British Undertaker Blows Up the Covidiocy


We called it from day one here at Ruby Ray Media. After 30-40 years of this work we have learned to recognize the globalist psychopaths' patterns of behavior very early in their cycles. A very noble man, undertaker John O'Looney from Britain, was very early exposed to the global covidiocy fraud by the very nature of his line of work. It's much more than fraud, it's murder, it's genocide.

Those who commit these crimes - or without remorse, play a part - are all accountable and justice comes swiftly this time!

Take from this that there's never been more open looks at this creepy cabal of criminals. There's never been a greater determination among mankind to take them out. Don't worry about the sheep and the zombies since by their own choice they will not determine how this goes. The fiery hearts of called-out ones are enough, one with God! From the beginning we were winning.

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UNDERTAKER and WHISTLEBLOWER: Deaths have jumped with the jab!

M'sheart2 on Odysee (mirroring the posting on Angel Realm (Lindie Naughton) on BrandNewTube)
Published Sep 16, 2021 (originally published by Angel Realm Sep 3, 2021)
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Lindie Naughton 0:00
Our first guest, as we said, is John O'Looney, who is an undertaker, a very noble profession as anyone who's had to deal with the death in their family will know just how you think it's a depressing job and then you think No, it's not. And undertakers help people at the worst stages of their lives. And most of them are doing a pretty fine job of it. So John, are you there? There you are. Right. Have you Irish roots, by the way?

John O'Looney 0:34
My family's originally from Cork, and my great grandfather came over on a coal boat to London many years ago, obviously. So I've got no Irish speaking family here. But there's a strong tradition of decency and honesty. And I've never met an Irishman I've never liked. So, I like to think that's the Irish in me.

Lindie Naughton You haven't met any of our politicians obviously. Or indeed, any politicians...

John O'Looney Yeah, their reputation precedes them, unfortunately.

Lindie Naughton Yeah. Well, anyway. So I listened to a podcast you were on which cut out I'm afraid to say halfway through, but what I found interesting was that you first came across the virus known as COVID in December 2019, which is kind of ahead of most of us.

John O'Looney Yeah. Now obviously, being an undertaker, I suppose you know, I'm kind of in a privileged position to see things firsthand. And the first time I became aware was the tail end of November 2019. I had a family come to me, they'd lost a loved one, in the neighboring borough of Northamptonshire in the Northampton General Hospital. And usually in a hospital if you lose someone in the hospital, they'll attach to the mortuary. There's a viewing room so you can go and pay your respects to him at the hospital in the viewing room. But the family said to me, the hospital wouldn't allow that. And would I go and collect their loved one so they could do that. So of course, I said, Don't worry, I'll get it sorted.

I went over to the hospital. And I spoke to the staff in there, collected the gentleman concerned, and then asked them why they wouldn't allow anyone to view a loved one. And he opened the door to the viewing room. And there was a kind of inflatable isolation tent. I'd never seen one before at any time. It was a pandemic tent, and that there was something terrible coming. And that was my first introduction to COVID.  

Lindie Naughton That's bizarre, though, isn't it? Because they only brought up the PCR tests in January. And I mean, we all know, the whole thing is dubious, let's say to put it kindly, but that they had an attempt like that in late 2019.

John O'Looney  Yeah, and I must admit, I was quite drawn in initially, because if as an undertaker, you attend the hospital, and you pick someone up and they're in a body bag, and somebody says, you know, don't open a body bag, because this person is contagious. It might be HIV, it might be tuberculosis, you know, you tend to take it on board, and you listen. But it wasn't too long in the year, when once the news broke that I kind of started joining dots and realized that it wasn't actually what we were being told on the TV that was happening. 


So very early on in 2020, I had a guy ring the funeral home, and he introduced himself as a government sponsored pandemic guy. Now, it was a number of different people over the kind of 12 month period who rang but it was predominantly one guy. And he said that he would be asking me a number of questions. So I said, okay, because I was quite happy to help, you know. And he would ask me what my capacity was to hold deceased, how many I could take, where they'd pick them up from that week, and how many were COVID.

So I would tell him every week and every week, it would ring up. And it wasn't too long before I felt that he was steering me a little bit, you know, and by that, I mean, the conversation would go much like, I picked a gentleman up from a local hospice and another gentleman up in his 90s, who passed away in an old folks home, and he would kind of, But wasn't there COVID in the care home? Wasn't there COVID in the hospice? Wasn't there COVID on the ward of the hospital? And I had never seen any tests and these people were not COVID. I know they weren't because the families come in and they were frothing with anger because they'd had COVID put on the death sticker of a terminal cancer patient who'd gone into hospital for the last two weeks to die and have palliative care. And they spam tested the PCR test until they got a positive test. You know, even the guy that actually designed the PCR test has openly said that's not what it was for and the number of cycles they were running it, you can find COVID in a tennis shoe. That was his exact words. So why would they do that? And I couldn't understand why.

And this went on and on and on and on and on, until in the end, actually it's surprising when you get to talk to someone, once a week for a few minutes, if you're a people person and I am, and how well you can get to know them. And this guy openly admitted to me, he didn't know why he was being asked to do the job, because there were no COVID deaths. And everyone was saying the same thing.

Now, very interestingly, they talk about two waves, the first wave and the second wave. The second wave I'll come to. The first wave, I kind of nearly overlooked it. And then I look back through my mortuary register.

A mortuary register, to explain to those that don't know, is a guest book. So when you pick someone up from their place of death, you book them in, where they've come from, the date that took place, the collection, and also any personal effects. And then when the funeral has been arranged, and they leave the premises, they're booked out as part of identification procedure. And as part of me looking after someone, you know.

So I had a period in March and April, where I attended exclusively care homes nearly every night for three weeks. Now, I've been an undertaker for 15 years, and I worked for one of the biggest funeral providers, which was Co-Op Funeral Care for nearly 10 years. And never in those 10 years did I ever attend a care home three nights on the drop, let alone for three weeks. So I know there was something untoward there.


And it wasn't 'til I was talking to a guy many months later called Mark who's collated procurement of a sedative called Midazolam, that's used primarily in care homes to sedate these people. And let me explain Midazolam. So when you suffer from Alzheimer's or dementia, you're physically very fit usually, it's your mind that's gone. And this is why you're taken into care. And gone are the days where we tie people to the bed, that just doesn't happen anymore. Or at least you'd like to think not, but they do it chemically. And they do it using this drug Midazolam. Now, the procurement of this Midazolam is a set amount, and it's there.

So there's a long history, there's a paper trail, as with any purchase, but not this time that I was being called to care homes between March and April of 2020. The procurement of this drug went up 1,000%. 1,000%. And the paper trail is there. And the excuse I think Matt Hancock gave was they were using it to sedate intubated patients. Yeah? So that they could be intubated of a ventilator down them.

And now I can tell you, I've never once went in any care home and saw a ventilator once ever, I never saw a COVID death. And yet, every one that I picked up was instantly labeled COVID. And I know at no time, did any doctor attend any of the scenes of those deaths. I know they never, because I had a letter from Thames Valley Police locally telling me to expect...I had to declare death and then if I had any concerns, I had to raise them. Ridiculous! And I kind of sent him a stinging email saying and without being disrespectful, I'm not qualified to declare death. What if I made a mistake? I'm an undertaker. So if I have any concerns, am I going to start saying to a family, There's blood on the pillow? What have you done? Do you know this is ridiculous. But what it did do was it facilitated a really quick turnaround on all those deaths. Do you know? So they were done and dusted. And in a couple of weeks, it all went back to normal. It was as though it never happened. Well, that was the first wave.

So also very early on in the process, I had a family come to me that had lost a six year old child. Now, my heart goes out to anyone that loses anyone they love, but particularly a child. And this is why I continue to speak out now because they're now targeting your children and my children, their child. They're going to kill and maim children, I can tell you, I know it's going to happen. And so they these people came to me, they want to see their child. And this was at a time when funeral directors were taking coffins directly to the hospital and putting people straight in them and (inaudible) them.

It was for a number of reasons. Some of them were frightened. Some of them I suspect, it's very easy for them to do that and still charge the same money. They were providing half the service, but not charging half the money. So I'm a strong believer in treating people as I want to be treated and these are people that have lost their mom or dad over a zoom call or an iPad are standing there in a hazmat suit. Unacceptable. Unacceptable for people that have taken a Hippocratic Oath of care. And I know I've spoken to nurses that were taken into side rooms and told to give patients 60 milligrams of Midazolam knowing it would be a fatal dose, but it was to give them a good death, Matt Hancock said, and he said that in Parliament, and he should hang his head in shame, he should languish in a prison cell forever that man, because he's authorized and forced medical staff to euthanize people.

And now, consent is the key element. Now I'm all for giving someone a merciful death. But the key element that's missing here is any form of consent. So mass murder took place in my mind. In April and March of 2020. They then went on an extreme mission to fake every death as a COVID death. And even one guy that was run over was a COVID death. Yeah, he went into the hospital, had a couple of weeks in the hospital before he passed away. It was a COVID death. They spammed him with a PCR. I had families coming in the door frothin' with anger, frightened to death though I would address them, because nobody else would.


So I've washed and dressed every person has come into my care. COVID or not, I don't care. I wash them all. I couldn't get a mask to do it. Because everybody was panic buying them. So here I am washing and dressing people waiting to fall over. And it never happened. I'm still healthy. My embalmer. He's a heart attack survivor, he had a heart attack 10 years ago. Yeah, he's fit as a fiddle. We're still here. It's a medical miracle of modern science. And many of these people, because they streamlined it, you don't have to see a doctor. A doctor doesn't have to see them. They can make a phone call and get authorized over the phone; pick them up. I was picking them up warm, and embalming and dressing them warm. So you can't tell me they were contagious. If they were going to be contagious. I would have caught it. I'm pretty sure.

Lindie Naughton  I mean, the big question, of course, is why? Why on earth would people do this?

John O'Looney  I think that I've asked myself the same question. And I'm a logical thinker. And I suppose, being a funeral director, I've got a very enquiring mind. And I like to run through every scenario. And I've asked myself the question, Why? Who would be the easiest to dispatch? It'd be the people who couldn't say no, who couldn't defend themselves. That's what they've done.

Lindie Naughton  Yes. Why would they want to do that? I don't get it.

John O'Looney  To boost the death rate. It was well advertised, wasn't it? We're gonna protect the most vulnerable in care homes.

Lindie Naughton
Yeah, okay. Yeah, fine. Yeah. No, because I want to get on to that in a minute. But, well, I'll say it now. But we'll get onto it, because there's something else I want to ask you. I do know three people over the age of 85, who are in the final stages of life. You know, they wouldn't have seen another year. They got the jab. They got the jab and they were dead within a week.

John O'Looney
I went to get my hair cut today. So I see the same guys every time. They're really good guys. I got there and they're all really somber. I said, What's the matter? They said, the guy that's one of the hairdressers in there, he's 23, he got a second jab, he died the same day. Heart attack. 23-years-old fit as a fiddle. It's another one in a million. Another one in a million.

Lindie Naughton Well, what they're not saying is that, they're saying, Oh, you can get blood clots if you get COVID. But what they're not saying is virtually nobody gets COVID. So it's comparing apples and oranges.

John O'Looney I totally agree.

Lindie Naughton You know, it's just the figures are complete nonsense. But here's the bit that I find particularly sinister, which is just like what you were saying that they claim that the whole purpose of all this, everything, the testing, the changing the data, is to protect the elderly. And yes, they bring in a program, the first thing that you're talking about, and the second thing, which is the magic injection, and they're killing them off. I mean...

John O'Looney See, we were instructed to give 60 milligrams or leave the room for 15 minutes. Unbelievable. I've spoken to the nurses. Since I've opened up about it, I've had loads of people come to me: nurses, victims.


I had a mother, an Irish spoken mother, who lives in Milton Keynes, who had a child that I believe had autism. So she was in <inaudible> to protect him, coerced, and he's now in a vegetative state. And nobody wants to know. The NHS don't want to know her. And this poor woman broke her heart on the phone to me. It was really quite upsetting, you know, and reached out to me because I've kind of spoken out about it. And I've had at least two dozen undertakers now contact me privately and say they totally agree. And they're all terrified because they know what's going on. They know what's going on there. My pattern is not unique to me. They know what's going on. They've had the same deliberate inflatin' of every COVID death.

And interestingly, once they started putting needles in arms, it got to the stage where November and December, it was so quiet. I mean, we were doing funerals - don't get me wrong - but maybe half dozen or eight which is a little bit quieter than normal for a month. And I actually said to my wife, I betcha when the needles start going in arms, and it was well advertised locally as beginning on January 6th, and I said, You watch the death rate. And they all laughed at me. They all laughed at me and said I was a conspiracy theorist.


And I'll tell you the moment we came back from work, after Christmas, we went in to work on the second. And from the moment a needle went in an arm, the death rate went through the roof. I've never seen a death rate like in 15 years. My hand on my heart, I would say 250% where it should be. It was unbelievable. I had people ringing me from the hospital, crying on the phone. I saw nurses crying in the hospital. And it wasn't like before where it was all care homes exclusively care homes in March and April, it was a mixed kettle of fish. And it was literally anyone who got a jab. It was predominantly jab recipients to the point where I was actually asking families, and I continue to ask them, Was mom or dad jabbed? And they were saying the same thing. It's almost exclusively jab recipients are dying.

Lindie Naughton 16:07
So could you explain what I found fascinating and for the people who aren't copping out, which is way back then. I just looked at the statistics myself from the HPSC, which they've silenced, I think, due to something called a hacking, because the statistics aren't available anymore. And they used to be and you'd look at them, and you just thought, Sorry, lads, there's nothing going on here.

John O'Looney 16:28
If you're gonna lie, you got to be clever. And you have got to have a good memory of it. Yeah, you know, and they're just, they're not clever, and they haven't got good memory. So the easiest way to say they've been hacked, and pull this off?

Lindie Naughton 16:38
Well, that's what's happened. And so it's impossible to know about the underlying conditions, things. Bosh. The thing I do find, I also read that book by Hope, what's his name? about viruses. And we all know that there's a thing called the winter virus.

John O'Looney 16:55  Yes. It wasn't...There was no winter flu deaths at all last year, apparently. Not one.

Lindie Naughton 17:04  But seasonality. What's the year like? An ordinary year prior to this for an undertaker.

John O'Looney 17:11
I do know it varies, a seasonal work. So in the winter, you're always busier because the body, you've got a threshold that you can tolerate, and you'll get perhaps a good flow, and you've got COPD, or heart failure, or you're just very frail and elderly, and it takes you beyond the threshold that you can cope with. So apart from what I feel was a cull in care homes, that was from March to the second week in April, and then it stopped and then all the way up to Christmas, it was totally a normal year. The death rate wasn't any more at all. 

And that's what made me think: I wonder if the death rate's gonna soar when they start vaccinating? They were busy trying to invent COVID deaths, you know, in cancer patients and stroke victims and anyone they felt they could label. They were even paying the local health authority, a premium for everyone that had COVID on the death certificate, so there's a financial incentive. How can people not see that and see what's going on? And it sounds, you know, it's crazy not to see it. It's crazy not to see it.


Lindie Naughton 18:15  Well, the mainstream media have a lot to answer for. Let's face it...

John O'Looney 18:19  No! They're complicit, all of them. They're complicit. I look forward to standing in, if I live long enough to go to Nuremberg, because I want to stand witness and see these people face justice.

Lindie Naughton 18:31  Why do you think that the medical profession is just shutting its eyes to this whole thing?

John O'Looney 18:38
I think we've had a number of years now with the interest rates being virtually zero, wherever you live, wherever you are, and you live, too. So we're all slaves to the money lender, myself included. We've all got mortgages, we've all got to earn a living. To build a career as a doctor takes many, many, many years of extremely hard work. Would you be willing to throw that all away in a heartbeat for a stranger? You'll just follow the orders.

And the odd ones that have got principles and do remember the Hippocratic Oath, they've walked, haven't they? Doctor's saying, What? and then he spoke out and they struck him off. And a six figure sum went missing from his bank account the same day. Yeah, a six figure or sorry, a five figure or six figure sum disappeared from his bank account the same day. I was told that by a very well-connected person from within that circle, and I've spoken to his legal team, as well. And yeah, a large sum of money disappeared from that man's bank account the same time that day that he released that video, and then he was struck off.

Lindie Naughton 19:46  Oh, me. It's a scary world, isn't it?

John O'Looney 19:49
Yes. So there's your motivation. I think for some of these MPs, you've got to look at what would it take for you to lie? A financial incentive and a seat on the ark for you and your loved ones. Would that be enough? I suggest it would be enough for a lot of people, if you weren't privy to what was going on. And they said, you can either be with us or you can have a jab. How many people would? They would protect their careers, and they're, they're shameless. They're showing that. I've spoken to nurses who have told me exactly what was said, in these clinics, in these rooms, by the medical teams. They're not even running hospitals, now the government are running hospitals. I know, because I've spoken to the people who were there, who told me that, confided in me. We're doing what we're told. We're not doing what we want to do.

Lindie Naughton 20:41
Here's a more general question. Why did they find - here in Ireland, I was making jokes really about whether we'll ever get out of this at all in Ireland, because as you know, the Irish are the most compliant people on earth. And the Irish are not rebellious. They really aren't. And but what really, really does fascinate me is what has been the switch they've been able to turn on? In other words, do you think the scaremongering has made people more neurotic and fearful of illness?

John O'Looney 21:21
Oh, 100%. Who here is watching the show and wants to die? No one. So it's only because I'm in a very privileged position to be able to have seen through this lie over a number of many months. And it was probably around 15, 16 months before I actually spoke out, 3, 4 months ago. And when I first spoke out, and it took me a long time, a lot of dots. That's not right. And that's not what we've been told and that's not right. And how many dots do you join before you can't deny it? I can't deny it. But I will say that the first three months, four months, I was convinced. I was really frightened. You know, I'm 53 years old, former smoker, so I'm a bit asthmatic. I was concerned and I was frightened for me. But it wouldn't stop me looking after someone because they got to be looked after. How can you tell someone they can't see their mom or dad? I couldn't. They might be able to down the road. Or they might do that in a hospital ward. But I mean, I've never made any sort of Hippocratic Oath, but I can tell you if I had, I'd follow it. I'd follow it. I wouldn't be making people say goodbye to their mom or dad over a bloody iPad. I don't know how they can live with themselves. They've got to live with that forever.

Lindie Naughton 22:39
It's absolutely scandalous. But I do wonder why so many people are. You're saying, Yeah, none of us want to die. That's true. But the well lived...I mean, we're not being allowed to live. And if you're not allowed to live...I mean, I firmly believe that I'm not religious at all. But I believe that we're...Mother Nature or whoever puts us on this earth with a purpose. We're supposed to live our lives in a certain way. And we're not being allowed to live our lives, which makes people somehow even more health and safety conscious and all this kind of nonsense.


John O'Looney 23:15
I think that's been part of the whole agenda. I don't think, to be honest, perfectly honest with you, I don't think there ever was a COVID. And I didn't think there was a Wuhan or a Chinese lab. It's all smoke and mirrors, sleight of hand. Tell people there's a terrible deadly pandemic, fake a load of deaths, call people who can't speak out, just to have a slight increase and then everyone will line up for an injection. When they get sick and die, tell them it's COVID. People will believe it. They will believe it because the truth is too horrible to disbelieve it, you know, nobody would believe it. Because it's too horrible. I wake up every morning, and I still can't believe it. I still can't believe it. And I'm seeing it on a daily basis.

Lindie Naughton 23:56
Well, the wake up call for me was seeing Dr. Martin's testimony to the Fuellmich commission pointing out that big pharma has a business model that apparently is disintegrating. I mean, I'm not a financial person. And they expect whatever way they run their businesses, they expect them all to go bankrupt by about 2030. So they had to find something new. And number one, they thought right, what do we do? Right? Well, we've finished with humans, because all the drugs are becoming generic, so they can't make money out of it. So we move on to pets. So they decided to invent new kinds of medical interventions for dogs and rabbits, and that was in 1999. And as you probably know, the rest of 2004 was the first time they presented a thing called SARS CO-V2, which the patent office said would you get lost. Come on, it's 99.9% nature, and then boom, it's suddenly there's 4000 patents on something called SARS CO-V2. Plus, even before that was allowed, that they had the antidote, which was going to be the experimental injection. So that to me, you know...


John O'Looney 25:14's really damning. I think the thing that disappoints me the most is that we've let, I think this, this is certainly a situation that you're going to see the best and worst in people, isn't it. And we've seen the kind of choice that we've got as voters now. There is no choice. There is no choice, they're all the same. They're all the same, it doesn't matter, red or blue. And I think it's time for change for real change. I would say to you, if somebody is 50, 60, 40, 30, and has a sudden heart attack and falls over, which I'm seeing a lot of at the moment, it's very sad, but people move on very quickly. And they're fully committed to the agenda. And they're gonna keep pushing. And when they inject kids, a lot of kids are going to die. And a lot of kids are going to be maimed and they'll call it COVID. It isn't COVID. It is the jab. That's all it is. And I do wonder how they're gonna explain that. Now, people don't love anything more than they love their kids. Will people finally wake up when children start falling over? Or are they going to be told that it's COVID and believe it? Who knows? We're about to find out. But I can tell you now the moment they start sticking needles in kids, kids are gonna die. I can tell you, it's not COVID. It's not COVID.

Lindie Naughton 26:39
Well, we know that you're considered to be a COVID death up to... You're considered not to be protected, although we know it doesn't protect you for 14 days, until 14 days afterwards, or rather 13 days, 59 hours and 59 seconds, and one second later. And then suddenly, that's the way that's in the United States. I'm not quite sure.

John O'Looney 27:04
I'm really not sure here. But to be honest with you I'm seeing it's a question that I've routinely asked now just for my own curiosity, rarely, because I know the answer. You know, people are coming in from and they're suffering unexplained death, stroke, or heart attack. Fit people, you know. Fit people, young people, 30s, 40s. And I know, I know, they're well advertised now. They're expecting COVID in children in schools. They're advertising it in the same way they did; COVID is going to kill people in the care homes. And you know what? They will be killing children in schools. I know it's gonna happen. With almost a soothsayer like quality. I can tell you now, as soon as they put needles in children's arms, children will get sick, and they'll die.

Lindie Naughton 27:56
Well, on that sorry note, we're going to have to leave this. I hope we can keep in touch. One of the things I do wonder. I've a friend who's just out of hospital with blood clots, but he was vaxxed about six months ago. So, but yeah, do you reckon?

John O'Looney 28:16
It's 20 to 25 weeks ago? I mean, I'm seeing people. I had a young girl in a few weeks ago in her 40s. And obviously, I'm kind of limited on what I can say. But she was vaccinated a few months ago. So when you think about it's only four months ago, people have complained of headaches and aches and they felt terrible, and their arms all aching. And I've seen so many adverse effects now. And so many people have reached out to me, I've lost count of them. I've lost count of them. So many one in the millions. Do you know? And I think they've kind of all targeted me to vent to because they've seen what I've said and they know what I'm talking about because they're going through it. They're living through it. And straight away, they've dropped like a heartbreak. The moment they have an adverse effect, they're not interested in it. They're not interested.


One more thing: I did a funeral for a senior healthcare guy last year, who lost his partner. Natural causes, wasn't a COVID death. But I actually asked him and said, What do you think to these (jabs)? And he said, Don't touch 'em. He said, They're deadly, deadly dangerous. He said, I cannot urge you enough. Don't touch any of these vaccines, because they're not vaccines. He said to me, they're gene therapy. They're not vaccines. Don't touch 'em. And I listened to what he said I had no reason to disbelieve him. We had a real good connection there because I get quite close to families. When you're looking after someone's husband or wife or mom or dad or a child, you get a bond real quick. It's not like a plumber or electrician. And the whole thing that I work around is honesty. You know, treat people as I would want to be treated. And this is why I'm speaking out because I've got nothing to gain. I've got everything to lose. And I don't care about the consequences for me. People need to tell 'em, "No, enough's enough." And I suggest, if you don't believe it when kids start dying, I don't know what will wake you up.

Lindie Naughton 30:16  Nice. Well, thank you, John and all undertakers, because I do know that the service I've got from undertakers has been wonderful is all I can say. So keep...

John O'Looney  We care about people.

Lindie Naughton  Yeah, well, fingers crossed. What you said.

John O'Looney  Nobody hopes they're wrong more than me. I can tell you.

Lindie Naughton  I'm the same. Right. Thank you, John, again.

John O'Looney 30:41  God bless you.

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