TikTok Shutdown or Buyout? Microsoft or "Somebody Else?" Make It Public?

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POTUS suggested that MS should buy 100% of TikTok not just a 30% interest, he doesn't want the spying Communist Chinese part of anything Americans use here at home.

POTUS also said, "... Microsoft or somebody else ..." might be the buyer of TikTok before he lowers the boom on the platform in September thereby putting an end to its use by chicoms spying on Americans.

Just who is the "somebody else" POTUS might have in mind, if anyone at all, really? Intriguing!

... also his insistence that the US Treasury receive "... a LOT of money" for negotiating the deal to prevent the shutdown of the platform, suggests the possibility that TikTok would become a public platform.
The possibilities are quite intriguing indeed! We will be watching closely!

Originally published Monday, 03 August 2020

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    Franz · 8 months ago
    Is this a model for making social media platforms in general, public?
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