The Digital War with Candace WhiteLight: Are you debating AI bots online?


We've come a long way since Lt Gen Michael T Flynn first starting talking publicly about the digital army. We should be wise to how the enemy fights this fourth and fifth generation "irregular" and "unrestricted" warfare on the internet.

RRM with Candace WhiteLight on the Digital War

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Published Jan 5 2022
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Franz Glaus 0:01
Hello, everyone. This is Franz and I am joined by my friend and contributor to Ruby Ray Media, Candace WhiteLight. Candace and I met on the digital battlefield: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram. We also met in person a couple of times. And Candace is someone who uses all of her faculties to fight this digital war. She's as loyal to Flynn's digital army as anyone I know. Welcome, Candace. And please speak about yourself, before we talk about the digital war.

Candace WhiteLight 0:33
Hi, Franz. Thanks for asking me to come on. This is our our first chat. And I think that it will grow into many more. I'm a loyal patron of your efforts with Ruby Ray Media. And I want to apply that and say it's one of the most solid social media platforms out there. And I really do implore that everybody that's listening to this that has found it in one way or another that you go on, you sign up, and you know that you're secure within your speech and within your interest to be able to browse around and become a part of many of our movements that exist within the digital army.

I have a very well-founded background in all things internet, I happen to work in it for the last 20 years. I've also been a part of the film production industry for the prior 25 years. And I'm very pleased with coming to this point in time to be a part of the Great Awakening, and that any information that I give out to you, is rock solid proof that we right now are in the greatest story ever told, and all of us here are part of this.

And that each of you have your own mission that you can accomplish, that you can go forward, you can find out, you can do the research, and much like we understood within the Q movement, that this is something that has been researched and worked on for many years. And basically the history of all of this is also important to understand and the rise of the digital army and our technology. So I want to differentiate between what is good technology and sort of the other side and give you a better picture of what it is that we've been doing, what we are in the process of doing, and what we can look forward to in the future.

General Flynn in 2016 on the Digital Army and the Citizen Journalist

Franz Glaus 2:54
You know, that takes us back to when the public really maybe first became aware that there was such a thing as a digital army, perhaps some of us were calling it that sort of loosely, but when Lieutenant General Michael Thomas Flynn during the Trump presidential campaign came out at an event sponsored by Young America's Foundation and formally spoke about that digital army. I can actually play what he said. It's just a little over a minute. Should we do that?

Candace WhiteLight 3:35
I think it's a great start.

Franz Glaus 3:37
Okay. Here we go.

General Michael Flynn 3:41
And we have an army, as a soldier, as a General, as a retired General. We have an army of digital soldiers. What we are now what we call iPhone, because this was an insurgency folks, this was run like an insurgency. This was irregular warfare at its finest in politics. And that story will continue to be told here. But we have what we call citizen journalists. Because the journalists that we have in our media did a disservice to themselves, actually more than they did to this country. They did a disservice to themselves because they displayed an arrogance that is unprecedent. And so the American people decided to take over the idea of information. They took over the idea of information, and they did it through social media.

The media did a disservice to themselves

Franz Glaus 4:46
The General brings up some amazing points in this whole thing. I think one that sticks out to me, the concept which I came to appreciate more over time as much as anything else, is about the journalists doing a disservice to themselves moreso even than the disservice they did to the country. It's funny how we tend to talk about the bad things people did to us. And if people are wrecking the country, the bad things they are doing to the country. But when you stand as someone who's very sure about where they stand as an American patriot, as someone who lives in the greatest country, with the greatest dispensation if you will, from on high, that you would take the victor's standpoint, to all challengers. You would always look at the challengers and say they're to be defeated, and they will be defeated.

That's the stance that General Flynn takes when he says, They did a disservice to themselves, because they have rendered themselves obsolete, irrelevant to the issues of our time, because they don't cover them. Or when they do, they lie about them. And so that unleashed the citizen journalist, as he mentions with regard to the digital warrior. I really appreciate that about General Flynn. I think it's a winner's argument; it's the argument of someone who fights to win.

He goes on to say that it was social media. You know, with all of the things we've learned about social media, how they were originally created in the DARPA labs by a government agency with taxpayer dollars and then unleashed on the world as if they were a private company, with somebody who supposedly was a genius, like Zuckerberg or Dorsey. But none of that is true. And when we learned about that, we thought, you know, social media is just a cancer on our country, the way they try to manipulate people using social media, manipulate their behavior and what they know and what they go online to find out. What it has actually done, is gathered like-minded people, and allowed the digital army to form. So, too bad to the guys behind those things who thought they were just going to sequester everybody, and what? rule the world? I don't know. What do you think, Candace?

A look at the last 40-50 years of media and social media and that big trigger event, 9-11

Candace WhiteLight 7:58
I think you threw a lot on the table. But, my highlight for that speech was really about the insurgency. And, you know, I look at it sort of a little differently, having been working in the media since literally 1975. I had the occasion to actually be present when the alignment by Microsoft with NBC (now known as MSNBC.) Tom Brokaw and Bill Gates met and I was in the room with them. I was hired to do makeup and to do wardrobe and to help them out with the production. It was a stage production that was brought out at an annual meeting at Microsoft. I worked on many programs with them over the years. I was there and I met them both. I knew Bill on a first name basis.

It gave me that perspective of what was to come in the future. That was monumental. That was the alignment between the major studios that heretofore had owned the media, of which there were four. You had four choices on the television, CBS, ABC, NBC or PBS (which is a whole other con job.) They were your choices.

When Gates got involved, of course, he brought his vision for the world for a computer in every home. That was the 80s. We go forward and we look at the rise of technology, and the way that the Internet became a part of our lives. It moved right into our bedrooms and our living rooms and took precedence over what the mainstream media had complete control over: the flow of information. They were able to corrupt entire generations with that absolute control.

All of us remember in the beginning as to what our status was in terms of our political alignments but it was always from information that was fed to us through a process that became so corrupt over time that when we entered the playing field, which really was fairly early, you think about 2001 (9-11,) and the significance of that event that really stepped up the rise of people that were like, What? What happened here? You know, I mean, how did that happen? To the point where we were all involved in the rise of what we now call social media, because we knew we were being lied to.

4 AM talking points

This is not about truthful reporting. Nobody on the major stations hires reporters that go out into the field anymore. That's just isn't happening, it happened in a way that was in the background that nobody saw. And being in film production, I knew about it, because I worked at the various stations, and I saw where they got their information from. It was from an AP feed that came in to the stations at about 4 am. And we used to call it "the script". And it had on it every word that they were to say. And that was 2006.

With the rise of social media, there isn't any doubt that all of that was actually formed by the controllers, the very people who wrote the script. So what did they do? They gave it to these three letter agencies that basically were tasked with many operations, but that's when they entered the fray in terms of taking over our technology, which we now phrase differently. We talk about it as technocracy because it became an institution. And that's exactly what it should not be. So here we are sitting in 2022 with about 30 years of perspective on this. And it appears that we are now sunk because we have lost the control of the narrative.

Attorney General Bill Barr called out social media as a bait and switch

Franz Glaus 12:55
You know, Candace? Bill Barr (Attorney General under Trump) spoke to this in Senate Committees, calling it a "bait and switch", didn't he? In the beginning, people joined up Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, thinking social media was really an extension of the public square where everyone could speak freely, and it was advertised as such. And then all of a sudden it became part of the establishment. "No, you can't say that - or that." Right?

Candace WhiteLight 13:23
Facebook was portrayed initially as a privately run organization. In other words, that's why it was set up with good old Zuck in charge, right? He was the face to something that was supposedly organically created in the back room of his school and his school buddies were involved. I can go back to look at the beginnings of Microsoft and I can say the same thing. It was a story that was built about him in the bathtub and his school buddies helping. Let's make it quaint, so people buy off on it, because it really isn't what it appears to be. All of this has been thunk up by those agencies like the CIA and DARPA. And there were military organizations back there, too, that had something to do with this, and they're now called "intelligence agencies."

The Manchurian president

They weaved together this entire story - people like Brennan came in and completely fabricated the background and helped to write a book and cobbled together all these pictures for what then became a president. We knew at that point in time that all was not as it appeared. And so I can go back as far as you want to go, because of course, I have followed this. And if anybody that that really knows what's going on right now, which I want to bring us up to present occasion right now at this point is to say that what we are seeing is that we are well aware that the military has been inside the social media and inside the very processes of the internet. There is an entirely separate internet that exists, it's called the dark web, where all this evil [s_t] lives. And they're able to connect up with anywhere, any time, any place. And they are able to interrupt the flow of information in order to inject something that is completely false and wouldn't undergo the scrutiny of anybody that was even a cub reporter that was going out and actually getting information from the field from real people.

Franz Glaus 16:26
Go on.

Talking about Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Candace WhiteLight 16:28
This is information that we will go over cohesively over many episodes. Today I just want to introduce several topics that I think are worth pursuing. I also want to get feedback from readers and viewers on this information at some point. (Livestreams are coming.) A lot of what we're up against is very hidden information. A lot of it comes from sources that you would never even think about. They have now come forward and are not real people sitting behind those accounts that you're responding to on YouTube or on Facebook. We've been infiltrated, if you will, by another form of what we call technocracy, which has been again, right under our noses. The development of it has gotten to a fairly sophisticated level now, where they're able to actually create fake accounts and expand on them. They've been able to do this for several years.

It is a kind of a wonder that there's that much sophistication within artificial intelligence. There are banks and banks and banks of switches and servers and all manner of corruptive programming that can respond to you. In other words, they can put up a thought or a paragraph or a sentence, and then they can monitor the results. They can see in a very real way who responds to it. And then they can categorically go back and they can reprogram it so that it takes a little different bend. The next time around, they engage you in conversation and you get all hot and bothered. We're emotional beings, human beings; but Artificial Intelligence has no emotion.

I want people to remember that, because they can piss you off. And you can spend all night tossing and turning about this person that went against you in social media; and it can literally alter your life. And that's the point they've gotten to is that they know that they can alter your life by sending these not real people after you and expose things about you that they can research because you have in a very real way given out your private information on your own accord. They use that against you. In other words, court documents, domestic disputes, child problems. I mean, you name it, it's all in their databases. That was a real wake up call for me 20 years ago when I started understanding that this is what they were capable of.

Franz Glaus 20:08
So, I have a byline for the headline to this article that I'm going to place our interview in. And it's, Don't Feed the Enemy. Right?

Candace WhiteLight 20:21
Well, this has unfortunately already gone beyond a catchphrase because if we look at this as being a battle of good against evil, I think we're going down the wrong road in terms of the digital army. To define the digital army is to really say that we have people all over the world. We're that part of history that is at the beginning of Trump's term. There was 4chan which became 8chan which morphed into 8kun, all to gather these digital gamers that were the first ones into the movement because they had a grasp in a way that nobody else did, of the way that the internet could be used. And that's a good story. So that's worth recalling and remembering, because I think we have to talk about the Q Army.

Those people that are behind military intelligence, they actually needed the gamers in order to really understand how the Internet worked. Those generals - even Flynn himself - probably aren't really clued in to exactly how the internet works and what it's capable of, where the portals are, where the people who are sitting at their desktops can literally change your life with a keystroke. They do understand it from a part of how the the internet is used at this point in time, which is, of course, you know, really has to do with your money.

That is another part of the story because the digital army had to keep their hands off of that one, because we are going through a tremendous shift simultaneously with the taking over of the internet from these controllers that are not on the side of light. We're going to have to talk about the banks and the financial network and how they've used the internet to their advantage. And there's a lot of information coming out every day about the fact that certain industries, and I do the old air quotes, are contingent on the internet to actually support themselves.

Franz Glaus 23:33
I heard Juan O Savin, for one, I've heard others say, that 70% of stock market trades are done without a person being involved; strictly computer trades, algorithms, software program set up, basically artificial intelligence, doing the trades and basically creating value in the stock market.

Candace WhiteLight 23:59
Right. And I have to at this point make a differentiation here. There's a big difference between a program that basically handles superficial transactions, like our Visa, where you put a card in and Ching Ching it goes through, checks your bank account, make sure you have enough money and then approves the sale, which used to take a couple days and now it's done instantaneously, if anybody had noticed. So that's one, you know, sort of lane, if you will.

The other lane is that they actually have programs that are capable now of thinking, which is what was being quoted about the 70%, where they're going in and they're not really just...It's not a ca-ching ca-ching, it's more of a, you know, like looking at a whole database of information. It's like somebody sitting down, you know, in the olden days where they used to look at what's called the actuary tables. The actuary tables are a whole bunch of facts and figures that where you used to have to thumb through a notebook, right? In order for them to give you a correct amount of money that you would have to pay for insurance, depending on a whole series of factors. That's what the database is now that's available for everything. And it's all run on super computers, and it all basically can instantly analyze something and say, well, in two months, we can project that value will go up 2%, whereas this other one will be 4%.

Artificial intelligence is based on the machine learning that is done with all these transactions and the responses to them in the marketplace. As soon as a computer starts making your choices for you, that's when we enter this whole other realm that is coming into view. This has been coming for a long time but it hasn't happened to the point where those of us that kind of are tracking this thing can actually say, Oh, that was not done by a human hand because there's not much difference on the surface between machine and human intelligence. It's very subtle stuff that they've gotten away with, like completely falsifying the media, for one. 

Because in those scripts that they send out, they're now not sent to a script that they read on air, it's actually plugged right into their brain. AI. That's right. And I could go down and because I worked in the film production business, and for many years was involved in creating characters and look-alikes, working with prosthetics. I did casting for people that could appear younger and then older with a little bit of help and wigs and accessories. I also did work with people that knew the technology called silicone. Silicone masks are absolutely seamless. You can pull them over your head and become a different person within moments. You can look at stuff like the quality of the skin and certain features on people and you can tell that it just doesn't look right. I've decoded a whole bunch of them.

Remember when we were on Twitter, Franz, when RGB died, right? Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and she disappeared and was sick. And then they brought her out again on a PBS program. I looked at a picture and though, I don't know who's doing this stuff, but they're not that smart. They put this look-alike in a chair. That was the exact chair that she had appeared on in a PBS interview, TWO YEARS BEFORE! I pulled up the footage and took a couple of screenshots, did the same with the new PBS program and said, Who the hell are they trying to kid? Whatever THAT is has legs that are WAY TOO LONG! With the real RGB, they had to put a little footstool there to accommodate her very small person. This fake RGB had knees that went way out over the edge, a lot longer. She had to throw 'em out there and then there was the size of her shoes. It was a man. It was a man they put out there. They had killed RBG that same year in January, when they had put the reader up on Fox News by mistake. Remember that? And that ended up actually being true and they had to renege. Because the deep state, No, no, no. She can't die yet. And they held it off and held it off. Eventually, we got our new Supreme Court Just, that was the Kavanaugh hearing and boy that went in the toilet real fast with the lady that...What was her name? The woman that they had go against him that came from Stanford, was a part of the MK program (The CIA's MK Ultra mind control program.)

I mean, really and truly folks, you think about how much you've been lied to, let me tell you, it's everything. So don't even think for a moment that us taking over with the digital army or coming in - we're not going to take anything over, we're going to open it up. We're going to make it transparent. We're gonna tell the truth. And, boy, we're in a war about this. That's why it's a digital war.

Franz Glaus 30:29
Yes, it is. Well, it's been 30 minutes, I think it's a good time to close. This episode gives people a nice concise introduction to where we want to go. And we can pick it up again the next time and even bring some guests on board. So let's leave it with that.

I think that was a good note to leave it on - that, in fact, the joke that is the mockingbird media, or what was the mockingbird media, since that program's been defunded and pegged - we also have seen just a really rapid descent of the credibility of the establishment media, establishment politicians. And now even the corporatists who make up that Triad of Power; the media, the entertainment angle, the sports figures, and all that. But you have the corporatists who are the the globalist engineers, CEOs, chairmen of the board, interlocking directorates, etc., etc. Maybe we can get into some of that the next time and other things. Candace, any final words to seal this one up?

Candace WhiteLight 31:55
Well, it's a good thing to see the future right now. And I want to give people hope that we're well on our way to really cracking these codes. Lots gonna come down the pike, today's the fifth of January 2022. And look for some dates here coming up, but mostly look for events. We do have, a lot of this has been revealed. And I really want to give praise to the folks that I've been working with behind the scenes as to their efforts. And this digital army is primarily working for free.

I want people to know that this is in service to God and that God exists in every breath I take that we are on the road of His grace, and that we will prevail. This is our battle to the end, there is no walking away from this, don't think for a second that any of us can take a long term vacation and just come back and have it all fixed. This requires interaction and it also requires participation.

We're in the Second American Revolution, that there be no doubt about it. And it may take a little longer, but it's also well worth the effort. Because when we come out the other side, we're going to see a new world. And we're going to have an entirely wonderful experience of being able to live our lives without these overlords trying to control us at every turn. We'll see a lot of events in the next short period of time.

So I wanted to get involved with this, Franz. I thank you for the time. And everybody that's listening, please make sure to follow the channels that Franz creates and that he is putting this effort into himself without any payola. We all are working on this from our hearts. And we have a lot of further work to do and it is stressing and we have to have certain places to land and...

Franz Glaus 34:23
Candace, tell people where to find you on Facebook, if they don't know already. I know you have a group you manage there, that's got what 15,000, 17,000 people?

Interact with Candace in her Facebook Group, "Frequency of the Earth"

Candace WhiteLight 34:35
Yeah, we're doing pretty well. It's been around for over two years. And I actually did it a year before that. And it has to do with the evaluation of the Schumann resonance, and it's called Frequency of the Earth. It is a Facebook group and it's private, so it requires entrance; just answer the two questions: 1. You'll follow the rules; 2. I would like to know a little bit about you as to how you found us. So just put "Candace sent me" and you're in. But it is a rock solid format. I do analysis every couple of days.

This is a very important thing to learn about because there's a lot of resources there. I hope to build the same model within Trump Social. I think we all have that to look forward to in not too long a period of time. It's being built.

And, just to throw out another topic, there's the 6G military grade internet which has to do with light transmission. I want all of you to ask around and see if you've had fiber optic cable laid in near you, or if you can get Starlink. These are all attached to the upcoming internet format that will pretty much eliminate all that dark web stuff that we've had to deal with. That'll be another conversation.

Please do come and visit. And I am Candace WhiteLight on Facebook. And I also am on Telegram. And I just want to give a little bump to RRM McAfee Decodes which is my site that I put up on to decode McAfee posts but he has taken a rest for now, so I'm now posting other things, still decodes and such that include Q drops and that whole digital army information stream. So stick with us and you can give a plug for that, as well, Franz.

Franz Glaus 36:54
Yes, ma'am. Yeah, we have a group Ruby Ray Media Chat Group on Telegram where we discuss all of these issues. Candace will often make comments and drop links there. It's connected to the McAfee group, or McAfee channel, I should call it. We follow closely what the various Trump channels are saying with the various commentators from the point of view of the digital warrior, including General Flynn, and others associated with him and even those who aren't. So we're glad to have people join and discuss with us and be our truth seekers, seekers for the light, seekers for the freedom that we have enshrined in the Constitution of the United States, and patriots of all stripes and sizes and creeds and backgrounds. So please join us. Of course, my article will have links and references. So please look for it. I'm going to publish it and make it widely available. And so will Candace. Thanks again, Candace. We'll talk very soon.

Candace WhiteLight 38:06
Thank you, Franz.

Franz Glaus 38:08

Candace WhiteLight 38:08
Bye now.


With the slaughter of innocent deplorables in Waukesha the day after the Rittenhouse acquittal, emotions are high and they are raw - and it's very clear that there is a war on for your mind. Make no mistake. America is a state of mind. We will decide if she'll be great!


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