There's nothing more obvious than a communist in Montana

Rumble-SC-Tucker-Bailey Tucker amused by clown named Dan Bailey

BONUS: Juan O Savin in an interview published yesterday (July 29) talks about the Corn-clowns in America like Dan Bailey and what Americans have got to quit denying about the world we live in. We have the video and the transcript. God bless America! We've got this!

Ground Zero for Marxism in Montana is at the two major universities in Missoula and Bozeman. They are University of Montana and Montana State University, respectively. The Soros "Open Society" influence is a big part of the cash that pays for that dope - not to mention the Zuckerbucks, through Facebook's "Center for Technology and Civic Life" (CTCL).

Montana's second-most populous, Missoula County, contains a den of Leftist thieves and corruption. We are thankful to Roy McKenzie for allowing us to reproduce his article on "Woke" expansion in Missoula originally published in his Missoula County Tyranny blog.

Missoula County was in the national news for likely vote fraud committed 3 November. Governor Greg Gianforte addressed it with the Secretary of State. Even President Trump spoke about it. Election analyst Captain Seth Keshel of the America First Audit reports that early examination shows an estimate of 6,000 fake "overvotes" for Biden (not to mention the regional offices that may have been stolen by Democrats.)

More evidence of the communist infestation of Big Sky Country was revealed in a recent story involving a Leftist assault on Fox's Tucker Carlson in a fly fishing store in Livingston, Montana. What might be a Clowns In America farm product, U of M and MSU alum "Dan Bailey," got in Tucker's face in the world famous Dan Bailey's Fly Shop (apparently the matching name is a coincidence!) with the most inane radical leftist insults and lies, which was recorded on video and went viral in social media. See that below.

First, the NSA were forced to reveal they were spying on Tucker, now what could be rogue clowns threaten him in person, what, to agitate some nutjob somewhere to take a shot at Tucker for making a career of laughing at the Left's looniness?

Panic? This is rabid, foaming-at-the-mouth panic! THAT, gentle reader, is a cornered beast! (And we would advise Tucker to carry.)

Furthermore on this theme, a June 30 article we wrote is titled, "Patriots Fight Communism at School Board Meeting in Montana." We will feature that in the Related section of this article.

Missoula City and County leaders look to secure the bag for further bureaucratic expansion citing "systemic racism." Missoula County Commissioner Chair Dave Strohmaier, Open Society and National League of Cities funder George Soros, Missoula City Mayor John Engen.

Missoula City Council and County Commissioners are prepping to pass a joint resolution calling for an expansion of the County and City bureaucracy under the guise of "Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion."

The "JEDI" resolution is littered with references to the National League of Cities, an advocacy group funded in-part by the George Soros Open Society Foundation. The Board of County Commissioners reviewed the draft resolution at their monthly meeting last Thursday including presentations from city administrators and staff and the new County Equity Coordinator, Jamar Galbreath. The county will be considering it for a vote at their next meeting. Public comment ends August 5th.

In the resolution, the board resolves to commit to initiatives, efforts, strategies, and partnerships that align and support the efforts of the National League of Cities.

Emmy Award-winning reporter and radio host, Shad Olson investigated the connection between the National League of Cities and George Soros. In his documentary report, Olson reveals how the National League of Cities is doing the work of the extreme left in the "bottom-up" remaking of America, supporting policies that limit second amendment freedoms and funnel taxpayer money to expansion of the local bureaucracy.

The County draft resolution calls for city and county resources and funds, which includes property tax revenue, to be distributed "through a lens of equity" to "marginalized" populations. The resolution references disparities within "Black, Indigenous, and other People of Color" with regard to access to housing to justify the policy shift, despite the housing crunch affecting all working Missoulians regardless of their individual racial makeup.

According to the Missoula Organization of Realtors, the median housing price in April in Missoula stood at $406,500, and a listing spent just 77 days on the market. Two years ago, the median price was $299,000 and a listed home averaged 170 days on the market.

City representative Ashley Wells introduced City of Missoula Chief Administrative Officer Dan Bickell during the County meeting last week noting that the resolution came as a result of being accepted into the Cities and Towns Opportunity Equity Cohort of the National League of Cities. Ten other cities are in the cohort including Fremont, CA; Houston, TX; Kansas City, MO; Milwaukee, WI; Plainfield, NJ; and South Fulton, GA.

Bickell said during comments to the Board of Commissioners that they worked with the County, the University of Montana, Missoula County Public Schools, and All-Nations Health Center to gain acceptance to the cohort. He also mentioned that the group working within the city bureaucracy will be using the resolution to "tak[e] actions in equity and systemic racism and put these in actionable items as city government."

The issue of "systemic racism" has already been used to justify expansion of the local bureaucracy including the hiring of Galbreath to the new role of County Equity Coordinator. Galbreath brings experience from his four years of work at the Missoula non-profit activist organization Empower Montana to "correct systemic inequalities" and from his role as Diversity Programs Coordinator at the University of Montana.

Similarly with the hiring of Wells at City Hall who holds a certificate from the University of Montana in Public Administration with an emphasis on equity, policy, and budgeting in public institutions. These hires point to an employment pipeline from Missoula's cathedral institutions such as non-profits and the University to City and County government bureaucracy.

According to the resolution, the City and County are resolved to "create a JEDI Advisory Board" and to further assist the current JEDI working group which includes UM, MCPS and others. Both entities will be charged with developing a "Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Plan" that will, according to the resolution, include hiring "JEDI consultants" and create "JEDI training and assessments" for employees and city officials, amongst other priorities:

      • Strategies for reviewing and revising our policies, procedures, initiatives, and public engagement plans to better reflect justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion to ensure equitable delivery of Missoula County services.
      • Procuring JEDI consultants to expedite efforts and ensure Missoula County more closely resembles the communities it represents by fostering justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion on our neighborhood councils, numerous boards and commissions, and in our hiring practices.
      • Identify and establish tools for measuring progress including creating a JEDI training and follow-up assessment to measure JEDI knowledge for County leadership, employees, commissions, boards, community councils, and the Board of County Commissioners.
      • Establish community engagement tools including a JEDI Advisory Board and community convening to advance efforts, engage and connect community with resources, and align our JEDI efforts with community partners' efforts.

That this work begins in earnest upon adoption of the FY22 budget.

Missoula County and City Joint "Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion" Resolution. Page 2-3.

The resolution will be discussed at City Council on Monday.

One public commenter, Jason MacDonald, a trained welder who attended Missoula College before leaving after an incident with an activist on campus, spoke against the "JEDI" resolution saying, "The diversity equity inclusion stuff. We can think back to the Phase 1b program for vaccine distribution and a middle-aged man like myself with asthma was not allowed to get the vaccine and a young kid was because the color our skin was different."

Missoula County racialized access to the vaccine in their Phase 1b vaccine rollout plan this year, noting that "people of color ages 16 and older" without any prior health condition were eligible under the phase. People not falling under the grouping "people of color" had to have an accompanying health condition which did not include asthma.

MacDonald continued, pointing out the contradiction of race-based equity policies, "These policies are inevitably trying to 'get rid' of systemic racism and inequality and the policies themselves are geared towards race. So the policies themselves are racist. And I don't know how people can't just acknowledge how terrible and cancerous this is."

Roy McKenzie - Missoula County Tyranny

Missoulian: County "Systemic Racism" Resolution is "Cancerous"

Missoula County Tyranny on Rumble
Published July 25, 2021
2:09 viewing length

Jason MacDonald shares the contradictions of race-based policy making. Missoula County Commissioners Meeting. July 22, 2021.

Reporter Shad Olson Uncovers National League of Cities Agenda

Missoula County Tyranny on Rumble
Published July 23, 2021
5:20 viewing length

Report by Emmy-winning reporter and radio host, Shad Olson who investigates the connection between state Municipal Leagues, the National League of Cities, and George Soros. Advancing anti-gun, anti-family, anti-capitalist policies that cost taxpayers millions of dollars, Shad reveals how the National League of Cities is doing the work of the extreme left in the 'bottom-up,' remaking of America.

Tap or click this image to read more about Roy McKenzie's blog: Missoula County Tyranny

Dan Bailey, the "Montana man" who confronted Tucker Carlson in a fly fishing shop in Livingston, formerly worked at an organization that was founded as a front group for the CIA.

Here's how the exchange went down via

[Dan] Bailey can be heard saying, "I don't care, man. Dude, you are the worst human being known to mankind." Carlson tells him, "I appreciate that," and says, "I'm not gonna debate," as Bailey tells him, "I want you to know that. What you have done to this state, to the United States, to everything else in this world. I don't care that your daughter's here. What you have done to people's families, what you have done to everybody else in this world..."

Carlson then tells Bailey, "Settle down, son," and begins to walk away. Bailey follows Carlson, saying, "Son? Call me son..."
Dude, you're like a terrible person, man. No really dude, you're like really bad, the stuff you've done -- wow -- like, I literally can't even, it's like the worst ever and stuff, literally, the whole world... the state... the families -- like, wow dude -- WOW!

"Dan Bailey," a farm product? (Product of the CIA "farm" where people are "trained" - MK-Ultra? AI bot?)

JLaw's image gallery featured here

"The Asia Foundation was founded as a CIA front group in 1951, Muckrock reported in 2017.

The Asia Foundation is, on the surface, a private non-profit that contributes to the development of Asia, including donating millions of books. In reality, since it was created by Central Intelligence Agency in 1951, TAF has engaged in a decades long campaign to misrepresent its origins, purpose, and funding.

[...] Originally conceived by CIA as a propaganda machine and a front for covert activities including psychological warfare, TAF has controlled its narrative by becoming the primary source of information on its organization. The narrative presented by TAF effectively erases the first years of its history and misleads the public about its sources of funding over the years. TAF's deceptions aren't limited to the public, either. Declassified documents reveal that TAF provided information to the State Department that was incorrect and misleading; this information was subsequently given to Congress. These misrepresentations were then cited in the findings of Congress' "Asia Foundation Act", which provides funding for the Foundation, and have become commonly referenced."

Full Article by Chris Menahan - InformationLiberation here


Juan O Savin in an interview published yesterday (July 29) backs up our very recent exposé of the Dan Bailey Corn-clowns In America "Montana Man" poopshow, the corn-bot who got in Tucker Carlson's face in a fly shop in Montana. Juan figures that Bailey is not just the clowns' corn-on-the-cob: he's mashed, he's blended. And, of course, the mockie media are right on cue to pump this blended mush at Tucker Carlson all day long.

Juan tells us what Americans have got to quit denying, about the world we live in. The story of Lot in Sodom told by Juan is a perfect fit. We have the video and the transcript. God bless America! We've got this!

#Election 2020 = MAGA cubed / Corn

A Monday evening Bozeman Montana School District Board of Trustees meeting was attended by many outraged members of the community, students, parents, grandparents, raising a hue and cry over the Board's proposal to introduce a barely disguised Communist policy initiative framed by a virtue-signaling "Equity Advisory Committee" using catch words like "Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity" - buzz terms used to get us to swallow a demonstrably Marxist Critical Race Theory.

CRT is designed by "Progressives" of the Left (code for Marxists) to divide and conquer our nation starting at Kindergarten. (More depth on this in a related article below.) The war the Leftists wage against our free republic is now reaching a crescendo after decades of dumbing down this nation with the indoctrination curricula of our public schools. We the People are waking up to it and won't let it reach that final stage of infiltration and domination, regardless of how much work they put into their wordy itineraries to try to sell it to us.


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