Dr. Bryan Ardis to Bozeman: I am not afraid


Dr. Bryan Ardis is on a mission from God. Bring on the valley of the shadow of death, he will fear no evil. The death cult that runs the world's hospitals cannot be very happy that he's traveling the world with his message. As residents of the Bozeman, Montana area visited by Ardis recently, we attended his presentation and bore witness to the presence of the Holy Spirit and God's angels in support of the man and the mission.

Fearing [them] means you don't fear God

Dr. Bryan Ardis is a shining example of one who was pushed through to the other side of consciousness. When you fear and idolize mammon, you can't fear, worship, and unite with God; you then live a life that is separated from the One who is the Author of all Life. When you determine to be one with God, you can't possibly fear and idolize anything the world has to throw at you.

That sounds simple, but we complicate things by buying into the devil's many and various subtle and not-so-subtle deceptions, temptations and threats. Hearing the truth isn't enough; we must release our attachment to the Lie in all its many manifestations. Things happen to people that will catalyze an acceleration of that process of letting go.

The final straw for Ardis was when the hospital killed his father-in-law; that's a story you need to hear! But, when vengeance must be the Lord's, what do you do next? Dr. Bryan Ardis decided to do as we are all encouraged to: be the example we were meant to be when God made us in His image, a standard set for the world by our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Yours truly with my daughter Moria and Dr. Bryan Ardis after his presentation, with the Dove of the Holy Spirit above his left ear

Health Freedom Symposium, COVID Protocols Exposed, with Dr. Bryan Ardis, Bozeman MT 2021

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Published Dec 31 2021
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Sponsored by Montanans For Health and Family Rights Alliance (MTHFR). Event filmed on 12/14/21, Bozeman, Montana. Doctor Ardis shares a brilliant presentation on the science of certain hospital protocols, you don't want to miss this one. His presentation covers the dangers of Remdesivir as the "standard of care" in US hospitals and COVID mitigation.

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Edited Transcript

Jolene Crum 0:05
Dr. Ardis lost his father in law because of an ill advised hospital protocols in 2020. And since that time, he has been on a mission to help educate the public about the dangers of our Institutes of Health. He is passionate about exposing corruption of the medical system and the powers that be in this country. His focus is on medical freedom, education, and waking up the world with the truth. Welcome, Dr. Ardis.

Dr. Bryan Ardis 0:35
Well, thank you guys, for coming out. I'm Dr. Ardis. And thanks for the prayers. One of the greatest things that I think has come out of this entire last two years has been people who can recognize that there really are people who genuinely care for other people without knowing them. And they constantly reach out to me and my family and offer their prayers tell us how much they've been praying for us, which is phenomenal, are concerned over our safety, our security.

I have zero concern for security and safety. Not even once have I ever felt like I was vulnerable. It is okay. I'll just say it's okay.

No tolerance for malicious liars

We're standing in a church; but human beings by nature will lie to protect their ego and their reputation. That's your nature. When someone lies to you, and that lie is intended to inflict harm, disease, and physical death, I have zero tolerance for that.

How it started: father-in-law murdered by a hospital

The entire reason I'm here - and I've spoken nonstop throughout the media, throughout the country, I've been asked to testify before the King's Court in Parliament, I've testified before the German Corona committee foundation with Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, as they're right now leading the Nuremberg 2.0 trials, and they wanted my deposition of everything I actually understand and know about Anthony Fauci's mandated protocols around COVID - and I had no idea that this was all going to start with a retired chiropractor from three years ago, watching a hospital murder my father-in-law in nine days, and hide behind the damage and destruction of his vital organs behind a hospital protocol.

"Protocol" used as license to kill

That was always the excuse: "hospital protocol," "hospital protocol." Well, I got them to change those protocols and within four hours, his whole life improved. We went home after we changed the entire protocol - got the administrators and the doctors to change it - and his whole life turned around. He was taken off being vented and having forced air, within four hours of changing the protocol on day seven; only to have them call that night we got home, call my wife and tell her that they were banning the change in the protocols! And they were going back to what they were doing before and decided that as an administration.

I looked at my wife and I said, "I exposed their liability, and they want to cover it up." Now this is pre COVID, by the way. This has nothing to do with COVID protocols. This was actually the first week of February 2020, about three weeks before any cases ever reached Texas, of COVID-19. This was not a COVID-19 protocol. But how they killed him was exactly how they're killing hundreds of thousands of people right now in America and calling it death by virus, when they're actually poisoning you to death with a drug that has the exact same horrible side effect and even worse.

Drugs that kill

They used a drug with my father-in-law called Vancomycin that has a high percentage of causing acute kidney failure. And that's exactly what it did from the first day they started pumping it into him. They're using a drug right now called Remdesivir, that actually causes acute kidney failure, proven from their own research studies, in 30% of everyone you give it to, within five to ten days.

There is no way on the planet you're going to improve a respiratory virus syndrome. I don't care if you have pneumonia, I don't care if you have mucus accumulating in your lungs or a cytokine storm (like you've heard) and then shut down somebody's kidneys and flood their body with water with an IV bag. Your kidneys are what excrete water from the body. If you're going to shut it down with a poisonous drug, you're going to flood these individuals' abdomens with water, it's going to go into their heart and it's going to flood their lungs, you're going to drown them to death.

Then the hospitals hide behind that protocol and call it COVID pneumonia. I've said since May 2020, Tell your doctors to demand a sputum test and show you it's viral or bacterial pneumonia. They won't do it. They'll tell you it's not hospital protocol when in fact that's exactly how you can figure that out. You can't tell that from an X-ray. You can see pneumonia but if you see a straight line of water in that X-ray, it's called pulmonary edema, water in the lungs, requiring them to vent you, which is exactly what they're doing with these drugs.

I watched them do this to my father-in-law, they kicked me out of the hospital after I actually got furious with them for changing those protocols that had turned him around in four hours. He went from being vented to not being vented - how incredible is that? In four hours!

Just because we put him on a drug called Lasix which they refused to give him because they said it wasn't hospital protocol. Within four hours, he lost twenty pounds of water weight. The respiratory therapist came in and listened to his lungs, and his lungs were clear of all signs and symptoms of pneumonia for the first time in five days. So they took him off the forced air; and all normal oxygen saturation levels stayed the same, the breathing rate stayed the same, the heart rate stayed the same, all for the first time in five days.

Then that night, they turned around and called us to tell us they were banning the use of that medication, even after promising me they would use it every day, because it had turned him around. That treatment would have gotten him out of the hospital, he'd still be alive.

Hospital protocols can be very dangerous, they can hide behind those protocols, and they can hide their liability for killing someone. That's what I experienced in my own life; and anybody that wants to ever challenge me that this isn't what's going on - it was very obvious.

Grief and anger gets channeled - why acute kidney failure in "Covid deaths?"

In May two to three months later, I was just in a very deep period of grief and anger. And I'll be very honest with you - and I believe in God, I believe in His Commandments - but there was every part of me that wanted to take someone from every doctor who did that to my father-in-law, and to my wife. I wanted to take someone from them and get away with it just like they did. For three months. That's all I did, was plot how I was going to do it. I didn't actually do it; but I plotted every scenario I could think of, from watching crime story documentaries, and Dateline NBC - but all those people got caught, so I didn't do it. But I wanted to.

I did not know that amidst all of that fury, that there was going to come an alert on my phone in May 2020, around May 14. I had no idea that on my phone, there was going to pop up this alert that said, Today marks the single greatest recorded day of death, in any country in the world. We had more people die in America in one day than in any other country during this pandemic. Do you want to my very first thought was? We live in the great United States of America, supposedly, of all the industrialized nations, we have the greatest health care system of all of them. If there's a dangerous virus going around the planet, everyone should want to be flooding into America to get treated. How is it possible that the supposed greatest health care system is failing? The most? Early on in the pandemic? How is it possible? People in Paraguay, Uruguay, Italy, France, they don't even have the numbers that we have? How is it possible, they're all dying?

So I remember, I had not watched anything related to the pandemic. Remember, I was plotting. I had a notebook, and I was plotting 24/7 I was gonna do this and get away with it. So I wasn't paying attention at all, to the media at all. All I was curious about is well, what are they reporting, because I haven't paid attention to any of it. So I just went online, went to CNN, NBC, ABC, all of them. And go back and look, type in YouTube. Any press conference from New York City in March and April of 2020. Every doctor said the same thing when they're being interviewed. What are you finding with these patients when you're treated with COVID-19, all these big semi trucks are getting full of bodies. What's happening? Every doctor said the same thing, or hospital administrators' spokespersons for the hospitals said the same thing. Every time. There were tons of these videos. Over those two months, We have never seen a respiratory virus ever do this before. From the moment we start treating them. The virus then starts attacking the kidneys and causing acute kidney failure on day three, four and five. And not only do we not have enough ventilators to help these COVID patients breathe, we're short on dialysis machines from the acute kidney failure.

I remember watching all these interviews and I was like, That's so weird. I've been writing out the entire murder protocol in the hospital for three months. And everything showed up on day three, the same as what they reporting in these interviews. On day three, on day three: acute kidney failure sets in.

Guess what day they called us, when my father-in-law was in the hospital. They started treatment with what they called the flu. Day three, he was going into acute kidney failure. You don't think this resonated with me?! I'd been thinking about this nonstop for three months!

So I remember watching these interviews and I was like, Holy crap! They're using the same drug they gave my father-in-law and I bet they don't even know they're doing it. So I actually thought they were using this antibiotic called Vancomycin. I went to cdc.gov website that I've been on for years, getting data and research; and I just clicked to see what is their protocol that they're suggesting to treat COVID-19 patients with - and I was only looking for one thing, Vancomycin - and when I get there, the CDC in May had said, We don't have our own protocol we're adopting the NIH's protocol and they had a hyperlink, so I clicked it.

Ardis discovers Fraud-chi

This is the actual very first time ever, I'd ever seen the name Dr. Anthony Fauci. I'd never heard this guy's name ever in my life. I've been busy in private practice since 2004, I don't know who this guy is. Anyway, it just said it was Dr. Anthony Fauci's protocol. that he's Director of the NIAID (The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.) And remember I was only looking for Vancomycin, that's all I cared about, because I thought I was on to it.

Fraud-chi's murder weapon: Remdesivir - by Gilead

What Fauci said was, there's only one drug and one drug only, it's an anti viral experimental drug called Remdesivir. And this drug was proven safe and effective in an Ebola virus trial in Africa a year earlier. And because it was found safe and effective against the Ebola virus, We're going to use it on every single hospitalized COVID-19 patient in America this year.

Now, the very first thing I thought that was: odd, actually, just to me...how many of you have ever heard of the FDA approval process? Raise your hand? How many of you have been conditioned and indoctrinated to trust that there is this thing called the FDA, who is actually reviewing safety data information and research studies on drugs, vaccines and all medical devices? And you'll hear companies market their actual drugs, their medical devices, even in dentistry, they'll tell you this is FDA approved, it's FDA approved, everything is FDA approved. And we have been conditioned to trust that there's this organization, approving the safety of medications before they give them to you. And what was odd to me was, it said, We're going to use this one only drug that's an anti viral experimental, and it threw me off that they weren't using an FDA approved drug. So I actually went from there to before I even read any further, I went to the FDA website, and I wanted to see is Remdesivir approved, like maybe since this memo a few days earlier. And it wasn't, and I was like, That's so weird. I thought we were just supposed to trust FDA approval drugs. Then I went back to the actual memo. And in the memo, he says there's two supportive studies, this one on the Ebola virus in Africa a year earlier. And then a second study that was done by Gilead, the maker of Remdesivir, two months earlier in March 2020. And they gave Remdesivir for 10 days on that study to 53 COVID-19 patients from multiple countries. And these two studies alone were Anthony Fauci's justification for telling all of you that this Remdesivir drug was proven safe and effective in those trials. So we're going to now pump it into every vein of every American period. No other options. This is the only antiviral drug.

In the same memo, he says, We do not suggest or approve Hydroxychloroquine. I didn't care. At the moment, I was just looking for the drug causing the kidney failure. That was it. So if he had already said Hydroxychloroquine, was not approved for COVID-19, I didn't care. So I wasn't going to care about that drug. Although something odd about reading Hydroxychloroquine. I knew it was FDA approved for like seventy years. Almost anybody that has an autoimmune disease in this country, is put on Plaquenil, which is Hydroxychloroquine. Every military person around the world is given Hydroxychloroquine, this thing is completely safe. All the time. It's been proven safe for seventy years. But I didn't care, I didn't think that was the drug because he said it wasn't allowed, that and Chloroquine. So while I was sitting there, I was just wondering, well, if this is the only drug Remdesivir, what does he know from the studies? And since I was retired, I just had the time to sit there and click it. Only to find out that not a single one of you in this room, no doctor in the country, clicked that study to see what it said. Like nobody. It's the weirdest thing ever, a year and a half later, to be known as the Remdesivir guy. I mean, I was a chiropractor, I didn't use any drugs. I'm not really a Remdesivir guy, I just blew the whistle on something. Maybe it was a God thing. I have no idea. Maybe God knew I could articulate this well enough and get the message across. But when I clicked this study. and I'm gonna show you what I saw, if you haven't seen these already, but you need to see this. This is the great setup!

I'm going to tell you why you had to use this drug and why it was put in place. (And now this actual QR code...Dr. Ardis points to the screen behind him on stage that has a QR code for people to access with their phones...Dr. A: The reason why I put this up, is:)

Called to the mission

I had no intentions of being here. Like in life. This wasn't what I intended. And the likes of Dr. Peter McCullough will walk up to me, and Dr. Ryan Cole, and say, Did you ever think you would be doing this right now? And I'm like, No, I retired. I had no intention of trying to save the planet from people being murdered. No, I had no intention about that; but as people have reached out to me, by the thousands every week since I started talking, since vascular surgeons and hospitals are calling me every week from around this country, after they see my videos, and then review the data in their hospitals, it is exactly what I've been saying the whole time. And when they go to their administrators, and they bring this to their attention and show them the data, like the percentage of people dying, being treated with this drug that I've been saying is going to be known and definitive in May 2020- I already knew it. They're all seeing it a year and a half later.

They plead with their administrators to change the protocols. And you know, what they're being told, these are surgeons that sit on the boards of these hospitals. They're all looked at and told this, you have X date to get your vaccine or you're fired. That's the response. Which is pretty disgusting. Because these guys are aware of what they're witnessing while treating these patients.

I'm just going to go and say it: it is true, people are getting sick, right? There is something making you sick, it's not like there's this great illusion. It's not made up, they're not just lying to you, oh, you got to cough, you got to go in there. No, they've done something, there's something out there circulating that is making people sick. But it's nowhere near as deadly as the drugs they are trying to sell you on to volunteer yourself to be treated with. Not even close.

Resources available to help you at TheDrArdisShow dot com

(Pointing to the screen again, Dr. Ardis says, This is actually a QR code that takes you to the website, TheDrArdisShow dot com. And if you set up a username and password and sign in, you have to sign in, there is a Resources button that shows up in the navigation bar that does not exist if you don't sign in. So you have to sign in, it's all free doesn't matter. Click the Resources button. And it's every form I can think of that you need to try to protect you and your loved ones from what I'm about to show you.)

Genocide by hospital "protocol"

Hospitals right now are being incentivized, they're being bought off and bribed, to do everything in relationship to COVID and what I'm about to show you. So here we go...

(Referring to the QR code, that's just what this is for. It's just a resource for you. Why? Because I can't stand people getting murdered when they don't have to be. And the majority of them do not have to be. The CDC actually said at the end of 2020. It's possible that only 6% of people in America that died - the 550,000 - that only 6% of them died from the complications of COVID alone. 94% had comorbidities or other diseases. I've said nonstop, It's at least 90% of all them died from Remdesivir poisoning. The other ones who had comorbidities they all had something in common. They they're either obese, that heart disease or diabetes. And there's something about those patients that made it very hard for them to survive Remdesivir poisoning. That's what was in common.)

Okay, so here we go. This is the actual Ebola trial. So when Anthony Fauci said that in this Ebola trial, Remdesivir was found safe and effective, which is why we're going to use it in every single American in this country. In May, he said, We're going to tell our federal government to buy up all the stocks of this drug called Remdesivir. We're going to not export it from this country until the end of 2020.

This is the study and I opened it. And I wanted to read the whole thing, because I love reading studies. I just love it for some weird, nerdy reason. Alright, and when I got to the actual mortality section, remember, Anthony Fauci said it was proven safe and effective. That's all he said, In the Ebola trial. So I'm at the mortality section. Now I'm going to set it up I can show you here. This actually got published in December of 2019. It started in November of 2018. So this was a year long study.

Halfway through the study in August, there's an independent safety board that is reviewing the data on all four drugs that are experimental, put in this Ebola trial. Okay, I'm going to show you the data they're referencing. On August 9 2019, when 681 patients had been enrolled in this Ebola trial, the Data and Safety Monitoring Board conducted an interim analysis on data from 500 patients and on the basis of two observations. We recommended termination, random assignment to Z map and Remdesivir. So there's two things that the Safety Board noticed and observed and said, there's a problem. These two drugs are no longer in the study. We're not giving it to any other Africans with Ebola. What did they find?

You'll see here to the left ZMAP was a triple monoclonal antibody put in this Ebola trial by our Department of Health and Human Services. The next drug is Remdesivir. This third, you'll see a third drug. It's actually on the fourth column. It's called MAB114. It was actually put into this study by DARPA, our defense department contractors, and then Regeneron is right here. How many of you have heard of Regeneron?

These are the four experimental antiviral drugs only allowed in this trial, they were just comparing these four drugs. And this is what the Safety Board in the middle of the trial said that they saw. If you look right here, right here, see this. That's the mortality rate. For everyone who was given Remdesivir, 53.1% of all people died. It's the only drug, the only drug on the list that actually had a higher than 50% death rate. Here we go. ZMAP was very close at 49.7%. This is why they pulled ZMAP and Remdesivir from the trial and said, We're not giving that to anybody else. But what did it MAB114 have? A 35% death rate. And Regeneron, a 33.5% death rate.

And I've done this lately with audiences. And I'd like to ask you, if you were selected to select a drug from one trial, one, you just had this data, you had four drugs, and you had this information to go on. I want anybody in this room to tell me they would have picked Remdesivir from the list. I think I would, I would like to use this one. 50% of them died. It bothered the Safety Board. But it didn't bother me. Really?

So when I saw this, I just have to tell you, it's all I had to see. I read the whole study. But when I got to table two, I knew this was what I knew. I was absolutely certain Anthony Fauci was lying to you. Not only was Remdesivir not proven safe and effective against the Ebola virus in Africa, it was proven to be the least safe, and the most dangerous. You follow me? Okay. So that's all I knew. Holy crap. He's lying to everybody. Remember, I don't know anything about this guy. I was like, Holy crap, he's lying. But something was still bothering me.

Because in this study, they didn't talk about it. They didn't say, oh, it causes acute kidney failure, or liver failure or heart failure. They didn't say anything like that. But that's what they were saying in the media. And I was like, surely there's a drug because I just watched this happen with a drug with my own father-in-law.

Alright, so this is the second study he mentioned. This is a trial done by Gilead, the maker of Remdesivir. In March of 2020, they gave patients - 53 of them with COVID-19 - 10 days of Remdesivir. And this is what they found. 23% had "serious adverse events." By definition, if anybody wants to actually define this for people, you have what are called "adverse events" in research studies, and then you have "serious adverse events." "Serious adverse events" are those that are listed to be life threatening. 23% of the patients had "serious adverse events." The most common "serious adverse events" were: multiple organ failure, septic shock, and ... What does that say? Acute kidney injury.

Patients representing 8% of the group had to come off the study because they had worsening renal failure requiring even a renal transplant in less than 10 days. So now you have 23% had experienced multiple organ failure, including acute kidney failure, another 8% had to be discontinued BEFORE DAY 10 because of severe multiple organ failure, including acute kidney failure. And what were they saying in the media? On day three, we've never seen a virus do this before. They go into acute kidney failure, the virus starts attacking the kidneys, they have no clue that the virus is attacking the kidneys. All they see are the kidneys are failing. And they had no idea. Well, now I knew why: the drug did this, just like Vicomyacin did.

Alright. So that was in May. And that's when I went into the media. This is not a joke. I was retired, I had no intentions of doing anything else at all, except develop nutritional products and sell. And my wife walked into the kitchen after three months of me being like, furious, like there was this angry face of mine for three months. And then she walked into the kitchen, and she looks at me goes, What's wrong with you? And I looked at her and I was like, man, it must look really bad. Because I've had a horrible face on for three months. And I just slid the laptop around. And I showed her the results of that Gilead trial, the one that showed 23% and 8% experienced acute kidney failure. And I said, I have to do something.

[This is an incomplete transcript, the presentation continued from this point, it's in the video]

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"Dr. Fauci, the idea that a government official like yourself would claim unilaterally to represent science, that any criticism of you would be considered a criticism of science itself, is quite dangerous."

In fact, we are hopeful for a long life-ending jail term for Fraud-chi, or worse.

Germany's official government health authority reported last week that 90 plus percent of new Omicron variant cases are among vaccinated individuals, obliterating the long-repeated claim that this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated. Other narratives are also crumbling - former FDA head Scott Gottlieb says cloth masks are useless. What will the covid authoritarians do next? Watch today's Liberty Report:


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