President Trump Can't Openly Admit We are Locked in a World War with the CCP, DNCCP, EU, Globalists Etc

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The DNC was caught colluding with the Communist Chinese, committing treason, way back during the Clinton Administration. That is how long ago our nation was thoroughly sold out, and was why the liberal Fake News media suddenly turned on a liberal President--to distract us from the crime. The forces of globalism are in fact at war with the entire human race, and have been for centuries.

We see clearly, the level of coordination worldwide involved in the Chinavirus19 Plandemic: Biological, Economic and Information Warfare against the entire planet, coordinated at every level with malevolent corporations and agencies, down to local hospitals and county governments, willfully acting in concert in every way they can to inflate the China19 stats as pretext to place us under house arrest, and destroy the economies of every nation on earth.

All coming to a point, attempting to overturn the will of the American People by hijacking the coming election. All of evil worldwide, has come out of the woodwork to attack us.

Our forefathers showd their metal a places like the beaches of Normandy. We today, do not need to rush into a hail of bullets and bombs to win the war of our lifetimes:

All we need to do is insure Trump Landslides in the House and Senate, Amen.

All of history will hail us as the Warriors Who Liberated All Mankind from Evil.

Originally published Tuesday, 14 July 2020

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    Franz · 8 months ago
    I highly recommend a July 16 speech by the B2 Bomber on the chicom threat.
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