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Trump Campaign to "Biden Debate Commission": "Sadly, this is not the first time the Commission has ceded to the wishes of the Biden campaign."

"He (Biden) is a criminal ... and you (the reporter) are a criminal for not reporting it."

Adam Schiff Shoots Himself in the "Foot?" Says that House Intelligence Committee Believes Biden Laptop is Part of Russian Conspiracy

Biden the Racist

Laura Wolk, First Blind Woman to Clerk on Supreme Court: Judge Barrett’s "Integrity Is Unassailable"

Town Hall Reactions

(Oct 11 UPDATE: Transcript of Trump's Speech) BLEXIT Marches to the Beat of "Back the Blue!"

Trump on Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo Oct 11

Did the Deep State Hand Trump an 'October Surprise?'

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"Here’s Why John Kerry’s Son Emailed The State Department About Hunter Biden In 2014"

Amy Coney Barrett redefines feminism: 'A new role model for women instead of the one size fits all'


The Peaceful Dems - watch this 37 second video

Virginia School Board Weighs Stifling Freedom of Speech for Teachers

Michigan is FREE! FREE AT LAST!

Pastor Kynan Bridges Issues Urgent Prayers for President Trump and the First Lady

Critical Race Theory is a Classic Communist Divide-and-Conquer Tactic

Biden inserts foot into mouth again! "We are not a hate Group" Proud Boys To Sue Biden!

(Oct 2 UPDATE) Minnesota's doing the #WalkAway: Ronna McDaniel's Attendance Numbers!


Biden Blunders Again - Republican Jewish Group: "Biden Must Apologize for Comparing Trump to Goebbels"

Dear Chris: Nothing shouts "I'm Guilty!" of something particularly vile, like publicly ditching your integrity, trashing your career and flushing your reputation, taking futile swipes at President Trump..

(Oct 1 UPDATE) Trump Hammers Quid Pro Lyin Joe and His Sidekick

(Oct 14 UPDATE) The Flynn Sting Promises to Bear Much Fruit

(Oct 12 UPDATE) Amy's Confirmation Will Be "Fast and Easy"

"Durham is Coming"


BUSTED! They Are Coming For You Joe!

(Oct 9 UPDATE) Trump: "I'm not doing a virtual debate"

Undecided Voter? Vote for the Track Record

Trump on Rush Limbaugh Show: "MEGA MAGA! The Largest Radio Rally in History"

"Together, we are rebuilding our nation"

"Roger that, Madam Secretary"

(Oct 11 UPDATE) President Donald J. Trump Is Well, Very Well Indeed!

Sen. Graham: "The parade of horribles that come if we lose the House, Senate and White House is unbelievable"

Voting in Virginia: They Look Like Trump Rallies!

Huge Crowd for Trump in Florida on a Monday Night