Are Air Force Pilots Quitting Over Orders to Get Jabbed?


A video is circulating the internet telling about F-22 pilots and B-52 bomber crews quitting their employment rather than submitting to orders to get the deadly covid jab. Apparently, they don't find Rachel Madcow authoritative in this regard, let alone their own commanders and erstwhile commander-in-chief.

Man releases urgent message for Americans to wake up, we're losing our military!

RubyRayMedia on Rumble (downloaded from Telegram, originally posted by Justin O'Donnell on his Instagram feed)
Published Sep 10, 2021 (originally published by Justin on Instagram Sep 8, 2021)
2:00 viewing length
Transcript included

A body builder with military connections recorded his rant on how we're losing our military to the covidiocy. Listen to the two minute rant below, we also have the transcript.


Justin O'Donnell

"So, I'm wearing my upside down flag today. And I think that's appropriate because it signifies an America that's in distress.

"Maybe some people don't know this, but my dad just let me know this. A text message went out last night from the Secretary of Defense to all the active military personnel, saying, "By 10am, you have to go get the magic potion or you're going to be court-martialed". So, as a result of that, twelve F-22 pilots, the highly, most highly-trained pilots in the world, walked off the job. That's twelve million dollar aircraft grounded now. A dozen of the best pilots in the world. Thousands of hours of training, millions of dollars of training, off the job.

"Sixteen crew members for B-52 bombers walked off the job. That's just two air bases. My aunt, who is a KC-135 boom operator that refuels planes, isn't getting the magic potion. She's gonna walk off her job, too, most likely. 

"So, now we've reached this point for all you dumb asses, who have not been speaking out about this in the mandates, the people who are quiet about it, the people who are pro mandate, you're to blame for the situation that we're in, because we're going to a bad place. The military is being compromised at a rapid rate. And with the F-22s being grounded, you can kiss Taiwan goodbye. I would hate to be a Taiwanese citizen right now.

"So, this is probably not covered anywhere in the media. I'm sure it's blocked or censored by all the [b__t] that goes on here. But, it's time to frickin wake up people. You better start preparing, because your little cushy American life isn't gonna be so cushy much longer when the rest of the world realize how freaking weak we are with this idiot who's in office and all this [b__t] that's been passed and what's happening to our military.

"So, the flag is staying upside down. Wake up!"

On Instagram, same day, Justin made a minor correction to the information he gave in his video ...


F-22 Pilots walk off the job

* I misspoke in this video (probably because I was so upset and my mind was racing a million miles a minute), but it is my understanding that the text went from the wing commander at Langley to the pilots of the First Fighter Squadron on August 27. I have seen confirmations from some of the family of the pilots on socials. There was no text from the DefSec.

"Magic potion pushers and quiet non-objectors are to blame."

Editor's note: Of course, the Wing Commander would have gotten his instructions from above, no doubt originating with the Byedone regime's play callers - and maybe even higher up the food chain with Soros or Schwab running the Party of Davos' futile Great Reset freakshow.

What's to become of us?

We are watching Americans like Justin O'Donnell get quite steamed about all this.

A potential military threat to the USA and/or its allies, in the midst of what insiders say may be a stock market collapse in response to a likely horrible third quarter economic report due October 15, should get a sufficient segment of the American people stirred from their comfortably numb state, wanting desperately to take the bums out - a takedown which has in fact already been accomplished behind the scenes.

Adversity brings hearts and minds together from across the spectrum. This is perhaps the most important factor in avoiding widespread death and destruction here and abroad.

The Beasts of Revelation are methodically unwound from the collective consciousness through a divine and masterfully guided transition from a world of fear and loathing, denial and ignorance, to a world of accountability, unity and wonder. The show must go on.

Fraud on a global scale - it vitiates (annuls) everything

Byedone did not win any election, it was a total fraud on a global scale and that's becoming obvious, though not so obvious if you get your information from those who committed the fraud and their mouthpieces in corporate legacy media and the DNCCP, even the RINO establishment - i.e., the Swamp.

We encourage moving on from that source of lies as many of us have already. It's not about Party, it's not about labels. It's about the wholeness and oneness in which mankind are naturally disposed to exist, disrupted by disuniters in so many different ways when we let them get to us with their ancient clever constructs for separating us, brother from brother.

The good news is that the swamp dwellers were caught in the election fraud red-handed, dead-to-rights, every ballot, fake or real, every switched or adjusted machine vote, accounted for and counted. Count on it! Fraud vitiates everything.

We are grateful for a world of wonder appearing, one of oneness, of Honor and Peace, Love and Beauty. 

 World of Unity - World of Wonder


Today we are going to explore more spiritual science with Gregg Braden. In the following video, Gregg shares how to pray so that the "Divine Matrix" can act more immediately to our requests.


We all need, to get the Word out. Mother Earth herself, is dying for us to speak in her behalf with a grain or two of common sense.

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