point in time, because you have agents provocateurs, from top to bottom, the people running these groups are on the payroll, three letter agencies to call out, to identify, to give information on, to bait and prod citizen patriots into doing stuff that then they can be held accountable for, charged to it, as though it's a crime.

You know, we talked about the situation over there about Oathkeepers. And the senior management, they're there, there's all sorts of problems across America, where our taxpayer money is being used against us to create false narratives about citizens and their right to protest peacefully, against injustices occurring via the hands of our own federal agencies, federal workers, somewhere in there, it's a captured operation in the intelligence world. If you can insert a link in the chain, a lot of times you don't know who the person is two links away from you. You only know the person below and above you. And you can take a whole section of an intelligence gathering operation or a intelligence data dissemination operation, you can just take a link out, move the whole chain somewhere else, and hook it back up. And the people in the chain don't even realize they're not working for who they think they're working for, that they've been diverted. That's a captured operation.

And so, in so many areas are functions of government here, the United States federal activity has been captured and is being turned to the use of players who are not working in the best interests of the American taxpayer, American citizens. The Constitution of the United States is the contract between the citizens and its government. And to the extent that it may be being bypassed, ignored, subverted, the contract is broken. It's nullified. Even the founding fathers were very clear that from time to time, if whether it be King George, or some modern person or group trying to act as King, the American citizen is sovereign, and reserves the right to retake control of the helm of government, if it goes off base or becomes captured, if Manchurians are placed in control over the American citizens, feigning that they are working for the American citizen but are actually in the employ of, under the control of, masters who are operating unconstitutionally against the contract with the American citizen.


That's the moment we're in. At this current moment, I saw a particular video piece, which I haven't vetted yet, but I'm sure it's true, I saw it looked like it was right, with the head administrator of a Western or Eastern State, who said that they needed to grab citizens, knock on the doors, and verify that they had the shot. If they don't, then throw them in a car, take him someplace and compel them to get the shot. That's their duty. Excuse me.

You know, the shot is an experimental drug, it's not a vaccine. It changes the operation of the DNA, turns your body into a factory. By definition, it's a vaccine in name only. The reality is a rose by any other name is still a rose. You can call it any name you want in any language you want. But there it is. It's a rose. It's a particular species of flower. This shot that they're giving is not by any definition, a vaccine. And so calling it that doesn't make it that, Okay? it's a DNA modifier that turns your body into a factory to make a certain product that does a certain thing that they want to do, that they claim gives you some increased immunity. But lots of professionals are looking at this, people who've spent their entire life looking at these types of diseases and these types of medical products, and they're saying, This isn't working, doesn't work the way it's supposed to.

You know what happened? I'll tell you what happened. President Trump, I believe, knew that this particular group of products was already in existence, that the machine was so set, the oligarchs had this ready to go - a plandemic - they didn't want to bring out this product until much later, after they got a couple elections under their belt; shut down society, get us conditioned, turned into the sheeple where you can't function unless you go along with this whole thing. And then they control everything, access to machines, they do it all online, leave the vote machines completely. And you'd never get another honest election ever, ever, ever ever or the opportunity to overturn it.


They'd get their people in and the guys like this guy from Montana would be running for US Senator. And all that history after the news are shut off, you'd never be able to find access to what his early history was. They'd have changed it, modified it, reinvented him. He'd be Superman having saved the day from alien green hornets or something in Montana and so he's the greatest hero in the world. Okay?

(Part Two Next)


pryme306 on Bitchute
Published July 29, 2021
47:42 viewing length (Juan starts at about 4 minutes into the video)



Juan O Savin 3:59
Trump - President Trump: has a nice ring to it... is that okay? We know you got the vaccine capability. He can do whatever. He races it ahead. Do you remember the scene in the movie Red October, where the submarine has fired a torpedo at the other submarine and the Soviet Captain Ramius has them turn the boat right at the torpedo coming at 'em and then accelerate, not just to full speed but 115%, accelerating over the recommended as-fast-as-you-can-go at the boat; racing at the torpedo. Why was that important? Because standard procedure, you can fire the torpedo out and it gets distracted, something's not working right, its propellers can be wrong, a fin could be turned, whatever. That torpedo can come right back around, circle right back and hit you. So they don't let them arm until they're out past the point of no return, where it can't make it all the way back to the boat. So it's got to go past 50%. So if it accidentally turned in some weird, the homing device went haywire, it wouldn't come back and kill you, it wouldn't have enough power to come all the way back to you. It'd run out of gas before it got there. So they don't arm until they're 70, 80% of the way.

When Captain Ramius turned back to the torpedo and went full speed at it, he closed the distance, shortened the distance radically. And when the torpedoes hit his boat, they hadn't armed yet. They weren't ready. And they just bounced off the hull.

People wonder why President Trump pushed the vaccine. It was to reopen. He gave us all the excuses, etc, etc. But while he said, "Yeah, get the vaccine, get the vaccine," he also before that said, "hydroxychloroquine works." When he got COVID what did President Trump use? He famously said he used hydroxychloroquine. It took the effects off fairly quickly. He was off for a couple days. He came back and he was fine. Okay? He demonstrated for you that it works.

But he's also going to say, "Yeah, get the vaccine. Go ahead and get the vaccine." It's not killing everybody. It may not be well advised, but you get 2,3,4 shots with the way they want. You know, they're saying, Well, actually, let's blend this shot, take the shot first, then a few weeks later, take that shot. And then you got to say, like I said, I told audiences, including yours, and they won't be satisfied with a shot. It'll be another shot to back it up and another shot to back it up and then a combination of the vaccines to stop it. They'll be having to have four, six times a year, you got to get the shot, the update.

And by the way, they'll come up with two or three more diseases. So you got to get the covid shot then you gotta get this other shot. "I'm just gonna get this other shot." Before they're all done, you'll be taking a shot a month until you're cooked. All right. And that's the direction they're going. They can say anything they want, but that's what they want. It's the truth. It's already coming out.


So what President Trump did: okay well, you're not going to open up the world until the vaccine's available. Okay: race to get the vaccine now - they closed the gap. Now, you don't have to get the vaccine. It is an experimental drug. It's not even a vaccine by definition. So you can't be forced to have it. There's legal filings going on right now; the huge one that took place out in Los Angeles. So one of the attorneys on that, Joe Gilbert, is a friend of mine. And he's listed on the last page. They're filing because the vaccine, as it's called, is reported by the government's own records, to be causing thousands of deaths, hundreds of thousands of injuries. Okay?

So they're in the middle of a lawsuit, and you can't force people to have this in order to go to work or attend stuff or be part of events, etc., because it's more dangerous than the disease itself. If you have real scholars, Frontline Doctors going at it hard to show that there's a problem here. With that in mind, we got a fight on our hands, and people shouldn't be mystified.

Hey! If you feel that you've got to have the vaccine in order to open things up, you had the opportunity to have the vaccine. And so society can open up. Now they're trying to re-change it. Well, even if I got the vaccine, got to go back to the mask, it's got to shut things down, got to do whatever. Okay, well, so in other words, their true motivations, their true intent for coming back out with this narrative.

They don't want rallies because guys like President Trump and regular citizens are going to show up and start protesting against the way that things are operating in their country. And so we've got to send fake people in there to try and take them off track. And to divert it, just like in the one little town up there (Livingston, Montana.) And they did that one big thing in Washington DC. Same crew, same crowd, same corn, same corn products trying to damage us.

ELECTION 2020 = MAGA cubed / CORN

So what's the solution moving forward? Again, as I had in the book, Election 2020 equals MAGA to the third power - or cubed - over the corn.

These people that are coming out, trying to troll the narrative for America, trying to change what's going on with America: we're going to win or lose based on our ability, not as Trump people, but as Make America Great people. MAGA: Make America Great Again to the third power.

You can't just match them. If you just match them, it's a dogfight, you're probably gonna lose. I prefer what's called a standoff weapon; they got guns, I want missiles. They got missiles that go 100 miles, I've got mine that go 200 miles. So I don't even have to get in range of them. I'm just gonna fire the missiles, gonna go out and take them out. I don't even want to dogfight.


These people are coming for you, America. But, on the numbers, they're actually a very small number. But they have critical choke points, they have critical leverage positions. Remember, the media that controls the narrative and the artificial intelligence computer bots that are out there pushing certain narratives: this guy does this confrontation with Tucker and they can just push it and push it and push it and push it and push it; and make it look like everybody's in agreement - Tucker Carlson is the most evil horrible person in the world. And everybody knows it's not true. But because they repeat it over and over and over... tell a lie often enough, it's the truth, okay?

So they control the opportunity to get that out. They're not getting canceled off Facebook, they're not getting shut down on Twitter. They control the high ground on the ability to project the narrative. And the only way that we're going to defeat that is that American citizens, if you can't do it through the electronic media, you're doing it with your friends, your neighbors at your house, at your home, having this conversation I'm having right now saying I'm not buying it, okay? That's why.

You remember when when I first brought the book, I said, "the book is about something for your coffee table." Why? Because the friends come over and they can have a conversation, you might not even be in the room, they might be visiting. They open it up, there's something on every page, it's something interesting that you can look at. It allows you to start a conversation about things like what I'm talking about with you right now. That's critical. We have to be able to reach our fellow citizens and have an honest conversation. If they disagree with us, okay, let's have a conversation. But don't just shut us down, okay?

And most of the citizens, even people that don't agree with us on on so many things. I have great friends! One of the people I've been dealing with over the last couple days on some legal matters; he and I see the world pretty differently, politically. And we're great friends. But we have an honest conversation and still enjoy each other's company. And, you know, we banter about things. And what we really have is 90% of the stuff we're actually in total agreement with as American citizens, as people under the sovereign reign of God and heaven.

But we see certain things with some of the players and the way things are and he has one idea and I have another. Really, my closest friend in the world, my brother, is Muslim. We talk about religious things all the time. And he has so many beautiful insights that I get. And yet we have certain core fundamental things that we do not agree with or relate to each other on. But that doesn't mean that we're not close. I would trust my life to him in a foxhole. Man, I've had people, "Oh, that's crazy. He'll slit your throat the first chance he gets." Well, okay, I disagree. It's like, that's the conversation.

So my attitude here, Pryme, is that within your audience, within these other conversations in your morning prayers that you do with your groups, we have to be very, very careful to not allow what we would say, our perspectives, to enter conversations anywhere. We have to come around that somehow, bypass it and most of that is actually one on one in person where you live. And if they're going to close you out of the social media, well, you stiill have to have those conversations. Be salty, don't lose your saltiness. Have a little flavor. Don't freakin' beat people up over it. But, you know, don't shut up either. A word here, there, spice, seasoning is not the whole meal. Be a little spice, be a little seasoning, you know, add a little cayenne to the conversation but don't freakin' think that people can just take a whole spoonful of cayenne and be happy, okay? A little bit goes a long way but, also be counted, okay? So we have to know these things. I'm giving you some ammo here.

Pryme Minister 15:49
Yeah, thank you.

Juan O Savin 15:50
Go out and be cayenne.

Pryme Minister 15:51
Loud and clear. You mentioned something the last time we talked. You talked about the CAA (California Artists Academy) and how they develop talent, partially owned by China. I was thinking about that. And I was like, wow, you know, not only are they silent, these guys have a company developing the talent in their own production companies and those arenas. And they're shaping the American culture. I mean, how do you root that whole thing up? Because it's so deeply entrenched into American culture?


Juan O Savin 16:27
Well, again, why? Why would China have purchase 51% of the California Artists Academy (CAA?) Because in propaganda, you can control the mindset of listeners, you can manipulate their perspectives on politics, health, beauty, okay. Think about it. Do they choose God? Or did they choose some other religion? Are they driven by sex? Or are they driven by a desire to procreate? Have good families? Have children? Have a future? What are the things that they value? Is it only the fastest shiny car? Or is it one that gets the job done? Is it a classic truck? Do you have to put your money into what they say is cool, or what you might otherwise judge to be cool, if you thought about it, again. How I'm making my investments, planning my future. Is it a bank driven perspective? I've got to have the biggest house, I gotta have the fastest newest car or is it, "I got to build for the future, set something aside, be able to pay for college for my kid.

And that kind of propaganda serves certain different groups. And so, you got to be able to realize that owning a propaganda management tool, deciding which movies get made, which producers produce the movie, you can take the same script, and run it through a dozen different producers. And the movie at one end and the movie at the other end don't even look anything like each other. That's just the way it is.

So who gets to pick which actors take the part? "The Passion" with Jim Caviezel, done by any other actor, without the reverence, the solemnity, that he brought to that role, I think, is far, far weaker. I don't think it has nearly the impact. I think a lot of scenes wouldn't have happened. That's why I think that was some divinely orchestrated series of events that made that movie happen exactly the way it did, because the message was that critical. God himself had a hand in directing how that movie was going to be made because it was hallowed ground.

So now that China owns 51%, they're deciding how studios handle their movies. Tom Cruise can't have a patch for Taiwan on his flight jacket and it has to be edited out digitally. Why? Because, you know Taiwan, China has a little problem with them, and we're not going to promote them in our movie, on this next Top Gun movie. Are you kidding me? Yeah, minor little details, minor little details.

And you have to be savvy enough to understand, here's this huge tool. People spend so much time looking at media products. My buddy goes over to CAA and he comes out and he says... (this is a person that was assigned to the Pentagon for a lot of years, and then got into Hollywood.) ...and he says to me, "You know, it's harder to get in and out of the CAA building - not just in, but out, of the CAA building, than it is to get in and out of the Pentagon?" Are you kidding me? Seriously, seriously, think about that. What's going on in there? It's just movies, it's just Hollywood. It affects the way the country looks at everything.


Okay, so with that in mind, controlling the conversation, just like they're doing it with these social media locations, what you can and can't hear, who gets to say what gets to be said. If it's something that might affect the way you view the world, they get to choose if it's okay or not for you to hear it, because it might affect how you think about the world around you, how you think about the way your country is being run, what you choose or don't choose to support or push against. And over time, you get so cooked, that you don't even have a proper perspective anymore.

Lot in the Bible, it says that Lot, his soul was vexed. He couldn't even think straight anymore. It says he was a righteous man. But even as a righteous man, he'd gotten so cooked there in Sodom, that he wasn't even thinking straight. He had angels that came to escort him out of Sodom, to take him to safety. And when the angels were seen to go to his house and go in, the people there in the area, were so corrupt, so depraved, that the men in the town came and wanted to have sex with the angels because they were beautiful. And they saw them. And so they were beating on the doors and windows of the house, they wanted in. And Lot, because they thought they were gonna get overrun, offered the crowd his own daughters for sex, if they would just go away and leave these angels alone. That's how cooked Lot was. He made a decision, essentially, to sacrifice his own daughters to this rapist crowd. Think about that, think about how baked you have to be!

And then when the angels did escort them safely out of Sodom, as the meteorites were coming in and having been warned not to turn back and look or even consider what's back there, to walk away from everything and not look back - after a stern warning as they were leaving, racing away, Lot's wife wouldn't heed the warning, she turned to look back, and in that moment of hesitation, she's turned to salt with the gases of the exploding and destroyed city.

I tell my Hollywood friend all the time: "That glow on the sunset off of Malibu beach? That's not the sunset, that's flaming meteorites headed for your city at Mach 15 decelerating to the target. Get the hell out. Be a Lot! Don't be Lot's wife!


We're slowly being cooked as a country. the temperature being turned up incrementally, to get us to accept these controls by these corn products, by these farm people, who've so thoroughly immersed our country in their ways and their concepts and their people, and their agents, that we're just about being taken off course; BUT, on the numbers, we greatly outnumber them. Flyover country America still has enough of their wits about them. We've got enough members, we can easily hold our ground. We just have to decide to stand up and do it. We're Gulliver. These people are Lilliputians. Their numbers are not that great; and as soon as you expose them, just like this guy in Montana: so you're going to be able to pull that off again?

Or these people that went into the Capitol with all of their bizarre uniforms, with their bull horns and their tattoos all over their chest, as though they're us. "Oh, no, those tattoos. You don't understand. That's Nordic, you know, warrior stuff." No, it isn't. It's man-love-boy tattoos. It's pedophilia tattoos to the third power - three of them, okay? Don't pee on my leg and tell me it's raining, stupid ass. We're not that dunce.

Americans are waking up. When President Trump does the rally, it's phenomenal. Everybody shows up, they'll come from five states away. They'll stand in line for several days, just to be counted. They can hear him on some other media things, if they get canceled. They go in person because they want to be part of it, they want to be counted, they want to be seen as present. They want to be part of history. 

Because down the road, someday, you got two ways this is gonna go: either you're going to have to apologize to your children and grandchildren who curse your name because they don't get to live free. They're slaves to these other masters or they were never born or they're in the next world before God; and you: asking why you wouldn't hold the ground, all your ancestors fought for freedom to get here and you couldn't? Are you kidding me? "Oh, it's so hard, I don't want to go against the grain, I gotta worry about my retirement." <F_> your retirement! You're not gonna have it at all if these people win. They'll take the markets away and everything else. You won't have anything. "But I got my government retirement, and I did all my service for all these years." Well, it's not going to be there. Not the way they're going.


You better grow some before you lose 'em. Okay? That's where we're at, Pryme, and you've got exactly the audience that needs to be salt out in the community, prayerfully, cautiously, within the mindset that a little bit goes a long way. But you still got to be counted. You got to be seasoning, you got to be counted, and got to be there without trying to be the whole meal. You have a very seasoned crowd, very tasty crowd. Okay? They know what we're talking about. They can say with flavor, with flair, important things. They can bring it with a biblical perspective. They can have, look, if you don't know quite how to say it: a prayer. God will give you a word in season.

Don't go into these places where the devil's reigning and ruling and has all their minds and think you're going to do it just in the strength of human flesh. This is a spiritual battle. And the audience has to be prepared. So pray that God prepares the people that you see in your everyday life, that he brings you to prepared people that the spirit of God's already speaking to. If they're not ready, there's times when you just hold, wait, pause, stay, shut up, because they're not ready to hear the word. But God will give you guidance, insight, when you are dealing with somebody that is open, needs a word in season.

Your audience is... I'm speaking specifically to your audience right now, Pryme. There's lots of audiences out there that I talk to, but yours is a different audience. These are people that are professing to be in tune or trying to be in tune with the Spirit of God, the move of God. Okay? Then be prayerful, ask God for guidance, ask God for just the right moments, just the right word, a word in season amongst your fellow citizens, whether they're in church, or in your own household, or at work, or someplace else, and don't over do it. A word in season, not a freaking lecture.

Pryme Minister 29:34
So, thank you very much, sir. And I know you have to go. I just wanted to just say one thing, because one of the things that you have said to us repeatedly is moves and countermoves and I've been observing that more and more. So now I kind of, when things happen, I say well, okay, so what's coming after this now? And it seems like we're moving towards some type of climax or some type of event. And it is getting hot. We are getting closer to the fire, as you said. But also people are waking up, even though it's getting hot, and even though it's getting uncomfortable, and maybe even a little bit deadly, but people are waking up in the midst of it, maybe not in the comfortable way that we want to wake up, in a very way of easing into being awakened this, but people are waking up from discomfort. Is there any benefit to that?


Juan O Savin 30:33
Well, okay, you know, let me just add this one little thing. Remember, last year, over a year ago, almost a year and a half ago, I talked about that this period coming up in the election and thereafter, was going to be like a near death experience for America? One of the things that you have to remember, when people talk about a hellish, near death experience, one of the common things that's expressed by people who've been through such a thing, they tell you how powerless they felt, how weak they felt. The demon grabs on to them and drags them deeper into hell. And they had no strength to resist. They had no strength to throw off the chains, they had no strength to walk away or move. They were just a victim. They couldn't stop, resist; they pushed but the strength left them. That's a really important piece of this. 

We are in a near death experience for America, because the whole idea is, we see what life would be like, what our future will be like, if God Himself didn't intervene to save us, save us from this fate, that Satan and all of his demon angels intend for us. And God Himself steps in to save us, to protect us. We're battling not just against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers of darkness, in high places! Read the whole scripture!

These demon forces, these dark, devilish forces appear for the moment to in fact have all the control. They're able to shut us off, to choke us off, to snuff us where the life comes right out of us. You know, people when they have a near death experience, a hellish near death experience, one of the frequent things is the stench, the smell is unbearable, not almost unbearable, it is unbearable, and then they can never catch their breath. It's like they're starved for oxygen the whole time.

Hell is complete hell. And so in this near death experience for America, all of these complaints: "We gotta do something, why can't we do anything? When are we going to act? What are we going to do? How are we going to get this taken care of?" Well, do you feel a little powerless? Is it a near death experience? I would say so. So with that in mind, Pryme, what did I also say? The first edition of the book, on every page of the book has an orange cube on it. And I said, "Election 2020 will equal MAGA to the third power, which is cubed, over Corn."


You know what happened when President Trump was leaving office on January 20? He left office and they flew him to Palm Beach. During the entire Trump presidency, President Trump had been communicating with us using the language of semaphore, which is the language of flags, used by ships at sea. A fleet will communicate wirelessly without any radio signal to go out and tell anybody outside the rest of the world where they are. It can't be intercepted or interpreted. It's only visible to those that are looking ship to ship amongst the fleet. And the Fleet Commander would send flags up the mast in a certain order, certain colors, that are then read by the other people at sea. They get the binoculars out, they look, "Oh, they're raising a new flag. Oh, what's that flag say? The Captain wants to know, what's the flag, say? What's the order? Oh, okay. Okay, that's the message. Okay, we got it." And then, if you have other ships that are out over the horizon, if you've received the communication, you then raise the same series of flags. Why? So the Fleet Commander can see that you've received the message and interpreted it correctly, and are passing the message on to the other ships further away over the air. And that way, you spread the message far more simply.

If you have a message to pull back your flags, send up a message back to the Fleet Commander, stuff that's out of sight from him where he's at. That's the language of semaphore. When President Trump came into office, the first message that he flagged out on the flag mast to the world - who was the flag mast? Melania. Melania wore a Tiffany blue dress, a very specific color that was reminiscent of the Kennedy administration. Everybody that saw knew it, no word was said. Nothing was conveyed verbally about the choice of the color of the dress, except amongst the commentators who understood it meant something. And then, as they arrived at the White House, Melania gave a Tiffany blue box to Michael and President Obama as they were getting ready to leave the house, a gift. But what was the real gift to the world? To America? It was the coup. The players behind the coup to steal America by assassinating our president and taking our future from us and hijacking America, taking a link out of the chain and replacing it with another link right there in plain sight, to take America off course, in some bizarre direction of their choosing, these globalists. The message was, "We're back."

As President Trump said the other day, it was at the CPAC meeting, "Our beautiful White House." What was the first thing they did before they moved into the White House? They had a priest come and evict Satan. "Satan has been evicted," that's what President Trump said. He had an exorcism of the White House. Father Mahana and others were present to do that. Okay.

If the first dress told you what the objective was, how important would the last dress that Melania wore as she came to Mar-A-Lago, as she got off the plane, Air Force One, the last time she was seen officially as FLOTUS, First Lady of the United States. By the way, they didn't go to the inauguration ceremony. So when she got off the plane, when she wore the flag, sent the semaphore message out to the rest of the fleet, as we were about to sail into the storm into the dark night, the last message seen by the American people, by the world, that President Trump signaled the rest of us at sea going into the storm, into the dark night: "Election 2020. Orange cube, it's all about Election 2020."

People want to tell you that it's all about election 2022 or 24. No, it isn't. The last message that the Fleet Commander sent to all of us, to all of your audience, "It's still about 2020." And do you know something, Pryme? That message... Look at the dress. What do you see? Dark to light. Dark to light and the cubes get bigger as you get into the light at the bottom of the dress. We're not done. It's all about Election 2020. We're going to get to the truth of what's happened, what's been done to us. We're gonna find those corn products that were being used against the American people with American taxpayer dollars, paying their way to shut us up, to cancel us, and to steal our country from right under our eyes. I can tell you, we're not going to be the ones that get <f_'d> in this thing. They are.

Pryme Minister 40:24
Loud and clear. Well, first of all, for everybody that's watching, I want you to know the link will be in the description box to get the book, if you haven't gotten it, make sure you get the book. So sign up for 107 Daily. Any updates on 107 Daily?


Juan O Savin 40:44
We're very close. We had several of my technicians get very sick with the influenza, and we've got 'em most of the way back, they're not quite there yet. We've got the video capability taken care of. I've just been holding to make sure that my guys are 100% able to function before I bury them in what's about to happen. But we're pretty daggone close. And looking forward to it. I think those that have been there, and the new ones that will show up over the next many weeks will be very pleasantly rewarded. And we're about to do something very important for the country, for the world. And I think we're going to be a significant location for people to rally through to continue our communications. I don't want to talk too much before the critical moment. I'd rather show it by action and proof than by hyperbole and talk. But I think you're going to be very happy with what you see shortly. And my guys have done a fantastic job. I really appreciate all their efforts. And you'll be able to commentate on it and tell me if I got it right or not here shortly.

Pryme Minister 42:13
Loud and clear. Thank you for everything, Its an honor to serve our country. And thank you for everything, your guidance and everything. Appreciate it. It's good to see the ball rolling...

Juan O Savin 42:27
Let me close with a quick prayer for all of your folks, if I could.

Pryme Minister 42:37
Yes, sir. Yes.


Juan O Savin 42:37
Father, God, I thank you for every person listening today. I thank you for their sincerity, their focus. I thank you that you've made beautiful contacts for each and every one of them, places where they can minister and be salt and light to their fellow citizens in the world, as your disciples to do and be workers in the light, doing the will of God, not the will of the devil. I ask you to protect each and every one of them to make more than adequate provision for what's ahead. Give them safety, protection, clarity of mind, and put them in contact with people who have ears to hear and eyes to see the message that you would convey to them to make their efforts useful and important; as we work to do your will in the world and to free those that are in slavery, whether they be the adults or children - to do the will of you God, our Father in heaven. I pray all this in Jesus' name by the blood of Christ. Amen.

Pryme Minister 44:05
Jesus' name. Amen. Back to the battlefield. We'll do our best. My brother and general, I salute you.

Juan O Savin 44:14
All right, bro. Talk to you again soon.

By the way, yours truly wrote a letter to the editor of our local commie rag - it's been that way for all 40 years I've read it - and it actually got published, no holds barred.

They titled it for me: Critical race theory just a tool for divisiveness

Critical race theory comes out of critical theory developed by Marxists. So disingenuous of Leftists to argue that but it's what Leftists do. They lie, project and gaslight normal people. Normal people are catching on.

Teaching CRT to kids is the path to ruining a country by dividing and conquering it. We will not let that happen to America, to Montana or to Bozeman.

Stopping the corrupt teacher union is the way to get rid of Leftists in our schools' faculties and administrations. In the meantime, we'll just use alternative means to educate our children, including homeschool co-ops.

There is a dividing of the way here and it's a spiritual thing. Anyone is welcome to join a movement that is restoring sanity in a society that holds sacrosanct the family and the community, that rejects the divisive machinations of a bankrupt, godless assailant that is empty of true virtue while signaling false virtue all day long.

Franz Glaus


Link to the Published Letter


Ground Zero for Marxism in Montana is at the two major universities in Missoula and Bozeman. They are University of Montana and Montana State University, respectively. The Soros "Open Society" influence is a big part of the cash that pays for that dope - not to mention the Zuckerbucks, through Facebook's "Center for Technology and Civic Life" (CTCL).


We all need, to get the Word out. Mother Earth herself, is dying for us to speak in her behalf with a grain or two of common sense.

You won't know what you can accomplish, until you give it a good try taking it to the next level. We are here to support you overcoming the technical hurdles to sharing you thoughts, wisdom, art, vision, with the world via the internet, the most powerful communication medium in human history.

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    Outstanding timely reveal interview of Juan! And great having the transcript to read!
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