Interpreting China's 'Wolf Warrior' Diplomacy

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Chicoms love to strut but they're really a paper dragon.

"What explains the sharper tone to China’s overseas conduct recently?

"Recently the Chinese foreign ministry has taken an increasingly strident tone against the United States, Australia, and other countries. Dubbed “wolf-warrior diplomacy,” this new approach seems popular inside China and reinforces a presumed transition of Chinese diplomacy from conservative, passive, and low-key to assertive, proactive, and high-profile."

Zhiqun Zhu - The Diplomat

Originally published Thursday, 13 August 2020

China's 'Wolf Warrior' Diplomacy Prompts International Backlash

Originally published Wednesday, 06 May 2020

Voice of America

China's 'Wolf Warrior' Diplomacy Prompts International Backlash

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