Ruby Ray Media Code of Conduct


We are Patriots from Every Nation, Winning the Good Fight Liberating Humanity from Tyranny

We are not here to attract followers, we are here to rally together with friends, warriors, visionaries, artists, poets: Leaders, taking back our planet. 

We are not "nationalistic" or any of the other epithets employed by aggressive mobs and tyrannical governments against citizens seeking freedom and self-governance worldwide: We champion knowledge seekers, independent thought and lively public debate. Personal responsibility rather than nanny-state despotism including the ability to defend ourselves, and above all, individual, local and national sovereignty.

Family Friendly

We are patriots here together with our families, heroes of all ages. Join us in setting a worthy example for the youngest ones.

For those who have difficulty expressing themselves without coarse language or uncivil behaviors, think of it this way: The entire internet is an open sewer. This is that One Place you can go to take a break from it, and be among friends. While friends do not always agree, they never turn on each other.

Bodily Functions, Defending Children

The above includes maintaining your basic dignity. What goes on in the bathroom and the bedroom has no place in public discourse. "Freedom of Speech" is not license to pollute. Contrary to the endless propaganda against independent people, we are not "racist," neither do we care how you perform your bodily functions: We absolutely do not want to hear about it we have a planet to awaken and liberate.

If you are unable to reconcile the anatomical evidence contained in your underpants, by all means simply aspire to the highest embodiment of the masculine and feminine qualities enumerated below.* 

Otherwise, keep your dilemma to yourself. If you suffer from such low levels of motivation, accomplishment and self esteem that you feel publicizing your barnyard activities is the only way you have to distinguish yourself; that your defining characteristics and contributions to the world arise from a condition of genitally fixated arrested adolescence, you will very likely find yourself intimidated and triggered, far beyond your depth, in discourse with the magnificent people in our worldwide Community. 

Starting with our celebration of the fundamental accomplishments of developing healthy boundaries, building healthy relationships with people, particularly worthy endeavors such as being faithful husbands and wives, fighting the mighty battle to be good parents, building careers and productive lives, contributing real value to the world. 

If you have been tricked, abused, medicated etc into this sad simulacra of humanity, the folks here will support you blossoming into personhood, as long as you remain civil and are willing to grow and learn. However, we declare our recognition that the LVGTXYZ-Whatever political movement has openly advocated and promoted the "P," promoting violent crimes against children, from its miserable inception. Pedosatanism.

Apologies if this subject-matter offends you, and if you find it a difficult pill to swallow. Perhaps you will pause and reflect how each of the millions of violated children feel about it, who are targets of these violent crimes. When you fully appreciate the magnitude of the crimes against all humanity we are addressing here, you will rally to join us.

We recognize that "normalizing" the most vile form of assault and battery, rape--criminals targeting the most vulnerable and defenseless of sentient beings, was the true agenda behind the "sexual revolution" perpetrated against us starting in the 1960's, perverting the word "gay" to camouflage and weaponize this agenda against humanity, our children. We have seen from the very first "parades" of individuals proclaiming their genital fixations and barnyard behaviors a matter of public "pride," the child assaulting factions of this movement were and still are positioned at the very front of these parades, marching with young children, in your and our faces.

We recognize all who publicly promote this agenda as accomplices, colluding in, aiding and abetting violent crimes against children. You have all, purposefully or witlessly, way crossed the line.

We furthermore recognize that the violent assault of innocent children is the primary method this agenda employs to recruit fresh meat, shattering the psyche and beings of children, destroying their sense of self and ability to develop healthy boundaries and individuality, particularly young boys as their method of choice for violently inducing homosexuality. 

We recognize this practice of methodically maiming, wrecking, brainwashing and suppressing people has persisted for millennia, as the primary means of producing docile populations and cannon fodder. Specifically as we see manifest today in waves of STD-infested human wreckage, mindlessly violent people stupid enough to accept recruitment as foot soldiers burning down their own cities.

We therefore enthusiastically champion arrest, prosecution and death penalty sentences for child molesters and those convicted of colluding with them. Should we catch any such criminal in the act of assaulting a child, we warrant to you our vow, to see to it that however long it takes for you to exit intensive care, you will not only never walk again, you will be unable to lift a spoon to feed yourself, amen.


The reason nobody could knock Lancelot off his horse. Dear Warrior Patriots, whatever your past, the moment you raise the integrity bar, you immediately become more formidable. Anything less than integrity literally divides the mind, directly reducing intelligence and compromising decision-making.

Integrity is a lifelong challenge and worthy quest, it is a virtuous spiral.

The notions that anyone is entitled to the fruits of other people's labors, or entitled to preferential treatment above others including preference based on superficial affiliation or characteristics such as religion or ancestry, are entirely repugnant, as well as requiring the tyrannical malevolence we see clearly revealing itself, to enforce it.

You agree: "I will not lie, cheat or steal (except for memes!), nor tolerate those who do."

Honor Dignity Chastity Charity Valor Faith Hope Patience Love

These lifelong pursuits are also are not only among the essential qualities for leadership, a steady mind, eye and hand, they are Archangels, mighty assistance and protection for you and your entire family. They are necessary prerequisites for true Health, Wealth and Happiness.


There will be none of the whimsical rules, wacky policies or loopy "standards" we have had weaponized against us. Here in Ruby Ray Media, if you don't uphold the standards you will be held accountable by your peers.

Again, elsewhere on the internet one can join the subhumans shrieking and bickering, rolling in the mud. Here, you will muster yourself to disagree articulately, and treat people with respect. 


Jesus never, once, disrespected another's religion, or treated a person less, based on race or any other classification. Civility includes respect for other faiths, and takes people one at a time. We also, find it a challenge at times maintaining this standard towards a religion which has become primarily characterized by violence towards all the rest of humanity, and the infiltration and overthrow of our nation and the western world. We take a breath, and take each person on his or her own merit.

We recognize Sharia, Talmud and other similar tenets including Communism, Socialism, Progressivism, NeoConservatism and Globalism as the operations of darkness: These are not welcome here.

This includes promoting the CIA's endless religious sects such as Flat Earth, Global Warming, the entire Cult of Scientism, "new age," psychic or "channeled" material and similar ploys to mislead and divide people. You will refrain from these as well as throwing shade, sowing mistrust, creating conflict, race-baiting, virtue signaling, toxic drama, casting doubt, fear or uncertainty, and all similar telltales of Globalist Trollery. Trolling, spamming, scamming etc gets you booted and exposed, see the Ruby Ray Media Terms of Service for full details. 

Please be mindful, that there is no major Christian denomination which has not been caught harboring and protecting organized child predation--pedosatanism--within the congregations, and up to the highest levels of leadership. Let us seriously attend to the beam, before we seek to cast out the mote.

*Chivalry, Gentlemen. Elegance and Grace, Ladies: And Kindness All Around

You are among friends here. This is the place to honor Christ's First Commandment: Kindness

Dear friends, by any measure so many of the things we have allowed ourselves to be sold, including things like "rationalism," "modernism," fashion, "entertainment," political correctness which is to say the herdfollowing groupthink, and even "education," have betrayed us utterly, betrayed us in fact into selling ourselves into darkness. Let us contemplate the precious things we have lost, let us recover and embrace all the worthy things we have forsaken, not wanting to be accused of being "old fashioned," things we should never have let go.


Please join us in maintaining and growing a vibrant, joyous, victorious Community. Let us rally together bringing peace, liberty and happiness to all mankind, taking back our planet.

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  • This commment is unpublished.
    Donald · 3 years ago
    4461 Only When Evil Is Forced into the Light Can We Defeat It

    Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 13 Jun 2020 - 9:03:17 PM

    Only when evil is forced into the light can we defeat it.
    Only when they can no longer operate in the [shadows] can people see the truth for themselves.
    Only when people see the truth [for themselves] will people understand the true nature of their deception.
    Seeing is Believing.
    Sometimes you can't tell the public the truth.
    It had to be this way.
    This is not another 4-year election.
    • This commment is unpublished.
      Franz · 3 months ago
      Truer words have never been written, their truth proven by the passage of time and experience.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Juanita · 3 years ago
    Looking good, thank you for the invitation!
  • This commment is unpublished.
    MsPat · 3 years ago
    The most powerful weapon of the sinister force,
    is the soul divided against itself . . . . .
    consenting to evil, thinking it is good.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    TreesCanFly · 3 months ago
    Indeed, this feels like a rule of law.
    And needs to be implemented everywhere and always without exception.
    • This commment is unpublished.
      Franz · 3 months ago
      It is the discipline of the law that has been sorely undermined by the lawless, seducing God's sons and daughters into iniquity, which leads to death.
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