Bill Gates, WHO and pHARMa Collude to Create the Next Plandemic


Remember Bill Gates?

I know most of us would rather not, yet his name comes up once again in regards to world heath 'predictions':

  • Bill Gates GAVI (his online publication) published an article on 22-Apr-2021 titled "The next pandemic: Marburg?".
  • There have been numerous Mainstream Media articles highlighting an upcoming virus threat called Marburg.
  • The WHO (World Health Org) is also perpetuating this 'prediction'.

As the fear mongering tactics fueling covidiocy are losing their momentum, Bill Gates and other deep state mouthpieces begin uttering nonsense about yet another possible 'plandemic' headed earth's way.

How does any one man or organization know what is going to happen to the whole planet health-wise? Answer: they don't!

If you are buying into this false narrative, maybe you need to consider that Bill Gates has never been educated in the field of science and health. Why does anyone still listen to him??

He is not God.
Just as organizations like the WHO do not possess omnipotent powers.

The only reason these entities can predict anything regarding health measures is they collude to create the very events they predict. And they take great pains to do so.

There is no better way to further control and traumatize the already traumatized than to introduce another trauma.

This is not my playbook but it is the playbook of big pHARMaceutical companies and their corrupt controlled organizations and legions who crave money, power, and a perverted desire to rule the world. 

Just as the covidiocy, we now thankfully see the world uniting to fight back against, is losing ground health-related deep state organizations, such as big pHARMa, Bill Gates (Fauci must be his spawn), the WHO, the CDC, and their minion politicians are gearing up for another round of fear patrol. 

Don't take my word for it, listen to this expert, Kieran Morrissey, an Engineer with a degree in Industrial Chemistry who has worked the past 22 years at a major teaching hospital in Dublin, Ireland, and gained a great deal of experience with the Irish healthcare system. Then dig into the resources I supply listed after the transcribed highlights below this video:

BioTech Whistleblower, Kieran Morrissey, Warns of Marburg Virus Vaccine Being Fast-Tracked For New Pandemic

Source - OriginalRebel
Length - 9:36 minutes

Transcribed highlights of Morrissey's findings:

  • During my recent studies into immunology and virology to try and better understand what's going on with these viruses and the vaccine they are pushing. I discovered a paper written in 2017 by two Italian scientists, husband and wife, and they have been testing vaccines since 2004. They've tested 44 vaccines total. And they have found that these vaccines are contaminated with inorganic nanoparticles, including all sorts of things like heavy metals, lead, etc. (see proof of contaminates here: The Jab Cure Offered Is The Damage Being Done: Real Science Uncovers Picture Perfect Proof
  • This leads me to believe that vaccines have been causing immune responses for many years, which may be presenting as influences and other illnesses. And that the more of these symptoms that appear, the more of the vaccines are given to try and prevent them. It appears to me that there's some sort of an endless loop between vaccines and illnesses; vaccines cause illnesses, illnesses more and more vaccines. We really need to get to the bottom of this. 
  • In April, Bill Gates and Gavi published an article on their website, stating that Marburg was the next big pandemic that we have to worry about. Marburg is a relatively rare hemorrhagic fever. We've only had 16 cases since 2005. What does Bill Gates and Gavi know that we don't know? Why would this be a threat? Why would the World Health Organization and mainstream media be publishing articles about this rare disease? 
  • I found that they've already developed a PCR test for it (Marbargs) This is very worrying in that they can now prove that like for COVID, that anybody might have Marburg with this test, and it will be hard, like the current PCR tests to disprove it.
  • I found that they publish papers claiming that Marburg is spread by bats asymptomatically. This is something that's been disproven during the Covid pandemic. If you do not have symptoms, you do not have the virus, therefore you cannot spread it asymptomatically.
  • The most worrying development that I found is that they are fast tracking a new Ricin-rich vaccine called RiVax for Marburg. RiVax contains Ricin, which is a toxic substance that was used in the terrorist attacks in the subways in Tokyo to kill a large number of people. Why would they put such a dangerous toxin into a vaccine? It's very strange and worrisome. 
  • But how would they start this pandemic of Marburg without actually spreading it? Quite simple. They've already started it. The vaccines injuries that we're seeing at the moment from COVID vaccines include bleeding and clots, which are very similar to hemorrhagic fever. When they give the booster shots to the people in the nursing homes and the hospitals who are prisoners, and to the children who will be in close contact in schools, they will cause further bleeding and clots, which will appear as hemorrhagic fever. They will test with their new PCR test, they will say that it's Marburg. This will explain the excess deaths that were seen in hospital for them. It will be a cover up. They will say that that's in a hospital and not due to COVID vaccine injuries, they're due to Marburg. There will be a very, very large, sudden panic that will ensue. There will be massive hysteria like we never saw before. People will rush to get anything that will protect them. The RiVax vaccine will be rushed through and given as an experimental vaccine in the same way the COVID vaccines were given.


PROJECT VERITAS strikes again! With all the fake news lies and lame stream media false covidiocy reporting, it is a delight to watch a courageous person like James O'Keefe raise up his mantel of protection for the masses and report the truth no matter the consequences. By his willingness to spend time and money capturing evil deeds and words on video, he shares with the world eye opening intel that cannot be related any other way, and it cannot be disputed nor unproven. James O'Keefe and Project Veritas are rousing multitudes of propagandized people who have been lied to for decades. Mr.O'Keefe, you sir have already earned a place in history as a tried and true Light Sharer. Thank you!


We all need, to get the Word out. Mother Earth herself, is dying for us to speak in her behalf with a grain or two of common sense.

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    Peggy · 3 months ago
    Very good information here Beverly! Great article.
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    Franz · 3 months ago
    PharmPhreaks are so busted.
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